God is Gay Ch. 02

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Erik’s dreams were interrupted by his crush’s ass engulfing his morning-wooded cock.

His eyes opened to the sight of a hairy back lowering itself onto him — a winking pink asshole rapidly disappearing as it slid onto his dick.

Even though his back was to Erik, he could tell that the man he was having sex with was Isaac, his friend and heretofore unrequited infatuation.

Erik had met him at the beginning of the semester as a classmate in the dialog seminar the university required all students to take. It was supposed to open them up to other perspectives, but Erik thought it was pretty useless.

Isaac thought much the same, so the two took to spending class chatting at the back of the room. They shared an interest in football and usually spent the class discussing the outlook for their respective fantasy teams.

The two maintained a flirtatious vibe throughout, Erik had believed. At least Isaac had not shied away from their conversations after Erik made suggestive comments about certain football players he enjoyed fantasizing about.

After months of attempts to suss out his friend’s sexuality, Erik had come out to him. With barely any reaction at all, his friend had returned to the subject of sports — leaving the question of his sexuality completely unresolved.

That is, until Erik’s current predicament.

His hard penis grew harder as the pressure of a tight asshole surrounded it. The muscles of Isaac’s glutes strained to keep the sophomore aloft in the air.

Pulling himself off the dick and starting to descend back down, the cold air of the dorm room hit Erik’s exposed penis, which missed its warm new home.

The pace of his friend’s bouncing ass accelerated — the springs of Erik’s bed creaking a cacophony he feared would be heard across the floor of the dorm.

Despite the distracting pleasure from his nether regions, Tom managed to grab Isaac by the waist and spin him on Erik’s dick so they faced each other. The twisting motion of his classmate’s bowels made Erik flinch with gratification.

Isaac’s hard dick hit Erik’s bellybutton with a thud. It was draped in the same platinum blonde hair that sat atop of Isaac’s head and colored the thin goatee he wore.

Barely missing a beat, Isaac rode Erik’s dick while moaning unintelligibly. With each gyration his cock bounced back and forth — alternating smacks between each of their stomachs.

The display was nearly hypnotic for Erik, who felt his virgin cock tighten in anticipation of a blown load. Somehow he managed to articulate the only thought he had been able to formulate since he had been awakened.

“What are you doing in my room?” he dumbly asked while his friend pinched his nipple.

“To fuck you,” he repied nonchalantly while going in for a kiss.

Erik batted him away reluctantly.

“Can we slow down for a minute?” Erik pleaded — forcing the power bottom to slow his fucking.

“I didn’t know you were gay. Or even liked me. I’m not saying I’m not enjoying this… but… what the fuck is going on?”

Isaac’s bouncing slowed to a halt even as Erik’s dick remained fully entrenched in his friend’s ass. Despite this, Isaac seemed perfectly content to hold a conversation from this position.

“I woke up this morning and I realized I was gay. I knew you were gay. I like you. I think you’re hot. And I knew you were just a floor down,” he answered with a flirtatious wink.

“Wait. You ‘realized you were gay’ this morning…” Erik said — confused by his friend’s answer.

“Well, it’s what Aaron wants me to be.”

“Who’s Aaron?”

Before Isaac could answer, Erik’s phone rang. Torn between being grateful for the distraction and disappointed that his first sexual experience was being interrupted, Erik forced Isaac to dismount his cock and he answered the phone.


Escaping his ruined clothes, Tom felt good about his body for the first time in his life — his father’s cum giving it a heavenly glow.

As a straight guy he had a hard time believing he was attractive. His short stature and pale white skin prevented the suaveness others used to woo ladies.

But now those same features made him the perfect twink. He could be the boy whose little ass could make all the big, strong daddies come calling. His alabaster skin the perfect canvas kaçak iddaa for their cum.

And he had God himself to thank. Aaron gave him the gift of homosexuality and the deity had even been generous enough to give it to Tom’s father as well. By the grace of God, Tom hoped every man would see the light and suck some cock.

While his dick had softened since he had blown his father, it returned to full mast at the thought of Aaron. Tom admired himself and imagined how proud Aaron would be of him. He had sucked cock like an expert and the cum dripping from his face was proof.

Despite having come to the bathroom to clean the cum off his body, Tom decided that he much preferred how he looked with it splattered on his face. From then on he was determined to wear his father’s cum with pride wherever he went.

He had nothing to be ashamed of.

Instead, he took to jacking himself off while admiring his physique. The belly and butt that he had previously derided as unattractive and too large in proportion to his body now seemed like perfect cushions for an ass being destroyed by an army of dicks.

Tom imagined Dad opening his asshole wide so his monster would fit between those pearly white cheeks. While one hand jacked off, the other explored behind him — sliding a finger into his uncharted asshole. The subsequent pressure felt oddly right and Tom found himself nearer to cumming as more knuckles invaded his ass.

The figure in his fantasy transformed from his father to a mysterious phantom. Tom realized this man must be Aaron.

In his mind’s eye, Tom imagined Aaron to be a man in his early thirties with long brown hair cascading down his shoulders. He realized his idealized Aaron was a Christian knockoff of God. But Jesus was incredibly sexy too.

