Flow of Passion Ch. 03

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WARNING: This is a fetish story and it’s a bit graphic. This is a story written in collaboration with another writer and friend. Thank you Savin for helping write this story and also editing it. If you are not a fan of fetish, then PLEASE STOP HERE.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts, but please be respectful.



It was my umpteenth trip to US and as usual I had very short time at my disposal to see my love Flo. I knew she had separated from her hubby for quite some time now and was staying alone. I wanted to take a chance to see her at her small apartment. If she was not there I would find a hotel to stay and then suitably phone her. Till then I had not phoned her about my coming to US. I wanted to give a surprise to her.

But I was aware that I was pretty tired on account of the long journey and the jet lag. If I met Flo she would want to have sex with me and I wouldn’t be in a position to satisfy her. I was that tired. But I was also keen to meet her and if not anything else sleep with her by my side.

If…if only I could see her. If she would be in her apartment.

Suddenly I had an idea. If I was not in a position to fuck her at least I could help her to lie naked with me and get an orgasm. I took a taxi from the airport and before going to Flo’s apartment went to a sex shop. I bought a good, long rubber cock with a vibrator. It had a small tip to rub the clit too.

I came to Flo’s apartment and knocked. There was no response. I became anxious. But I knocked again. After a while I could hear a faint noise of some movement inside. A low tone voice of Flo asked, “Who is it?” I changed my voice and said, “It’s me!” There was a sound of sliding of a bolt and the door opened just a little. There was a chain to prevent any intrusion. The light on the landing was dim so it took a while for her to recognize me. “Oh, it’s you, Savin!” She opened the door wide open and let me in. She had sleepy eyes and was wearing a flimsy pink gown. Her tits showed through the transparent material and I could sense that she was not wearing her panty either. I could see the faint image of her brownish pussy through the folds of her negligee.

She flew at me and embraced. “Oh how nice to see you back, Savin. But you didn’t inform me you were coming. I would have made a grand welcome to you!”

“No, honey I wanted to surprise you,” I told her and kissed her on the lips. I could sense the heat on her lips. I could also smell faint scent of some perfume mixed with the scent of her pussy juice.

“Will you have some coffee?” Flora detached herself and started going towards the kitchen.

“No, no. I will just have a glass of water and go to sleep I am tired.” I said yawning. I kept the package on a small table near the bed and relaxed. I must have immediately fallen asleep after having the glass of water because I do not remember what happened afterwards.

I woke up suddenly because of some movement. It took some time for me to see in the dim blue light of the night lamp. I saw two lovely naked mounds of Flo’s butt only a few inches away from my face. I could again smell the same scent–mixture of her cunt juice mixed with some perfume. I was suddenly aroused. I could feel some movement and stirring in my loins. But I was too tired to actually do anything myself. Still I reached forward and gently put my lips to her butt. Flora made some strange sound like–“Umm!”

I put my palms to her butt and gently massaged the mounds. I kissed them too. Flo must be dreaming but she stirred with the advent of pleasure. Presently she parted her cheeks and I could see the wonderful reddish brown orifice of her asshole. I wetted my finger with my saliva and put it gently in her ass. Again Flo moaned with pleasure. I gently moved it back and forth and she started writhing.

She turned over and I could see her lovely shaved pussy wet and smeared with pre-cum. It was waiting for some movement and exploration. I slid my second finger into her moist red vagina and started stroking. Flora continued her pleasure calls and started moving her groin forward and backward. She cebeci escort was fucking my fingers.

I suddenly remembered the package. With my other hand I reached towards the table and unpacked the dildo. I moved Flo’s cunt into a suitable position and softly inserted the self-lubricated plastic toy into her cunt. I pressed the button and it started vibrating with a low hum. I also moved the dildo a little so that the additional extension tip too started rubbing against her clit. Flora started enjoying the experience for she started pushing herself with great movements. The play continued for some time till with great heave-ho and a sigh she fell back contented.

I too fell asleep again.

I woke up when it was already morning. But I could not get up. I felt naked. I was naked. Something was gripping my hard penis. suddenly I realized Flo was sleeping with her head between my legs and was gently sucking my cock. I was feeling pangs of pleasure as she was licking and sucking my cock very lovingly.

But then I was scared. It was morning and I felt like peeing. I shook Flo and said, “Darling. I need to pee. Let me go and then you continue.”

“Oh, no. I am not going to leave this real toy. If you want to pee, pee in my mouth but I am not going to lose this cock even for a second. During the night I enjoyed that toy. Now let me enjoy the real one!”

I yielded. After some time I exploded with a great orgasm and threw my load into her throat. But I did not pee in her mouth. When my cock became flaccid I went to the bathroom and peed.

