Frank: The Carer

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‘Frank’, elderly ladies man story)

Since I was unemployed and about as much prospect of getting a job as a snowball has surviving in hell. I took the task of carer for my old great aunt.

It wasn’t that she was ill she was as healthy as any seventy five year old. It was she didn’t like to stay in her house alone at night since my uncle died.

Aunt Molly was a pain in the arse; she was one of those women who complained about anything and everything. Since my great uncle died she has told everyone she wants to die. She is also a devout Catholic and goes to church two or three times a week and twice on Sundays. This is the other pain with her.

Now why would I go and stay with someone like her? Well I got an additional payment from Social Services for doing this task over and above my normal benefit. All I had to do was be in the house between nine at night and nine the next morning, but I moved in to my own room just to keep out of her way.

It was my mother who pressurized me in doing this task, for Uncle Richard was her mother’s brother. This wasn’t a difficult task; it was just the constant complaining my aunt kept up. The good point was this was a rich suburb with loads of rich old ladies and I was partial to old ladies.

I was almost thirty years of age and I have a good nest egg tucked away, which I have acquired from my elderly women friends, they are always appreciative for any attention you will give them. One would be surprised the number of those women who are just begging for some attention.

One I had to exclude from that category was my aunt Molly I think she thought it was just for pissing with. The problem with her was, she had never done a days work in her life, my uncle took care of all the bills and made all the decisions. All she had to do was look after his house. Now when he died she had no concept of the value of money, drive a car or even how to write out a cheque. In other words she was useless and afraid to be alone.

Her own son had stayed with her for six months, but he moved out because of her constant moaning and complaining; now it was my turn. The only difference between him and I was he wasn’t interested in older women and he was far older than me.

I have been living here for a month now and I was beginning to become acquainted with the people who lived in the immediate area. In fact I hardly saw my aunt.

Winter was upon us and we had lots of lightening and thunder. The one thing that frightened my aunt was the thunder. The last two nights we had low rumbling thunder, she was banging on my bedroom door, I had to go out and hold her, because she was shaking that much.

To-night we really had the lot flashing lightening, thunder right overhead and lashing rain. Again the banging on the door, so up I got, she was standing outside my bedroom shaking. “Look Aunty, you heard what the weather man said, we can expect this to last all night. Now I have no intention of standing out here holding izmir escort onto you just because of a little noise. Go back to bed you are quite safe, I’m just through here.”

“No I’m not going back to my room; I want you to stay with me.”

“I’ll tell you what I’ll come and lie down on the bed with you, and then you won’t be alone.”

“I’m not having you in my bed, what would people say me having you in bed beside me.”

“Who the hell would know anyway, no-body comes to see you anyway you moan that much, so if that doesn’t suit you then go back to bed.”

Then there was a bright flash and almost instantly a loud crash, she hugged my arm. “Oh alright, but not under the bedding,” she said.

“Look, if you think I’m lying on top without any bedding and freeze my balls off then think again.”

“Must you swear; well alright, but keep to the other side of the bed,” she condescended.

I took her hand and led her back into her room, I took the right side and she got in the left as far over as she could. I turned my back on her and fell asleep oblivious to the storm. When I woke up in the morning I was still in the same place, but she was hard up against my back with her right arm over my chest. So much for her wanting to stay as far apart as possible.

Whilst lying there I knew she was awake, her breathing confirmed it. “So I was some comfort to you was I, at least I was able to get a nights sleep.”

“Yes I must admit it was comforting having you in bed and you did behave yourself,” she said.

“You really fancy yourself, do you think everyone wants to jump into your knickers, well believe me you are quite safe as far as I am concerned.”

Still the arm didn’t move, but she moved a bit closer and I felt her lower belly on my bottom, we were like two spoons in a drawer. If she felt comfortable like that then I couldn’t care less.

I rose at my usual time of seven o’clock and padded back to my room, shaved and showered and by that time she had got up, laid out my cereal and made the coffee. This in itself was rare, for she never usually got up until nine. I went outside and brought in the paper for it was still pouring with rain. It was obvious that the rain was in for the day, because the clouds were low and black.

In fact today she hardly complained about anything and for the first time since I came to live here, she didn’t want to die, well she never came out with it. I took her to church and waited outside. We gave another old lady a drive back that lived two doors up, but we only exchanged names and pleasantries.

Again the weather was for showers and a possible thunder storm occurring over-night.

“Maybe you had better come in and sleep in my bed to-night Frank. I will feel a lot more comfortable.”

“Yea OK, if that will make you feel safer,” I replied. Only half listening.

This went on for all the next week, purely because the presenter alsancak escort said there could be a possible thunder storm. I was beginning to suspect she wanted me to sleep there all the time. Maybe she felt safer with me closer than in my own bed.

