Fourplay Ch. 02

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Since they had gotten into Monte Carlo around noon local time, Shae and Garrett slept until nine in the evening. Garrett woke up first, a little confused as to where he was. Then he remembered the long flight and them falling into bed completely exhausted. He turned onto his side and smiled, Shae was sleeping the sleep of the dead. Her hair was mussed and there was a crease on her cheek from the pillow casing. She was snoring lightly. He gently smoothed his fingers over her cheekbone and she didn’t even stir. Grinning, Garrett got up, moving into the bathroom, he used the facilities and then brushed his teeth and hair. Noticing the size of the Jacuzzi tub, he planned on taking a bath with Shae before they went back to bed. Slipping into his complimentary black satin robe, Garrett belted it around his waist and went to tease Shae awake.

He sat on the edge of the bed and plucked a bud rose out of the vase on the nightstand. Twirling it between his fingers he looked her over. Even in sleep, she was beautiful. Her nose was straight and average in length, her eyes tilted slightly, giving an exotic air to her face. He lifted the rose and lightly trailed it down the bridge of her nose. She gave a soft moan and turned her head. Garrett was nothing if not patient. He followed her, sliding the super soft petals of the flower against the skin of her cheekbones. Shae moaned again, this time, her eyelashes fluttered slightly. Running the flower across the curve of her jaw, he smiled down at her as her eyes slowly came open.

The last time they had been together, Garrett had found that he loved watching her wake up. Her hazel eyes were more warm brown than green, a little cloudy and a lot aroused. Shae was most pliant after a good sleep. He set the flower back down on the nightstand for later use. Rising slightly Garrett tugged the blanket out from beneath him and pulled it back, uncovering her body slowly and with much relish. There was only one word to describe the state of her body after waking up and it was, soft. Her nipples weren’t hard and her muscles were relaxed. Noticing that her nipples were hardening, Garrett moaned and dipped his head, catching one in his mouth, wanting to feel it get hard on his tongue. Shae moaned softly, her back arching, her other nipple hardening instantly at the feel of his mouth over her flesh. Out of the corner of his eye Garrett watched, then brought his hand up to cover it, pinching it softly between his fingers.

Shae’s hands went to the back of his head, her body trembling and arching into his hand and mouth. Garrett began to softly suck on the nipple in his mouth, with each tug of his mouth, her body twitched. He growled softly against her skin, his hand kneading her flesh, making her writhe more beneath him. With a last flick of his tongue, Garrett raised his head, looked down at her and said, “Good evening, my dear.”

Shae laughed huskily, licking her lips and responded, “Good evening to you too darlin’.”

He looked down at her, his hand sliding down her side, over her rib cage and into the dip of her waist. “You’re so soft Shae, the softest thing I’ve ever felt,” he said, his voice soft and husky, his eyes dreamy, sliding down her body. At the expression on his face, she moaned softly, lifting her hand and sliding it down his satin covered chest. Untying the sash of the robe, she parted the sides with her hand. Another moan escaped her. “And you’re so hard, Garrett, I love it that you’re so hard, you fit against me so right.” Shae replied, her voice also husky and soft, with sleep and arousal.

Her hand slid up over his chest, the heel of her hand rubbing against his tight little nipples. His head dipped forward and he moaned, the sound vibrating through his big chest. She smiled a wicked little smile and she brought her fingers around to encircle one of the tiny buds. She tugged slightly and felt his hand tighten on her waist, his fingertips digging into her skin. He reached up and pulled her hand away, lifting it to his lips and kissing it. “The bathroom is free, why don’t you go freshen up. I figure after we eat, we can take a bath in that huge tub in there,” he said, smiling down at her. “While you’re doing that, I’ll find something for us to eat.”

He got up from the bed after giving her a swift kiss on the lips and made his way downstairs to the kitchen. As he left the room, Shae got up and made her way to the bathroom. After using the facilities she washed her face, and brushed her teeth. After finger combing her hair, she slipped on her own complimentary robe, this one in white satin. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, noticing she looked satisfied and replete. As she stepped out of the bathroom, she noticed that their traveling clothes were strewn about the room. As she went about picking them up she searched for her thong. Piling the clothes in a chair she looked under the bed and still didn’t find it. Shrugging her shoulders, she dropped the clothes in the hamper after going through the pockets.

