Fred , Mary Get Closer Together

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Early Saturday morning found Fred down in the town at the supermarket and the open-air market, buying nice things for his Mary. He had been awake and out of bed since dawn, cleaning and polishing the house. If his wife had seen him she would know that she had grounds for divorce!

“What are you up to then, you early bird?”

Fred span around at the sound of Becky’s voice. She looked fantastic! She had on her light blue top with the amazing cleavage down between her magnificent tits. Her nipples hardened as she looked at him. Her white shorts were tight and minimal, accentuating her rounded belly but hiding her mons.

Fred gulped as his cock stirred.

“Just getting the groceries in,” he said almost guiltily.

“Oh yes,” retorted Becky. “Cava, brandy and beer! Nectarines, melon and oranges! Ice cream and gateau! Come on Fred, you are going to be entertaining!”

Fred smiled in admittance of Becky’s deductions but said nothing.

“It’s okay Fred, I know that Graham is away tonight,” said Becky quietly. “I’m just jealous, that’s all!”

Fred looked around and then kissed her lightly, managing to squeeze a breast at the same time. He moved away, squeezing a bum cheek as he did so. Becky looked after him rather wistfully.

Just outside the market he literally bumped into Maria Elena and her mother. She introduced them. Maria’s mother was about forty-five, short and plump but not unattractive. She gave Fred a careful look all over and said something in Spanish, probably Valenciano, a dialect that Fred was totally ignorant of.

“Mother asks me to thank you for helping me and looking after me,” smiled Maria, tickling Fred’s palm behind her mother’s back.

“Da nada, senora,” said Fred, smiling broadly and trapping Maria’s fingers in his palm.

He was glad to get away from town before he saw anyone else that he knew. He arrived home in good time and began to relax. He stripped off his shopping clothes and didn’t bother to dress again. He put the coffee machine on and set out the brandy, glasses, cups and a few biscuits.

At about half past eleven Mary’s Sorrento stopped outside the gates and Mary and Jessica came in, being greeted effusively by Prince.

“Here you are Fred darling,” called Jessica as they approached. “I’ve brought my sexpot mum for you. I had a job to get her into her clothes to come over here. She’s been mooning about naked all morning, playing with her pussy and rubbing her tits!”

Mary came up to Fred and kissed him, palming his cock as she did so. Fred looked at Jessica as he kissed Mary, his cock rising to full stretch in just a few seconds.

Jessica was wearing her white shorts and a pale blue top under which Fred could see the outline of her skimpy bra. Her nipples were erect as she watched her mother play with Fred’s cock. She slowly lifted her top and bra to expose her magnificent breasts to Fred.

Mary stepped back from the kiss and peeled off her top and unzipped her shorts. In two seconds she was naked. She saw what Jessica was up to.

“Make yourself decent, my girl,” she admonished Jessica. “We agreed that Fred was to be mine this week-end. Put your breasts away and cover them up. What time do you have to be at the airport?”

“I’ve plenty of time for a fuck Mum,” giggled Jessica. “Or I can play with myself while I watch you two!”

“Get off with you,” laughed Mary. “Fred and I are going to have a lovely time together and you and Geraldine can have girly fun without us old ones getting in the way!”

Jessica stepped forward and firmly kissed Fred on the lips and gave his cock a quick squeeze.

“‘Bye Fred darling,” she trilled. “I’ll bring Gerry round to see you on Monday. Make sure the sun is hot and the loungers are ready! We’ll bring lunch. Just get the wine in!”

She trotted off across the forecourt to the car. Fred and Mary watched, he caressing a brown breast with an equally brown hand as Mary recaptured his cock between her long slender fingers and began to wank him gently. Fred groaned.

“Let’s have coffee and a nice brandy to kick this week-end off. Then we can sunbathe, swim and make love as we please.”

“That’s good thinking,” answered Fred. “For some reason I want to have a woman about the place that is part of the scenery, both domestically and sexually. The percolator has already made the coffee. I’ll go and get it while you pour the brandy.”

Soon the couple were sitting nakedly comfortable in the shade of the naya as the sun blazed down outside. A gentle breeze occasionally drifted through making the atmosphere very pleasant. Both Fred and Mary had coffee cups or brandy glasses alternately in their hands as they chatted. Fred’s penis stood at half-mast as his eyes roved over Mary’s splendid body, the tip resting on his navel. Now and again Mary’s eyes looked over at her lover’s engine as it rested between his stroking bouts. Then her fingers would drift down on to her cunt again.

