First Time For Everything

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Adie looked up from her reading to the sound of the door slamming, and saw her roommate Jordana storming in, her normally cute-as-a-button features screwed up in anger. “Wow, that date ended quickly,” she looked to the clock.

Jordana harrumphed and dropped her purse to the floor before exclaiming, “That Daniel is a jackass!”

“What happened?”

She crossed her arms over her small chest and huffed again. “Near the end of the movie- which, by the way, he couldn’t keep his hands off me during- he suggested we go to a hotel for the night. And when I said no, he laughed and said since Latina girls are easy I was either playing hard-to-get or had an iceberg between my legs.” With a defiant toss of her curls she finished, “So I threw my drink in his face and took a bus back to campus.”

“Go, babe!” Adie whooped in approval as her friend flopped on to the couch.

“Oh, I don’t know, he’ll probably spread stories tomorrow anyway. I can’t win,” Jordana grumbled, ripped off her silk scarf, and kicked off her shoes to begin rubbing her feet. “I thought I’d get away from all those stereotypes when I got to college. Guess I was wrong.”

Adie’s face softened in sympathy. “I know, chiquitita,” she was one of the few people who could say that to Jordana’s face. “If I had a dollar for every Jewish joke I’ve heard tossed around here…” She trailed off and looked down to watch the young woman’s rubbing motions. “Y’know, you have really cute little feet.” And she did, all of Jordana’s body was proportioned to sweet slenderness, as opposed to Adie’s own statuesque-ness.

Jordana shyly looked up and smiled, now more relaxed. “Thanks. I like your polish,” she motioned to her friend’s glittery blue toes. After a moment of silence she spoke up again, “Adie, can I tell you something?”

“Sure, hun,” she looked back up, curious.

Jordana set her feet to the floor and her hands in her lap. “I’ve…never gone more than second base with a guy.”

“Really?” Adie raised an eyebrow. Not that she believed the stereotype either, but had figured at least one or two lucky guys had bragging rights.

But the young woman only nodded. “I mean, I have thought about it, but sometimes…it just doesn’t really register, you know?” She fidgeted her hands in the lap of her slacks. “That’s weird, isn’t it?”

Adie only smiled sweetly. “Nah, you’re just keeping your guard until you know what you really want.” She bit her lip, figuring as long as this was a conversation to reveal things… “Nobody’s put it in me yet, either.”

Jordana’s eyes widened. “But…you’re so popular!”

Adie chuckled, swung one leg over the other, tucked her skirt into her knees, and draped an arm on her friend’s shoulder. “Only with the gay men, chiquitita. They don’t ask you for blowjobs that leave you feeling awkward afterwords.”

“Oh god!” Jordana grimaced. “Uh, how does it…you know…taste?”

“Like a greasy sandwich bag,” Adie deadpanned, grateful she’d insisted on condoms those times. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Jordana biting her lip to suppress a giggle. “I think women look nicer anyway,” she finished quietly, ready for the young woman to scoot away in discomfort.

She didn’t, but a faint blush deepened the color in her cheeks. “Y-you do?”

“Yeah,” Adie lowered her head. “I’ll…look at the gals on TV or in the magazines the guys leave lying around. I thought it was like appreciating a work of art, but…it gives me a warm feeling and I kind of like it.” She flickered her eyes and looked back up to see Jordana was Ankara escort still blushing, but smiling.

“Do you like how I look, Adie?” she asked shyly.

Ohhhhh damn oh damn oh damn. Adie bit her lip and unconsciously squeezed her thighs together, not that it did anything to quell the warmth forming between them. Hesitantly she nodded.

Without a change in her demeanor at all, Jordana leaned in to peck a gentle kiss on her friend’s cheek, just barely grazing the corner of her lips. It was even softer than Adie had expected.

Jordana didn’t pull away completely after the kiss, but nestled her head into the crook of Adie’s shoulder. “That was nice,” she said simply.

“Y-yeah.” Adie tried moving her arm and not to cough, failing on both accounts.

“You feel much nicer than Daniel,” Jordana chuckled and relaxed her hands, one resting on the other woman’s knee.

Carefully Adie uncrossed her legs while pondering her question. “Would…it be too much like him if I wanted to kiss you back…amongotherthings,” tumbled out quickly.

Jordana’s eyes widened briefly, but she ran a finger over her friend’s knee while apparently thinking the question over. She said finally, “Well…it’s just us, not really anything to lose. And who’d know more about what a woman wants than another woman?” she added with the slyest grin Adie had ever seen on her.

