Friendly Request

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We had been together for nearly fifteen years. Through all the ups, downs, and everything in between, we had hacked out something pretty amazing. With the anniversary of our first meeting coming up, I wanted to give him something extra special. I know it’s cliché to do that on anniversaries, but I didn’t care. One of his fantasies was to have a threesome (again, a cliché, but it does happen). We had never seriously discussed it, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to invite a friend (awkwardness could abound), and I didn’t want a stranger in our bed either. I decided to swallow my reservations and make it happen.

Our Christmas break was coming up, so I sent him a text, “Male or female?”


“A Christmas/anniversary present.”

“Are we getting a dog?”

I had to stifle my laughter, as I was in the workroom full of people. “No, you nutter. It’s been fifteen years since we met, and I want to get you something special.”

“…are you talking about what I think you’re talking about?” “Possibly. ;)”

“Wow. Okay…hmmm. Male.”

I’ll admit, this surprised me. “Really?”


“I’ll see what I can do.”

We had one friend who was…very sexual. They just gave off that vibe. Even the most devoted people felt sexually attracted to our friend, including me. Before I met Ede, I had many a fantasy starring Daine. I texted to şişli escort see if he could meet me after work for drinks, and he replied in his usual ribald way.

Later that afternoon, I was sipping on a vodka cranberry and Daine was drinking his usual. “So, sex goddess, what can I do for you?” I explained what I wanted, and squirmed in my seat a little as his eyes became dark and downright sinful. When I finished, he leaned back and stared at me, “Well. I never would have picked Ede for a devil’s threesome.”

I arched an eyebrow, “What about me?”

He grinned and patted my hand, “I always knew you were a kinky little thing. From day 1.”

“I was about as straight-laced as they come!”

“That was just a cover, hon. I’ll do this thing for you guys. It’s going to be a LOT of fun.”

A week passed, and we were off work for two weeks. I called Daine to invite him over for dinner, and felt so full of anticipation/anxiety that I could barely focus on cooking. When Daine arrived, he came with a bottle of Ede’s favorite vodka, “This will help take the edge off,” he said with a wink. Ede mixed the drinks while I served the food, and Daine jumped right into discussing the main event. “I like you both. A lot. Jennifer, you’ve been my friend since we were kids…and I don’t disapprove of your choice in life partner.” Ede laughed nervously, “Thanks.” Daine grinned at him, mecdiyeköy escort “I’m going to rock your world, Ede. I’m good at this kind of thing. I love having sex, and I’ve had a lot of practice. That being said…if at any time you feel uncomfortable, you have to tell me. Okay?” “Okay,” we both agreed. “Good! Now, eat up. You’re going to need it.”

After the dinner dishes had been cleared away, Daine put on one of our favorite records, “Dance with me, Jennifer.” He pulled me into his arms, and while the feel of someone other than Ede was odd, it was not unpleasant. “Ede, come here.” My lover came up behind me, pressed close. “Good,” Daine murmured, “Touch her.” After a brief hesitation, I felt Ede’s hand slip between Daine’s pants and mine, and felt the familiar warmth of his touch between my legs. He worked the nub of my jeans to full advantage, and when I moaned, Daine took my mouth. His tongue was hot, invasive, and a huge turn on. I felt Ede put his hand on Daine’s ass, and together we fondled it. He was seriously hard, his enthusiasm pressing against my back. Daine pulled away and went to stand behind Ede, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. I turned around and winked at Daine, then sank to my knees and relieved Ede of his pants. When I pulled his boxers down, his erection sprang free like a horse from a gate. I grinned up at him and licked it like a lollipop. I heard Daine retrieve something from his jacket, and then heard the familiar sound of lubricant being squeezed from a tube. I peeked around Ede to see my friend in the buff, and I was not disappointed. He was gorgeous, and the sex vibe was officially off the charts. He came closer to Ede, gently filling his rear with one, then two fingers. My lover groaned in appreciation, and that was my cue. I took him in my mouth, lightly running my teeth up and down the length of him. I tasted the salty drops of his pre-cum, and increased my speed while Daine pounded into him from behind. Ede grabbed my hair and thrust his hips hard. Luckily for him, I don’t have a strong gag reflex. When he came, it was long and loud. It was so much that it dripped down onto my chest. Daine was there in an instant to clean it up. He pulled me onto my feet and removed my clothes, kissing along the waistband of my panties before pulling them down my legs.

He reached out for Ede’s hand, and pulled him to stand behind me again. “Have you ever had her ass?” he asked. “Yes.” “Good.” Daine guided himself into my slick slit, and took a few, slow minutes to get acclimated. Once he had established a rhythm (a process that left me dizzy and unable to think straight), Ede entered my ass. The double penetration was overwhelming. Daine took one breast in his mouth, and Ede kneaded the other, so it didn’t take long to fly over the edge. We disentangled and lay down on the floor, catching our breath..

Daine looked at us both with a wicked grin, “So, what’s the plan for your next anniversary?”

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