They decided to swim and ran to the pool and dived in, racing up and down the pool.

“Wow, isveçbahis the pool is cooling down now, isn’t it?” Mary spluttered.

“Yeah,” said Fred. “It’ll soon be time to put the cover on for the winter. Mind you, most of the Spaniards have already done it. The first of October is their latest date!”

Fred took a deep breath and ducked under the water. With wide-open eyes he soon located Mary’s shaved pussy and applied his mouth to her crack. She grabbed hold of his head and pulled him to her. Suddenly he pulled away and surfaced, gasping for breath. Mary laughed and kissed him, pressing herself to him.

“That’ll teach you to try and take advantage of a young woman,” she said. “Oooooh, it’s very tempting though; I can feel your cock growing against my tummy!”

Mary forced her hand between them and captured his tool. Fred grabbed two handfuls of her arse and pushed against her as they kissed again.

The lovers soon left the pool and lay down side by side on a pair of sun loungers that Fred had earlier positioned carefully. They kissed again and caressed each other’s bodies. Mary gently stroked Fred to a full erection while he played with her breasts, pulling hard on her teats.

The sun took its toll and they became drowsy, eventually dropping off to sleep. Their hands fell from each other’s bodies.

Mary woke first. She raised herself and smiled as she looked at Fred all over. She stood and drifted into the poolside toilet and relieved herself before returning to Fred. He had a good firm erection.

Mary positioned herself over Fred, facing his feet. She bent over his sleeping body and lowered her head to his crotch, allowing her breasts to dangle and her nipples to tickle his skin. As Fred began to stir she swallowed his knob end.

That woke him up all right! He opened his eyes to find it quite dark. As his eyes adjusted he made out a pair of tits with erect nipples at his belly, just touching him. Between the tits he could see Mary’s mouth as she bore down and swallowed more of his cock. He moaned with acute pleasure and reached up to fill his hands with bum cheeks and to pull her cunt down on top of him. He stuck his tongue into Mary’s hole and wriggled it around. She squealed in pleasure.

“Ohhhh yes Fred darling, suck me and lick me,” she gasped as she temporarily released his cock. “That’s so good. I think I’ll squirt soon!”

They set to with a mutual sucking and licking session. Fred was thoroughly enjoying the taste of Mary as she discharged her fluid in a continuous gentle stream. She began to emit louder squeaks as she approached the pinnacle of her emotions. She couldn’t make any louder noises as she now had the whole of Fred’s long hard shaft in her mouth, the tip reaching into her throat.

Fred concentrated on bringing Mary off. He figured that if he could get her to come before he shot his load into her mouth then he would get the chance to ram his hard cock into her pussy and fill it with his hot cream.

As it happened he achieved both. First of all Mary suddenly released his cock and squealed loudly. She was there!

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” she shouted as she came, ejecting long hot squirts of juice from her cunt. “I can’t stop. Oh my God! There’s more, and more! See!”

Mary was squirting hard! Powerful jets of her cum juice were hitting Fred’s chest as she raised her body from his face. He pulled her back and buried his face back into her cunt as she wound down and just trickled the remainder on to him. She grabbed his cock again.

Before Mary could swallow him again Fred heaved her off his body. He pushed her, face first, against the pool balustrade and spread her thighs. The beautiful sight of Mary’s wet pussy and arsehole seemed to wink at him. Without a pause he took his hard rod in his right hand and presented it to her pussy. With one firm push he was inserted to the hilt in her pussy.

“Ohhhhh Fred darling, that’s wonderful!” exclaimed Mary. “I can feel your cock all the way up my twat. Don’t start moving for a minute. I want to savour this feeling and to squeeze your cock with my cunt muscles!”

Fred didn’t mind. He was almost ready to fire anyway but Mary’s tight cunt felt so hot and wet that he wanted to stay in there forever! He clenched his buttocks to keep him deep inside her and gazed at her beautiful brown bottom and back. Then he smacked both cheeks hard and at the same time! Mary didn’t release her grip along his shaft.

“Yesssss!” she shouted. “Smack me again, you bastard! Yesssss! Go on, shoot your fucking load nowwwww!”

Fred had finally reached the end of his control. He pulled his cock back and rammed home again, smacking Mary again. He repeated the action and Mary screamed with pleasure, gripping the balustrade rail with all her might.

