Free Wolf Ch. 04

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I came awake suddenly, like I usually do, alert and energized. Kyle was pressed up against my back, his cock still embedded inside me. I squeezed his dick tentatively. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. He wasn’t even fully hard, and it felt normal sized; still an ass-full. My hole was pleasantly tender, surprising for the abuse it had taken in the night.

I squeezed again and Kyle groaned sleepily, pulling me closer to his body. He was so warm. His hand rubbed over my chest and down my belly. He gripped my hardening dick and growled softly behind me.

“Morning, baby.” He nuzzled into the nape of my hair, stroking me into full hardness, and kissed up to my ear. “You feeling okay?” He whispered against the shell of my ear and then ran his tongue into it.

“I feel great. That was amazing last night.” I pulled his hand from my dick and brought it up to kiss his fingers. “I did it. We’re really mates, now.” I held his hand against my heart, our fingers entwining, as I turned my face to him. Our lips met, awkward at first, and I kissed hard.

“I want to see you, Kyle.” He started to pull out of me but I stopped him with a hand on his hip. “Don’t. Keep it in. You dumped a bucket of come in me. I don’t want it to come out yet.”

He gently pulled my leg up, thrusting lightly, and pivoted up onto his knees. He rolled me onto my back, keeping our connection, and brought my other leg up to wrap around him. I groaned and whimpered as his cock moved inside me, gasping at the sensation of being turned on the axis of his cock. I locked my ankles together at the base of his spine and started purring as he lay atop me.

“Fuck, Kyle, I need you.” He pressed our chests together and cradled my shoulders in his callused hands. He pressed a quick kiss to my lips.

“You’ve got me, Tony. Let me make love to you.” He peppered my face with kisses. “You feel so good inside. So hot and tight. So right.” He was rolling his hips, corkscrewing them slightly. He was setting me afire. “I love you, Tony, so much.” He stared into my eyes and I gazed back, finding my emotions reflected back at me.

“Kyle.” His slow loving was driving me crazy and I started thrusting my ass at him. “Kyle, fuck I love you.”

“Easy, lover.” He ran his one of his hands down my side, settling me. “Nice and easy. I don’t want this to ever end.” I relaxed beneath him, taking deep breaths. Our eyes still held each other. I realized all I had to do was accept what Kyle was giving me. I accepted and felt myself melt, my body easing. I felt more connected in that moment than I ever had before.

Kyle kept his movements slow. I reached a plateau and his shifting cock kept me there. The pleasure built slowly, making my body flush, hot. Our connection grew until I felt like I was inside Kyle, a part of him. My ass felt so sensitive and open. The ridges of his stomach moved and undulated against my cock, his hair like silk on my sensitive shaft. I was almost afraid of the intensity of the connection we were sharing, wanting to avert my eyes. Kyle brought his lips to mine; he’d sensed something, giving me a sweet kiss that brought me back to the moment.

We must have lain there, moving softly against each other, for an hour. We reached our peak at the same time, crying out into each others’ mouths. We kissed gently in the afterglow, nibbling and licking, until Kyle pulled away to look at me.

“Fuck, Tony. That was… I don’t know. Beyond anything….”

“Shh, love. I know.” I smiled up at him and he returned it before swooping down to give me a brief, hard kiss.

“Come on, baby. I’ll make you some breakfast. You ready?”

“I guess, if we have to.” I squeezed hard on his softening dick as he pulled out and he groaned as the head slipped free. I’d expected a torrent of his come but there wasn’t any. Kyle got up onto his knees, watching me. I reached down to feel at my hole. It was moist and sticky, swollen to be sure, and tender.

“You came like a hose had been turned on. I expected… I guess I expected a deluge of come to pour out.” His eyes were glued to my ass.

“You must have absorbed it, I guess. How’s your ass feel? Put a finger in there.” It shouldn’t have been possible but his dick twitched and lengthened.

“Like I’ve been royally fucked. And I feel a little sore and sticky. Gross. Shower?” I was completely fucked out, for the first time in my life. I pulled my hand away and let my legs drop.

“Sure. Let me just put the coffee on and I’ll meet you in there.” I admired his tall muscular form as he crawled out of bed, staring at his incredible ass as he walked out of the room.

I got up, shaking my limbs to get the circulation running, and went to the bathroom. I started the water to get it warm then stepped in. A minute later Kyle stepped in behind me, pulling my body back against his. He kissed my neck and ran his hands over my chest. He picked up the shampoo and washed my hair. I melted back against him, enjoying the sensual massage, until he guided my head under the flow of water.

