Friday Night

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It had been one of those weeks for both of us. Those long days ending late at the office that just leave a body drained. We had been in the habit of going out for dinner Friday nights, but the two of us were far too drained for that. We’re fortunate enough to have a place that delivers both movies and pizza in town.

In short order, a scruffy looking kid arrived bearing dinner and our entertainment for the evening. Eighteen bucks and five minutes later, we were on the couch, some mindless romantic comedy in the DVD player, pizza box between us. The pizza wasn’t bad, but the movie was even less than I expected.

With interest in the movie gone, my attention drifted to the woman sharing the couch with me. Even in sweats with her hair all over the place there is something about her that I couldn’t explain, but draws me to her. Her figure is perhaps not the best, but then again, neither is mine. I’ve never been a fan of the skinny look anyway. Tracing my eyes up a bit, I study the profile of her face. I have always thought she has a very cute face, and judging from the looks I see her getting when we go out, isveçbahis I am not the only one.

Just at that moment, she smiles. What had been a rather pretty face becomes absolutely breathtaking. Whatever changes occur in the light and shadow happen when she smiles add up to something on the far side of amazing. That sort of smile could pull this long week to a decent end. Right then and there, I decide so see how much of a smile I can put on her face.

Tossing the empty box aside, I reach over, and pull her to me. Before she can ask why, my hands are on her shoulders and neck. I can feel her stress drain away as I knead and rub the tense muscles knotted by her lazy co-workers and idiotic boss. Working my way down her back, I can feel her nearly melting as my hands pull the strain from her body.

A wistful smile spreads across her lips, and I can’t hold back any longer. I pull her around and plant my lips on hers. After a brief moment, our tongues are dancing around each other. Our embrace tightens, and we push into each other. My hands rubbing up and down her back, still bringing her closer to me. With isveçbahis giriş a bit of purpose now, my hands moved down her back. Up and off comes her shirt, exposing her wonderful breasts.

I lay her back on the couch and toss my own shirt to join hers on the floor. I pull away from her lips and begin to kiss her chin, her cheeks, her ears. Easing down a bit, I kiss her neck, knowing that it drives her wild. The smile that I had set out to create is there now, gracing her face which has become more than a bit flushed.

Having covered her neck, her chest and shoulders are the next targets of my attention. Her hands are now running through my hair, telling me how much she’s enjoying my company. As I find myself at her breast, I see that her nipples have become hard. With my tongue, I trace circles around one, then the other. As she arches into me, I take one and gently suck it between my lips, just lightly nipping the tip with my teeth.

Her quivering body exciting me, I kiss my way down. In short order, her sweatpants and panties sail through the air. Starting high on the inside of her thigh, I isveçbahis yeni giriş kiss down to her ankle, then ever so slowly back up. Repeating on the other leg, I can see I am driving her crazy. As I reach the crease at the top of her leg, I start to trace my tongue across her skin. I move randomly, sometimes getting very close, then backing away. Before too long, I feel her hands pushing me, and allow her to guide me.

As she guides me to her center, I can smell how aroused she is. I gently lick the outside of her glistening lips, tasting her. With a moan, she pulls me in closer, and I let my tongue explore her soft folds. Licking upwards, I come to her swollen clit. First, I trailed my tongue all around it for one last bit of tease. When I take it into my lips, she let out the sexiest sound I have ever heard. I couldn’t begin to describe it, but it really got me going. With her clit in my lips, I flicked the tip of it with my tongue. Before long, I could tell she was on the edge. Releasing my lips, I ease down, and push my tongue deep inside her. As I taste every part of her innermost womanhood, I feel her muscles tighten around my tongue, and feel a flood of sweet juice on my face. I suck and lick until I feel her calm, then slide up until I am holding her close, pulling her body into mine. She turns to me, and I see that smile…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32