Fred lost it and started to shoot his spunk, stroking slowly but firmly. The first stream was huge and filled Mary’s pussy. The second began to leak back around his cock. He pulled out and anointed her arse cheeks with his remaining spurts. He spread his sticky isveçbahis giriş cum all over her tight buttocks and then smacked both cheeks again; the liquid surface making the smacks sound louder. He slid his cum sticky hands around Mary’s body and filled his hands with breasts. His soggy cock rubbed between her thighs and she reached back to capture it in one hand.

Fred glanced over his shoulder towards the gate just as his nearest neighbours’ dog trotted past. That meant that Jorge would not be far behind! Fred tightened his grip on Mary and as he pulled her backwards into the pool, whispering ‘visitors’ as they plunged into the water with an almighty splash.

They surfaced, then laughed and kissed.

“He’ll have passed by in a minute,” smiled Fred. “Then we can get out and have lunch.”

“Has he ever seen you?”

“Possibly, but not that I know of. If I don’t see him looking I don’t know about it, do I? There! He’s gone now. We can get out. At least we’ve washed all the sweat and cum off our bodies. You go first. I want to watch you as you climb the steps.”

Fred watched happily as Mary climbed from the pool and strolled across the forecourt to the casa, never once looking towards the gate to see if she was being observed. If Fred knew anything about his neighbour he would definitely be taking a peek!

Mary disappeared into the house. Fred smiled to himself and began to swim up and down his pool. Life was great!

The lovers ate lunch al fresco from the naya table. They chatted happily as they drank their wine, reminiscing about their loving times together. The memories made Mary’s nipples erect again and as Fred watched them his cock grew fatter under the table.

When they finished eating they moved to the armchairs to finish their wine.

“Ohhhh Fred,” Mary whispered. “It’s so peaceful and relaxing here. I love being naked before a man who appreciates me and whose cock rises often. Your cock is bigger because of me, isn’t it?”

“Most definitely,” grinned Fred. “I don’t think my prick has ever got hard so often as it has during the last couple of weeks. I’m quite proud of myself. It’s fatter too, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to measure it,” giggled Mary.

With that she stood and moved over to Fred’s armchair. She sat on the arm and took his long fat stem in her hands. Fred sighed and leaned back, watching her mobile fingers encourage him to another erection.

“That’s lovely Mary. I feel as if I could just come and come for you all day and every day. I wish you could be here all the time, naked and beautiful. My cock would never deflate!”

“Is that a proposal?” asked Mary as she knelt before him and kissed the tip of his tool. “I must admit I’ve been thinking about it, just in case you should mention it.” Mary swallowed Fred’s red knob end and began to suck. He moaned as he put his hands on top of her head and began to thrust into her mouth.

“Oh fucking Hell Mary,” he gasped. “Just thinking of you sucking me off like this every day makes me want shoot my load into your mouth. Move in here with me and let’s fucking well do it!”

Mary ejected Fred’s hard tool from between her lips.

“Mmmn, I think it is fatter now than it was a week ago. I love to suck it, just like I love it to fuck my holes!” She looked up at Fred. “Move in here? I think I have too many competitors at the moment. Who else sucks this cock? Then there’s Graham to be considered.”

Before Mary could resume sucking his cock Fred stood, lifting her to her feet as he did so.

“I’m going for a piss,” he said. “You go and lie down on the bed. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Fred walked to the pool side toilet and stood there firing a long yellow stream powerfully in to the pan. Because he was thinking of what he was going to do to Mary in a few minutes his erection hardly subsided. He was forced to hold himself so that he did not miss his aim.

He walked back and entered the casa, picking up the almost empty wine bottle as he did so. He went down the passageway to the bedroom and paused as he arrived at the doorway.

Mary, his lovely Mary, was laid on the bed on her back with her fingers busy between her thighs. Christ! He loved her! That throwaway remark about moving in had been a cry from his heart. He grasped his hard cock and stood before her at the foot of the bed. She looked up and paused.

Hello darling! I was just juicing myself up for you. Do you think I’m wet enough yet?”

Mary opened her thighs wide and then opened her cunt with her fingers. Her crack was full of juice.

“It looks just right to me,” growled Fred. “Try my cock for size!”

They coupled quickly and easily. Fred pushed his cock home all the way up Mary’s hot wet passage. She wrapped her legs around his bum and began to hump up and down his shaft. This was the life!

Mary had almost brought herself off with her fingers before Fred had breached her crack. Now the feelings came back with a vengeance and she began to gasp and pant as her climax approached. isveçbahis yeni giriş Fred was very comfortable, deep inside a very wet cunt with very little friction to cause his balls to deliver just yet. He smacked Mary’s raised bum cheeks and she exploded.