He pulled Ankara escort me back, out of the water and took the soap. Firmly he massaged and washed the skin of my chest and stomach. He cupped my cock and balls, lathering gently. He moved around to my ass, taking care to clean me thoroughly. I’d started purring at some point. He moved up my back. He rubbed lightly around the bite he’d given me the night before. He smoothed his fingers over it and I hissed at the contact, the soap stung.

“So sorry I hurt you.” His voice growled out. I smiled back at him.

“It’s not so bad. Barely hurts. It’s kind of nice, wearing your mark.” He growled for real and pulled me back against him. I felt his cock stirring against my ass.

I turned and kissed him, dragging him into the water. I got behind him and washed his hair. I repeated the cleansing he’d given me. I ran soapy hands all over him, reveling in his body. I kneaded his firm muscles, moving down to his feet and ignoring his hard cock. I moved up his back side, lingering at his ass. I massaged his tight opening until he groaned, then I moved on to his back. When I was done I pushed him into the water and turned him around, dropping to my knees.

I soaped his huge dick. The water ran over him, making his dark hair lie down, accentuating his muscles. I pressed his cock up against his stomach and let the water rinse the suds away. I kept my eyes on his as I brought the head to my lips and kissed it. I used my other hand to roll and fondle his big balls. I worked my way down his shaft, my lips stretched tight around it. The head hit the back of my mouth and I forced it into my throat.

Kyle moaned, bringing one hand to cup the back of my head. He put his other hand on the wall to steady himself. I let myself get accustomed to the hard length and girth of him then I brought my hands to his ass. I pushed and pulled his hips, encouraging him to fuck my mouth. He took the hint and I moaned as he started thrusting into me. I forced a soapy finger into his ass, pushing and pulling it to match his rhythm. Soon I added another finger and searched for his prostate. I found it and massaged it steadily.

It took only minutes and Kyle was groaning, cursing under his breath as he came in my throat. I pulled off some to catch the last of his come on my tongue, to savor the flavor. He pulled me up and kissed me deeply. He mumbled a “thanks” against my lips and I smirked against his. It was a new sensation for me, giving him pleasure with no need to get off myself.

“Finally got to go down on you again, like I’ve been wanting.”

“Baby, anytime. That was, without a doubt, the best head I’ve ever gotten in my life.”

“Mmm. You taste good.” I chuckled into his open mouth as he licked around my lips.

The water started to get cold and we both groaned. We pulled apart and Kyle turned to shut off the water. We stepped out and dried each other then went back to the bedroom to find clothes for the day ahead. Kyle borrowed some of my clothes again.

“Fuck, Kyle, you look so hot in my clothes.” I went and ran a hand over his chest, encased in one of my plain white t-shirts. The fit was tight. We had similar builds but Kyle had about twenty pounds of muscle over me, and a couple of inches in height. I snaked a couple of fingers behind the button of the cargo shorts he had on and pulled him to me.

“I feel hot in your clothes, like I’m yours.” His words made my belly warm and I pressed my lips to his. I growled deep in my throat as a possessive rush came over me and I moved to his neck. He arched his body into me, head tilting up, to give me access. I clamped onto the soft skin at the base of his neck and sucked and nibbled on it. I raised a bruise, marking him. I pulled back to admire my work. Kyle watched me and smiled.

“I know how you feel, baby. I want the whole world to see that you belong to me, and I belong to you. You have any tank tops you can wear?” I shucked my t-shirt over my head and went to the drawer. I pulled out an old wife-beater. I hadn’t worn it in awhile, it was kind of ratty, and pulled it on. The thin straps over my shoulders left my bite mark uncovered. I turned to show Kyle.

“You like that?” Kyle growled and pulled me to him. He licked gently over the teeth marks, nuzzling into my neck and hair. He stilled suddenly, he inhaled deeply and his grip on my shoulders tightened.

“What’s wrong, Kyle?” He pushed me back to arms-length and stared at me, his eyes searching my face.

“You smell different. I think, Tony… is it just my imagination?” He let his hands fall to his sides. “You smell so good, I want to fucking nail you to the wall.”

I raised one of my arms to sniff at my armpit. My scent came through strongest there. I realized instantly that it was different. It was still me, strong and musky, but now there was an underlying whiff of that desert-night smell. The combined scents created something new, it was intoxicating.

A predatory gleam came into Kyle’s eye and he stepped closer to me, his hands moving to my hips. Luckily my Ankara escort bayan stomach chose that moment to growl loudly.

“Rain check, Kyle. I have to eat something first, then fucking.”