She bakırköy escort piled the stuff from the pockets on the top of the dresser and set about putting her clothes away. She took her toiletry case into the bathroom, deciding to save that for last. As she stepped back into the bedroom, Garrett re-entered with a tray. He sat the tray on the dresser top and hauled her into his arms, giving her a sizzling kiss. Setting her back, he picked up the tray again, and settling himself on the bed. He smiled up at her as she stood where he left her, her trembling fingers held to her lips, which were a tiny bit swollen from his. He patted the bed beside him and took the cover off of the tray. There were crackers and slices of cheese and meats. Another small plate held assorted veggies and her favorite ranch dip. She smiled and sat on the bed beside him, curling in next to him and reaching for a cracker and some cheese.

He moved her hand aside and picked up the cracker with his fingers and brought it to her lips, he waited for her to open her mouth. She opened and took a bite, and then he brought the rest of the cracker to his lips and finished it off. He fed her and himself until all the food was gone. He sat the plate back on the tray and lifted the glass of water to her lips; she was smiling as she drank the cool liquid. Then she watched him as he drank. When he finished he set the drink down on the nightstand, and placed the tray on the floor. Turning to her he slid both of his hands up her neck to the back of her head and crushed her mouth to his. Shae moaned against his mouth, her own lips opening and welcoming the wet heat of his tongue. He teased the tip of her tongue with his own, coaxing it into his mouth, making her gasp as he sucked her in, nibbling on her tongue. Her hands gripped his shoulders, holding on as his passion battered her system.

His hands slid down, briefly covering her breasts above the satin of the robe, his palms rubbing the satin against her hard, sensitive nipples. She gasped into his mouth, her fingernails digging slightly into his shoulders. He moved on quickly, and untied the belt to her robe, parting the sides then breaking their kiss and looking down on her body. Her chest was heaving with her breath, her nipples tight and dark rose they were so aroused. Garrett pushed her back slightly, cupping her right breast in his hand, his right arm slid around her waist, bending her backwards over it a bit. Bending over her he plumped her breast in his hand and then set his lips against it. Trailing tiny wet kisses over her flesh; he made circles around her nipple, never touching it with his mouth.

Shae was writhing against his body; little mewls of pleasure and frustration escaping her mouth. Her hands were fisted in his hair, trying to pull him to where she wanted him to be. He refused to be rushed. He wanted to take his time and look. An idea flitted through his mind and he sent a quick glance to the headboard. Seeing what he needed he looked back down at Shae and planted a quick kiss on the tip of her nipple then released her. Rising from the bed he stood at the side and looked down at her. The hills and valleys of her body looked so sweet and fresh among the yards of white satin. He reached out, trailing the edge of his finger down the center of her chest, taking a detour around each nipple, making her cry out and arch into his touch. Garrett quickly drew his finger away and down the center of her belly. Gently, he dipped his finger into her belly button before sliding down the center of her lower abdomen. He smiled, as he could feel her muscles quivering beneath her flesh.

She eagerly parted her legs and he slid his finger to the top of her pubic bone. He smiled knowingly and detoured right as he reached the top of her slit. Sliding his finger across, he traced her hipbone and slid down her outer thigh, tracing over her knee and down the inside of her calf. Surreptitiously Garrett slipped the sash out of his robe’s belt loops. Noticing that Shae’s eyes were closed he laced the sash thru the bars on the footboard. Still sliding his finger down the inside of her calf he slid the satin sash under her ankle and tied a loose circle around her ankle. He noticed that she was concentrating on his touch so much that she wasn’t noticing anything else. He tied another loose circle around the other ankle as he slid his fingertips across her flesh. Her eyes were still closed.

Garrett had to wonder if she was just playing possum, and just letting him tie her. He shrugged his shoulders and silently removed her sash from her robe as well. He trailed his fingers back up her body and pushed her arms up, until they were stretched above her head. Trailing his fingers up the undersides of her arms he pressed her hands onto the pillows, and sliding the sash through the bars of the headboard. He was tying her so that when she moved the loops would tighten, pinning her hands close to the headboard. He trailed his fingertips back beşiktaş escort down her body, making her moan and whimper, her eyes still closed. Kneeling between her feet on the bed, he did the same to her ankles, tying them so that when she moved the loops would tighten, pinning her feet gently to the bed.

