Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 98

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As they talked over morning coffee, Hana learned that Dahlia’s ex-girlfriend had also been her manager. The previous night’s show had been the last one she booked before they broke up, and Dahlia had no idea what she was going to do next.

Impulsively Hana said that she should come with them to Phoenix and Vegas. After taking all of about five seconds to think it over, Dahlia grinned and said she’d love to. Before long the two of them and Jenny were in the increasingly crowded car heading west on I-40. Donna and Haley — who had stumbled in somewhere in the wee hours, long after Hana, Jenny, and Dahlia had gone to sleep — would follow later in the van.

A few minutes out of Albuquerque Hana was struck by a brainstorm. When she excitedly suggested that Dahlia join them onstage that night, Dahlia hesitated for only a moment before agreeing. They spent the next few hours working out vocal arrangements for half a dozen songs — Dahlia had a gift for harmony as well as melody — and practicing them.

When they finished it was getting late in the afternoon and Hana fished a joint out of her bag, feeling like she’d earned a treat. Jenny didn’t want to smoke while she was driving, and Dahlia was sprawled out across the back seat with her eyes closed, so Hana cracked her window and puffed alone as she watched the desert landscape roll by.

Soon she was extremely high and commensurately horny. In her mind’s eye she saw herself climbing into the back seat and leaning down to nuzzle into Dahlia’s belly. She could feel the tiny hairs tickle her face, could smell that special scent as she unbuttoned Dahlia’s jeans and began to pull them down….

But she was too contented and lazy to actually do it. Instead she just stared out at the mesas and cacti as the first hints of sunset began to color the sky.

* * *

As evening settled over Las Vegas, Miss White found herself feeling restless. There was something she wanted, or needed, to do; she just didn’t know what it was yet.

Preparing for whatever it was involved getting Jodie into the blue dress they’d bought their first day in town, then accessorizing it with her collar, heels, and the fur stole. She looked absolutely luscious and for a while Miss White was content to just stroll around with the younger woman on her arm, feeling immensely privileged and proprietary.

But there weren’t many people around and eventually Miss White decided it was time to sit down and have a drink. She realized that they were not far from the bar where they’d met Cat, Charlotte, Lena, and Astrid. It seemed like years ago now, so much had happened, but in reality it was what… maybe a week? Miss White shook her head in disbelief.

In contrast to the previous time they’d been there, the bar was totally dead. There was one couple at a table in the far corner and one customer mersin escort at the bar; the bartender was all the way at the other end, staring into her phone. The lighting was dim and some quiet jazz was playing. It felt like 3 A.M. instead of mid-evening.

When Miss White looked over at the single patron at the bar, an older woman with long blond hair, suddenly a full-blown scenario popped into her head. She pulled Jodie aside for a minute and whispered instructions, whereupon Jodie walked away down the hall. Only then did Miss White go inside.

The bartender looked up from her phone, sat it down, and stood up to serve Miss White, who took a seat a few stools down from the blonde. Though she was butch, stern-looking, and heavily tattooed, the bartender flashed a warm and lovely smile as she took Miss White’s order. After setting the whiskey down, she returned to her spot at the other end of the bar and was immediately absorbed in her phone again.

Miss White studied the woman sitting nearby, who was looking at a TV playing an old movie but didn’t seem to be paying much attention. She was clearly not a natural blonde; her features had an Asian cast to them, but her coloring was Mediterranean. Though she was indeed on the older side — Miss White guessed mid-50s — she was still quite beautiful, and was wearing a top with a plunging neckline that displayed substantial cleavage.

After a minute Miss White struck up a conversation with the woman, who introduced herself as Jade. She seemed a little reticent at first, as if she preferred to sit quietly by herself, but after a few minutes she began to warm up. When Miss White finished her drink she ordered another round for both of them, and moved over to sit next to Jade.

“Do you mind?”

Jade shook her head. Up close she was possibly even older than Miss White had thought. She was aging wonderfully but did look a little worn around the edges. In her day, Miss White thought, she must have been a world-class beauty.

In their conversation Miss White learned that Jade was a cocktail waitress there in Vegas. She was friendly enough but had a certain world-weariness about her, though she began to liven up as she sipped her whiskey. Soon Miss White was calling for another round, and the bartender had just topped them off and returned to her perch when Jodie walked in.

As Jodie ordered a glass of wine and sat down at a table directly in Miss White and Jade’s line of sight, Miss White watched Jade watch her. Jodie really did look stunning tonight, and the look in Jade’s eyes said that she appreciated this fact. It appeared to take an act of will for Jade to turn her attention away from the lovely young woman and back to Miss White.

Miss White intentionally let the conversation dawdle for a minute, looking up the TV, then over at a poster advertising mersin escort bayan a concert that would be happening at the bar the next night. She made a mental note that that might be worth checking out. When she looked back at Jade, she could see that Jade was surreptitiously staring at Jodie, checking her out but trying to be subtle about it.