“Ohhhhh myyyyy God,” she squealed. “Fucking Hell, fucking Hell, fucking Hell! I’m coming all over your fantastic cock. Don’t stop fucking me, keep on going. Ohhhhh my God, I’m going to come again!”

Fred watched her happily as he shafted in and out of her. He wasn’t nearly ready yet. As Mary slowed and flopped back on to the bed he pulled his cock out of her. He flipped her over on to her face and spread her thighs again. There they were! Her twin holes winked at him, both wet with her cum juice. What a pleasure site she had. He pushed her thighs wider and thrust his cock into her pussy once again. Mary squealed and squeezed his cock with her cunt.

“Yes Fred, yes! Fuck me with that cock. Fill me with your cum again. Let me feel your seed spurting deep inside me. I want it! I want it! I want it!”

Fred slapped her arse cheeks, leaving a red hand mark on each.

“You’re going to get it my girl,” he shouted. “I’m going to give you all I’ve got! Which hole do you want me to put it in? Your arse looks very inviting today. It keeps opening as if to invite me in there!”

“Ohhhhh darling I don’t care. I just want to feel your spunk. I’ve come twice already and I’m sure I will again as soon as you shoot your hot load inside of me.”

Fred slowed his thrusting and then carefully removed his cock from Mary’s cunt. He opened her arsehole wider with his thumbs and pushed. His knob end disappeared into her bum and he pushed again, smacking her arse cheeks hard again. Mary squealed and flexed her sphincter muscle. Fred’s cock drove in up to the hilt.

Now there was some friction, even though Mary’s arse was well lubricated with her own juices. Fred smacked her as he rhythmically pounded her back passage. He was going to come, big time!

He grabbed Mary’s hips, pulled her hard to him and fired his first shot, stopping at the top of her anal passage. He waited a second then fired a second shot. Then he carefully withdrew and thrust back into her cunt as his third shot left his piss hole and jetted into her. Fred furiously pumped his hips as he delivered the rest of his spunk deep inside of Mary. He smacked her one last time, pulled out and collapsed along side of her.

Mary reached out to him, stroking his wet sweating face as he recovered from his exertions.

“Darling that was wonderful. I feel really full of spunk. It was so hot as it went into me. I bet you didn’t notice that I came again, did you?”

Fred weakly shook his head and caressed Mary from tit to cunt, gathering her sweat, cum juice and finally his own spunk as it started to leak from her cunt. He licked his fingers and Mary sighed and gathered a taste for herself.

“Straddle me and squat over my belly,” ordered Fred.

Mary obeyed. Fred supported her and she flexed both her vaginal and sphincter muscles. In just a few seconds a white fluid dripped from her two holes and formed a paler pool on Fred’s stomach, filling his belly button. He pulled her down on top of him and they kissed as Mary settled beside her lover. In a few minutes they were asleep, stickily attached to one another.

When Fred awakened later they were still fastened together. He carefully extricated himself from Mary and eased off the bed. He went up the hallway, through the sitting room and past the kitchen. As he went out on to the naya Prince greeted him, sitting bolt upright with his tongue hanging out.

“OK old son,” said Fred. “Sorry I’m late. I’ll get your supper now. Just wait while I clean your bowl out and get the makings from the larder.”

Soon Prince was happily engrossed with his face deep into his feeding bowl. Fred rinsed out his water bowl and refilled it. Prince soon finished his meal and took a drink. Fred relaxed into his armchair.

After a while he heard noises in the house, cupboards being opened and crockery and cutlery on the move. Shortly afterwards Mary appeared at the naya door curtain, still naked except for a pinafore tied around her waist.

“As I presume that you’re not going to show me off as your bit of crumpet tonight I’ve found the ingredients for a little supper. Why don’t you open a bottle of wine and give me a hand?”

As she turned away to reveal her naked buttocks Fred growled with admiration.

“It’s not a hand I’m thinking of giving you. Those bum cheeks are totally obscene. Christ Mary, give me a show!”

Mary bent over a little to reveal her naked snatch, showing damp already.

“Go on, get the wine and pour me a glass. I’ll be out in a minute. I want to continue our conversation about us getting together more. I also want to know what competition I’m up against, including my daughter!”

A half hour later supper had been prepared and eaten. A second bottle of red wine had been opened and Fred and Mary were relaxing on the naya in the darkness. The only light was from the reflected glow of the lights on ‘The Square’, an area beyond the pool with two street light type lamps operated by a time clock. Fred and Mary were naked.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32