Front Row Seat

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Club Orlando looked nice enough from the outside. On a quiet side street, a short drive from my hotel near the airport, the name and the building suggested a sports club, not the bath house that it is.

From time to time, intermixed with a much larger library of gay fantasies, I’d imagined what it would be like to visit a bath house. My attraction to men had only ever been physical, so bath houses — clubs or spas where men could meet for straightforward, anonymous sex — made perfect sense. In my fantasies, though, I wasn’t a closeted bisexual man who had never crossed the line, I was a willing participant.

“No thanks, I’m just here to watch,” I practiced in my head as I got out of my rental car. While I’d found the courage to actually visit the club, I wasn’t ready to be anything more than a voyeur.

Just inside the door was the front desk, where I paid my entry fees and safely stored my watch, wallet and keys. As the buzzer sounded, I took a deep breath and stepped through the inner door. The receptionist handed me a towel, along with the key to one of the private video rooms. Worst case, I figured, I’d get to enjoy the thrill of being there, then head back to my hotel room for some good old porn before falling asleep.

The attendant offered me some condoms and lube, I put my pass phrase to use for the first time that night.

“No thanks, I’m just here to watch,” I said, surprisingly a bit nervous.

He said something along the lines of “that’s cool, have fun,” which made me smile and relax a bit.

Taking a deep breath, I followed his directions past the lockers and into the maze of private rooms. After just a couple of quick turns, I found the room number that matched the number on my key, opened the door and stepped in. The room was bigger than I’d imagined. Next to the cheap single bed, with sheets and a pillow, there was actually room to stand and walk around a bit. I’d seen European hotel rooms that were smaller.

A small TV was mounted on the wall, so I flipped it on to see what I could find. I found a handful of channels all playing gay porn — mostly group scenes, with little if any plot from what I could tell. Perfect for a bath house, I thought. One of the videos caught my eye so I stopped flipping channels when I landed on it the second time. Then, as I felt my dick begin to inflate, I started to undress. By the time I was ready to go, my dick was hard and I was excited to explore the club. With my towel around my waist, I began to look around. Just beyond the private rooms, I entered a short hallway. Doors to the left led outside. Next was an open shower with four or five showerheads, none of them in use. Opposite the shower were the glass doors to the sauna. Straight ahead was the steam room, which I chose for my first stop.

Through the thick fog, the steam room appeared to have two main areas, each with two or three rows of tiled benches. Light coming from two red bulbs near the ceiling mixed with the harsher white light cast through the glass door to create eerie shadows. The sound of the steam seemed to mask whatever noise there was. I was hopeful that I’d get to see something fun, but only found a few men meandering, sitting or standing alone. I picked a corner with a good vantage point and took a seat, enjoying the heat. My hard-on receded a bit, but I was still thrilled with the possibilities the room offered. I began to imagine all of the sex that took place on the seats around me and my excitement built again. With more to see, I moved on after the heat had soaked into my body.

My next stop was the sauna. Most of the front wall, across from the showers, was glass, with a door in the middle. The sauna itself was small, with just two rows of seats wrapped around the sides, split down the middle by the heater. The only light came through the tinted glass door and walls, allowing everybody inside to look out, but nobody outside to look in. There was room for maybe ten, if they were sitting hip to hip, but I found only three or four guys spread around the room. With no obvious place to sit alone, and nothing interesting to watch, I kept moving.

Through the back doors, under the stars, I found a path that led around the building. Immediately to the left was an empty covered patio with picnic tables and a small enclosed room. A bit down the path was a large hot tub and around the corner was a pool, both empty. Figuring I must be on the early end of any action, I decided to take a quick dip in the hot tub and enjoy the night air. I hung my towel on a nearby hook, sat down on the far side of the tub and relaxed. Three men joined me and my hopes to see something fun peaked. I got a quick glimpse of their cocks and bodies as they slipped into the water. All were in fair to good shape and would be fun to watch. But, after hearing them chat like old friends, I realized they were regulars just catching up.

I was there to watch, not listen to idle chit chat, so I moved on. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the thrill of stepping out of the tub and onto the pool deck, with three sets of eyes on me and my semi-hard dick.

