Girl Scout Moms Ch. 01

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Katerina is amazing. We have been together for a little over a year now and I am so lucky to be with her. I could go on and on about what makes her such an incredible woman and why I love her so much, but for purposes of this story all that matters are why she is so incredibly sexy. She’s absolutely beautiful. She’s a 43-yr old Latina with a body toned by 5-7 days a week of crossfit, the ass of a 25 yr old (somewhere there is a 25 yr old woman with no ass wandering around and trying to figure out who stole hers), golden skin and shoulder-length light brown hair with blond highlights. She has beautiful eyes and a smile that melts my heart and hardens my cock.

As for many guys, seeing or even thinking about two women together is the hottest thing in the world to me. As it turns out, Katerina is a little bi-curious and sometimes fantasizes about what it would be like to be with another woman. I really could care less whether it ever actually happens — sometimes fantasy is better than reality — just thinking about it is a huge turn-on. Katerina doesn’t seem bothered at all by my “fetish” but she has told me not to hold my breath waiting for it to happen. And I’m not. Truthfully, I’m not sure what she would do if the opportunity presented itself. But it is nice to think about. Katerina is absolutely in her prime, both sexually and otherwise, and the fact that she has been open about her fantasies and her sexuality just makes her even more attractive.

A few months ago we went to E11even, a high end strip club in Miami that also has Cirque de Soleil-style shows, a nice restaurant and a rooftop lounge/bar. Katerina was definitely up for it — when she got to my place to go she was dressed in a sexy short, form-fitting dress and when we got in the car, she grabbed my hand and pulled it to her panty-less pussy. God she is sexy. When we were in the club, we were up in the balcony overlooking the stages and Katerina whispered in my ear that she wanted me to rub her pussy. While I was doing that, one of the dancers looked up and saw what was going on and smiled a wicked smile. Of course, I had to get Katerina a dance and we spent some time picking out the dancer she wanted. She chose a redhead with a few tattoos and a nice, trim body, named Mandy. When I approached Mandy to ask for the dance, she was talking to the tall blond who had spotted me rubbing Katerina’s pussy in the balcony. That girl, whose name was Tiffany, said she saw us on the balcony and grabbed my hand, and Mandy’s, and started pulling us to where the private rooms were. It looked like we were going to have two girls, but I wasn’t complaining. I won’t get too far into the details of that night , but suffice it to say that Katerina and I both got several lap dances and it was pretty hot. There was no penetration or pussy-licking involved in real life, but in my Fantasyland, all sorts of crazy and amazing things happened in that room. That night could fill the “spank bank” for a long time.

Katerina has a 9-yr old daughter who is a girl scout. And Katerina and her daughter recently went on a girl scout camping trip in Orlando with her troop and several of the moms. For current purposes, notable among the moms is one of Katerina’s friends, Jill, and the mom of a new girl in the troop, Anna. Katerina and Jill are not the kind of close friends that had ever shared intimate thoughts or feelings, but their daughters are very close and they have gotten to know each other fairly well. They just met Anna on this Girl Scout trip.

Anna is around 37, very fit, and appears to have both Latin and Asian blood. She is very attractive, but in a slightly masculine sort of way. She has short dark hair and a small tattoo on the back of her neck. Katerina suspected she had others and wondered where they might be.

Jill is probably in her early 40s and is similarly attractive but in a much more feminine way. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, a nice figure and, like Katerina, is always impeccably dressed and put together. I know Katerina thinks she is beautiful and thinks very highly of her. There is a certain playful flirtatiousness between them, with joking expressions like “Hey Sexy,” “Hot Mama” and the like. I’ve wondered how much substance there is to it beneath the joking façade.

On the weekend of their camping trip, after a great day in the Magic Kingdom, the troop was back at the campsite enjoying dinner under the stars. Katerina loves her wine and brought a few bottles. For the moms, of course. Jill was like-minded and brought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. They had a nice dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs and the moms enjoyed their adult beverages too. After the daughters went to bed, the moms stayed out with their scotch, wine and girl talk. After a while, it was just Katerina, Anna and Jill still awake and outside. It was dark, but the campfire was still going and they were probably 20-25 yards from the closest of the tents.

Katerina has a bawdy side, especially when she gets a few glasses of wine in her. Apparently, Anna and Jill were ready to match it. And then some.