I like how you think, was stuck in Adie’s mouth. “So it’s OK?”

Jordana nodded. “Can I sit in your lap?”

“Anything you want, chiquitita,” Adie smiled at both their newfound confidences.

With a swift swing-over of her slender leg, Jordana shifted to be locked around the other woman’s hips, arms and ankles holding her in place. “Wow, you’re warm!” she marveled.

“Thank youuuu,” Adie purred and licked her lips before going in for the second kiss, directly on the mouth this time. “Mmm…” She heard Jordana squeak in appreciation and felt her part her lips to be more receiving of the kiss.

The warmth between her legs was rising to a fever pitch. Damn, she was liking this, all right. Experimentally, Adie slipped out the tip of her tongue, moaning when she felt it reciprocated, hot and wet.

Oooh, some choice of words. “How you feeling?” she asked after pulling away.

“Uh…kinda horny, actually,” Jordana blushed and giggled, she was so cute. “Weird I didn’t feel like that a couple hours ago.”

“Hmm, I wonder why,” Adie said slyly and pulled Jordana close so their bodies were pressed together. “You’re so trim and pretty,” she rubbed a hand up and down her back.

“And you’re…how do the guys say it, stacked?” Jordana giggled again and tentatively reached a hand to curve around Adie’s waist and hips.

“All natural, babe,” Adie answered with a deep kiss, definitely more comfortable. “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”

Jordana smiled and writhed in her friend’s lap, not hearing the moan she set off as she peeled away her blouse. “They’re not like yours…” she tried apologizing as the blouse was laid aside to reveal perky B-cups, not that she was in need of a bra for them.

But Adie smiled in appreciation. “They’re just right, babe,” she ran a slow finger over a dark brown nipple, and Jordana drew in a breath that puckered her lips into an ‘o’. “Hot,” she breathed and moved to strip away her tank top.

“Freckles!” Jordana said in delight, noticing the dotting over Adie’s breasts that peeked out from her black lacy bra.

“I know, awkward,” the older woman tilted her head.

“I was gonna say sexy,” Jordana Ankara escort bayan said in a low tone, and to Adie’s surprise, leaned into lightly lick over them.

“Uhh…” Adie shook and shivered. Shit, she was close to not lasting at this rate. “Can we lie down, Jordie?”

“Mmhmm.” She stretched to lie on the couch, waiting until Adie was hands and knees over her to unclasp her bra. “You look amazing.”

“You too, babe,” Adie cupped a hand between the young woman’s slacks, marveling at the warmth she felt and the moan she heard in return.

“I think you just made me wet,” Jordana rasped out.

Just what Adie wanted to hear. She unsnapped the buttons and gently tugged the slacks down, revealing a pink pair of panties that weren’t quite see-through, but she noticed a faint patch of dampness. “Ohhh…” Adie raked her eyes up and down Jordana’s body. She was so right about everything being slim and cutely proportioned, with a slight curve to her hips and waist for a touchable, sensual shape. “So gorgeous,” she purred and leaned down for a tender kiss.

“You’re pretty impressive yourself,” Jordana said with her cute laugh as she laid a hand on her friend’s hip. She gripped the zipper of Adie’s skirt and tugged it to slip away in a silky move. “Is all your underwear this sexy?” she asked upon the reveal of a matching lacy black thong.

“Never know when I could be sexing up a hottie,” Adie half-laughed in a hitched breath. She was still on her hands and knees, but shaking with effort to stay in place from excitement.

“I like that,” Jordana said and writhed her hips. She certainly wasn’t playing hard-to-get or having an iceberg between her legs now. If they both felt this hot now…ohhh god…

Her breath still hitching in her throat, Adie hooked her fingers into the waistband of Jordana’s panties and took her time lowering them, enjoying the young woman’s languid moans. When they were tossed aside, she was greeted with the sight of a sweet puff of curls. “Cuuuute,” she cooed and reached out a finger to gently trace where she saw two deep pink sex lips peeking out, already silky and slick.

“Uhh…” Jordana arched her hips at the touch. “My turn,” she breathed and tugged at the bows holding Adie’s thong together, gasping at the sight underneath. “Ohmigod, you’re really naked!”