“Beautiful,” a voice thundered as Tom managed to fit three fingers in his ass.

He opened his eyes to see Dad at the doorway. He was still naked — his flaccid penis swinging between his knees as he walked.

Coming behind Tom, they both stared at the lovely family portrait in the reflection of the bathroom mirror — a father’s head nestled on his son’s shoulder and a son masturbating with a hand up his ass.

“Don’t mind me. I just want to watch the show,” said Dad.

Tom resumed jacking off while a torrent of chills slid down his spine. He felt his father’s dick just below his ass.

From behind, Dad kissed Tom’s neck — smearing his beard with his own cum that was drying on his son’s face.

With all the excitement of the day, Tom could feel himself edging towards a release, but stopped short to savour this bonding time with Dad.

Pulling three fingers out of his ass, Tom used his newly freed hands to grab his father’s waist from behind and pull him closer to Tom’s backside.

“I think I might need a little help,” Tom flirtatiously intoned.

“Oh, really?” Dad replied — feigning ignorance.

“Yeah, I need my Daddy to fuck my ass.”

“In that case, I think I have just what my boy needs.”

His cock rubbed up and down Tom’s asscrack — heightening Tom’s anticipation. Even though he had just cum not twenty minutes ago, Tom’s Dad was rock hard and seemingly raring to go again.

To ease his way, Dad grabbed some of the settled cum on Tom’s face and jammed it in his son’s crack — using his own cum as lube to fuck Tom’s ass.

Tom bent over.

His face was scrunched all the way up on the mirror and his arms were placed firmly on either side of the faucet — acting as steel girders for the coming demolition of his body.

Dad’s dick easily glided up Tom’s ass as if his rump had been made for the purpose. Tom felt a fullness as if the cock was going to skewer his whole body. In that moment Tom wouldn’t have been surprised if his Dad’s large prick travelled all the way through his intestines and out the front of his mouth.

Tom realized he should be feeling some kind of pain but all he felt was lust for the beautiful man behind him taking his real virginity — his asshole’s.

As his cheeks slowly swallowed Dad’s dick to the hilt, Tom knew that Dad was being gentle for Tom’s benefit. While he appreciated the sentiment, what he craved was something else.

“Ahhhhh, Daddy,” he wailed like a pornstar. “Please… Please… fuck me harder. I want it.”

Dad immediately kaçak bahis popped his dick out and slammed back in with a grunt in Tom’s ear.

The pain Tom imagined arrived. His head smashed into the glass — nose hitting the faucet. His asshole was on fire — burning as Dad ripped it open with his eleven inches.

Tom had never felt better.

Through the sting of his injuries, Tom could feel the hot breath of his father return to the nape of his neck while he vigorously fucked him — the fur of Dad’s chest rubbing Tom’s back raw.

“Is this what you wanted, slut?” he whispered in Tom’s ear.

A simple “Yeah, ” was all Tom could get out to reply.

“I am so fucking proud you. Taking it in the ass like a real man. This is what Aaron made you for.”

Tom had never been good at taking compliments, but he believed his father’s words wholeheartedly. As Dad hit Tom’s prostate again and again, Tom let out a wail like a banshee — preparing to splatter his cum all over the bathroom vanity.

Dad reached around his son and stroked Tom’s tiny dick — his hairy knuckles ticking the shaft.

As heretofore unknown sensations ripped through him, Tom’s arms gave way to the force of his father’s tremendous body.

His arm’s reasserting themselves, they accidentally powered on the faucet — spraying water down the front of Tom’s body.

Tom whipped his head around and flashed Dad a smile to reassure him.

But he didn’t have the reaction Tom expected. Instead of the pride that encompassed his words, a look of concern spread across Dad’s face.

“What?” Tom asked as he noticed a gaping hole in his ass where a cock should be.

Dad gestured towards the cracked mirror, which revealed blood gushing from Tom’s nose. His father quickly handed him some toilet paper and Tom promptly shoved it up his nose.

“I’m so sorry,” Dad said — apologizing for the second time today — a solitary tear falling down his cheek into his beard.

Guilt flooded Tom for making his Dad feel that way.

“No, Dad. I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” Tom reassured him.

Dad gave a weak smile and swept his son up in his arms. It was as if he was carrying a bride across a threshold.

Still holding him in his strong arms, Dad kissed Tom. But this wasn’t like the hard kiss from the kitchen — it was a kiss soft and loving. Tom felt himself melt into his father’s lips; so grateful for the life he now led.

Still enchanted by the deep kiss, Tom barely noticed as Dad carried him out of the bathroom, up the stairs, and into the master bedroom.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Aaron exclaimed — dumbstruck by the sight before him.

Undeterred, Darren continued to jack off on the floor as his cum sprayed on the walls, the carpet, and Aaron himself.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, your grace,” Darren apologized. “I should not be thinking of my own pleasure. Would you like to enjoy one of my holes today?”