As I peed, I felt her arms snake themselves around my waist, her hands replacing mine on my cock. She held me as I peed.

“Love, I thought you slept.” I stated.

“You took away my soft pillow and I missed you. Besides, you have denied me my treat, turn, let me clean you up.” She demanded softly.

I turned and using her tongue licked my cock clean. Before long, it was straight and hard. My lovely Flo, then took all of me into her mouth and sucked me into another glorious orgasm. I wanted to beg her to stop, but I needed her to go on.

Soon, my balls churned, and my jism exploded from the head of my cock. The love of my life swallowed every drop. “Um Savin, I love the taste of you. We should bottle your taste and I can pour it onto y breakfast each morning.”

“Stand my love, join me in the shower. Let me wash you.” I whispered. She stood before me glorious, naked. Her big beautiful breast stood before me, my mouth watered for a taste, and she mouthed the words, “Your’s baby.” That was all I needed to hear. I feasted upon her supple mounds, as my hand found its way to the hot box between her thighs. I cupped her sex, stroking her slit with my fingers as I sucked her nipples deeply into my mouth.

Savin, fuck me she pleaded. She kneeled in the tub, exposing her ass to me, her sexy brown button clear for me to see. I had dreamt of this button for so long. I missed it. I remembered our last time when she allowed me the pleasure of fucking this love button. Would see, would she this time.

“Baby, please.” She pleaded. I positioned my cock. Entering her tight ass caused both of us to moaned in agreement. I rode her ass, and within minutes I filled her asshole with my cum.

We rested for a while. Flora brought in breakfast consisting of eggsm toast and coffee. She was wearing a gown but I could see her curves clearly and I was getting aroused by the minute. I felt like stripping her naked and a dozen guys should have all sorts of sex with her like hungry wolves. As I mulled over the idea there was stirring in my loins.

“What is the plan?” I asked Flo.

“Actually um–umm” Flo started but was becoming shy.

“What is it? Come on,” I beckoned her. She came near me, sat on my lap and started kissing me moving her tongue inside my mouth.

“Honey, let us paint the town red–let’s enjoy without any worry–with abandon!” She exclaimed, got up stood in front of me with her back towards me and lifted her gown. I saw her lovely butt, the crack–a dark line in which I could see a thin liquid layer.

I parted her ass çeşme escort cheeks and fingered her asshole. I said, “I agree, darling. You wear a very provocative dress and let’s go out–to theatre, pub, restaurant–everywhere and make everyone jealous.”

“I want to be a slut today, Savin,” Flo pleaded.

“Shall I tell you something? I just had the same idea–a dozen people should have sex with you–including me. Come on let us enjoy,” as I told her, her eyes lit up. She took me to her closet. She asked me to choose a dress. I selected a blood red very short single piece dress having a low horizontal neckline. I asked Flo not to wear anything inside. When she stood in front of me she looked gorgeous. If she sat people were sure to see her pussy clearly. The top line of her dress just covered her dark brown nipples.

We went out and hailed a taxi. The taxi driver looked at Flo with bulging eyes. This was receipt enough that Flo was looking at her seductive best. When we got down the cabbie was looking at Flo’s swaying hips with a drooling mouth for a long time. I smiled. Our plan was working.

We went to a movie theatre. Some crappy movie with a lot of hot scenes was being shown. We sat at the backside in the middle. As the hot scenes unfolded on the screen we started playing with each other. I didn’t need to lift Flo’s dress. Her cunt was almost out. I started fingering it and slurping at the juice she oozing. As I probed deep into her vagina she started whispering her “ooh”s and “aah”s. In the relative silence of the theatre people noticed it. Soon as she started coming she became louder.

Now people started looking at us rather than the screen. In the illumination of the screen they saw what we were doing. Some guys turned completely and started shagging while watching our love-play. A middle aged woman became so excited that she sat next to Flo and started caressing her boobs. Flo was enjoying everything. Soon the woman slid Flo’s dress down and started sucking her nipple. Then she turned towards me and rubbing my cock through my pants she unzipped it and took out my cock. She started sucking at my cock.

At least half a dozen people gathered around us and cheered us. Guys took out their cocks and started shagging and girls put their fingers deep into their pussies and enjoyed. Occasionally someone came near Flo and asked her to give a handjob or blow-job and she readily obliged. Soon the surroundings were full with squirting of cum and pussy juice of every flavour.

We came out and again took a taxi. We asked the cabbie to take us to a raunchy pub. The driver smiled and looked at Flo meaningfully. Yes, Flo was looking a complete slut.

In the pub we sat away from each other. Flo sat alone on a tall pub stool. She put her one leg on the other and one could see her sumptuous thighs. Many people started watching her. She asked for a beer. I too ordered a beer though I was sitting away from her. When people became impatient, Flo sat a little leisurely. She had downed her beer and she was a bit tipsy.