I wandered back bahçeşehir escort into the building and took a quick spin through the maze of private rooms. From what I’d read about bath houses, I expected to find at least a few open doors and hoped to get an eyeful. But, no doors were even cracked. When I found my room again, I took my key, which I’d fastened around my upper arm by the attached rubber bracelet, and let myself in. I kicked back on the bed and spent some time watching the video on the little TV — a thin blonde guy was kneeling over his red-haired friend, rocking up and down on his friend’s rather large cock.

Soon enough I was hard again and my whole body was buzzing with excitement, ready for another tour. I followed the same path, first checking out the steam room, then the sauna, the covered patio and the hot tub. For the most part, the results were the same. It was still quiet, not much to see. This round, however, I found an open spot in the sauna, with nobody on either side of me, which turned out to give me my first real eyeful. From where I was sitting, I had a clear view of the showers across the hall where three men were busy lathering their bodies and their very hard cocks. One guy in particular, or more correctly, one cock in particular caught my eye and I enjoyed the show. They each finished their showers and wandered off, without so much as touching one another. But, their hard cocks signaled what I hoped would be some real action to follow.

Outside, I found a few men in the dark enclosed room, but it was too dark to see what was happening, and from the sounds of it, there wasn’t anything exciting going on. After another quick soak in the hot tub, I went back to my room to let the porn bring my excitement back to a peak.

For my third tour, I decided to change the order of my stops. I headed to the hot tub first, planning to make the sauna, my favorite place so far, my final stop. This time, there were already two men in the hot tub, sitting on opposite sides. One was slightly overweight, with a beard, didn’t do anything for me. The other, with an average body and a chin-length mop of brown hair was more interesting to me. I received another jolt of excitement as I hung my towel back on the hook. Still excited by the video porn, my dick was at full mast and I could feel their eyes on me as I climbed into the tub, taking a seat half-way between the two of them.

Through the moving water, I could see Mop’s hand stroking his cock, which was enough to keep my dick hard. Still, that wasn’t what I was hoping to see, so after about ten minutes, I climbed back out and headed to the steam room. A quick look into the outdoor dark room found three or four men. In the near pitch black, I could barely make them out, but it looked like most were standing in a small circle, stroking each other’s cocks. There appeared to be one more, directly behind one of the guys in the circle jerk, but I couldn’t tell what he was doing. I paused at the entrance, trying to figure out if I could slip in and see what was really happening, but I wasn’t sure how I could do that without causing too much of a commotion. My shyness got the best of me and I kept moving.

I skipped the steam room and went right to the sauna, where I found a good open seat, on the lower bench on the left side of the heater. It offered me the same great view of the showers, which were again in use. There were three other guys in the sauna with me. The bearded guy from the hot tub sat in the corner farthest from me. Another guy, who I couldn’t quite see, sat on the other side of the heater. An in the corner to my right sat the third. He seemed to be just a few years older than me, in pretty good shape, with a buzz cut and what seemed to be a shaved chest. He also had an impressive cock, not huge, but well above average. The reason I could tell was simple. His towel was open and he was brazenly stroking his not-quite-hard cock with his right hand. I smiled to myself as I watched his cock slowly inflating, almost certain that I’d get to see something fun. I wasn’t sure how anybody could resist a cock like that.

After just a few minutes, Mop joined us in the steam room. He took a quick look around, including at Buzz, before choosing a seat on the bench above me and to my right. I immediately knew why he’d picked that spot. Over my shoulder, it gave him a great view of the beautiful cock being stroked in front of both of us. My attention went right back to Buzz and I couldn’t resist slipping my right hand under my towel, rubbing my dick in time with Buzz’s strokes, wondering what Mop was going to do.

There was some motion on the other side of the room as the bearded guy climbed up to the upper bench behind his neighbor. Another guy opened the door, stepped in, looked around and left. Buzz’s show went on and I my excitement was peaking. Glancing across the room, I realized that my wish was coming true. Though I couldn’t see much, the guy to my left had turned sideways and was bobbing his head up and down between the bearded guy’s legs. Cock was being sucked and I was there to watch.

Knowing istanbul escort that Mop and Buzz had better views than I did, I hoped that the blowjob across the room would kick start something on my side. I wanted Mop to climb down off of the benches, kneel in front of Buzz and go to work on his hard cock right in front of me. When I turned my head back, though, Mop hadn’t moved. Instead, Buzz, who had apparently been watching me, stood up and stepped directly in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. My heart raced as I stared at his cock bouncing in the air in front of me. I looked up at him.