“Ah, baby, I’m sorry. I can’t believe how fucking sexy you are, I can’t even keep my head straight. Let me make you something.”

He pulled me by the hand into the kitchen and pushed me into one of the chairs. He fixed me a cup of coffee, and I loved him even more that he already knew exactly how I liked my coffee. He pulled all kinds of vegetables and eggs from the fridge. He made quick work of slicing everything together and proceeded to make omelets. It smelled really good, but I was distracted by a sudden thought.

“Kyle? Do you smell different?” He stopped to look over at me.

“No, Tony, I smell the same. Listen, we don’t know how all of this works, right? Maybe I’ll pick it up later, or it will be more gradual with me. Maybe it’ll happen after you fuck me. I don’t think we should worry about it.” He turned back to the stove.

“It’s all good. You’re right, we’ll just see what happens.” He dropped a huge omelet in front of me and went back to make his own. “This smells good. I love a man that can cook.” He smiled over his shoulder at me. “I love you, Kyle.”

I tried to wait for him but I was starving so I dug in. I was only halfway in when Kyle joined me and we both devoured our meals. I was groaning and humming, it tasted so good. I finished and leaned back to pat my belly.

“That was so good.” I smiled at Kyle and watched him eat, he was almost done. I sipped at my coffee and he paused, fork in midair.

“Want another bite?” He moved the fork my way and I leaned forward to take it.

“Wow, I’m full. That was the best breakfast I’ve had in forever. Where’d you learn to cook?”

“When we were younger and it was just me, John and Brady I had to learn. Trust me, Tony, those guys are more likely to burn down a house than put anything decent on the table. I had to learn pretty quick. Luckily, my mom is a great cook and taught me a lot of the basics.”

“Well, I’ll have to thank her when we meet.” I picked up the dishes and took them to the sink.

“Yeah, about that. We haven’t really talked about our families. I’m not out to my parents… yet. I just thought I would never find my mate. You know? Like, fate or something had decided against it. They live in Albuquerque and they only come to visit every couple of years. I can’t go back there so… well, I didn’t want to hurt them.”

“Oh-kay. I don’t know what to say, Kyle. Do you want me to meet them?”

“Of course.” He stood and walked over to me where I was washing the dishes. “You’re my mate. Anyone who gets close enough to smell you will know it. They’ll just have to accept it.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my temple.

“What about you? How do you think you’re parents will react? Do they know you’re gay?”

“They know that I prefer men. We talked about it a lot before I left home. We’re really close, it’s a weretiger thing, and I couldn’t keep something like that a secret. We just assumed that someday I’d find a female weretiger who was my mate and settle down.” He squeezed me tighter and I leaned back against him. I started rinsing the dishes I’d scrubbed.

“We all figured that the mating bond would overrule my sexual preference. My dad said that two males can’t be mates, that I’d have to resign myself to that. I didn’t know it was possible. Let alone a tiger and a wolf. Have you ever heard of that?”

“Tony, baby, we’ll work this out. We don’t have to figure everything out right now.” He brought his hands up to massage the tension in my back and shoulders. “Just relax. The pack will be here soon. They’re your pack too now. You know that, right? I know it’s new and different, but I want you to get to know them. And them, you. I love them like family, it’s a wolf thing. I can’t wait to see their faces when they get a whiff of you.” He chuckled into my ear.

“Brady’ll say something stupid and I’ll have to kick his ass. John will hug both of us. He’s worried about me all the time. They both will be really happy for us. And they’ll be happy to see me settled down.”

“So you’re a player?” I finished stacking the few dishes in the drying rack and turned to look at him. He looked surprised.

“No, I’m not a player. We travel a lot and I meet a lot of people. I… I don’t know how to explain.”

“It’s fine, Kyle. I wasn’t a virgin. How many guys have you been with? Just out of curiosity?”

“God, Tony. I don’t know. Does it matter?”

“It doesn’t matter. I love you, Kyle. But I am curious. You know what they say about cats.” I smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips. He was starting to turn red.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never kept track. Especially when I was younger.”

“Just supernaturals, or humans too? Are we talking more than a hundred? Come on, Kyle, just give me an estimate.”

“Well, yeah it’s probably over a hundred. You don’t fuck around with humans?” I was shocked, Escort Ankara and it must have shown on my face because Kyle stepped back. “Baby, it’s not a big deal. I’m thirty-one, I’ve been single a long time.” I tried to arrange my thoughts, to figure out how I felt.