With the daughters (and the other moms) asleep in their tents, Ankara escort the conversation naturally turned to sex. Anna and Jill are both married, but Katerina is divorced. Although it sounded like Anna and Jill both have an ample sex drive, their husbands either didn’t or were getting it on the side.

Jill was looking at an empty wine bottle on the table and Anna quipped “The way you’re looking at that bottle, it looks like you are thinking about taking it back to your tent for some playtime.”

All 3 women laughed.

Right on beat, Jill said “For as hard is it is to get [my husband] to fuck me these days, that’s actually sounding like a pretty good idea.”

“And it would certainly stay harder than his little whiskey dick — he drinks so much he can barely get it hard even on those rare occasions I can get him to have sex,” she added in a tone that indicated that she wasn’t entirely joking.

Sensing that Jill was getting a little sad, Katerina tried to lift her spirits by saying “That’s crazy! You’re hot! If he’s not up to it, I’m sure there are guys lined up waiting to get into your pants.”

“And quite a few girls too,” Anna said with a wink.

That was interesting, Katerina thought, not surprised by the sentiment but a little surprised that Anna said it. “So how about your sex life, Anna?” Jill asked.

“We have threesomes all the time,” Anna said with perfectly timed comedic pause before adding “me, my toys and internet porn.” The women howled and Katerina practically choked on a mouthful of wine.

“[My husband] doesn’t seem to care about sex with me anymore — I think he’s having an affair with his secretary. And you know what, I don’t really care that much. He was never very good at it anyhow,” said Anna.

“So, Hot Latina Princess, go ahead and tell us about sex after divorce,” Jill said to Katerina.

Katerina felt bad for her friends and their lackluster, or nonexistent, sex lives, but she told the truth.

“It’s amazing, really. When we are together without the kids we fuck like rabbits and it is just incredible. We are so in sync and he sometimes touches spots that have never been touched before. Even when we are not together, I am constantly horny and thinking about it. I never used to care about, or even like, having a guy go down on me but Evan has changed all that. He’s got a magic tongue.”

“Now I’m calling bullshit on that — guys just aren’t good at licking pussy,” Anna said.

Katerina and Jill were both a little shocked, not only at her use of the word “pussy” but the implication that if men aren’t good at it someone else must be.

Jill said, “Well if men aren’t good at it who is?” fully aware of the obvious answer but getting a little turned on and more than a little curious.

With a devilish grin and without a hint of blushing, Anna said “Let me put it this way, I could teach him a few things about ‘Dining at the Y.'”

“I’d teach my husband too, but he’d just use the knowledge gained on his slutty secretary, so what’s the point,” she added with a chuckle.

This is certainly getting interesting, thought Katerina.

“Sounds like you’ve got some experience beyond just watching a lot of internet porn during your ‘threesomes’,” Katerina said to Anna.

“Oh, I experimented a little in college and when I was younger,” Anna said. She paused for a few seconds and then added “Oh, why bullshit you beautiful ladies, it was more than just a little experimentation. I experimented enough that I could have changed my name to Louise Pasteur.” Again, the women laughed gustily.

“This is getting juicy,” said Jill smiling broadly.

“Stop making everything about you,” Katerina said to Jill with a deadpan expression of annoyance. “This isn’t about what’s going on in your panties, Miss Juicy Coochie,” Katerina added before another round of laughter.

“Tell us about one of your famous experiments, Madame Pasteur,” Katerina said.

“Well, since the cat, or more apropos, pussy, is already out of the bag,” Anna said, “I’ll tell you a little bedtime story.”

“About 70% of women will dyke-out under the right circumstances,” Anna started.

“Is that a scientific fact, Dr. Pasteur?” Jill asked sarcastically.

“It’s an educated guess that is backed up by some experimentation. This is the story of that grand experiment,” Anna said in a voice intended to sound like the narrator of a movie or documentary.

[Anna’s story is below]

“I had my first girl-girl experience my freshman year in college with a friend after a fraternity party. We were drunk and flirting and then flirting led to kissing and kissing led to boobie touching and the rest, as they say, is history. The details of that first time is a story for another day. But I loved it and had a few more lesbo experiences after that, including one with a girl who lived down the hall.

