For Love

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When I was young and living in South Florida, it was easy for my friends and I to be dropped off at the beach to snorkel. We found a great reef just off shore, and would have a parent drop us in the parking lot of a condominium that bordered the beach. While waiting to be picked up, we discovered the sauna in the garage was normally left unlocked, so, we’d go in to warm up.

Well time passed and diving became less, till one Saturday several years later. I was now 18 and driving myself. I felt like diving and thought of the “condo reef” as we called it. I drove over and after parking, walked through the complex and down to the beach.

As I neared the water, I noticed a girl that appeared to be my age sunning on a towel. She wore a small blue string bikini and looked beautiful. Now I was no ladies man, but I parked myself near to her to at least feast on her beauty.

As I was removing my gear she looked over and commented how she wanted to learn how to snorkel. She told me she had bought the mask, snorkel, and fins, but had no one to show her.

My heart about stopped in my chest. Trying not to stutter and drool, I offered to show her how. She readily agreed and ran off to the condo behind us. My heart was now pounding to think I would be so near to this gorgeous girl. She returned and introduced herself as Renee. She said she lived in the penthouse apartment with her Aunt, who she referred to as Ms. Ward.

Renee had dirty blond hair that hung to the top of her curved ass. She was bronze from tanning and her breasts appeared to be barely contained in her bikini top. Her bikini bottom seemed a little bigger but I did not think anything of it, as it seemed to sit just above her pubic area.

We spent the day in the water with my showing her techniques for clearing the water from the snorkel and how and what to look for along the reef. At one point she took in a mouthful of water and was floundering. I quickly grabbed her to calm her and help her clear the water. I had pulled off my mask and was face to face with Renee. Her mask was also off and I suddenly noticed my hands were holding here by her bikini clad bottom. I became nervous and apologizing when she looked me in the eyes with her beautiful blue eyes and said it was okay. She then leaned towards me, kissing me on the lips. She pulled away quickly and said she had to be back home. We swam to shore and I watched her walk slowly to the condo.

Well I don’t need to tell you I returned the next day, but Renee never made an appearance. I waited until the sun was going down and not wanting to give up. I recalled the sauna in the garage. I was wishing Renee would suddenly appear and join me. I entered the sauna and started up the steamer. I was feeling risqué and removed my swim trunks and began enjoying the feel of the heat on my naked body. I also began slowly jacking my semi-hard cock.

I had my eyes closed and was feeling very good when the sauna door burst open and the complex security guard was standing at the door. He wasn’t an overly big guy and I was in great shape from taking martial arts, but really didn’t think I wanted to get in a fight over this. I was embarrassed that he caught me jerking off. Well, while I was floundering to try to get my suit back on, he grabbed and turned me and had handcuffs on me before I fully realized what was happening.

The guard said he was arresting me for trespassing and that there had been some vandalism a few weeks back and figured he could pin that on me to. I started thinking of ways out and what I thought was a great idea came to me.

I told him I was a guest of Ms. Ward’s and her niece. He wasn’t the smartest whip in the licorice box, but he told me he’d see about that. I thought he was going to put my suit on me when he grabbed them. Instead he pulled me by the arm towards the door, holding my swim suit in the other hand. I tried to pull away and protest as he was pulling me out of the sauna naked. I had always been shy and the thought of being led outside naked an handcuffed had me frantic. The guard told me to shut up and hold it down unless I really wanted to call attention to myself. That quieted me down and I allowed him to lead me into the building and to the elevator.

As we started up, it hit me where we were going. Old Sgt. Schultz here was taking me to verify my story with Ms. Ward. The thought of Ms. Ward tell him that I was lying was bad enough. The thought of Renee seeing me like this was mortifying. I also felt a tingle in my groin at the thought of standing in front of Renee naked and cuffed.

We made it to the top floor without any stops or anyone else seeing me. We then stood before the door of the penthouse. The guard rang the bell and I was visibly shaking. The guard had a sneer on his face as we waited. The door was opened by a woman in her forties who could have passed for an older version of Eva Angelina.

Ms. Ward appeared momentarily flustered as the guard explained my story. I noticed the guard was less assertive around çorum escort Ms. Ward and was clearly intimidated by her. She had an imposing air about her and was wearing a lacy robe that showed an abundance of her large breasts.