Now she parted her legs and guys could easily see her cunt. I too was surprised as Flo’s cunt was now dripping. This meant that she was enjoying and was highly excited.

She moved her ass on the stool just a bit and now the set of guys who were watching her pussy were deprived of the scene. Actually another lot had a nice look at Flo’s cunt. The earlier set of viewers changed their seats and sat or stood at places from where they could get a good view of her pussy.

Flo then started parting and closing her thighs. This made the crowd wild.

She pretended not to notice the men. After allowing them an eye full, I turned her toward the bar. She laughed, “Jealous baby; it’s yours. I thought you liked sharing?” she teased. “Love,” I replied. “I have no problem with them seeing your lovely cunt, but now I have other needs.” I replied, sliding my fingers between her wet lips. Stroking her slit, her honey coated my fingers.

My lover is vocal, and struggled to hide her moans as I fucked her gaping cunt hole. Soon the bartender stood opposite us and looked at me. I smiled and cim cif yapan escort he replaced his fingers with mine.

My cock throbbed as I listened as he fingered her waiting hole. Flo closed her eyes thinking my finger were deep inside her. Her ass moved on the stool fucking the finger back, she spread her legs even wider, giving me deeper access. The bartender did not move.

“Baby, you like that.” He growled. “You like those fingers inside your hot pussy?” I asked. She could only moan. It was then I place both hands on top of the bar and she realized I was not the one playing with her Hungry pussy. The bartender increased his pace, she froze and her as ground into his hand.

“Bitch, this is my pussy right now.” She looked at me, and I smiled.

“Sav-” he stopped her.

“My name is Kewl. Say it’s yours Kewl.” he demanded.

“No,” she moaned. “Savin, it’s Savin’s.”

He removed his fingers causing her to moan. “You two follow me.” He demanded. He called a replacement and led us to a secluded room in the back. The room was sparse, no furniture, just a thick air mattress in the middle of the floor.

“Little man, you sit and watch. We’ll give this horny bitch all the cock she wants.” He orders, three more men entered, locking the door behind them. One brought a folding chair and I sat.

They did not remove her dress, simply shoved the bottom up to her waist, exposing her round ass and glistening pussy to my hungry view.

The bartender went first. Flo swooned when he took out his ling black cock. I knew she was a cock whore, but seeing it in action, my cock throbbed.

The other two joined him, and my lover was in heaven. She licked all three cocks and within minutes was begging one of the cocks to mount her. The second guy entered her first from behind as she sucked the bartenders cock deep into her throat.

The third guy was sucking her fat titties as I now moaned. My lover was taking two full cocks. And loving it. Soon she needed more. The men stopped.

“Bitch you want three holes filled?” one man sneered.

“Please.” She begged.

One man lay back, and she sat on his cock, taking all eight inches deep inside her cunt. She rode his cock, he moaned. I knew he would love her pussy. My woman is truly gifted. After fucking him, the next guy grunted, “give me that ass.’ I love her ass, and I perked. I watched as the second man took juices that dripped from her overheated pussy and entered her ass hole stretching it wide.

My lover now had two cocks inside her at once. I could hold no more and began viciously stroking my cock. Within seconds, I spurted my white love juice which landed on the people fucking in front of me. They were not done. The bartender whispered, “You have an empty hole. Suck this bitch.” He then shoved his cock down her throat. Flo moaned, and I was in heaven as I watched her get thoroughly fucked.

The men lasted, and lasted. My lover took all three. They switched places and by the end of the night she had cunt fucked, ass fucked, and faced fucked all three cocks. Each man came deep inside each hole. When they were done, they left her depleted on the mattress, and I moved to help her up. She whispered, You Savin, I need your cock now.”

Never one to deny my love, I entered her gaping cunt hole, spurting almost as soon as I entered. She was a mess, so being the gentleman, I had to suck all of the spunk from her pussy. The mixture was tangy, salty, but she loved being cleaned by my tongue and came once more while I ate her out.

Eventually we left and returned to her home. She slept, and I simply watched her. My life, my love, my Flo.

We slept. I got up late in the night as is my habit to pee.

Completely unawares I started as once again as Flo entered the bathroom and once again covered my cock in her palm and whispered softly in my ears.

“Honey, I had such a nice time with you and enjoyed every moment of our togetherness. But I want your cock tight with pee inside my mouth. Right now!”

“But let me pee first,” I protested.

“No, no. If you want to, pee in my mouth,” Flo said resolutely and turned me around. She started sucking my erect and taut penis and took it completely in her mouth.

I didn’t realize when I cummed and when I peed. But when she was finished I was totally empty—that was for sure!


So ends this segment of the tale. I hope you enjoyed it. IR2R

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