It’s getting late, so I only have time to tell you about one or two of my conquests. The first one was my roommate, Karla. She was a Colombian girl who grew up in Miami with a strict religious upbringing. Church every Sunday, confession Ankara escort bayan each week, carried rosary beads, the whole nine yards. She was carrying an extra 10 lbs or so, about half of which was from the “Freshman 15” she was adding, but had beautiful dark tan skin and silky black hair with big brown eyes and dimples when she smiled. The extra 10 pounds, fortunately were in all the right places — her ass and her chest. I knew she would be a tough one to conquer, but since she was my roommate I knew I had plenty of time and opportunity to let my plan play out.

Back then there was no internet, except maybe in some academic settings, so porn wasn’t readily available like it is now. As my bi-side was growing I had bought a few adult magazines, including a few with a lot of girl-girl pics. I normally kept them hidden, but as part of my intended seduction of Karla I left one under my mattress, but sticking out a bit, and folded to a page with one girl licking another’s pussy.

I wanted her to find it and get her thinking, but figured she’d be too nervous and conservative to say anything about it. A few days later, I left a vibrator that I had just gotten in my top, underwear drawer and left it open when I went to class. Karla was a neat freak and always made sure everything was in its place, so I knew she would go to the drawer to close it and would see the vibrator. I also started hanging around naked in our room, flaunting my body, which was pretty damn good back then. At night I would masturbate under the blanket and moan softly, knowing she could hear it and knew what I was doing. Then I rented a lesbo porn video and left the VHS tape in the VCR (we had a small TV and VCR in the room) stopped at my favorite scene and with the input set so that it would come on when the TV was turned on. Karla watched Beverly Hills 90210 religiously in our room when it was on and I know she would see the video. I was gradually softening her up with female sexuality and lesbianism.

Karla was getting a little insecure about her weight. Beer and late night pizza and Chinese delivery were getting her a little overweight, as I mentioned, but it really did nothing to detract from her sexiness. But she thought it did and was feeling unattractive. One night she came home after studying with the guy she had a big crush on but he didn’t seem interested. She was upset and convinced it was because of the few pounds she had gained, sat on her bed and started crying. I moved toward her bed and sat next to her, giving her a hug and telling her she was beautiful and sexy. I started rubbing her back and caressing her hair and told her anyone who didn’t find her sexy was crazy, or gay. Unless it was a woman, in which case she obviously wasn’t gay.

When I said this, she quipped “well, I guess you’d know about that” before wishing she hadn’t said it and trying to apologize. I told her no apology was necessary and that yes, I would know about that. I then seductively told her that I could make her feel much better. She pulled away a little, but I held on.

I said, “Let me make you feel good. You don’t have to do anything. And nobody will ever know — it is our secret.” She was obviously reluctant, but also seemed to be considering it.

I am not a patient person, especially in a situation like this, so before she could say no I held the back of her head and kissed her. At first, there was no response but then her mouth opened and welcomed my tongue and before long it was a full-on makeout session. I started unbuttoning her shirt and she stopped and lightly pushed me away, saying we can’t be doing this, it is isn’t right, etc. I told her not only is it right, it’s fantastic, and that I knew she was curious. That she wouldn’t have to do anything — just lie back and let me make her feel good. I saw her resistance fade and then resumed unbuttoning her shirt before pushing her down onto the bed. I pulled her jeans off and then her little pink panties.

Moving back into a kiss, I caressed her incredible tits and then moved down, with my hand replaced with my mouth around her nipple and my hand moving down to rub her wet pussy. She started gasping and moaning and I then moved further down and licked down her stomach to her beautiful and now sopping wet pussy.

Her moans changed to a repeated chorus of “this is crazy”, “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” “Oh my God” and stuff like that. Finally I started licking her pussy, but was careful to only graze her clit periodically. I wanted to tease her and wanted this to last. When she started to get close to coming, I would slow down or move my licking a little bit. She was squirming and going crazy.

“Do you want me to stop?” I said.

“God no, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. I need to come.” she said.

“Then tell me what to do”

“Keep doing it”

“Doing what?” I asked, before giving an occasional lick to keep her hot.

“What you are doing?”

“Be more specific. I need to hear you say it” Again a small lick to keep her going.

“Eat my pussy. Lick my pussy. Please. Pleeeeaaassseeee” she said with gritted teeth but quietly Escort Ankara enough to not be heard by others in the hallway or in the rooms next to ours.

“You’re not a selfish girl are you?” I asked.

“What? what are you talking about?” she asked, plainly annoyed and frustrated.