As the guard was completing his story he seemed to be getting eager, no doubt waiting to be told what a liar I was and get to drag me back downstairs and parade me before the cops and whoever else naked.

Both our jaws dropped when Ms. Ward told the guard I was correct and was her guest. Ms. Ward thanked the guard for his dedication to duty and asked him to remove the cuffs. She then had me enter the apartment, but I noticed she took my swimsuit from the guard. She shut the door as the guard stomped away.

I stood there trying to cover myself while not staring at this beautiful woman and thanking her at the same time. She told me to stand there a minute then walked back to what I would discover to be her bedroom. She returned quickly and asked me to slowly turn and face the door.

Well I was still as embarrassed as all hell, but also becoming excited as I felt this woman looking at my body. I could feel my cock starting to rise to the situation. As I faced the door, she nonchalantly asked me to place my hands in the small of my back. I then felt a new set of handcuffs being placed on my wrists. “What the fuck” I began to yell as I tried to turn around. She held me by the cuffs and quietly told me to shut up or she would be calling the police to report me as a trespasser and that I tried to molest her. I quickly shut my mouth to see where this was going.

“Now that’s better. Be a good boy and behave yourself.” She then went back into her room and my worst fears were realized as she was followed out by Renee.

Renee’s eyes grew large as she recognized me and blurted out, “Randy”? She then looked questioningly towards Ms. Ward, but said nothing.

“Ah, I see you are the young man I saw with Renee yesterday” She seemed to have a good time with you, which is why she was not allowed out today. I looked questioningly at Renee. It then began to filter through my scattered brain that Renee was wearing a very sheer robe, and appeared to be just wearing panties. I could just make out the slight coloration of her nipples where her breast pushed against the robe.

It didn’t really sink in how Renee had come out of what seemed to be Ms. Ward’s bedroom, or how they both were in negligee type robes. I was still naïve about sexual activities and the thought that they may have been engaged sexually didn’t really filter in. However, Ms. Ward had appeared red faced as if she had been exerting herself when she had first answered the door. Renee’s hairline also showed signs of dampness from a light sheen of sweat even though the apartment was air-conditioned.

Ms. Ward had Renee stand in front of me as she began talking. ” I love to see my niece entertained as I’m not always available. I however reserve the right as to who will entertain her.” As I stared into Renee’s eyes, I felt my cock growing, adding to my humiliation. Ms. Ward continued,” I keep a close eye on my beautiful niece.” I was explaining to her today how she must be careful with who she associates with, wasn’t I Renee?”

Renee hesitantly looked down and answered very quietly “Yes Ma’am.”

“Now I get to meet the person she was with, and here he is with out a stitch of clothing on.” “Tell me Randy, are you some kind of pervert or rapist trying to get into Renee’s pants?”

I stuttered out no as I looked down in utter embarrassment. I tried to explain the situation when Ms. Ward, standing behind me quickly slapped my ass. She had a very authoritative voice and said “I told you to be quiet and did not give you permission to speak.”

The woman was strong because that slap hurt. I quickly shut my mouth and couldn’t bring myself to look at Renee, who was still in front of me.

“Now I’m not an unfair woman Ms. Ward said. She reached out and circled my cock with her hand and began rubbing me. Renee is beautiful and I can see you appreciate that beauty. As she continued to stroke, my dick had a mind of it’s own and was responding.

I never compared really compared myself with the other guys in the high school showers, but I always seemed bigger then a lot of them when I wasn’t hard. As Ms. Ward continued to caress me and talking softly, I was quickly getting a raging boner. I was again looking at Renee, who’s eyes were going between my face and my hardening cock. Ms. Ward had a slight smile on her face as she turned to Renee.

Well, it seems only fair that you get to see him, he should get to see something of you.

She let go of my cock as she approached Renee. Renee began blushing and looking towards the ground. Ms. Ward walked behind Renee and casually reached and caressed her left breast. I felt my cock twitch and if I could have, would have started jerking right then.

Ms. Ward continued fondling Renee’s breast as she continued speaking. çukurambar escort “Yes it seems Randy should get to see the woman he’s obviously so interested in. As she continued to slowly move around Renee, she had taken a hold of the flap to Renee’s robe and was slowly pulling it open, revealing Renee’s breast. Renee was now very red and I noticed her nipple standing tall and erect. Ms. Ward also noticed as she took it between her thumb and forefinger and began twisting it, She then gave it a hard pull that brought a gasp from Renee’s lips.

