Flatmate’s Boobs

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I was weary after a long day at work at the height of summer. My mind was completely encompassed with getting home as soon as possible. Other than devouring some gorgeous nipples, there was nothing more important to me than putting up my feet and forgetting about the week that had happened.

I figured that some Vodka and some big-boob-porn were essential to get the weekend rolling on, so I headed to the nearest vendors before heading home. I’m single. Why not?

We all know that Fridays have an inherent magic so that no matter how tired you are, there is no other day in the week that will give you the energy to rage through the night. Anyone awake at the sexiest hour will know that. My friends would always spread the rumour that public transport is when the voluptuous and bustiest babes will proceed home on the latest trains. I always thought that was a ridiculous adage, but as I found, it can sometimes be true.

On this hot summers day, the train was packed with commuters. Being as aroused as I was, I couldn’t help but take note of the many girls sitting near by. Hot weather is always the best encouragement for skimpy clothing and this train carriage was a testament to that. There were low neck-lines and blouses unbuttoned in every direction, however there was one girl who triumphed above them all.

On my train that day, there was a delight that was born and bred into the simplicity of life’s elegance. There was one particular girl who could not have been more than 20 years old who was wearing nothing more than a medium-sized, cotton singlet-top with DD boobs! And that’s a guess…they could have been bigger! You know when you see a sight like that, it’s a gift that makes life real.

She was incredible in her beauty and her sexuality. My lips were virtually leaving my face to land firmly on her cleavage. Every bump and sway of the carriage made her boobs jiggle and quake in the most delicious way. If it hadn’t of been for my sunglasses, my bulging eyes would have been obvious.

This girl made my cock engorge so much that it was like she was licking my balls directly. I squirmed in my seat and took some deep breaths as I got ready to disembark the train. My stop was coming up next. As much as I wanted to stay on the train and leer at this busty goddess, isveçbahis I knew the dream was over.

I exited the train station and needless to say I was horny as hell. I couldn’t wait to get home and peruse through my new magazines, all the while wanking to the sight of some beautiful, big-fucking-boobs! I was insatiable. Even the slightest mention of breasts would have my cock pulsing and spilling its load. The sooner I arrived at my apartment, the better.

I slipped my keys into the front door and turned the handle, stumbling through the entrance.

As I put down my backpack in the hallway, I could hear the shower running at the back of the unit. My flatmate was obviously showering, but my mind wandered elsewhere…to a place that was produced and directed by my cock.

I enclosed myself in my bedroom and peeled off my pants. I closed my eyes and started to imagine myself nibbling and sucking on those big, young boobs that I’d seen on the train.

As I lay on my bed, I stroked my cock slowly yet firmly, making sure that I didn’t cum before imagining every scenario surrounding the girl on the train. But then I had a thought.

As I stroked my cock, my mind wandered to the sound of the shower next door. My flatmate, Sara. My insatiability was starting to take control. She’s a busty (38DD) brunette with green eyes and a penchant for flirtatious behaviour. I couldn’t count the number of times I wished I had taken her to bed, but I had always kept a pact that I would never make sexual advances towards my flatmate. My mindset was beginning to draw another picture.

With one big inhalation of courage, I slipped off my bed and made my way to the bathroom door. What am I doing? I was operating on automatic at this point, so I wasn’t too sure what was going to happen in the next few minutes. I was being designed and directed by the cock in my hand.

I knocked gently on the bathroom door and said “Umm, can I come in?”

I didn’t offer a reason so I hoped it didn’t matter.

Sara replied, “Oh…hey. Hang on a minute. I’m just drying off. What do you need?”

I had to think of something in a split second.

“Umm, I just need to get my…ahhh…nail clippers.”

Nail clippers? Geez, could I be any more ridiculous? Improvisation isveçbahis giriş is not my forte, but it ends up that it didn’t matter. The next thing I know, the bathroom door opens and Sara is standing there, wrapped in a towel…barely.

Sara was drying her hair and beckoned me in towards the bathroom cabinet.

“Thanks. I just wanted to get my clippers.”

“No problem” Sara replied as she waved the blow-drier around her head.

I stood there feigning to ‘grab my clippers’, but I took my opportunity to stare longingly into Sara’s deep cleavage. I tried very hard not to visibly lick my lips.

As she leaned forward to dry her hair, her breasts were stunningly beautiful as they pouted forward from above the hem of the yellow towel she wore. All it would take would be a small tug from the side and that towel would fall away…beautifully revealing Sara’s exquisite breasts.

I think about it now and laugh, but at the time I had no idea. Sara was well and truly aware that my eyes were fixed upon her. Her wry smile and side glances should have given her away, but my focus on her sexually was enough to blind me from her awareness.

Sara flicked her long, damp hair over her shoulders and with a cute smile she caught my eyes and said, “Have you found what you wanted? Is there anything else you need?”

And with that comment, Sara released her towel. The golden fabric dropped to the ground and revealed her delicious body. How your day will surprise you. One minute you’re staring at someone on a train and then………….

Sara moved forwards and placed her her hands on my shoulders, all the while looking directly in my eyes.

“Kneel down” she whispered.

I fell to the floor as she requested and stared up at her with great anticipation. Sara looked down at me and placed each of her hands on either side of my face. She leaned forward and simultaneously pulled my face towards her nearing breasts.

I was quickly enveloped in heaven.

The entirety of my head was consumed by the luscious bounty of her ample boobs as each breast straddled my face and beckoned to be kissed.

Suddenly the entire, previous day had drifted into nothingness as I was completely consumed by the present.

I turned my head to the left and pursed isveçbahis yeni giriş my lips, kissing her flesh as if it was the sweetest cream. I felt that every inch of her breasts deserved the utmost attention, so I proceeded to pay my homage to her delectable chest. Delicately mouthing around each breast, I purposely avoided each of her nipples so I could consume the best for last.

I looked up to Sara’s face as I slowly released a very wet kiss on her left breast. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open as she let out a sigh of pleasure.

Suddenly, Sara pulled away from me and shivered with bent knees. Her lips were slightly pouted as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom and into her bedroom.

“You have no idea how much I love this. I could have you suck my boobs for days.”

“I know how much you’ve always wanted to eat my tits, baby…”

Sara threw me down onto her bed and quickly climbed on top of me, doggy-style, so that she could give me the fullest access to her boobs. I truly could not believe my luck. After so much masturbation and imagination I couldn’t believe this was happening.

How the….? Best not think about it…go with the flow.

I resumed my onslaught and started to engage her nipples in my play.

At first I slowly sucked her nipples in between my lips, but then I held them there as I twisted my tongue around each nub. Suck in, pop out. Suck in, pop out. Then I used my tongue to flick the tip of Sara’s nipples gently before opening my mouth and enveloping as much boob and nipple as possible…sucking, eating, mmm. I love the sexy sounds of boob play — slurping, shlapping, kiss-snaps, nipple-pops, etc.

The whole time we were together, Sara was writhing left and right from the hips and always pressing her boobs into my mouth. It was like she couldn’t bear to have her breasts unkissed. As if it was essential to her well-being. There was such a passion in her desire to have her boobs sucked that far exceeded what I thought any girl could have.

In the end, Sara and I spent a lot of time together over the next few years exploring what it really means to be a big-breast fanatic! I have learned so much and I know how to treat those special girls who love their big breasts and want to be loved for them.

I always thought that as a guy, I would never meet a woman with such exclusively breast-centric ideals. I was wrong. My passion was her passion. It just took some in-house horniness to bring it out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32