After another minute of idle chitchat Miss White sipped her drink, leaned in closer to Jade, and whispered, “She’s really something, isn’t she?”

A sly smile curled one corner of Jade’s mouth as she answered, “It would be fair to say that, yes.”

Grinning knowingly, Miss White said, “You could have her, you know.”

At this Jade turned her full attention back to Miss White for the first time since Jodie had come in. Raising one eyebrow, she asked, “Is that so?” She looked over at Jodie and then back at Miss White, calculating in her head, grasping now the outlines of the situation. “And how much would that set me back?”

Picking up a cocktail napkin and a pen sitting nearby, Miss White wrote a figure close to what she had paid Crystal. Jade shook her head. “A little rich for my blood.”

“Well….” said Miss White, and hesitated, taking another sip. Bold as she was, she felt a little awkward about what she was doing. But it would be silly to stop now. “Or… it would be my treat. If I could watch.”

For a long moment Jade looked into Miss White’s eyes, but neither of them spoke. Finally Miss White stood up. She laid some cash on the bar for the drinks, wrote their room number on the napkin, and turned to go. Jodie got up and followed her out, pausing only momentarily to glance back coquettishly at Jade, who gazed back wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

* * *

For a minute Jade stood hesitantly at the door. Something about this deal seemed off; it was too good to be true. She had a strong sense of self-preservation honed by many years of dealing with shady people. But the throbbing between her legs was insistent. Her pussy would never forgive her if she chickened out now.

Finally, stuffing the cocktail napkin into the pocket of her jeans, she knocked quietly on the door. After a few seconds it popped open and she let herself in.

The light was faint and it took her a few seconds to orient herself. When she finally made her way to the living room of the suite, she was greeted by a sight that took her breath away. Jodie was kneeling in the middle of the room, stark naked except for her collar and stole. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was gazing up with a look of perfectly composed submission.

Jade felt her heart pound and her pussy gush. She was aware of Miss White sitting in a darkened corner of the room, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the exquisite young woman who was now, it would appear, at her disposal. At escort mersin that moment she decided that she was going to enjoy this, whatever it was, to its fullest. Didn’t she deserve it?

Crossing the room to the chair that sat opposite where Jodie was kneeling, she gestured for Jodie to approach. Jodie obediently knee-walked over and Jade leaned down to kiss her, softly and lingeringly, savoring the pillowy softness of her lips.

Now Jade pulled off her top, revealing a black bra that had it hands full trying to contain her double Ds. When the bra came off Miss White and Jodie both sighed appreciatively — Jade’s enormous, and apparently quite natural, boobs were maybe not as firm as they would have been 20 years before, but still wonderful to behold.

Jade gently guided Jodie’s head to her chest, not that she needed any encouragement. Jodie sucked one rock-hard, dark brown nipple, then stretched her mouth to engulf as much tit-flesh as she could. Sitting quietly in the shadows, Miss White now opened her pants and began to touch herself as her young lover lavished attention on the older woman’s magnificent orbs.

And Jade enjoyed every second of it, reaching down to caress and squeeze Jodie’s relatively tiny breasts. But soon she could take it no longer; she was burning up between the legs. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off, then slid her black panties down around her knees; Jodie obediently took them in her teeth and tugged them the rest of the way off.

Jade’s pubes were dark and thick, framing glistening, puckered, pale pink labia. Jodie kissed Jade’s inner thighs, taking it slow as she had been trained to, but Jade was in no mood to be patient; she quickly pulled Jodie’s head into her musky, sopping wet crotch. She moaned as Jodie’s tongue slid into her, and keeping a firm grip on Jodie’s shoulders, began to grind herself on the younger woman’s face.

Miss White had surprised herself by coming very quickly; this scene was really doing it for her. Now she went ahead and took her pants all the way off and spread her legs, rubbing herself gently as Jade’s moans grew louder and more insistent.

When Jade climaxed she released her grip on Jodie, who came up looking breathless and disheveled, her face coated with juices and sporting a few curly little hairs. But she didn’t get to relax for very long; soon Jade was pulling her back in, and she was down for much longer this time, licking for all she was worth until she was finally able to coax Jade to a second trembling orgasm.

Afterward it took Jade a minute to pull herself together. “That’s a talented tongue you’ve got there, girlie,” she said. “You’ll go far in this business.”

Jodie smiled shyly. She wondered what Jade would have thought if she knew that Jodie was not a prostitute, but a college student. Would she have liked it more, or less?

Then, as she looked down at Jodie’s shapely, lissome form, the hunger for pussy suddenly struck Jade with incredible force. In the blink of an eye she had bent Jodie over the sofa and was tongue-fucking her from behind.

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