Forbidden Love

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Ever since Kelsey Fludd’s ex-boyfriend Cobey left her, his best friend Edward Chipman has been there for her. Now with the breakup behind her, the last thing Kelsey is looking for is commitment, she just wants to play. With her newfound freedom, Kelsey realizes that Edward; who is every woman’s dream bad boy, could become one of her new playmates. Since Edward and Cobey are best friends, Edward will not make a move because he does not believe that Kelsey is over Cobey….or that she is capable of having a fling as she claims.

Determined to convince Edward otherwise, Kelsey devises a seductive plan. She tells him that she is going to take up drawing portraits again and asked him to pose for her….shirtless. Edward agrees, he wants to see Kelsey happy. However, when he shows up at her place, he discovers the much naughtier hobby she would rather take up. Kelsey settled onto the couch and arranged her sketchpad and pencils on her lap, trying not to stare as Edward undid the buttons of his shirt. However, when he took it off to reveal his muscled, golden brown chest and stomach, she could not help but look.

“Sitting or standing?” he asked

Setting the materials down, Kelsey stood and crossed the 10 feet that separated them.

“Let me move you”

She guide him to the carpet and positioned him on his side in front of the fireplace, head propped isveçbahis up slightly against the curve of one arm. She pressed her fingers against his outer thigh to roll his hip forward.

With her hand only inches from his ass, she flashed him a playful smile. “Were you like this with Cobey?” he asked. No! No talk of Cobey. Not now. However, if she sidestepped the question, Edward might think she was being cagey because she still was not over Cobey, and she had to prove she was.

Trying to keep her voice casual, she asked, “like what?”

“Confident. Sexy. Impossible to resist.” Impossible to resist….much like the ridged, glistening muscles of his chest and abdomen. The sight caused heat to flare between Kelsey’s legs, vanquishing all thoughts of her ex-boyfriend

“No one’s ever made me feel the way you do”

“And how’s that, Kelsey?”

She figured it was now or never to lay her cards on the table. Looking straight into his deep, brown eyes, she said “Like climbing on top of you and riding you all night long.” Surprise flashed in Edward’s eyes.

“What?” she asked “Did not think I had it in me to be naughty?”

“Actually,” he said, “no, I always thought you were a good girl.”

“You don’t know me as well as you think you do,” she challenged.

Edward sat up so that they were face to face. “You really want to do this, Kelsey? isveçbahis giriş I’m not looking for a girlfriend, and I do not want to ruin our friendship.”

She reached out and trailed a finger down his bare chest, stopping to swirl it around the outline of his cock through his pants. “I do not want anything serious either. I want a friend with benefits

Edward flashed her a wicked smile and said, “That’s my specialty.” In one swift motion, he took her by the shoulders and flipped her over so that she lay sandwiched between his thighs on the carpet. With on hand Edward pinned her hands above her head, and with the other, he pulled off her top and unhooked her bra. Lowering his mouth to her breast, he flicked his tongue over her nipple.

Kelsey wiggled beneath him, lifting her hip and rubbing herself against him.

“Mmmm….Edward,” she sighed “So good.”

“This is what you want Kelsey. What you deserve.” Cupping her breast in his free hand, he gave her nipple a gentle pinch.

Kelsey moaned as his hand moved down her body to unbutton her pants and push them off. His fingers settled between her legs to stroke her slowly, and Kelsey’s breath caught in her throat. She bent her knees and separated her legs to give him better access.

“Yes,” Kelsey panted. Working her hip, she moved against his hand, her ankles bumping against his isveçbahis yeni giriş spine as she roped her legs around his lower back. She reached out and felt his rock-hard cock through his pants, and she longed to feel him inside her.

“We need a condom,” Edward said.

“In my bedside table…top drawer,” Kelsey gasped. Edward hurried into the bedroom, returning a moment later with a condom in hand. He unbuttoned his pants and kicked them off as he tore open the wrapper and put on the condom. Balancing himself above Kelsey again, he nudged the tip of his cock against her opening. They gasped in unison when he drove all the way inside her. Edward gritted his teeth as he forced himself to move in slow, deep strokes.

Desperate for him to go faster, Kelsey gripped his sides and drove her hips up and into his. Edward responded by increasing the pace of his thrusting. When he slipped his hand between their bodies, Kelsey knew she could not hold out much longer. She cried out as a powerful climax hit her. Moments later Edward’s body shuddered as his orgasm racked his body. He thrust into her one last time, calling her mane as he did so.

For a few seconds, they lay in silence as they struggle to catch their breath. Kelsey could not help the blissful smile that spread her lips. Seeing it, Edward smiled as well and tapped his finger on the tip of her nose. The intimate gesture and the way it made her heart jump startled Kelsey. Before she could figure out what to make of it, Edward rolled onto his back.

“You are by far the best friend with benefits I ever had,” he said.

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