Aaron’s straight roommate rolled onto his belly — smearing his cum all over his body and the floor — and offered his bare ass to Aaron. His body moved into a downward dog so that his tiny asshole nearly touched Aaron’s boxers.

He was so confused, he forgot to get horny.

“What?” He asked incredulously. “No, I –“

Then Aaron realized what was happening. Darren was playing some kind of homophobic trick on him as retaliation for last night. Get him to make a move on Darren, only for his former friend to laugh in Aaron’s pathetic face.

Well, this joke had gone way too far.

“Get out of my way. I need to take a piss,” he grunted.

Darren obediently dashed away, but called after Aaron as he entered the bathroom.

“Do you want to piss in my mouth?” he asked — to Aaron’s mind at least — mockingly.

Ignoring him, he flipped up the toilet seat, and let out a healthy stream of dark yellow piss.

Between the pounding of his head and the discomfort of his blatter, Aaron didn’t notice Darren had joined him in the bathroom until he went to flush.

“This isn’t funny,” he yelled.”You’re a fucking asshole.”

Darren nodded.

“I agree,” he said with a dour look.

Flabbergasted at his roommate’s behavior, Aaron tried to reason with him.

“Look, I’m sorry about last night. I was drunk, I was fucking stupid, I –.”

“No!” Darren pleaded. illegal bahis “I was to blame, my lord. I refused you. It is a shame I will never live down. I will devote my life to you for the chance of your mercy.”

“It’s… fine, you’re forgiven,” Aaron replied tentatively.

A flood of tears burst from Darren as his face alighted with joy. Prostrating himself before him, Darren kissed Aaron’s bare feet on the grimy bathroom floor.

Still confused by the scene, the sight of his naked roommate in submissive worship caused Aaron’s member to grow. And his dick wanted to be worshipped too.

“Please, God. Allow me to comfort your staff.” pleaded Darren up to him.

“Ok…,” Aaron relented — his horniness outweighing his common sense.

Darren lifted himself to engorge his head with Aaron’s penis — ignoring the smattering of piss still leaking from it.

Already with a headache from his hangover, the excitement downstairs left Aaron dizzy and light-headed. Sitting down on the toilet seat, he spread his legs to give his roommate better access.

Darren eagerly jumped on his new responsibility — messily slobbering all over his roommate’s dick. Aaron could tell that Darren had never given a blowjob before, but his enthusiasm more than made up for it.

“Don’t forget the balls,” Aaron murmured.

Green eyes darted around as Darren’s clean shaven face tucked itself under Aaron’s testicals — turning himself upside down to suck on the hairy balls above him.

Aaron hadn’t showered that morning and was sure his genitals smelled terrible but Darren didn’t seem to care about that or the fact that his head was nearly going into the toilet bowl between Aaron’s thighs.

Aaron started jacking off as Darren vacillated between gargling his balls and licking his hairy taint.

Last night Aaron couldn’t remember the last time he had been kissed, but he remembered precisely the last time he’d gotten a blowjob.

Four years ago he had visited his parents for the first time since they had disowned him. After getting into an argument, he stormed out of their house and ended up getting anonymously blown in a parking lot by a guy from an app.

He could remember crying while blowing a load down the guy’s gullet.

Trying to put those bad memories out of his mind, he got back to… whatever it was that was happening now.

Darren had returned to an upright position and was sucking the tip of Aaron’s dick while twisting the shaft of his dick with his hands.Darren seemed almost angelic as he looked up lovingly at Aaron while his tongue was at work.

Aaron speculated that this had gone all too far to be some kind of prank. But he still couldn’t hardly believe that this gorgeous man was his — that he wanted to be with someone like Aaron. Kissing him last night must have unleashed some kind of hidden desire in Darren for his roommate.

The thought of being wanted — of being sexy — sent Aaron over the edge. Thrusting his cock as far down Darren’s throat as he could manage, Aaron shot his load directly into his new lover’s stomach.

Both men spasmed — Aaron in orgasm and Darren in the ecstasy of receiving cum. Still, Darren was not derelict in his duties — managing to swallow all of Aaron’s cum and keep his mouth covering Aaron’s dick even as it reverted to a flaccid state.

“Oh, shit,” Aaron exhaled.

“Thank you, my liege” said Darren as he bowed and kissed his foot again.

“You’re… welcome” Aaron replied while standing and pulling up his boxers — only now realizing how strange this all was.

Noticing his blatter refilled post-orgasm, he went to piss again when he noticed two green eyes staring at him expectantly.

“Hey, would you mind if I had a little privacy?” he asked his roommate.

“Of course, sir. Of course,” Darren said as he scurried out of the room.

After doing his business, Aaron found his lover in the living room.

“What would you like me to tell everyone waiting outside?” Darren asked.

“”Who’s at the door?”

“Those who know you are God,” he answered matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, right,” Aaron derisively replied.

Upon opening the door, Aaron remembered all the people and media he saw through his window that morning. They were all still there and more — hundreds of people milling about the courtyard of his apartment complex.

One man pointed to Aaron through the open door and yelled something to the others in the crowd.

An entire throng of men began running straight at Aaron.

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