Adie blushed, even if the look on her girl’s face was appreciative. “That’s another secret, Jordie. I’m naturally red-headed…I just didn’t like how it looked and it’d be a pain in the ass to dye it.”

“I like it,” Jordana said almost shyly, and after an apparent moment of thought, reached to cup her hand over the mound. Adie’s moan of pleasure turned into a breathy gasp when she felt a fingertip enter her.

“Ohhh…” She shut her eyes and instinctively pumped her hips to ride the finger filling her. She could feel herself as wet as she’d been during private moments exploring her own body.

After a good solid minute of moaning and pumping, Adie could feel her clit tightening and she pulled off the finger, wanting to save her climax to share with Jordana’s. She opened her eyes again and pressed a wet kiss against her girl’s dizzy smile. “Mmm, that’s much better than any cock could be, baby. I know just what I wanna do to you.”

“Really?” Jordana blushed and rubbed the wet finger on her nipple.

“Told you I really paid attention to those magazines,” Adie said with a wink and lowered herself so their warm bodies were pressed together.

“Oh!” Jordana breathed sharply and arched her hips in response, Escort Ankara setting off more moans between them.

Adie sighed back, “Oh yeah, you like it,” and kept moving her hips in a circular motion, moaning as their pussy lips met in an open-mouthed kiss.

Jordana groaned, draped her arms around her friend’s body, and slid her tongue inside her mouth, lapping messily in time with the grinding. “Don’t stop,” she panted between kisses and soon began moving her own hips in rhythm.

Adie moaned at the wet sensations. “Bet you’d like this,” she pressed her hips down at the right angle for the hoods of their clits to meet, and Jordana’s keening breaths were the right response.

“I’ve never felt so good,” she moaned in confession and moved a hand to cup between their bodies. Adie bit her lip to stay in control when she felt her friend’s finger working back and forth between their pussies.

“Oooh, baby, you’re a natural,” she sighed and kissed her girl deeper. She couldn’t stop grinding and enjoying the sensation that built all way up from her clit to her brain before orgasm, that perfect tightness right before everything let loose.

Eventually she opened her eyes again to watch Jordana’s body underneath hers, shining with sweat, her thighs slick as they could ever be, hips still pumping in rhythm, and her head tilted back with the widest smile on her face. “Mmm, and why are you so happy?” Adie purred.

“Because I’m having sex with the hottest girl on campus?” Jordana asked cutely and arched her head back up for more kisses.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, pretty girl,” Adie moaned as she flicked her tongue back and forth. “You close?”

“Yeah…” Jordana breathed warmly on her skin.

“Then hang on tight,” she groaned before sitting up, their bodies still connected in heat. With a deep breath she began moving up and down in a riding motion, and the women cried out at the back-and-forth sensation.

“Ohhhhh god-” Jordana gripped at her friend’s hips to hold on, thumbs grazing over her nudity. “Right there, Adie, please…”

Adie figured she only had one shot at getting this move right, so it had to be good. She lifted herself and quickly slammed back down, adding a twisting to her hips and a fierce grunt of effort. Jordana cried out underneath her and rocked her own hips back and forth, the contact of their pussies setting off loud moans within Adie.

“Fuck, aaah!” Adie tilted her head back as she felt her orgasm rip through not only the ground zero of her clit, but within her brain and the pit of her stomach, an intensity unlike any other. With a long moan she soon collapsed on Jordana’s body, the both of them warm and slick with sweat and wetness.

“Oooh…” Jordana draped her arms around Adie’s body, and the older woman could hear her murmuring soft and slow words she couldn’t make out. “Feeling good?” she eventually breathed out.

“Yeah,” Jordana sighed and kissed over Adie’s face. “Graci chica, that was incredible.”

“Anytime, babe,” A purred and gently rubbed at Jordana’s breasts. “If that’s what you want,” she added.

Jordana blushed and nodded. “Can you use your fingers on me sometime?”

“Mmm, you bet.” Adie definitely wanted to touch more of that sweet pussy, but she had another idea for now. “You wanna clean up first?” she asked as they slowly stood away from the couch, their arms draped around each other’s hips.

“I don’t think we can both fit in the tub,” Jordana said even as she looked down to see the wetness left on their thighs.

Adie leaned in and murmured, “I wasn’t thinking of the tub,” before making a long, suggestive lick by her friend’s ear.

A knowing grin appeared on Jordana’s face, and they couldn’t stop their tongue-heavy kisses even as they reached the bedroom.

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