French Lessons

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I first saw the ad on the internet. The website was a listing of Dominant Women on the West Coast. Since I live in Los Angeles, I was checking out the pictures and information on local dominants. The one that caught my attention was unique. Madame Darcy was based in Paris. Her ad stated that she traveled to Los Angeles frequently and had family here. She required a slave/servant. She wanted ownership of a slave who would serve her while she was here and be used by her family when she was in France. The accompanying photo was of a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Blonde, tall, thin but with large breasts and a tiny waist. She was dressed all in black – a shiny leather corset with garters, nylons, high-heeled stiletto shoes, gloves and a diamond choker around her neck. Her lipstick was glossy red. She carried a whip in one hand and had the other hand on her hip. A very intimidating woman. Her email address was at the bottom of the ad.

This was different and exciting. The thought of serving an demanding woman and being displayed to her relatives as her slave was a long-time fantasy of mine. I didn’t really believe that she was looking for a servant. I thought it was a clever way for her to arrange sessions while she was in Los Angeles, perhaps with other people around. I soon learned how wrong I was.

I responded to her ad with my physical description, a brief background on my submissive history, and expressed a desire to serve her in Los Angeles.

It was two days later that she answered. Her email was long and detailed. She wanted a digital photo sent immediately along with my medical history, work resume, list of any special skills, foreign languages spoken, and a rating on my ability to cook and clean. She wanted to know my work schedule and salary, amount of free time, hobbies, living arrangements and type of car I drove. Madame Darcy included some other photos of her and said that she would be visiting her family in Los Angeles in three weeks. She hoped that I would be able to meet her requirements and told me to respond immediately.

I was surprised at the amount of information requested, but was fascinated by her photos and the idea of serving her. I sent everything she asked. The brief version is that I am in excellent health, work as a consultant so that I have a lot of free time, own my own condo, drive a two-door Lexus, am a very good cook, clean my own home, do not speak any foreign languages and have a six figure income.

I did not have to wait long for her reply. I would be used on a trial basis provided I could meet certain requirements. I was to enroll immediately in a Berlitz French course. I did not need to speak fluently, just have a basic understanding. Madame Darcy spoke English quite well, but found it convenient to speak some French to her servants in public. If I did not already own them, I was to purchase three uniform sets consisting of black pants, white shirt and black bow tie. I would also need two pair of black dress shoes. This was to be my attire when acting as chauffeur. I would be dressed like this when I picked up her at the airport. She wanted it understood that she was looking to own a slave, not merely have someone play at it. She was expecting full service. This was not a sex game. She required a maid for cooking, cleaning, secretarial work, errands, and a chauffeur for driving her around. There would be considerable domestic work. I would live-in while she was in Los Angeles, and be available part-time for her family while she was in France. I should rent a Lincoln Town Car for her use while she was in the city. I would use this to chauffeur her around during the day and evening. If she decided to continue my services after the initial two weeks, I would need to acquire a limousine license. She required complete control of me during her stay, including my acquiescence to wearing a chastity harness to which she had the only key. This would be a necessary act of my subservience to her. I was to pay her $2,000 for the two week training period. $1,000 per week. I would also be responsible for any of her incidental bills accrued during my service. Future fees would be discussed if she decided to keep me.

This was starting to snowball. I had not realized the extent of my duties or my surrender to her control. I had always played games and fantasized about being a slave, but had not considered the actual day-to-day activities. Madame Darcy knew what she wanted. This was not a game with her. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I believe that I thought I could somehow manipulate her to my fantasy. I obviously didn’t know Madame Darcy.

Several more emails were exchanged. She had me relate all my fantasies about dominant women and well as detailed descriptions of women I had served. I re-lived many experiences as I wrote to her. I found myself looking at her photos more and more often. I followed her instructions. I enrolled in a French language course. I purchased the necessary uniform clothes. I shaved parts denizli escort of my body I had never envisioned shaving before.