Now I drive her and Mrs Stephanie Forsyth-Moulton, which is the lady who lives two doors away, to church and bring them back now.

I decided to have it out with her so at dinner I broached the subject. “Auntie we have had no thunder for days now, you keep asking me to come and sleep in your bed. If it makes you feel safer then why don’t I permanently sleep there and stop all this hassle?”

“Maybe until the winter is over, will you?”

“You’re not worried what people will say then?”

“Only you and I will know, and I must admit I sleep a lot easier now.”

Almost the same words I said to her earlier, how people change.

“Then it’s settled then, now we both can get a full night sleep.”

I woke up the next morning with her again close up to my back, but instead of her hand over my chest she had my cock in her hand and gently squeezing it. Now I am rather big in that department and her small hand didn’t completely circle my cock. I lay awake letting her stroke me and loving the sensation I was getting.

“Like doing that Auntie?” I eventually asked and she withdrew her hand quickly. I turned then to face her and she couldn’t look me in the eye. I took her hand and replaced it on my cock.

“If you like doing that please go ahead. I like it anyway.”

“What will you think of me Frank an old woman, playing with a young mans thing.”

“It’s not a thing it’s a cock or penis. I think you are only being human, if you like holding it then carry on, but it would be better between your legs.”

She picked up the wrong meaning, for she turned her back to me, brought her bottom up close, and placed my cock between her legs, up hard against her vagina. The randy old bitch, I thought, the one who condemned everyone else, was getting herself off with my cock between her legs. I put my arm around her and squeezed her breast through her nightie and she came even closer. It was really awkward lying like this and soon we were parted. I was once again lying on my other side and she was once again holding my hard cock in her hand. All this handling of my cock was starting to have some effect on me night after night was the same now. Once I got into bed up she came and just reached round and felt for her favourite toy.

I really didn’t want to start anything with this old lady, but I’d just been watching a very provocative movie, then getting into bed in the dark and have a female hand grasps your already inflated cock, was just too much. I rolled right over taking my aunt with me and as if it was an old practiced thing I was between her legs and a few inches was rove up her wet cunt before she could utter a sound.

“Oh buca escort you mustn’t it isn’t right Frank,” she said but with little conviction, for her legs had spread and lifted offering me easy access.

I don’t know when she had ever been fucked before, it must have been a long time ago, or my uncle had had a small prick, for she was almost like fucking a virgin. Her old cunt quickly spread in all directions as I sunk into her, in one smooth penetration, until my root slammed into her puffy lips. Now there was no turning back, I had given her full penetration. I expected more and stronger refusals, but no what I got was the wiggle of her bottom and her arms coming round me and cries of “Oh yes, that is lovely.”

No longer a miserable old cow, but an eager and receptive cunt that I am sure I will be spending quite a bit of time in by the actions she was showing now. It was she who was thrusting her wide hips into mine trying to achieve the impossible, for no more of my ten inch cock would or could penetrate her more.

I achieved my satisfaction but she was determined to hold on to me now that we had coupled. If this had been her intention from the beginning then she has got it, but I doubted it. This was something that just occurred I am sure of it. Anyway it has happened and I don’t give a shit, for she seems to be a good grind and that is the main thing.

Everything changed from that time, it felt as though now she was the carer, she fussed over me all day long. When the social worker made her regular call on her and I, which was part of the Government conditions, she remarked on the difference in my aunts total attitude.

“Your presence seems to have given your aunt the will to live life again, you should consider staying on as her carer.”

“Yes I may just do that, she sure has changed,” I told her as she left. Yes she sure has and all because of a length of cock.

My Aunt was a lot happier woman I took to church with the lady Stephanie and even Stephanie noticed the difference. “I should get a carer too if one makes as much difference as it done to our aunt.”

“Yes maybe you should,” I replied not really caring one way or the other. After seeing the inside of her house and knowing how she dresses, I doubt if the Government would be paying for someone to care for her. Money just shouted at you when you saw the inside of her home as I had now on three occasions when my aunt and I were invited over.

The saying goes that the people who want to die linger on and those who want to live are the ones who die young. That was the case with my Aunt Molly, she left it too late to begin loving the pleasures of the flesh and one evening she said she felt tired and went to bed early. When I went to bed I found her dead, I suppose you could say she fucked herself to death.

So after the funeral, I was preparing to leave. I no longer got the extra allowance from the Government, so I was going to return home, when Mrs Stephanie Forsyth-Moulton stopped me as I loaded my car, which was once my Uncle Richards pride and joy, but now mine. A parting gift so to speak from a grateful Aunt.

“I was wondering if you could be my carer, you made a great change in your aunt by your presence, I am sure you can do the same for me?”

Now what will I do?

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