Flying High

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Aaron listened as the flight attendant droned in-flight safety instructions to a half-coherent lobby of tired commuters that sat aboard flight 709 from Dallas to Los Angeles. It had been a damn tiring week and all he wanted was to get home, hit the familiar sheets of his own bed and sack out for a weekend. He didn’t want to think of another advertising campaign for at least three days, the last one nearly killed him. But it had been a success and he was feeling triumphant, if not completely exhausted, as he boarded the Red Eye home. Normally he didn’t care for the Red Eye flight, but this time he took what he could get just to get home for a relaxing weekend.

He took advantage of the fact that there was no one sitting next to him to flip open his briefcase and fumble through the contents within. He had stopped at the magazine rack before boarding the plane, and hid a few adult magazines within easy reach. After a long stressful weekend, he had more than just a few urges that needed tending to, and given his last girlfriend gave him his walking papers a month before, it looked like he was left with only one option: a dozen magazines and a huge bottle of lotion. He wasn’t all that depressed about it. His hand gave him a lot less lip and was generally easier to maintain than the abundant females who cruised in and out of his life. So he decided once they were airborne, he would peruse through the magazines he’d bought and languish in the building anticipation, only to release it with a blinding load when he got a moment alone. When they say that anticipation was the mother of all aphrodisiacs, they weren’t kidding. And Aaron planned to use it to the fullest. He hadn’t cum in, geez… what had it been? Two weeks? He was surprised that his balls hadn’t burst.

His cock let him know just how neglectful he had been by rising at the mere thought of the activities to come. He was relieved when the long minutes of takeoff had passed, the overhead lights had been extinguished and he could flip through the magazine unobserved. The flight attendants didn’t bother with a drink request because many of the commuters had already snuggled down in their seats to grab a nap during the five-hour flight to Los Angeles. There were no layovers, just a clear shot across three states in the dead of night. In truth the flight was only about half full, and there were only a handful of people down toward the back of the plane where Aaron now sat.

Right near the bathroom, but he felt he could read his magazine cover to cover without any interruption. In fact, the only other person in spitting (or hitting) distance was a beautiful blond who sat two aisles up. Now that he was scouting his surroundings to ensure privacy, he was struck by how gorgeous she was. Her long blond hair streaked down her back and over her shoulders, partially covering her ample breasts that were barely contained in the tight shirt she wore. Her long legs seemed to pour out of the black leather miniskirt she was wearing, and as she crossed her legs he could tell she wore no stockings. Just beautiful, bare, tanned, healthy toned legs that seemed to go on forever. He could almost imagine how isveçbahis they would feel wrapped around his waist as he ….

Enough of that. He shook his head a little. It HAD been a long time since he’d cum. Here he was fantasizing about some stranger across the aisle. But as his eyes traveled back her direction he could hardly fault himself. Even from just a profile he could tell this wasn’t some ordinary girl. This was a girl that wet dreams were made of. Aaron sighed a bit before grabbing a magazine. As gorgeous as she was, there were true sex goddesses waiting for him amidst the shiny pages of the full nude photo magazines he bought.

At first all he did was thumb through the pages, looking at the photos. There were stories scattered intermittently through the pages, but he wanted to see flesh. Lots of bare, wet flesh. He wasn’t disappointed. Page after page of big breasted wanton babes whose eyes beckoned him from the pages, their long, snakelike tongues licking full pouty lips as their red tipped fingers pressed their breasts together, opened their legs and promised a haven for his cock. Some pages were gals doing their solo thing, some pages were two girls locked in passionate embraces, sucking each other’s wet pussies and fulfilling his fantasies. Some pages even had a lucky bastard hard and buried to his balls in their sweet cunts that Aaron could only imagine the heat and the tightness. His breathing was shallow now as the magazine hid the rock hard bulge in his trousers.

Then, a face. Legs. Full bare breasts. Long blond hair. He looked once, then looked again. Then his incredulous eyes shot to the woman sitting two aisles away. No way. It couldn’t be! He looked back down at the magazine just to be sure. It WAS her, the resemblance was hard, and by hard we mean ROCK hard, irrefutable proof that she was the lady he was mere walking distance to touching. Talk about your anticipation! It was enough to make Aaron nearly shoot his wad right there in his pants. He groaned a bit as he tried to maneuver in his seat to relieve the pressure of his hard-on in such tight constraints, and the lady across the aisle turned almost absently at the noise.

Aaron could barely breathe when their eyes met. Such smoky blue eyes surrounded with dramatic black makeup. She looked like she had just stepped out of the pages of this magazine and appeared for the sole purpose of fucking him. He fumbled a bit and dropped the magazine, which of course, fell open to the very page she was spread-eagle. Her eyes were amused as they watched him quickly attempt to recover the magazine, and it was clear how excited he had become from reading it from the tent currently hitched in his pants. A smile tugged at the corner of her full red lips as she turned away from his embarrassed gaze. Aaron sighed in relief, even though now it was painfully obvious she knew he was looking at her naked in that magazine and clearly aroused by it.