She told me more about her herself and her family living in Los Angeles. Madame Darcy was 46 years old. She certainly did not look like it. She married young and had two daughters. Monique was now 27 and Simone was 24. They lived in a house owned by Madame Darcy in the Los Feliz district of L.A. Madame Darcy was heavily invested in real estate and had purchased her Los Feliz home before the prices skyrocketed. Los Feliz has become the in-place to live for successful yuppies in the past few years. The house was on a hill with an outstanding view of downtown L.A. It had four bedrooms, four baths, and many other rooms including servant’s quarters.

As our emails became more personal, Madame Darcy had me switch to instant messaging. She asked very specific questions. She wanted to know the size of my cock when normal and erect. Had I ever been used as a toilet? She asked if I had ever worn women’s lingerie. After getting my measurements, Madame Darcy gave me orders to go to Victoria’s Secret and purchase a bra, garter belt, stockings and panties. She told me the sizes I needed. I was to wear the lingerie under my “uniform”. She would allow me to wear a t-shirt over the bra and under my white shirt for our first meeting. After that, she would decide when I would wear the lingerie more visibly. Madame Darcy said that one of the reasons she chose me was that I was not very masculine looking. She wanted a servant who could be either man or woman. Madame Darcy wanted me to purchase some cosmetics, lipstick, lip and eyeliner and nail polish. She explored my psyche so she would know which buttons to push. What she could use to bend me to her will. Without understanding, I told her everything she needed to know. By the time she was ready to come to L.A., she knew me better than I knew myself. Madame Darcy gave me her flight number and told me to meet her at the gate in my uniform holding a sign reading “M. Darcy”. I was also to have a chilled bottle of French champagne in the car with one flute for her.

I could not sleep the night before her arrival. I had made arrangements to be off for two weeks. My calls were forwarded to a service. I had rented a Lincoln Town Car. I stopped delivery of my newspaper and put my mail on hold. As I locked the door of my condo, I felt as if I was leaving my life as I knew it behind.

I stood at the gate as the passengers came through U.S. Customs. I recognized Madame Darcy immediately. She would have stood out in any crowd. She was walking with a handsome well-dressed man. They seemed to be intimate. She looked up and saw me and the sign. Madame Darcy squeezed his hand, whispered something in his ear, and kissed him. Then she strode over to me.

She examined me carefully before nodding.

“Michael. I look forward to our time together. Here are my baggage tickets. I have four bags. You will walk two paces behind me at all times. Now, follow me to baggage claim. I will point out my pieces.”

She walked away before I could say anything. I followed two paces behind and stared at her beautiful ass. She walked with a sensual stride. Her muscles moved with each step, visible through the short silk dress. I was so entranced, that I almost bumped into her when she stopped. Madame Darcy stood surveying the baggage area. She spotted her luggage and pointed it out to me. I got a cart and collected the four large pieces. We walked through the exit.

I started to say how grateful I was for her time, but she held her hand to my mouth. “Hush”, she said. We will talk in the car. I will wait here. Take the luggage to the car and drive back to me. Be quick. I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

I obeyed immediately. She acted as it she expected nothing else. I half ran to the car and drove faster than normal to get to her. Madame Darcy was smoking a cigarette. When she saw me, she dropped the cigarette on the ground and crushed it under her shoe. I hurried around the car to open the back door for her. She got in and I rushed to get behind the wheel. I started to pull away from the curb when she said, “Find an airport parking garage close by and drive in. Pick a spot away from traffic, park and get in the back with me.”

I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I followed orders. As I got in the back seat, she turned to face me.

“Well Michael, you look very nice. I’m glad that you were careful to follow my instructions. Now, pull down your pants and let me see your lingerie.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could even get one word out, she slapped my face hard. My head rocked.

“I did not say you could talk. I just gave you an order. Obey it! I see you will need more training than I thought.”

I immediately undid my belt and lowered my pants. She ran her hand over the silk lingerie. Then reached over and took my cock in her hand. She looked in my eyes and said, “Do you dikimevi escort really think that this tiny excuse for a cock was enough to satisfy any woman? You may answer me.”

“I’m sorry, Madame Darcy. My cock is too small to be of any use to you.” I admitted.

“You don’t have a man’s cock, and you’re not a woman. So you must be a sissy. Right”

“Yes, Madame” I responded.

