Forbidden Heat Pt. 04: Two in One

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“Zak. It’s me. Sorry, I didn’t reply to your text. I’m walking over to your house right now.” If there’s someone who I can always depend on when I was at my worst of lows, it would be Zak.

The maid that greeted me at the front door of his family’s mansion recognized me immediately and bowed her head and quietly left. As per usual, all the maids in this house have been instructed to leave me alone especially when I am with Zak. I walked directly to his room where I knew he would be eagerly waiting for my arrival.

“Hi there! My favorite cousin!” I squealed with delight as I embraced him in a tight hug while snuggling close to him on the sofa in his bedroom.

Without greeting me back, Zak removed my arms from around him and pinned me down underneath his body laying me back on the sofa. He kissed me fiercely, his hot tongue plunging in between my lips forcing my mouth open and mingled his tongue playfully with mine. I moaned into his mouth and curled my hands into his wavy blond hair pushing his head towards me so I can crush his lips harder against mine. His hands were immediately under my shirt and found its way to my two tits in no time. At this rate, as usual, we would be fucking wildly before we even turned on any movie at all. Just like always, if I had any troubles, Zak would do everything in his power to help me…or fuck me senseless until I forgot all about it.

Zak is the closest in age to me of all our cousins and since he lives just next door, we practically grew up together as brother and sister. Our relationship has always been full of sex ever since we both discovered the joy of it together when we were younger. Although my “reason” for seeing Zak has changed over the years from playing, studying, tutoring to movie nights, the real reason we met up had stayed consistently the same: to have wild mind-blowing sex. We loved it, because unlike our lives, it was: Simple.

Suddenly his hand stopped as he turned on some music on his phone which blasted through the connected Bluetooth stereo set. My pussy clenched with anticipation and I felt a spurt of hot wetness between my legs. Turning on music this loud only meant one thing: I’m gonna be screaming as he gives it to me rough. Zak was mysterious and model-quality handsome and I’m not just saying that. He used to model secretly while we were in school until his family found out and forced him to stop. He fascinates me and that keeps me attracted to him.

Still without saying a word to me, he removed his top in one swift motion exposing his ripped body. The orange light from the bedside lamp illuminated his well-toned muscular body in the dim room. His muscular biceps, his tight chest muscles, and the dented lines in between his 6 packs. His body was a dark tan contrasting with his wavy light blond hair and hazel brown eyes.

“Strip. Now”. I know that tone very well, this man is “Black Zak”. digitalbahis yeni giriş My body immediately obeyed his command like a slave trained to obediently obey her master. I stripped all clothes from my body as fast as I could and lay down back on the sofa.


Zak’s powerful hands grabbed my knees spreading my legs wide open and then I felt a buzzing sensation vibrating fast against my clit. He was rubbing a vibrator against my swollen clit. My hips jerked around wildly enjoying the sensation. My juices spilling out more rapidly running from my cunt down the crack of my ass and wetting his burgundy velvet sofa.

“Ah…Zak!…oh…Please don’t tease me!” I cried out in a high pitch voice as he roughly inserted the vibrator into my flooding cave. I felt it more than usual because my love hole was still sensitive from having Edward’s dick rammed inside it earlier this evening. He turned up the speed of the vibrator so that it was jerking wildly inside of my hole, crashing into all sides of my pussy walls. The rough texture was rubbing and shaking against my g-spot. I arched my hips up to take the vibrator even deeper as I felt my arms and legs going numb showing signs that my climax was approaching. My walls clenched around the toy hard seeking release.

“FUCK!!! AHHH!….HAAAAA……AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as my orgasm hit me hard. I shut my eyes and saw white. Zak laughed and jerked the vibrator out of my hole. Streams of my love juice erupted when the hole plug was removed.

“You should thank me for turning the music on…” Zak whispered sweetly in my ears teasing me with his warm breath then he sucked my earlobe twisting his tongue inside to lap my ear. He knew my ears were sensitive. I moaned with pleasure, my body still limp from my orgasm. He flipped me over onto my stomach and lifted my ass up to face him. I turned my head around in time to see him seductively tearing open a condom pack with his teeth. I closed my eyes in anticipation.

“Scream for me.”…and scream I did as he filled me from behind.

Zak’s dick stretched my pussy’s walls as he pumped his full length into me. It hurts…I can never get used to his size no matter how many times we’ve done it. Even being ravaged by Edward’s cock earlier today could not stretch my pussy enough to take in Zak’s bigger shaft comfortably. Each stroke hit my womb deep inside my belly. “Ah…Ahhh…Ahhhhh!” I screamed at the top of my lungs each time he plunged into my heat. If the maids heard us, they never dared to mention this to anyone. His hot hands grabbed my ass pulling it back to grind harder against him each time he thrusted his hips against me to fill me even deeper inside.

