Getting Well

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Author’s note: This is about a fetish and of limited interest. This story contains a cis-hetero couple engaging in sex with diapers. It is told from the male’s perspective who has a diaper fetish. Some readers may not want to continue.


I came down with my wife Hailey’s cold the day before yesterday, and I had leave work early. I knew I would get it. She was awfully sick earlier this week for a couple days, and she was still recovering. Anything that wicked was bound to get me too. A definite perk of living with someone you love is that there is someone around to take care of you when you’re sick. And if you’re extra lucky when your wife knows you’re a diaper lover (DL) that means she makes sure you’re diapered too. Hailey isn’t into wearing diapers like I am, but she indulges me occasionally. It is both a comfort and a sexual fetish for me. She’s indifferent to it, although she prefers it not to be a part of our regular sex life.

I woke up from a crappy night sleep in a thick, plastic backed Abena Abri-Form M4 that was wet all the way up my butt and close to leaking. I remember her putting it on me before bed. She had me lay on the bed butt up, and she sprinkled powder all over my bottom. After unfolding the thick diaper and laying it beside me on the bed she motioned me to roll over. I rolled over on top of the soft padding. She drew up the front making sure it was snug around my legs so it wouldn’t leak in my sleep. Normally this would have made me at least a little hard if not completely excited. The sinus cold was beating me down. After taping me snuggly inside she kissed my belly and pulled me up to sitting like she always does. We hugged, my face in her breasts, for a wonderful minute before she told me to get my PJ’s on or I’ll get cold. I know we climbed under the covers, but the rest of the night is a Nyquil haze of fever, chills and coughing fits.

I peeled the 4 white refastenable tapes from the blue permanent tapes and took off the sodden M4. I felt a single shiver as the warm diaper peeled away and the cool air slapped my skin. I set it down beside the sink. Inside was all light yellow except for the top of the front panel. Unless I sleep on my stomach that part never gets used. I already knew I tossed and turned last night, but the badly clumped padding of the diaper testified as well. I picked up the washcloth from the near the sink and turned on the hot water to get warm. I wiped clean with the wet cloth, dried off with my bath towel, and pulled my bottoms back up. I would’ve put a new diaper on, but I was feeling lethargic and apathetic with the cold and lack of a restful night’s sleep.

Folding the heavy soaked diaper up on itself I used the tapes to secure it. I was careful not to roll it too tight and squeeze pee out onto the floor. I gave the magic yellow to blue wetness indicator strip one last look as I dropped it in the trash can in the bathroom. It crushed the all tissues in the can on its way to the bottom and landed with a solid thump. Walking out into the living room I saw Hailey was already binging Netflix. The rest of Saturday morning was spent drinking orange juice and watching movies on the couch in a sinus pressure induced stupor. I don’t remember what we watched. I couldn’t tell you what I had for breakfast. I’m not even sure I had breakfast. Lunch was chicken soup. Is there really any other choice when you’re sick?

After lunch I was feeling like I was actually sleepy and not just groggy. erzincan escort I walked into the bedroom to nap. I took off my PJ’s and put them on the lower shelf in the closet and spying the package of Abri-wings M2 on the floor as I did so. Feeling less lethargic and apathetic after lunch and more in need of some comfort, I reached down and grabbed one. I unfolded it on my way to the bed. Reaching my side of the bed I put the cottony straps around my waist fastening the Velcro squares tight. I bent down and pulled up the plain white front panel. I bent down and came back up too fast though and stood there for a minute getting my balance back. No magic yellow to blue line on this one as I looked at the soft plastic outside and the little light blue Velcro rectangles that attached to the waistband. Attaching the front panel Velcro to the waistband snuggly, I enjoyed how it cupped my bottom.

I climbed into bed and under the covers. The cold of the sheets gave me goosebumps. I rubbed my arms under the blankets to make them go away. I ran my hands over chest and thighs too. The goosebumps retreated with the warming.

