First Time Using THC Edibles

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Big Dicks

The night before my birthday we had dinner at a nice place near Colorado Springs. After dinner, she had a few drinks and we ate a small amount of THC chocolate for dessert. We hopped in the car and I drove us an hour back to our hotel room. On the way, she slipped off her bra and g-string and teased me by pinching her nipples and lightly caressing her smooth pussy lips. At the hotel, she pulled me into a shadowy area in the parking lot and gave my cock a few quick sucks. I slipped my hand under her dress as we walked through the empty lobby and down the hall to our room. She was dripping wet and her clit was as hard as ever. I quickly unlocked the door as she slithered out of her silky dress in the hallway, much to the surprise of a young couple passing by. I held the door open just long enough for them to get a good look as they paused in the hall. The young lady smiled and gave us a quick nipple flash as they continued on their way. Colorado sure is a friendly state!

By now my wife was a getting bit mellow as the chocolate kicked in. Wearing nothing but her stockings and spike heels, she slid seductively onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard with her knees up and legs spread. Her eyes were slightly unfocused as she enjoyed the new sensation of being high. I decided to just lick her sweet pussy and tease her clit to see how she would react. I got out of my clothes and settled down between her thighs. I knew it was going to be a great night when she came after a few minutes of my tongue swirling around her sensitive, erect clit. She’s usually only able to orgasm twice, but things were going to be different that night. Moments later I brought her to another giggly, quivering, gasping orgasm as she pulled my face into her fragrant pussy. I was hard as steel and it was my turn for action.

As her orgasmic waves subsided, I moved up and pushed my cock between her lovely thighs. Never before have I experienced such warm, pulsing wetness surrounding my hard cock. After only a few strokes she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deep. She moaned and hissed “yessss” as her back arched and she writhed into another deep orgasm. I was really getting worked up sliding in and out, hearing the wet sounds, watching her cum, şişli bayan escort when she suddenly pushed me away. I was momentarily shocked, wondering why… why stop now? She whispered “You can’t cum yet.”

She slowly laid back on the bed as she rubbed the wetness between her legs and then licked it from her fingers. She motioned for me to come closer, to which I was happy to oblige. I knelt next to her, admiring her curves and firm nipples. She gripped my balls with one hand and pulled my throbbing cock into her eager mouth. I pinched her nipples harder than usual and she purred approval. She sucked me deep until she gagged just enough to get her mouth juices flowing. She proceeded to give me the wettest, hottest blow job of my life. Her mouth sucked and her tongue swirled up and down on my hard on while one hand gently squeezed my balls. Her other hand was again rubbing between her swollen pussy lips. I watched as her bright red fingernails disappear between her lips and deep into her pussy, in and out, again and again. She brought her glistening fingers to my mouth and I eagerly sucked them clean. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and pumped it firmly as she licked my balls and sucked them into her mouth. Meanwhile, her other hand was back between her now quivering thighs. Her tongue swirled around my balls as she sucked them into her talented mouth. My balls absorbed the moans that accompanied her next thigh-clenching orgasm.

She laid there totally spent for a few minutes as I caressed her naked, glistening body. It was a good night, but I hadn’t come yet, so I started to stroke myself as I played with her nipples. It was then that she sprung a surprise. She rolled over and spread her ass to reveal her freshly waxed backside. She told me she has been secretly learning how to relax and accept a small butt plug. She pulled out a tube of lube and applied a liberal amount to her butt and fingers. She slid in a finger, then two, then three. She was getting worked up when she suddenly grabbed the lube again. This time she went straight for my throbbing cock and squirted a healthy dose of lube over the entire length. She laid down on her back with a pillow under her ass and pulled her stocking-clad knees up to her chest. She şişli escort spread her butt cheeks and said “Saddle up, cowboy”!

This is the moment I have dreamt about since I first saw her puckered, fuzzy, virgin ass. Earlier, she had secretly decided that she would give anal a try on our Colorado vacation and had gotten a full wax job in preparation. She always rejected any backdoor penetration, so I never noticed the absence of hair back there. Stupid me!

Everything was finally coming together, literally. There she was with her beautiful ass spread open and those magic words still echoing… “Saddle up, cowboy”! I slowly approached her and slipped a finger in that smooth tight hole while my thumb rubbed her clit. I wanted to savor every second of that experience. She moaned a bit and pushed back as I massaged her opening. “I want you in me”, she whispered quietly through quickened breaths. With that encouragement, I pressed the tip of my lubed cock against her puckered hole. She gasped as I pushed the head in slowly, then removed it. Then I pushed deeper, my thick shaft stretched her more than her three fingers had just done. She whimpered in pain and pleasure and pushed back against me. Her breath was ragged as I eased deeper… apparently deeper than her modest butt plug had ever gone. I was now all the way in, my shaft buried in that tight virgin ass. She continued to push back against me as she forced herself to relax those tight muscles gripping my cock. I could feel her grip loosen as I started to pump slowly in, slowly out, in, out…

My load began to build as I committed every sensation to memory. Her fingers, with those sexy red nails, again massaged her pussy, just inches from where I was penetrating. She rubbed her clit faster and faster as I increased my thrusts to match. A moan escaped her lips as she came in a final, shuddering orgasm. The contractions in her pulsing pussy caused her grip to tighten around my cock. With one last deep thrust I paused as my load pumped into her over and over. After a few more post orgasm thrusts, I withdrew from her now gaping hole. My thick cum slowly dripped out of her in a perfect cream pie. Time to toss that pillow on the floor.

I glanced at the clock and mecidiyeköy escort noticed it was now after midnight, which meant it was now my birthday. We both went to the shower where we soaped and massaged each other. I softly rubbed between her butt cheeks and felt her slightly puffy hole. She said it was a little sore, but not too bad for her first time. Her smooth, slippery body rubbed against me from head to toe. She smiled slyly and went to her knees and gazed up at me. Much to my surprise she purred “It’s time for your birthday present” as she nuzzled my hanging cock. She sucked my now semi-hard cock into her mouth and worked it hard while one hand firmly gripped my balls. The other hand slipped between my legs and lightly caressed the sensitive ridge behind my sack. I thought I was in for a simple birthday blowjob, but I soon found out how wrong I was.

With the warm shower water running down our bodies, she popped another surprise on me. She gently slipped a slim finger up my butt. I resisted a bit until she released my cock from her mouth, smiled and said “I took your big cock in my ass, one little finger can’t hurt that much!”. With that she slipped a second soapy finger into my butt and began to slide them in and out. I’m not going to lie, it hurt for awhile. She was gentle and thankfully her fingers are slim. Then she went deeper until she could reach my prostate. The feeling was incredible. She sucked my hard cock, squeezed my balls and massaged my prostate all at the same time. As I started to cum, it was as if my huge load just ran out of me into her waiting mouth. She removed her fingers from my tight hole and started to suck and rub my cock gently until the sensitivity subsided.

Then she went to work with the determination of a woman hell bent on draining every last drop of fluid from my body. She pumped my cock with both hands while her mouth sucked the sensitive head. It took time, but she never relented. My tired cock slowly came back to life. It grew harder with each pump and lick. She deep-throated me until she gasped for air. Then she squeezed my cock between her full breasts and let me thrust into the softness.I couldn’t help but cum once again. She whispered “Happy birthday, honey” as she licked me clean.

We toweled off before climbing into bed where our naked bodies intertwined and we drifted off to sleep.

Birthdays don’t get any better than that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32