Gina Gets Creamed – the Massage

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Big Tits



No matter how much Gina tried to forget about it, her ass and cunt were sore. So they hadn’t fisted her. But it sure felt like whatever they shoved inside her had been more than she’d encountered before. Not that she was experienced in group fucking. Just her lousy husband who’d paid her father, married her in a quick ceremony and brought her to America. And now he was gone.

Thank God she still had her looks. Thank God boys like Joon and Larry and the others found her attractive. Fuckable, they called it. She was fuckable. Through the discomfort she smiled. And looked down at cute little Joon, sitting on the sunbed against her leg, his little cock swelling. Swelling at the thought of what he’d done to her, no doubt, what she’d let him do, what he wanted to do again. Joon, the virginal college boy who’d made her cum like a slut. And in front of her boss and the guys from work. Her parents would be appalled.

And now Larry had returned with some cream for her sore holes. If Joon was little Joon, then Larry was the gentleman, thinking of her welfare. Yet they’d both fucked her and where Joon had been small, Larry was big. He stood over her, his naked body shading her, his ample cock swinging in her face. Like he wandered around with his cock out and fucked older women every other day.

It had seemed only natural after her earlier gangbang, to pull on her thong panties and then with her breasts out, sit and talk with three nineteen year old college guys. As if she did that all the time. Fuck! As much as her cunt hurt she felt moist again just thinking about how wanton she’d been. Good Korean girls kept house istanbul travesti and made kimchi. And good thirty four year old Korean girls like her didn’t open their legs for anyone but their husbands. They didn’t stray, they didn’t complain, but just took whatever life threw at them stoically and gratefully. And most of all, they kept their clothes on, even if they were lace thongs.

“Your cream, madame,” Larry said, laughing and waving the white tube in her face. Gina reached up to take it , but he pulled it away. She laughed too, looking from the tube waving in his hand to his cock waving in her face.

“Thank you, kind sir” she said, holding out her hand.

“Oh no,” Larry said, sitting on the daybed opposite Joon. “I will apply the cream to madame. Perhaps madame would like to open her legs for me. Joony, give me a hand.”

Gina sat silent and compliant, and let the two young men take a leg each and standing, gently pull them apart until she was lying naked on her back, her legs spreadeagled. What must I look like, she thought, thinking again that she should find her clothes and cover herself up. But it was a bit late for modesty, she thought and anyway, how would they apply the cream if she dressed.

“Cunt first, madame?” Larry said in his fake customer service voice.

“Cunt first,” she said, surprising herself at the filthy word emanating from her mouth. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt, she repeated in her head. ” Please apply the cream to my cunt.”

But before she was mentally prepared, Larry had squeezed the tube onto his hand and was applying it between her legs. The cream was cool and soothing, and she felt herself relaxing with every smooth pass of his fingers. Larry applied the cream liberally to her pussy lips before slipping his fingers between them, opening her up with the istanbul travestileri tips and squeezing more cream into the slit.

Gina heard herself audibly sighing, adjusting her legs to give him better access.

“Madame is very red,” Larry said. “Perhaps madame should be more careful about what she puts in her cunt. Or what she lets other people put in her cunt. One can’t be too careful, what with so many big cocks lurking in the vicinity.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. Even Joon laughed, although he hadn’t spoken. Gina sat up just a little, keeping her legs apart. She could see Joon watching closely at where Larry was applying the cream, and then reach out to touch her. His fingers found her clit, almost expertly for a novice. The college boy held his fingers on her sweet spot, locking his eyes onto hers, expressionless, before commencing a circling motion with just his finger tips. Gina was instantly aroused.

“If madame might turn over,” Larry said, “I can apply some cream, to her ass. What is madame’s wish?”

“Yes. No…” she said. “Not yet. Just wait for Joon to finish.”

She watched for Joon to react to her bold request, but his face remained expressionless. However, eased by the cream he pushed three fingers into her cunt, smooth and quick, working them in with a rocking motion until he was inside her as far as the top knuckle. She winced. It hurt, but in the best way.

“Yes, madame. Your wish is our command. Perhaps while Master Joon is massaging inside your cunt you might like something sweet to suck on.”

Larry stood, laughing. He sounded so ridiculous that Gina laughed too, even as Joon stretched her sore and sensitive skin.

“I could find some ice maybe,” he said, “or a pineapple. Or perhaps madame would like to suck my cock.”

“Please,” Gina travesti istanbul said. There seemed little else to do but go along with these boys. Jason, Tracey, the guys from work, and even Troy had disappeared, inside the apartment, she guessed. At least that meant Tracey wasn’t filming her like before. She was concerned at having been filmed, but also curious. What would she look like fucking on film?

Larry knelt beside her face, the tube of cream still in hand, and with the other, held his cock out to her.

“A facial first,” he said, slapping his cock against her nose and cheeks. Gina opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, hoping to lick his uncut cock head and entice him inside.

“Madame has beautiful features,” he said. “And such white teeth. The whitest I’ve ever cum across.”

They all laughed. Even Joon, pausing in his twisting digital examination. Larry let his swinging cock cum to rest under her nose and then allowed her to take him between her lips, sucking him greedily.

“Madame is in a hurry today,” he said. “Perhaps madame has another appointment following this one. I know Master Joon is keen to practice for his oral examination.”

Gina knew that young men talked like this, especially the ones like Larry who thought they were comedians. They could say what they liked if they were going to treat her so well. Joon was arousing her with his fingers. She could feel the orgasm rising in her, much as she wanted to address Larry’s cock as well. But even as she tried to take control at least in her head, Joon, his fingers still inside her, lowered his face to her cunt and added his tongue to the massage. It pushed her even closer to the edge, her mouth bucking on Larry’s cock as she struggled to hold him fast. How many times had she orgasmed? Had it ever happened more than once before today? She raised her hips off the day bed to better engage Joon’s mouth and fingers. The nineteen year old responded with a vigorous tonguing. Somehow the pain of the previous fucking melted away as her body betrayed her again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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