I could feel the pressure and a need for release. I ran my hands over the soft plastic of my diaper, and down to my balls. I pressed my jewels firmly into me as a brought my hands back up the front. I moaned realizing how horny I was. However, I earned just little stirring as my head ached in the background. Normally I would be half hard at that. My cold soundly trumped my diaper fetish and my blue balls.

Having just resigned myself to the fact that sexual frustration is just the latest of a growing list of symptoms of this cold, Hailey came in.

“Taking a nap?” she inquired.

“Yeah, feeling pretty sleepy.”

“I’ll come cuddle with you. Keep you warm.” She says as she strips out of her PJ’s and climbs into bed, naked, beside me.

“Sorry I gave you the plague.” She said with a sad face.

“It’s ok. It happens.” Trying to breathe through my nose and fainting whistling.

“Yeah.” And she gave me a squeeze. It felt so good to have her here. Anyone who says they don’t like it when someone they love cuddles with them when they’re sick is a damn liar.

After several minutes I still hadn’t drifted off. She fidgeted. “Hmm?” I sleepily enquired.

“Nothing.” She said in a somewhat frustrated way. Then a long pause. “Do you get horny when you’re sick too?” Somewhat matter of factly. We each loved that we could talk to each other about whatever whenever. I worry about people in relationships who can’t do this actually.

“Oh yeah. Right there with you on that. It sucks.” And I turned my head to look at her better.

“Miserable isn’t it? Being so horny and not up to doing anything about it.” she said, an edge of frustration in her voice, but tempered by a small amount of hope. I know and feel her pain.

“Mhm. I’m guessing you’re horny, but actually might feel up to doing something about it unlike me?”

“Yeah, but I want to do it with you. I can wait until you feel better. I’ll probably just hold you until you fall asleep and go watch TV. I don’t think I’m sleepy enough to nap.”

“Would you like me to touch you? It would help relax you to nap.” I offer. Not completely unselfishly as I love when she holds me as we sleep.

“I don’t know. Are you sure you’re up for it? You were just talking about being sleepy.”

“It’s no big deal babe. Touching you erzurum escort won’t be too much. I just probably won’t be up for sex though.”

“I was assuming that much. Thank you.” She smiles and kisses me before rolling over to grab the Astroglide from her night stand. After discovering lube I don’t know how we lived without it. Hailey gets plenty wet for sex. It takes a bit, and isn’t enough for fingering her clit. Rubbing her clit is her favorite way to orgasm, and lube is like jumping from the back to head of the line of your favorite rollercoaster.

She squeezes a little lube into her and rubs into her sex. I roll onto my side to face her, and I ran my hand up her thigh to her garden. My fingers make their way down through her trimmed bush to find her valley. Two digits descend to the floor of her rainforest. And I hear her take a sharp breath. She’s wet from the lube and has feverish heat. She wasn’t kidding about being in a desperate way.

“Mmm.” She says as I get the lay of the land. I get a moan when I find and circle her flower bud. I’m no Casanova. I always struggle to find the unicorn that is the Goldilocks combination. Not too light, but not too hard. Not too slow, but not too fast. Not too much in one place, but not too much moving around. She’s very attune to rhythm having nearly went into piano performance. I’m an engineer who never could play an instrument or dance. Definitely star-crossed lovers.

Keeping my fingers flat and using the pads so I don’t dig or poke I rub one side of her clit up and down. 1, 2, 3, 4. Over the top of her clit. Up and down the other side. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Over the top of her clit, but this time lingering for a couple strokes. I live for the little moans I get when I change from one side to the other.

She reaches down and holds her lips apart for me now. A sure sign that she wants more. Holding herself open not only makes it easier for me to feel where I am and be consistent, it pushes her clit up and makes it more sensitive to my ministrations. Her breathing begins to change.

“Right there. A little harder.” She tells me. I happily adjust.

“Babe, a little slower and..” she guides my fingers to a better place for her. I can barely sense the difference in position, but I know this is a critical movement. It’s taken a lot of communication, many failures on my part, and no small amount of frustration on her’s to find what works for us. Neither of us can read minds so communication is key to our happiness.