“I’m just here to watch,” I said.

He smiled but didn’t move or respond. I wasn’t sure he’d heard me.

“Really, I’m just here to watch,” I tried again.

Buzz just kept looking down at me, holding his hands on his hips, offering his cock to me, with a knowing smile on his face. My eyes moved down his chest to his cock. It was big, with a round mushroom head and a big blue vein running down the underside. Except for a small tuft of hair above, his cock and balls had been shaved clean, matching his bare chest. It was beautiful.

I urged myself to say something. Anything, to let him know I wasn’t interested.

But, I didn’t.

Instead, to my own amazement, I raised my right hand and wrapped my fingers around his cock.

It was warm, hard but somehow soft, and it felt good as I began to stroke it. Still moving my hand up and down slowly, I glanced back up at him. His expression hadn’t changed. It held that same knowing smile.

I cupped his balls with my free hand and held his cock up, taking in each curve and bump with my eyes. Then, without much thought at all, I leaned forward and ran my tongue from his balls to the underside of his mushroom head. I slid my right hand back down to the base, holding his cock still, pointed directly at me. My lips parted around the head as I leaned toward him. In my mouth, he felt firm and spongy. He felt like he fit.

Before I knew it, I was bobbing my head up and down his hard cock, watching it go in and out of my mouth. I made sure to keep my teeth out of the way, using my tongue and lips to maximize the contact. My left hand held on to his balls, while my right hand, with what seemed to be a mind of its own first caressed his stomach and chest then moved itself around to cup one of his butt cheeks. Occasionally, he’d reach down and stroke my dick, which had somehow come free of my towel. Once, or twice, my dick felt the touch of another hand, one that could have only come from Mop behind me. I didn’t care. My focus was squarely on giving my first blowjob.

We were interrupted twice by men walking in to the sauna. Both times, Buzz stepped back, not sure about who had come in. Both times, the intruder left quickly. And, both times, Buzz returned to his spot in front of me and my mouth returned to his cock. After the second time, though, he bent down and whispered.

“Do you have a room?” he asked.

Taking a break, I wrapped my right hand around his cock and started stroking it again, this time feeling it wet with my saliva. “I just came to watch,” I said.

Putting his hand on my arm, on top of the elastic band that held my room key, he tried again. “Let’s go to your room.”

I felt myself give in. To him, to the situation, or to my true desires, I wasn’t sure. But, I gave in. The same way I’d given in a moments before. I stood up and stroked his cock one more time as he stepped out of my way. I wrapped my towel back around my waist, pressing my dick against my stomach, and started to walk. As I pushed the sauna door open, letting the cool air rush across my body, I glanced to my left. There, the bearded guy and his friend were both sitting back, stroking their own cocks, clearly disappointed that my show had ended.

As I walked toward my room, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, or what I wanted to happen. I’d come to watch, after all. Glancing back over my shoulder, I realized that Buzz hadn’t bothered to put his towel back on. His hard cock was bouncing between his legs, still glistening with my spit. It looked down right obscene. Everybody that saw us walking toward the rooms could have easily guessed what had just happened and must have had a good idea of what was about to happen. I felt a rush of excitement, an electric pulse emanating from my core. It was a feeling I imagined true sluts must feel.

When I reached the room and fumbled with the key, Buzz put his hand on my ass, comforting me or signaling his ownership, I wasn’t sure. To my surprise, Mop had followed us. But, to my simultaneous relief and disappointment, Buzz turned and said something to him, sending him away. I opened the door and stepped in, with Buzz just half of a step behind me. I stood there for a moment as he pulled the door closed behind him and I heard the lock snap into place.

“Listen,” I tried to explain, turning toward him, “I really just came to watch tonight.”

“You keep saying that,” he smiled. “But, I knew you liked cock from the moment you sat down and look at this,” he continued, waving escort bahçeşehir his cock at me with his right hand. “Want some more?”

I did and he knew it. He stayed standing close to the door as I knelt in front of him. I expected him to reassure me. To tell me everything was going to be fine. That I was going to love every minute. But, he didn’t. Somehow, he knew he didn’t have to.