“Harder…Faster! Ohhhh…Zak!!!” I rocked my ass back against him faster, my breasts swaying back and forth as I rocked my body. As I had begged, digitalbahis giriş Zak fucked me harder and faster burying his cock all the way while his balls slapped against the opening of my hole with each pump. His slip one hand in front and pinched my rock-hard clit making me squeeze my pussy wall tighter around his cock as I pulsated. I was near. He stroked my clit hard with his expert fingers and within a dozen thrusts, I climaxed once again throwing my head back screaming his name.

“Are you alright down there?…” I heard a husky calming voice coupled with a gentle hand stroking my hair.

“Welcome back Zak…” I replied dreamily as I tried desperately to calm down from my orgasm. My normal Zak is back…finally. I thought my body would break before he returned.

“Did he give you a hard time again? You look quite bruised and broken…” He kissed me gently as his tongue gently probed my mouth open to taste me. It was such a big change compared to this other self.

“Huh…so he used this toy with you already? That pisses me off, I ordered this for you…look it’s even in your favorite color, you know?”, He said with a cutely depressed face as he picked up the used sex toy.

“…Hey…it’s my turn now right? Judging from the state of this condom, I haven’t cummed yet.”, He asked as he grabbed my hips jutting them out towards his face as he made me get on all fours. Although the normal Zak is sweeter than Black Zak but Zak is still Zak and not once since I’ve known him, was he able to get off on plain vanilla sex.

“Let me lubricate this properly so it doesn’t hurt you…using your own juices, of course” Zak narrates in his sweet, gentle yet sadistic voice as he slowly glides the vibrator inside my cunt. I moaned a bit at the sensation of the toy slowly entering me. Then with mocking patience, Zak slowly pulled out the vibrator from my hole…completely.

“There…lubricated.” Zak smiled sweetly with joy as he shows me the now slick sex toy covered with my cum.

“No!…Zak….please….” I begged him to stop when I realized what he was going to do. After turning on the switch of the vibrator he used his finger to spread my asshole open and rubbed the toy’s tip at the opening. I’ve done anal sex with Zak before but…my body shuddered at the memory. Ignoring my pleas, he started screwing the toy into my anus. It hurts so much…I bit my lips as tears stung my eyes. I tried my best to relax my body so the pain would lessen. Soon with a final shove, it was buried to the hilt in my second hole and vibrating hard I could feel the vibration in the walls of my pussy as well.

Satisfied with his achievement, walked over and sat down on the edge of his bed.

“Come here and straddle me.”, He ordered casually with dreamy eyes like a kid ordering their favorite flavor of icecream.

My body being a trained slave as it is, digitalbahis güvenilirmi immediately started to obey his command. However, the vibration in my second hole was making me sensitive all over. Both my nipples were hard, my pussy was once again dripping honey nectar all over my inner thighs and getting up and walking over to him…was ecstasy in hell. I moaned with pleasure every step that I took towards Zak and the bed. My wetness was dripping down my legs and some onto the carpet below. Zak watched my every move intently, smiling with joy as his rubbed erect dick up and down with his hand.

Finally, after what felt like two eternities, I reached Zak and straddled him. He reached out to cup my cheek in his hands and kissed me gently, teasingly…without any tongue. I wanted more; I felt so frustrated. I swung my arms around his neck pushing his face down to bury it between my tits as my body begged him to suck me. He complied and sucked my nipples in turn, swirling his tongue around my rock-hard nubs while burying 3 fingers into my womanhood. I moaned loudly as I grinded my pussy downwards against his fingers to take them in deeper. The sensation of having both my holes filled was driving me wild as his fingers moved against my pussy wall while the vibrator was hitting the walls of my second hole. I was going to cum again…

Sensing my pussy twitching rapidly around his fingers, Zak suddenly stopped moving his fingers and withdrew them from my wetness.

“No…Zak…”, I whined at him for denying me my release.

“Lower your pussy onto me. Take my cock inside you…Now”. Both my hands planted on his shoulders, I lifted my body and hips up positioning my pussy directly above his fully-erected cock, exactly as he had commanded. I screwed the opening of my pussy onto the tip of his cock to take proper aim. His hands gripped my hips. All at once I dropped my hips down to take in his manhood as he his clenched hands yanked my hips towards him and thrusted his hips upwards. His cock slammed hard into me all at once as my pussy made a squirting sound. It felt amazing, his whole dick was buried inside me to the hilt and I felt like cumming right away.

He started pumping into me fast and hard without waiting for me to adjust around his cock. Using his powerful arms to shake my body up and down making me ride his rock-hard pole. He would lift me up so his dick was almost out of my hole and then slam me right down to take in his whole length again. He bit my nipples hard and I screamed out in both pain and pleasure. I felt his cock length grinding against my g-spot and the vibrator in my other hole and my body couldn’t stop trembling…somewhere in the middle of all that I blacked out. This is what I came here for…to forget everything. For now.

“You shouldn’t black out before I cum, you know…sis”. Zak murmured to himself as he pumped his last final strokes into her cunt as her body sat limp leaning against his broad chest before his release took over him. He groaned with pleasure as he bit hard into her bared shoulder…

Shit…Now I gotta carry her home. Which movie should I tell Lucian that we watched?…

–To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32