Full Moon Beach Party Ch. 03

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03. The chasing continues.

“Good evening all, may I have your attention,” William started to talk.

The noise died down, and everyone was looking at him.

“Thank you all very much for such a wonderful day so far. Unfortunately Jason got too drunk and could not behave himself, and we had to remove him from the party.

“On a more positive note, I think the food was great, and that our cooks did an excellent job in preparing the various foods during the day and cooking it tonight on the barbecue. Please give them a big hand, they deserve it.”

Everyone looked over at the barbecues, and applauded the cooks. The cooks bowed slightly to them.

“I hope everybody is fully recharged again. It’s dark now, the moon will rise soon giving us some light, our beautiful ladies are all naked, you gentlemen took good care of making that happen, and we have a new game for you. The ladies all have the numbered bracelets you gave them in exchange for their clothes, and now get a chance to collect more. Gentlemen, you will receive a bracelet, and then you can try and find a match to it in the bracelets worn by the ladies. When you do, the lady is all yours to enjoy for five minutes. After that you give her the bracelet and go get a new one.

“Ladies, for the three of you who collect the most bracelets we have a special bonus. You and a friend will be treated to an afternoon at a luxury spa, including beauty treatments, massage, special baths, followed by a fine dinner.”

The girls cheered, and so did the men, as they realised that this was a strong incentive for the girls to find their match, instead of trying to run away like they did in the afternoon.

“Angel has the bracelets, so gentlemen please proceed and get one from her. In two hours from now, we will count how many bracelets each of the ladies collected, and we can see who we can crown bracelet-queen of the night. See you then!”

The music started again, and the men ran to Angel’s stand to get their first bracelets, and then returned to the waiting girls to find a match. As the girls all were eager to have a match quickly and collect more bracelets, everyone started to call out their numbers.

The third or fourth man Ashley compared numbers to, was a match. He was not tall, barely her length. Middle aged, developing a bald patch on his head, though he obviously cared about his body as he was in pretty good shape.

“Come, walk out of the light,” he said, and took her by the arm. They walked a bit until they were just outside the light of the torches. Ashley saw more couples doing the same, looking for some measure of privacy. He lay down, and asked her to lay down next to him an start her timer. His five minutes were starting.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” he said, trailing his fingers over her body. “I saw you earlier today, but you were too fast for me. I’m glad to have you now. May I know your name?”

“Rose,” she answered.

“Rose, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. I’m Desmond.”

She smiled. This guy knew how to tease a woman with his words. He took his time, obviously knowing the night was still young. His hand trailed over her body, feeling her curves, lingering over her breasts. He moved on top of her, kissing her breast, massaging the other.

“You feel as good as you look. Very good. I want to know how you taste now.”

She felt his hands sliding over her body, from her hips via her waist over her belly onto her breasts and up to her shoulders and neck, and then back again. He then moved his head down to her wanting pussy, and kissed here there. Ashley shivered. She felt his tongue probing her lips, and opened her legs a bit wider.

She could feel that this man was experienced, experience that one could only have gained by doing it with many women. He was good. She could enjoy this for the rest of the evening, but then she could not as her alarm sounded.

“So sorry, time’s up. Please take my bracelet, Rose, and I hope I can smell your fragrance again later tonight.”

They walked back to the main area, where two men immediately approached Ashley. No match. A moment later another man appeared, and he did have a match on her numbers. Thick brown hair, broad build, she recognised him. She witnessed him having sex with the blonde, at the end of the afternoon session. Ashley liked his brown eyes, somehow he looked really sweet.

This man did not say much. He took her to a moonlit spot close by, had her sit on his lap facing him and played with her breasts for the full five minutes. Feeling them, massaging them, kissing and sucking her nipples. He was a breast addict, he told, and could play with a woman’s breasts for hours.

The treatment got Ashley rather aroused, and surely ready for more. She could hear the moans of men and women around her. She could see their silhouettes in the moon light. She almost tripped over the leg of a man who was busy eating out a woman. She paused to look a bit at the scene, mesmerised. She had her legs wrapped around bursa escort his back, and was moaning loudly.