I wasted no time, wrapping my lips around the head of his cock and then the shaft, wetting it with saliva again. He’d lost a bit of his hardness and I wanted him back at full mast. I let his cock pop out of my mouth, slid my tongue down the underside. I licked and sucked on his balls while stroking his now re-slicked cock with my hand. He was hard again in no time and I felt the exciting electric surge between my legs again. Before I could get back to work on his shaft with my lips and tongue, I was surprised by a knock on the door. I tried to sit back, but Buzz put one hand on my shoulder and the other on the back of my head.

“Don’t stop,” he said, “no need to stop.”

Putting my trust in him, I went to work on the head of his cock with my tongue and then my lips. I felt Buzz lean away slightly, reaching the door knob and opening the door. I paused long enough to watch Mop step through the door. I wondered why he hadn’t stayed away, but was excited to see him. I turned my attention back to the job at hand, taking as much of Buzz’s cock as possible into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mop drop a handful of condoms and a small bottle of lube on the bed. I choked a bit on the hard cock in my mouth, realizing that Buzz hadn’t sent him away at all. He’d sent Mop for supplies, which meant I was in for more than a night of cock sucking.

Mop seemed content to watch again, making himself comfortable on the bed beside us.

Between the sauna and the room, I’d been working on Buzz’s cock for quite a while and, despite the sounds he’d been making, I was starting to wonder if I was doing something wrong. Just then, with my hands on his ass, my lips wrapped tightly around his shaft, and my tongue turning circles around his head, I felt him tense up just a bit. He started rocking his hips, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. The first blast of cum hit my tongue. The actions of an ex-girlfriend, who was very proud of her own cock sucking skills, came to me and before the next blast came, I held him in place and move forward until the head of his cock was deep in my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could as he filled the back of my mouth with cum. He stopped, after what seemed like a minute long orgasm. I’d swallowed almost all his cum and as he pulled himself out of my mouth, I could taste what I’d missed. Just as I’d read, his cum was slightly musky, slightly salty. It didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad. My enjoyment of that moment was driven by the act far more than the taste.

I sat back and smiled up at Buzz. He smiled back.

“See,” he said, “isn’t that better than just watching?”

Again, no answer was required. I just smiled, reaching under my towel to find my own hard dick drooling with pre-cum.

“There’s more, if you’re still hungry,” Buzz said, nodding toward Mop.

Mop had moved further onto the bed. His towel was nowhere to be found. He was leaning against the far wall stroking his cock, smiling back at me. This time, there was no pretending, no hesitation, no false claims on my part. I simply turned around climb onto the bed below his feet and wrapped my fingers around his cock. I spent more time inspecting his cock than I had Buzz’s, stroking and licking, nuzzling his slightly furry balls. He was smaller than Buzz, about my size, with a more pointed head that somehow curved toward his belly button. Just like Buzz, though, he seemed to fit my mouth perfectly and I soon had his entire cock in my mouth and was bobbing my head up and down, imitating any one of the many blowjobs I’d imagined. Mop didn’t last nearly as long as Buzz had and before I knew it, I was swallowing my second load of cum.

With that job complete, I looked over at Buzz, who’s cock was back at half mast, wondering what to do next. Mop answered the question for me. He leaned forward and grabbed me by both arms, pulling me toward him until I was straddling his legs. He pulled me closer and kissed me, giving me another shock of surprise. I leaned into him, kissing him back and feeling his semi-hard cock against my rock-hard dick. I felt like a teenage boy, making out for the first time. I was getting more and more into it, enjoying the feeling of his tongue against mine, as I felt his cock begin to grow again.

Buzz was standing next to the bed, rubbing my back and my ass. Every few moments, a finger would dip between my butt cheeks, each time getting closer to my rosebud. Soon, as I was sucking on Mop’s tongue and grinding my dick against his cock, Buzz had my ass cheeks apart and was running a wet finger around my hole. I felt the coolness of lube being poured, followed by the pressure of Buzz’s greased finger against my opening. I did my best to focus on Mop while Buzz worked his finger deeper inside me. The discomfort quickly faded and I relaxed again. Another squirt of lube and another finger came into play. I was able to relax more quickly and actually felt my sphincter give way, allowing Buzz to add a third finger with little trouble.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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