The cold has me a little out of it and my fingers slip down and I stroke over the opening to her love canal. I hear her moan deeply in unexpected pleasure at my change in course. I give it one more caress before returning to the side of her clit she favors. She’s become quieter, moaning less. Breathing heavy, she’s beginning to tremble at my touch slightly. It’s building inside her. She’s near the top.

I block out everything I can and focus on my rhythm, speed and pressure. Nothing is worse than screwing it up at the last second as I know all too well from past missteps. She stops breathing for a moment.

“OH GOD!” she cries out and grabs my fingers to keep pressure in the perfect spot. I feel her tense from toes to her shoulders. She arches her back. A series of moans and cries punctuate the crashing waves of spasms I feel on my fingers. I continue caressing her clit through her death grip on my fingers. I want to prolong the waves as long as I esat escort can. I usually can’t give her multiples, but I always try.

She pushes my hand away as her back comes back to rest on the bed. Her pleasure bead is ultrasensitive right after an orgasm. She can’t handle any touch immediately after. I reach away and wipe my fingers on my side of the bed before putting my arm over her.

As Hailey basks in the afterglow we cuddle. The sounds of her pleasure, the heat and wetness of her sex on my fingers has made me hard in my diaper. The primal part of me wants to climb on top of her. The rational part of me wants to take a nap as I still feel very much under the weather.

“I need to feel you inside me.” She says with a need in her voice. Now it is my need that trumps my cold, but only just.

“You’ll have to climb on top. I don’t think I have the energy for anything else.” I say as I roll on to my back from my side while she lifts the covers up off of me.

“Oh. You’re wearing a diaper. How do I get this off?” she says as she rubs my hardness through the plastic and padding of the diaper. The covers sliding down her back as she hunches over me.

“You just pull the top here, it’s really easy.”

With a tug and the tearing sound of Velcro the front of the diaper comes down. She pushes it between my legs. As she swings a leg over me she’s already reaching for my cock, getting ready to guide it into her waiting pussy. Her soft hand caresses my length from tip to base as she sits down on top of it.

We both groan softly as her hips touch mine. As she presses down into me to feel every last bit of me inside her, I’m embraced also by her legs on my sides, and I feel the softness of the diaper cupping my butt. She feels better than ever. The horniness that accompanies her being sick is beginning to be sated. Mine too. I’m drained, and we just started. I just want to slake her thirst. I’m not sure if I will.

She begins rhythmically pumping. Up and down. In and out I slide. She’s trying to quench my steel in her hot spring. She’s having her way with me, and I love every second of it. I’m submissive like that at times. I just want to be her pleasure toy.

Minutes pass as seconds with the onslaught of rapturous feelings. Her rhythm is becoming more urgent. Her moans more frequent. Her lube sensuously tickles my taint as it tries to find the thirsty diaper still swaddling my ass.

“Oh God! Fuck me in your diaper!” She cries out. The carnal lust I hear in her voice hammers in a hidden door to a secret reserve of energy. My fetish is released at the command of her words. It will not be chained. It will not be denied its prize. I thrust up into her with all I have left. I feel an orgasm I didn’t think I had beginning its crescendo. We are in sync. I hear it rising. Our cries mixing. Ever louder. I feel it hit. Sensory overload. A deafening second of silence. The calm before the storm.

I’m buried deep inside her as the lightning surges to ground. The rolling thunder of pleasure as reality’s 2 tablespoons turns into a blown mind’s 2 gallons. I feel her orgasm hit in waves again, but from the inside. Pulsing contractions travel along on my rod. The remaining tingle of hitting a live wire lingers.

She lays her forehead down on my chest. I smell her hair, the smell of home. She rolls off me breathing heavily. A fit of coughing racks me. A cost I’d happily pay again. I’m not shown such gratuitous indulgence of my fetish often.

I lay there incapacitated as she pulls up the front of my diaper and smooths the Velcro into place. My breathing is approaching normal as she tucks me back under the comforter, and she slides out of bed to…I peacefully drift off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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