It shouldn’t embarrass him, he decided. She should feel flattered at her effect on him! After all he hadn’t held a gun to her head to make her pose nude, she did that of her own free will. Unless this chick was a complete idiot isveçbahis giriş she had to realize a guy would read this magazine and get a full on case of blue balls just from the scorching look she was giving the camera as her hand dipped to play with her own pussy. Aaron licked his lips, which had become dry. He turned the page to find her now posed on her hands and knees, both her cunt and her ass begging for his dick as she threw a smoldering look over her shoulders. He could almost image just grabbing her by the shoulders and shoving himself deep inside, his hard cock lost in the slippery pink vice of her pussy. He couldn’t help it, he groaned again, this time as his hand slipped down to rub his hard, throbbing cock through his pants. Through barely opened eyes he looked back over at the gorgeous girl sitting so near.

He watched as her long legs crossed and uncrossed. He watched as she arched her back in a languid stretch, her hands drifting down over her shoulders and across her breasts. He blinked once…twice. Was she doing that on purpose? He had his answer a few moments later when her fingers pinched the nipple until it was a hard nub making its presence known through the sheer fabric of her top. He watched as she threw her head back, her blond hair falling back over her shoulders. Deftly he unzipped his pants, the magazine open in his lap and hiding the bulge beneath. It was sheer heaven as the bare flesh of his hand gripped the hot flesh of his cock, thinking first of the picture in the magazine before turning his full attention to the real life version.

He watched as her tongue ran over her slightly parted lips, and he heard a soft moan come from her throat. Then in wonder he watched as the hand that had brought her hard long nipples to life slid down to her bare thighs. Oh she wasn’t…was she? He nearly came at the thought. Her legs parted more and her hand disappeared under the leather skirt. Somehow he just knew that no underwear would restrict her searching fingers from the wet folds hiding there. A volt shot through him as she turned her head and stared at him, fingering herself, knowing he was jerking off under the magazine. Boldly he removed the magazine and let her see his rock hard cock in its entire splendor. He wasn’t massive in the porn star sense, but he knew he had been blessed with both length and girth. Her eyes widened at how he filled out his own hand, and another groan escaped her lips.

Just as he had prepared himself to shoot off right there in the seat for her to watch, he was stunned when she removed her hand and straightened in her seat. At first, he thought maybe someone was coming toward their end of the plane, but one quick glance down the aisle dispelled that. Then he thought maybe she was playing with him, trying to get him all hot and then leaving him out to dry. For a slight moment he became angered, but that went away when she rose from her seat and approached him.

He couldn’t speak or breathe. If she had said anything to him at all it would have only been met with guttural moans. She didn’t say anything at all as she slid her finger, the one that had been lost in her glorious cunt, isveçbahis yeni giriş around his lips. She smiled as she disappeared into the bathroom.

What should he do? Should he follow? Should he sit there and jerk off and then forget everything and get a few winks in? As a red blooded American male in his sexual prime, he did the only thing he could have done. He tossed the magazine aside and went to fuck the real thing.

The bathroom had been left unlocked and he slipped through the door only to be pressed against it once it was closed. There were no words, just her tongue down his throat as she kissed him hard. She had already tossed her shirt aside, and her leather skirt was lifted over her firm ass. As he suspected, there was no underwear to discard. He grabbed her and pulled her tight against him, rubbing his hard dick against her through his pants. She groaned, her hand immediately going to cup his impressive erection, thumbing the head through the fabric of his underwear before stripping him in hunger. Despite their cramped quarters she managed to fall to her knees and took him into her mouth. There was no teasing; she stroked him in and out of her mouth, sucking him until he thought he would burst. Roughly he grabbed her and made her stand. He wasn’t going to blow his wad on some measly blowjob even if it was by a porn queen. She smiled, understanding what he wanted. She turned her back to him and bent over the basin to offer her perfectly round ass. Just like in the magazine her look over her shoulder said it all. She wanted his dick and she wanted it NOW.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and poised his dick at her dripping wet pussy. With one hard, quick thrust he buried himself to the hilt and was met with a surprised but lusty scream. He smiled a bit as he thought of waking the other passengers, but at this point he didn’t care. Have him arrested, he was going to fuck this woman until he came buckets full. Ferociously he dove in, again and again, her hungry hips pressing to meet each thrust, her pussy clamping down on him and he drove her to cum again and again. It was fast and furious. He was fucking her hard, riding her with unquenchable passion and lust until he just couldn’t handle it anymore. With one final thrust, burying himself to the balls in her tight wet quivering pussy, he unloaded in her with a loud moan.

Neither moved for long minutes afterward. Then, in keeping with the whole encounter, neither spoke as they broke apart and he pulled his pants up and zipped them. When he emerged, he was surprised to find one of the flight attendants in his seat, the magazine he had been reading open in her lap. The look in her eyes was unmistakable. She may have come to find out what the problem was in the restroom, but she had quickly forgotten once she got lost amidst the hot bodies in the magazine. He smiled as he asked for his seat back, and she moved back toward the front of the plane. When his porno fuck partner emerged a few minutes later, the flight attendant made a beeline for the vacated latrine. She stopped only momentarily to find his cock bared in offering before smiling her invitation. He sighed happily as he followed suit, locking himself in the bathroom once more.

Aaron never got any sleep that Red Eye, but he didn’t mind much. He had all weekend to sleep. And Aaron booked nothing but Red Eye flights from that day on.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32