“Well, you’re not going to have me get you off and then return the favor, are you? I asked.

“B-B-But you said I didn’t have to do anything? That you’d just make me feel good” she said.

“Haven’t I made you feel good?” I asked.


“Then I’ve held up my end of the bargain. I never said I’d do it until you came without any payback in return.” And then a resumed a teasing licking before asking again “Do you want to come?”

“I need to come,” she said.

“I can help you if you help me” I said.

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“I’m pretty sure you know, but just to be clear I want to hear you say it.”

“OK, I’ll do it”

“What will you do?”

“I’ll go down on you” Karla said

“What will you do down there? I need details” I said

“I’ll eat you out! I’ll lick your pussy! I’ll do whatever you want, just make me come!” she said before pulling my head into her pussy. Before long, I could tell she was getting close and I ran my tongue in circles around her clit as fast as I could before a huge orgasm overcame her. I gave her some time to recover and saw a huge smile come across her lips.

“Now it’s payback time'” I said as I laid back on the bed and spread my naked legs open wide. She came over nervously, looking at my pussy with a sense of both wonder and trepidation. Then she dropped her head and started cautiously licking. She seemed to like it and started to really get into it. She was a natural.

I said, “Mmmmm, you’re really good at that. You are a natural-born pussy licker.”

She started licking faster and more eagerly. “Lick that pussy, Lezzie. Keep licking like you were always meant to. You are a little pussy hound. I love seeing your beautiful face covered with my pussy juice. Oh, what I little dyke slut you are. You love that pussy. You can’t get enough of that pussy.”

With each demeaning comment she seemed to get even more turned on and more eager to make me come.

“Who’s my pussy pleaser?” I asked.

“I am,” she said.

“Who’s going to be my lesbo slave?” I asked.

“I am,” she said.

“What are you?” I asked.

“I am your pussy pleaser and your lesbian slave, mistress,” Karla said obediently.

With that I came like I had never come before. College was great.” Anna said, finishing her story.

As she was telling the story, Anna noticed that both Katerina and Jill were flushed. Both had started squirming in their seats. Katerina was squeezing her legs together and it looked like she hadn’t taken a breath in about 10 minutes. Jill had actually spread her legs a little and started rubbing her pussy through her jeans, first as surreptitiously as possible and then more boldly and somewhat obviously.

When the story was over, Anna was horny as hell and a big, wicked smile crossed her lips as she looked at Katerina and Jill. “Well ladies,” she said, “I’m glad you enjoyed my story. I’m going to bed.”

She moved toward Katerina, gave her a goodnight kiss on the check that was pretty close to the lips and lingered longer than normal, and whispered in Katerina’s ear “Feel free to come by to say a more proper goodnight.”

She then moved to Jill, gave her a warm hug, and whispered “If you need anything — anything at all — don’t hesitate to ask.” And then she turned and walked to her tent.

As Anna walked away toward her tent, Katerina and Jill looked at each other and, at exactly the same time, said “Wow!” before both laughing.

“Well, that was really, ah, something, huh?” said Katerina.

“Yes it was,” Jill agreed. “Yes it was.”

“So,” Jill asked, “were you an experimenter in college?”

“No, I didn’t go to college until I was 28 and already married, so it really wasn’t a traditional college experience,” Katerina said. “How about you?”

“Well, like they say, big cats are dangerous, but a little pussy never hurt anyone,” Jill said with a chuckle. Katerina would have been shocked to hear that a half hour ago, but after seeing Jill’s reaction to Anna’s story it was now only a mild surprise.

“The first story was good, but I’m still not sleepy,” Katerina said before making a pouty face and in a little girl voice saying “Tell me another bedtime story.”

“OK, here goes,” said Jill.

[Jill then started her story]

“I’ve only ever really done it one time, and that was a long time ago when I was in law school. A group of us from my law school study group went out to a club on South Beach to blow off some steam and stress after exams. My boyfriend at the time was kind of a jerk, but he was pretty hot and had a massive cock,” Jill said laughing. “But that’s not really relevant to this story,” she added before continuing. “He was the jealous type and was always getting upset when other guys would look at me or flirt with me.” “And I was pretty fucking hot back then,” she said in a way that made it clear that she was joking, but also that she believed it 100%. Katerina believed it too, as Jill was still pretty hot 20 years later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32