“I will call you Michele from now on. It’s really a shame about your sissycock. Luckily they had a small one that might fit you.”

She took out a plastic device from her handbag. Within an incredibly short time it was fastened around my cock.

“This is a CB2000 chastity harness.”

She named the device as she locked it in place.

“I have the only key. If you try to remove it without permission, consider yourself dismissed from my service. Do not even bother to return. I control you. All of you. You puny cock is mine, your ass is mine, and very shortly your mind will be mine as well. This is just the beginning.”

I kept looking back and forth from her face to the harness. She still held it in her hand.

“Now, kiss my hand and thank me for taking my time to train you properly. The only thing you need to do to be happy is to obey me. The alternative is pain and discomfort. You may not believe that yet, but you will. I was serious in my ad, even if you weren’t.”

I took the hand she held out to me and kissed it, saying “Thank you Madame Darcy, for training me to serve you.”

“Now, give me your tribute for your training.”

I handed her an envelope with $2000 in cash enclosed.

“Michelle, pull up your pants, open the champagne and pour me some, then get on your knees on the floor.” she commanded.

I obeyed. Madame Darcy sat back in the seat, removing her skirt. She was not wearing panties, and was fully shaved. She took red lipstick from her purse and carefully applied it to my lips. When she was satisfied with the application, she spread her legs and said “Let me see how well you can use your tongue. If you feel any pain in your groin, then the CB2000 is doing its job. This is not for your pleasure but for mine.”

She moved slightly forward on the seat and pulled my face into her cunt. I eagerly went to work. I was in heaven. My first hours as her slave and I was doing what I desired most – being used by a gorgeous dominatrix to suck her cunt. Then I noticed the tightness around my cock and realized the purpose of the harness. While I was caught between heaven and hell, Madame Darcy took her cell phone out and made a call. I heard part of the conversation. Her thighs pressed against my ears, muffling the sound. I learned later that the person Madame Darcy was speaking with was her friend, Karin. Karin was a successful artist and photographer living in Santa Monica. They had been friends for the past 20 years.

I remember the part of the conservation that concerned me. In response to a question from Karin, Madame Darcy said “As a matter of fact I’m breaking in a new bitch now. Her face is between my thighs, and her little tongue is going full speed. I’ve needed a new one since I sold Suzanne…Of course. I don’t know how good she is at cleaning yet. Yes, you can use her while I’m gone, but try to keep it to once a week. Good housekeepers are hard to find. We’ll have lunch tomorrow. Keep it open. Yes, I’ll bring Michelle along. She’s my driver as well. Bye.”

Madame Darcy’s next call was to her daughters. I kept my tongue moving, massaging her clit. I could taste her wetness. She was enjoying my effort, but gave no sign of it during her conversation. She told her daughters where we were, and when to expect us. They already knew about me. Madame Darcy had forwarded my emails to them. After Madame Darcy was finished speaking, she put her phone away. I was allowed to continue servicing her for another few minutes, before she pushed me away.

“Wipe your face and get presentable. We’re going to see my daughters. Be respectful and helpful. Do not speak unless spoken to. You will have a room in the servant’s quarters. You will either sleep in my bedroom on the floor or be chained to a bed in your own room at night. You will obey all the women in the house, and Simone’s boyfriend. They’re used to having obedient and submissive servants in the house.

We will spend tonight with my family. Tomorrow morning, I will show you your household duties. We will then meet Karin for lunch. You will take me shopping in Beverly Hills in the afternoon, making sure I am home by 5pm. I have a dinner date with Jeffery, the man I met on the plane. You will be our chauffeur, or should I say chauffeurette. I told him to be ready by 8pm.”

She took a leather dog collar from her purse and fastened it around my neck. The tag hanging from the collar read “Property of M. Darcy”.

“You will wear my collar. When we arrive at my home, you will keep your hands behind your back. Actually, I think I’ll dikmen escort use handcuffs for this first meeting, just to remind you to keep them in place. Do not speak unless spoken to. You are not to intrude. A good servant is one not noticed. I think you should wear lipstick for your introduction as well. The girls will recognize a sissy when they see one. Leave the bags in the car. You can collect them after I see my daughters.”