Her eyes were still closed, but she knew what he was doing, she could feel the cool satin sliding around her wrists and ankles. She also knew that as soon as she moved the bonds would tighten around her, binding her to the bed. Shae smiled secretly to herself. Garrett slipped his hands up the insides of her legs, spreading them slightly looking at her exposed body. “Open your eyes sweetheart, I want you to watch me pleasure you,” he said, his voice deep and husky. He pushed her thighs open wider, grinning as the bonds on her ankles tightened.

Shae licked her lips, and then opened her eyes, looking down the length of her body at him. He was laying on the bed, between her thighs, his hands gripping them, holding them open. She writhed before him, her flesh warming, flushing slightly. Her writhing tightened the bonds around her wrists, holding her in position for him. He smiled up at her and then slid his hands up her thighs, his thumbs teasing her swollen and slick lips. He looked down to where his thumbs pressed against her intimate flesh and moaned. His darker skin was such a contrast to her pale flesh; it was always a turn on for him. He bent his head and placed a soft kiss against her quivering and pouting lips.

Shae’s back arched, the feeling of his lips pressing against hers was exquisite, then he opened his lips and flicked his tongue out, gently parting the swollen lips of her sex. The slide of his tongue felt like a swipe of rough satin against her sensitized skin. Her hands clenched into fists as her body trembled with the onslaught of sensation from his lips and tongue. He lifted his head, gazing down on her as he parted her lips with his thumbs, letting out a gasp of pleasure as he saw her wet glistening flesh. Garrett considered it perfect, like something you’d see in a magazine. Her clitoris was a tender little bud at the top of her labia, which was full and swollen, colored a delicate pink in her aroused state. Garrett knew from personal experience that the shade would get darker the more she was aroused.

Shae made a sound, making Garrett look up at her. There was a becoming blush on her cheeks caused, no doubt, from her complete exposure to his gaze. Garrett shot her a reassuring smile, then bending his head back down to consider his visual tour of her sex. He couldn’t wait to get on with the tactile version of it. But, he wanted to look his fill first. She was getting so aroused her juices were leaking out a little. Fascinated, Garrett moved his thumb, sliding it up the skin between her ass and pussy, wiping up the little bit of wetness. Watching him intently, Shae could feel the muscles in her stomach quivering with need. She felt hot, achy and empty.

Releasing her with his hand, he brought his thumb to his mouth, licking off her arousal. He closed his eyes and moaned, making Shae quiver harder, her hips lifting automatically. Garrett opened his eyes and looked down at her, quickly bending and opening her wide again. Shae cried out in pure pleasure as he kept her spread with one hand and slowly started sliding his finger up and down her outer lips. She tried shifting beneath him, trying to get him to touch her more, and faster. Garrett teased her, exploring her soft, puffy outer lips with the tip of his finger, feeling how pillowy her lips were. He licked his lips, wanting to taste her so badly, but also wanting to drive her out of her mind with pleasure. That was the reason for the bonds, that way she couldn’t stop whatever he wanted to do with her restrained body. He glanced up at her face, pleased to see her panting in pleasure, her eyes dilated, almost completely green, glassy with arousal, her tongue darting out to lick her lips. He felt his cock twitch as he looked at her face. Her hands were clenched into fists around the bars of the headboard, her muscles standing out on her arms.

Shae was tense all over; he was torturing her with pleasure. She wanted nothing more than to buck and writhe beneath him, grab him and make him take her. But, she couldn’t, she was restrained. And that was the whole idea, she was usually the one that rushed things, he obviously wanted to take his time tonight. The finger he was running over her outer lips was rough, feeling even rougher than usual against her sensitive skin. His skin rasped across hers, and she looked up at him. He was looking down; watching his finger avidly as he kept her lips spread wide with his other hand. He licked his lips, moaning softly as he slid his finger in farther, sliding against her wet inner flesh.