Soon after Ashley stopped to watch, she heard an alarm and the scene in front of her stopped. Time was up for them, too.

She walked back to the party area, where she saw two women and one man waiting, trying to find a new match. She also did not match the waiting man, but her silent lover was not there, he probably had another match again. More boobs to play with for him.

Regularly she saw couples returning from the darkness. She was not very lucky, the next three men did not have a matching number. The fourth she had a match, but one of the other girls also, and Ashley lost out.

The man apologised, “Nothing personal, it’s just that I love big’uns.”

The girl she lost out to was the one with long black hair and big, fake boobs. That man at least did not seem to care about that. He just cared about the size obviously.

Phoebe appeared, still walking rather unsteady. She slurred, “Hey, how you doing, got many bracelets? Just got my third! Wanna have more, more bracelets.”

“You do your best, you’re going to need that spa to get over your hangover tomorrow,” Ashley laughed.

Phoebe left almost immediately after finding a match with one of the waiting men, and shortly after Ashley had a match as well. There were now four women waiting. It should not be too hard for a man to find a match, Ashley thought, after all, all the girls have four numbers each.

Her new match was a very strong looking blonde guy with beaming blue eyes, she estimated him in his late twenties. He looked rather impressive. He sported an impressive bulge in his Speedos, too, making Ashley even more interested. They walked out onto the moonlit beach, finding a place for themselves.

They walked to an empty place, where he took her in his arms and started feeling her up. Ashley started her timer, she should not get carried away even with such a hunk, as there was a spa to be won. He felt her breasts, then her pussy, and stuck a finger inside.

“I’m horny,” the man told her. “Glad to find you’re wet already, as I am in very much need of a pussy.”

He positioned her on her hands and knees, and took place behind her. She had not seen his cock yet, but the bulge was promising. She felt his hard cock rubbing over her ass, then it was guided into her wet pussy. He slowly started to fuck her, harder as she got wetter and more lubricated. He held her hips firmly, so he could control both of their movements. His dick was large, larger than she expected. He felt strong, fully controlling her movements, using her as a sex toy. She felt very vulnerable under his control. She got more and more aroused, but well before she could reach her peak or even before he would come, the alarm went off.

Disappointed he pulled out, put his Speedos back on, and handed her the bracelet.

They walked back, only one man waiting now. No match to Ashley. The blonde stud went to get a new bracelet, and when he got one he walked straight back to Ashley with a big grin on his face.

“It’s my, and maybe your, lucky day, as I have another match for you. Let’s continue where we stopped.”

They quickly walked away, and found themselves some space. Ashley immediately sat down on all fours, sticking her ass up, legs slightly parted, fully ready to receive him. She had barely switched on her timer or he entered her already.

Slick as she was, he entered easily and simply continued where they were cut off before. Ashley found her arousal to grow again under his strong pounding cock. She felt so vulnerable. He was good. Strong, yet gentle, and generally just a good fuck.

He did not last long. Within a minute or two he started to cum, filling her pussy with hot juices. It was too fast for Ashley who could not get full satisfaction this time.

Shortly after he was done coming, he pulled out. Ashley felt a few drops of liquid running down her legs. He thanked her, and without waiting for his time with her to be finished he helped her to her feet and they walked back to find a new match. Walking, she could feel more cum running down her legs. She felt dirty, in a good way, and hoped this would not be the last one for the night.

The blonde stud had no match for Ashley this time, he instead left with another woman, leaving her with a few more unmatched people.

Men and women were appearing regularly from the darkness. Phoebe also appeared, found out she had a match with two of the waiting men, and took them both with her.

“You may share me, but no double time, Alicia wants bracelets,” she said, sounding a bit drunk but obviously not losing focus of her main target, winning a day to the spa.

Shortly after Ashley finally got herself another man, he was about as tall as she was. Dark hair, blue eyes and a baby face, she knew she had encountered him before, but could not place him. Too much happened that day, too many new faces.