Ms. Ward was now on Renee’s right side and pulled the robe open, exposing the right breast. I could see the tan lines of the bikini Renee had been wearing. Her nipples were hard and her breasts stood out beautifully from her chest.

Ms. Ward began twisting and squeezing her right nipple and said, “Well, it appears obvious that you have an interest in Randy as well.”

“Why don’t we see what kind of man Randy is Renee? Why don’t we see if he just thinks of you as a beautiful piece of ass to add to his fuck list, or see if there’s more to him.

Why don’t we show him your little secret.” Renee was now the one shaking, murmuring over and over, ” No, Ms. Ward, please Mistress, not that, please.” I’ll be good for you but please no.”

At this point I had no idea what was going on. I was stunned by getting to see Renee’s breasts, but concerned with the how upset she had become. I had no idea what Ms. Ward was talking about concerning Renee’s “secret.” I also didn’t really care. If there truly be love at first sight, I felt like this was it. I had truly enjoyed our time together the day before. She was so beautiful and yet so down to earth that we had had a great time together.

Ms. Ward had now walked back over to me and again started stroking my hard cock. “so Randy, are you the understanding type? Do you just love Renee for her beauty or do you see and feel more?”

I’m no romantic, hell I’d barely dated, but I told Ms. Ward that I truly felt love for Renee.

Ms. Ward asked me if I was willing to please her. I told her anyway I could. “Really, any way hmm. Well, let’s see.” Get down on your knees.

I struggled down and was now looking at Renee’s panties. Renee continued to mouth her quiet protests as Ms. Ward undid the belt holding Renee’s robe. As the robe opened I again saw the slight bump of her tanned stomach and her long tanned legs. I had read about oral sex and thought this would be my first encounter with licking a woman’s pussy. The thought of it being Renee was a dream come true.

Ms. Ward told me to close my eyes and I could hear her telling Renee to lower her panties. There was a slight moan from Renee and then I heard the slight rustling of her removing the panties. I was so tempted to open my eyes and feast on the sight but did not want to take the chance of angering Ms. Ward and losing this chance.

I then felt Ms. Ward by my ear as I felt Renee moving towards me. She reminded me of my promise to please Renee anyway I could. She then told me to open my mouth and the next thing I felt was something entering it. It was warm and somewhat soft and the blinding thought instantly hit me that it was a cock. “What the hell” I screamed in my head. I opened my eyes and there was that tanned stomach and legs, with no pubic hair and sticking out was a semi rigid cock. I looked up into Renee’s eyes as I quickly pulled my head back. Renee was quietly crying and I could feel her warm tears falling onto my face.

Ms. Ward sneered and said, “As I thought, just a pussy hound. You see Renee. This is why I try to protect you so stringently.”

Well, I’d never had any thought of being with another guy or sucking someone’s dick before, but I know how I felt about Renee prior to this exposure. I also wanted to prove Ms. Ward wrong and I felt my cock twitch at the idea of sucking this lovely girl’s (as that was what she was to me) cock. I moved forwards and took Renee’s cock in my mouth. I had no real idea what to do, but began moving my lips up and down her shaft. I felt her hardening and I began running my tongue around the underside, hoping to make this feel as good for her as I could. Renee had a cock about 6 inches long and not really large in circumference.

I had no problem taking it into my mouth and engulfing it until I felt my nose push up against her lower stomach. I continued to move my head up and down until just the head of her dick was in my mouth, swirling it with my tongue and pushing back down until it was completely in my mouth.

I began to feel a thick wetness in my mouth coming from the hole at the end of her cock.

I figured that was the clear pre-cum I got when I would be excited. I savored the salty taste and licked at the hole when just the head was in my mouth. I felt Renee slightly jerking her hips as I continued. I looked up to her and saw her hooded eyes looking down on me in what I thought was the greatest look of love I had ever felt. ankara escort

Well, well. Will surprises never cease. Seems Randy has a little more to him then I would have thought. So your willing to suck Renee’s cock are you? Well let’s just see how much you do love her. She then ordered me to stand up. I let Renee’s cock slip from my mouth, giving it a lick as Ms. Ward helped me up.