Shae’s hips bucked slightly, a deep guttural moan escaping her lips as she felt that hot digit slide onto her most sensitive flesh. Her beylikdüzü escort pussy flushed darker and Garrett smiled in triumph, noticing it was becoming darker and darker by the second. ‘She’s getting wound up fast,’ he thought to himself, his smile uncontainable. He kept his finger on the flesh around her labia, smiled and added a second finger going around the other side, his cock twitched as she moaned again, the sound sexy, sliding across his nerve endings like silk. He looked up at her again, and noticed her eyes were closed, her head tilted back, and her mouth open on a breathless gasp as he slid his fingers down, the tips barely grazing her opening.

Shae went rigid beneath him on the bed, her cry ripping through him like wildfire. He could feel her muscles trembling and jerking beneath his fingertips, he moaned and held them there, lightly stroking her muscles. Her cum flowed out of her, coating his fingertips. Garrett brought them to his mouth with a moan. Shae’s eyes opened when he moaned and she whimpered as she watched him slide his fingers into his mouth, slick from her juices, shining in the muted light from the lamp. He sucked and licked his fingers clean, smiling down at her, licking his lips lustfully. Returning his fingers to her, he started where he left off, slowly stroking his fingers up the outside of her labia, brushing against it slightly. Her hips jerked with each touch of his fingers on her labia. Her lips were swollen, and tender after her recent orgasm. Sliding his fingers together at the top of her labia, Garrett smiled down at her wickedly and gently pinched her clit between his fingers.

Shae screamed this time. Her hips twisted and bucked, her head thrashed back and forth on the pillows and her hands clenched the iron headboard so hard her knuckles turned white. Her thighs trembled under the strain, her muscles screaming with pleasurable tension. Her blood pounded through her body, rushing through her head with deafening force. She felt as if the top of her head was going to blow off, the pressure was extreme. With a flick of his fingers Garrett rolled her clit between his fingertips, making her scream again, the tension releasing with a flood of her slick juices. Shae’s entire body trembled with the aftermath of her violent orgasm. Garrett smiled down at her gently as he moved his hands to her hips, bearing her down on the mattress, keeping her still as the aftershocks moved through her, making her body twitch beneath him.

After several moments Shae’s body slowly stopped shuddering beneath him. Her chest heaved with the force of her breath, and her body still quivered. He slowly lowered his head and touched his lips to hers.

Against them, he said, “From one time to the next, I forget how worked up and wild you get. And how beautiful you are when doing so.”

Unable to form coherent thought, Shae moaned softly. Garrett chuckled, and then reached for the bindings on her wrists and ankles, swiftly untying her. Garrett lay beside her, gathering her shuddering form against him, nestling his hard cock against the firm flesh of her ass. She moaned softly and pressed back against him, rubbing the soft flesh of her body against him, arousing him unbearably.

Settling his lips next to her ear Garrett whispered, “Lift your leg Shae. I want to take you this way. I want to watch my hands on your body as I take you.”

Still riding the euphoric wave of her last orgasm, Shae mumbled unintelligibly and obeyed his command to lift her leg. He supported her leg with his knee as he moved closer, his cock seeking entrance as he pushed forward between her thighs. Slipping one of his hands down her body, over her flat stomach, to her swollen wet flesh, he eased his entry by guiding himself into her. Shae moaned at the invasion of his cock, his length pressing against and gaining entry to her wet swollen flesh.

Garrett gently bit into her earlobe, groaning against the fragile shell of her ear as he sank himself into her. His groan shuddered through her body until she was answering in kind, her hips pushing against him, wanting him buried deep within her. His hips nestled up against her ass, gently pushing; making sure all of his length was buried inside of her. His fingers slipped up to close around her clit gently, the pads of his fingers slightly rough against her sensitive flesh. Rubbing his fingers back and forth, he slowly pulled out of her, almost to the tip. Surging against her, he moaned as her wet flesh swallowed him again.

Shae pushed her hips back as he pushed forward, making her gasp in pleasure at the depth of the thrust. Garrett moved one hand up and cupped one breast, gently pinching the nipple between his fingers. His other hand was still busy between her thighs. His fingers were gently plucking and rolling her clit. Their hips moved against each other faster and harder. The sound of their breathing the only sound in the room. Garrett groaned as he felt himself harden inside of her, knowing he was close he concentrated on getting Shae to the point of no return. Her breathing turned choppy and sped up, giving him his sign. He moved his hand that was cupping her breast to her hip, holding her still as he pumped into her, hard and fast. Lifting his leg he spread her legs wider, allowing him deeper access.

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