They walked out on the beach and found bursa escort bayan some free space. The man lay down on the beach, and asked her to give him a blow job. He told he had just had very good sex with a rather drunk but really pretty and very horny girl, was in need of a break, and that some light stimulation would be perfect.

Ashley took his member in her mouth. She could taste a combination of sperm and pussy on his dick. He had been going at it indeed, that she could tell. She was very much wondering whether it was Phoebe he was talking about, as it seemed to her that Phoebe was by far the most drunk of all the girls. Actually she had not seen any other girls being drunk. And Phoebe was very horny to boot.

In between sucking she asked him whether his previous girl had auburn hair, was about her length, and had slightly larger boobs than herself. All the answers were positive.

“Must have been Alicia,” she said, in between two sucks, not sure whether Phoebe bothered to introduce herself but it was worth a try.

“How do you know?”

“That’s my girlfriend. I thought already you taste familiar,” she stated matter-of-factly, and continued to suck him.

She looked at his face, and in the pale light of the moon could just make up his shocked expression. It took some effort to keep her composure, to not start laughing at him. She felt his cock jump a bit. She could just guess what he was thinking, but she was sure that she messed up his mind. She continued sucking him gently, enjoying feeling him grow to full strength. And at the end of the five short minutes he was standing hard again, and Ashley had her fifth bracelet.

Five bracelets only and the first hour was mostly gone. She had some bad luck when it came to finding matches, but also had to blame herself for taking her time in between, looking at other couples and generally taking it slow. She could feel the spa slip away from her. She could only hope for Phoebe to be more lucky. That girl was so horny tonight, it was incredible.

Back at the party area she immediately found another match. Another middle-aged man. Short cut dark hair, strong looking, she clearly recalled he had caught her before but no match to her clothes.

He did not say much, he simply took her out onto the moonlit beach, put her on the sand, and fucked her missionary style for five minutes. He was a decent fuck, but a bit boring. He did not cum, maybe he did before or he just can control himself well, she was not sure.

They went back, and her next match was the self-proclaimed breast addict again. He now had a different idea for her, the key was of course that he wanted to play with her breasts more. He said she had some lovely breasts, firm and just a perfect hand full, and that he had been looking forward to match up with her again.

He lay down on the beach and pulled down his Speedos, having his dick jump out. He asked Ashley to sit down on him, and take him deep inside of her. His dick was quite long, and sitting on it pushed it really deep inside of her. Ashley let out a deep sigh when she took him in her pussy, and started moving up and down, only to be stopped by the man.

“Don’t move. Just sit there. I just like to feel the warmth of your pussy while I play with your breasts. I don’t want to come just yet, that’s for later, I still have some time. Now I just want to play with those lovely breasts of yours a bit more.”

It was a strange experience. She was just sitting there with his hard dick deep inside of her, while he was stimulating her breasts. She started to moan, feeling very aroused, but without proper stimulation of her pussy she could not have an orgasm. She felt her juices dripping out, she was so wet now. She really had to control herself not to start fucking him.

At the end of the five minutes she got off of him, and felt a small current of pussy juice run out and dripping on the man’s crotch.

She slowly walked back to the party grounds and just then Phoebe also appeared, again with two men on her side. Her hair was getting more and more messed up.

Neither could find a match right away, they had to wait. Ashley asked her how many bracelets she had by now.

“I don’t know. About fifteen, something like that. I lost count. Let’s see… one… two… three… euhm… many. I have many bracelets, yahoo! But I need more! Number seven, eight, thirteen, fifteen, anyone? Or two?”

A man with matching bracelet approached her, and took Phoebe out for more sex on the beach.

Ashley was really horny after having her breasts played with so much, and was hoping for a good fuck. She had long since lost count how many men she had had in her pussy, how many orgasms she had, how many loads of cum she received. And yet she still was very horny, and wanting more.

Soon she got herself another match too, the eighth only of the night, and time was slowly running out. She had been waiting for matches for too long, and admittedly she did take her time when she did have a match.