“Renee, go sit on the edge of the couch, in front of the ottoman. Randy, go lay across the ottoman on your stomach, facing Renee. Renee was slightly panting and I felt that my attempt at a blow job was paying off. Ms. Ward had me push myself forwards on the ottoman until my face was again at Renee’s crotch. She told us to stay like that until she returned. She then went back into her bedroom.

Renee began caressing my face. She was thanking me and telling me she was sorry in the same breath. I wasn’t sure why she was sorry, but I told her I loved her. Fresh tears came to her eyes as she looked into mine and said “I love you too.” I could not help but smile even though I was bent over an ottoman with my hands cuffed behind me, buck naked and had the first cock ever in my mouth. Renee had a look of apprehension on her face as Ms. Ward returned.

“Now let’s see just how much your willing to do for Renee’s love.” Please Mistress no,” Renee said, “Please, let it be me instead.” Shut up slut.” Ms. Ward barked. I know I can do you, and have whenever. This is his test.”

I didn’t like the sounds of this and when I actually looked at Ms. Ward, I saw she had removed her clothing from under her robe.

Ms. Ward also was a tanned woman and her tits sagged a slight bit, but she was still a beautiful woman with a broader build to her.. She appeared to be in very good shape with a tight stomach and legs that showed her musculature.

I also noticed she had only a slight bit of hair above her pussy. The other thing I noticed was the contraption she was pulling up her legs. It appeared to be a fake dick attached to some leather straps. Ms. Ward was tightening the straps when the device I would later learn was a strap on, was even with her slit.

“How much of a bitch are you willing to be for my Renee. Randy” Are you willing to please us both for a chance to see her again?” I wasn’t sure what was coming but thought I had a good Idea.

Call it chivalry or just stupidity, but I told Ms. Ward she could do whatever if it would allow me to be with Renee.

“We’ll see now won’t we she responded.

I then felt Ms Ward behind me. She began rubbing some type of slick lotion around and into my asshole. I started a little but looking up at Renee, I stayed where I was.

“Now, I want you to go back to being the little cock sucker you appeared to be a few minutes ago” she told me.” I leaned forwards and again took Renee’s cock into my mouth.

Renee began stroking my face and slightly puling me forwards as I continued to suck her.

I then felt something hard pushing against my asshole. Ms. Ward made some comment of this being the moment of truth in a bitches life. I felt a sharp burn as what felt like a log was going into my ass, and my ass didn’t want it to.

I jerked from the pain but Renee continued to caress me. Looking up into her eyes again I endured the pain and stayed down, continuing to lick and suckle her dick and thinking about not nicking her with my teeth. I then felt Ms. Ward’s fake dick pushing further into me. She was telling me to relax and calling me her little bitch and fuck toy as she continued to push her cock into me then slowly pulling it out.

It may sound crazy, but I was humiliated beyond belief thinking about my beautiful Renee seeing me being fucked by her Aunt. The fact that Renee had a cock of her own and took it out of the normal relationships meant nothing. I also felt my cock getting hard as I thought about this.

The pain was quickly lessening and the fullness in my ass was starting to feel good. I was also feeling excited by being used and displayed so wantonly by Ms. Ward.

I couldn’t rub my cock on anything to relieve my need to cum. I began pushing back against Ms. Wards cock as I would bring the head of Renee’s cock to my lips.

Ms. Ward started pumping faster and pushing me harder into Renee. Renee’s eyes were closed and she had a hard grip on my head as she pulled me up and down on her cock. I then felt Ms. Ward bang against me, sinking her cock to the hilt. She seemed to freeze there and began making gasping noises behind me. She also began slapping my ass hard.

I felt Renee’s cock seem to stiffen more. She then grabbed me and pushed her dick into me as she began mouthing “oh, oh, oh.” I then felt her hot come shoot out into my mouth. I began swallowing the thick fluids as best I could.

Incredibly I felt myself start spurting come without anyone touching me. The combination of the humiliation, the ass fucking and sucking off my beautiful Renee put me over the edge.

We all seemed to slump together for a few minutes before I felt Ms. Ward pulling out of me. My asshole felt distended and sore from the fucking she had given me. I could feel the air rushing into the opening. In the back of my mind I wondered if it would ever close back up to the way it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32