“Wow, I was just kidding. More than a hundred?” Kyle dragged me to one of the chairs. He sat then pulled me down into his lap. I studied his face and realized it didn’t really matter at all. He was mine, forever.

“I tried to have sex with a couple of humans. I was too afraid I’d hurt them, or eat them. I’ve been with exactly four guys. Two humans, one weretiger and a vampire. And you’re right: our pasts don’t matter. We’re together now.” I draped my arms over his shoulders and he put his hands on my ass.

“A vampire, huh? I’ve never done that. How was he?”

“Not bad. Getting used to the whole after dark thing was tough, but he loved to get fucked.” Kyle growled, deep in his chest.

“I don’t want to hear any more. God, even the thought of it, you with another guy, pisses me off. Makes me see red, baby.” He gripped my ass cheeks tighter, kneading and squeezing them. “Makes me want to claim you all over again.” He was getting hard against me.

“Calm down, pup. Your, I mean our pack will be here soon.”

“What’d you just call me?” He was smiling up at me.

“Pup? It’s cute when you get all possessive. Like a cute little puppy.”

“I’m a big bad alpha wolf. I’m not a puppy.” He was still smiling and growled up at me, pinching my ass.

“Ow, you call me baby.”

“Yeah, ’cause I cherish and adore you. You are my baby.”

“Well, you’re my pup. Especially when you’re cute.”

“Jeesh, just don’t say it in front of the pack. And… I’m not cute.” He stood me up and got out of the chair. He led me by the hand into the living room.

“You’re hot, and sexy as fuck. But sometimes, Kyle, you’re way cute.”

Shaking his head, Kyle started picking up and arranging things. He went over to the stereo and turned it on. I helped him clean house, loving the way he made himself at home. It only took us twenty minutes, working together seamlessly. Just in time for the pack to arrive.

Brady came through the door first, of course. He was carrying a case of beer and I opened the fridge for him to put it in. His mate, Susan, was right behind him with a pack of soda. Brady stepped out of the way as she moved to put the pop in the fridge and was standing right next to me. His eyes met mine and widened, his nostrils flaring.

“Holy fuck!” Brady practically yelled it. He put his face to my chest and inhaled as he moved up to my neck. He put one hand on my shoulder and turned me around to examine the bite mark. The rest of the pack started to pour in at the commotion.

“I didn’t really believe it. Kyle said so, but…. Shit, you’re his mate.” He turned me back around and gave me a tight hug. “Welcome to the family, dude.”

Susan was next, as she was the closest. She also hugged me, inhaling deeply by my neck. She pulled away and grinned, the smile crinkling her eyes. “Welcome home, Tony.” It was touching and I felt a lump rise in my throat.

All of them had to hug and sniff at me. Kyle stood back and watched, a smile on his face and his eyes gleaming with happiness. John waited to last. He pulled me in tight and lifted me off my feet.

“Congratulations, Tony. I knew this day would come and I can’t be happier that Kyle found a man like you. Welcome.” He sat me back on my feet and went to hug Kyle.

“Kinky, Kyle. How’d you do it? Did you take him in wolf form, Tony? No way he mounted up while you both were animals, your tiger is too much bigger than his wolf.” Everyone groaned at Brady and Susan clamped a hand over his mouth. I could feel myself turn bright red.

“Shut up, Brady. It’s private.” Kyle growled out his words. He walked over to me and wrapped one arm around my shoulders. “Tony is my mate. I don’t need to tell you all what that means, but don’t mistake me: he is mine.” He emphasized his words by pulling me tighter to him. “And I’m his.” He kissed my cheek. “In every way. We’re equal partners, true mated, and I’ll be marked by him as soon we can figure out how to do it.” Heat rushed into my dick at his words, his acknowledgement of us turning me on.

Everyone nodded, even Brady. Then Kyle started giving out orders and everyone got to work. Me and Susan made sandwiches while John’s mate, Sarah, fixed a big macaroni salad. Some of the guys cleaned out some big coolers out front and loaded them with ice and beverages. We were going to the night’s hunting grounds to scout it out and have a picnic before the sun went down.

We soon had everything made, sorted out and packed. It was around noon time and a two hour drive to the private hunting reserve. I hopped in Kyle’s truck and we all took off.

The drive passed quickly with me and Kyle discussing our immediate future and making plans. I agreed to give my notice at work. The pack had about two weeks of work left at the store, which worked out perfectly. I’d move to Colorado and live with Kyle. He wanted me to be his partner in life and business. I had a degree in business management, but I was more than willing to help out with construction. I’d never been afraid of a little hard work.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32