Her escort bursa current match was maybe mid or late forties, with shoulder length hair. He looked a bit like a belated hippie, she thought. And maybe he was a hippie, because he did know about making love. While he kept it simply missionary style, he was doing it really well, and within a minute he had Ashley screaming in pleasure. She had no idea what it was that he was doing different from other men, but whatever it was, it felt really good. And well before the five minutes were over he brought her to a very big orgasm, without coming himself.

Ashley thanked him extra when she received his bracelet. He went to get a new bracelet, while she remained just lying on the beach to recover for a while before she went back to find another match. Winning the spa may by now be out of the question, but she was not going to end at the bottom of the ranks.

A good-looking man in his mid-thirties matched up with both Ashley and another woman waiting for her next bracelet. He looked at them both. The other woman was a little shorter than Ashley, had really long blonde hair, and rather large breasts. Ashley felt her chances go down looking at those boobs, so much bigger than her own. Then he walked up to her, and felt her pussy with his finger. He then stepped to the other woman, and felt her too. Ashley saw him rub his fingers together, as if testing something.

Then he turned to Ashley, and said, “Let’s go, I need a wet pussy but no sloppy seconds.”

He took her out on the beach, lay down on his back and pulled down his Speedos. His dick was standing straight up.

“Fuck me,” he commanded.

Ashley immediately sat down on him, and started fucking him. He felt good. His dick was not very long but rather thick, and easily completely fit inside of her. She was still very wet from the previous session, making it even easier for him to slide in.

“Harder,” he said.

She increased her pace, fucking him as hard as she could. He felt really good, she felt yet another orgasm taking over her body. When she came she squeezed her pussy tight, bouncing fast, taking him deep inside of her. He held her hips, and met her movements, pounding her hard. She could hear his moans, and soon after he started to shoot his cum deep inside her pussy.

“Thanks, I needed that,” he said. Shortly before the five minutes were done they were on their way back.

When Ashley returned, four girls were waiting for a match, but no men. She wondered what was going on, where all those men were. She didn’t have to wait long, as just minutes later Phoebe appeared. With this time three men in tow. She was really going for it, and must by now have become unbeatable when it came to bracelet counts.

“I’m soooo good! Three in one go!” she exclaimed happily.

No you’re not good, just lucky, Ashley thought. Or maybe one should say unlucky as Phoebe looked ravaged. Cum stains all over her body and her hair was positively a mess.

The men Phoebe took back each found a new match in the waiting girls, but Ashley was left out again. A moment later another man appeared, and had a match for her, leaving Phoebe alone behind. Another couple returned, and moments later while walking away with her match, Ashley heard Phoebe’s enthusiastic voice, indicating she got herself yet another man.

Ashley’s current match was a rather skinny guy with dark curly hair, called James. She thought she had witnessed him with the fake-tits girl, which he confirmed.

“She was a good fuck, but her tits didn’t feel good. I much prefer big natural tits,” he told.

“Sorry, I may be natural but I’m all but big.”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re beautiful as you are.”

Ashley smiled at his compliment. They found themselves a free space on the moonlit beach and stopped.

“You’re probably the last one tonight, it must be about time, I hope you can make me cum once more,” James said.

“OK, but not in my pussy, I’m getting sore and need a break.”

“Then I’d like you to suck me off. Last time I was almost there and I really need relief now.”

Ashley dropped to her knees. He was hard already when she pulled down his Speedos, his dick jumping up immediately. She set to work, she took his dick in his mouth and started sucking. She could immediately taste pussy on his dick, that was probably the girl he just was with. She sucked him, tried to take him into her mouth as deep as possible. He was too big to take completely, and she quickly gave up trying.

He moaned softly, Ashley felt him getting harder. He was probably nearing orgasm.

“I wanna cum on your tits,” he said.

No objection to her, she never really liked men coming in her mouth anyway so this was a better proposal. She continued to suck him, bobbing her head faster. She could feel he was getting nearer, he held her head with his hands, guiding her.

Then he pulled out of her mouth, and she leaned back, pushing her chest forward. The man looked at her, grabbed his dick in his hand and started masturbating himself. He pointed his dick at her chest, and second later he started to shoot his hot cum. The first two squirts really came out hard, after that it was more like oozing.

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