She handed me a lipstick case and told me to use the rear-view mirror. I was to drive to her home and apply the lipstick immediately upon arrival. I followed her directions and drove to a beautiful house in the hills. I put on the lipstick and ran out to open her door. As she exited, she took out handcuffs and locked my hands behind my back. She attached a dog leash to my collar and had me walk behind her. I followed – lipsticked, handcuffed, collared and leashed. The door opened before she rang the bell. Her daughters must have heard the car pull in the driveway. I was pulled into the house amid much noise from the family reunion. Monique was the image of her mother, only younger. She was spectacular! She was wearing a man’s cut business suit that could not disguise her magnificent figure. Her light blond shoulder-length hair and red lips made her look extremely desirable, even while looking very professional. I later learned that Monique was a high-priced lawyer who loved trial work. She had a hypnotic effect on a jury. Simone was more casual. She wore hiphugger jeans, a low-cut tank top and was barefoot. Simone was gorgeous also with large tits, a hard tight stomach and a deep tan. Her hair was a darker blond and worn in a pony tail. Her only makeup was red lipstick, a lighter color than Monique’s.

I was not even noticed as mother and daughters brought each other up to date on events. Madame Darcy absently held my leash on one hand. The reunion over, Madame Darcy pulled me forward, saying,

“Girls, this is Michelle. She is our new domestic. I’ll get her started tonight, but it will be up to you to tell her how you like things done. She’ll be here for a two week introduction. We can decide whether to keep her after that. Michelle doesn’t understand the facts of life yet, but I’ll explain them to her. She has the potential but needs training to be a good maid. And she needs to realize that being a sissyslave is her destiny.”

Monique walked up to me and looked me up and down. Then she said, “Call me Master. Considering how I’m dressed, it’s appropriate. Call mother, Madame and call Simone, Mistress. That way there won’t be any confusion. You can call Simone’s boyfriend, Roger, Sir.” She lightly caressed my check with one finger.

“You’ll wash my lingerie for me, won’t you, Michelle?” she asked.

“Yes, Master” I replied.

She reached down and grabbed my genitals, squeezing and feeling the plastic harness. “Good, he’s locked down already. That way there won’t be any mistakes. I know the games you sissies play when you’ll alone with a woman’s lingerie. That won’t happen with your cock bound. Obey me and I will treat you well. I may even use your mouth or asshole as a reward. But disobey me and you will discover what a bitch I can be. Oh, and I’ll still use your asshole. My bedroom is soundproofed, so no one will hear your screams.”

She ran her hand gently across my cheek again. “Why mother! He’s trembling. Just from my little warning. This is going to be delightful. You are incredible. You find the best servants. I have to get to work, but I am thrilled that you’re here. We can visit later. And it’s so nice to have a maid again. We had a cleaning service in, but they never know where to put things. We really need a full-time servant. I’ll try not to scare her too badly.”

She hugged her mother, patted my ass and walked out the door.

“Don’t worry about Monique” Simone said. “She is out most of the time. But I do expect a clean house, clean clothes and good cooking. You will have some leniency in the beginning, but learn quickly. We are not very patient. Mother is extremely good at training new maids. I have a boyfriend, so won’t require much sexual use from you, but Roger likes oral sex and sometimes I don’t feel like it. It will be up to you to satisfy him. He’s used to sissies. Mother will probably have you sucking her dildo for practice, but there’s nothing like the real thing.”

This was all said so matter-of-factly, that I realized that this family had used male-maids for a long time.

Madame Darcy unlocked my handcuffs and told me to bring her luggage to her room. My leash was left in place. I brought the bags in and found her room. It was more like a suite. The huge bedroom was flanked by a dressing room, walk-in closet and large bathroom. There was a skylight in the ceiling along with recessed lights. A fireplace occupied one corner of the room. French doors led to a small balcony containing a white round wrought-iron glass-topped table and two comfortable chairs.

“Hang up my clothes and put the rest away. Then run a hot bath for me. When you are finished with the luggage, I want you to rub my feet. I love a good foot massage. Then you can help me bathe. In the future, I will expect you to put out fresh clothes for me without being told. Now, get busy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32