First Time

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She was staying in our home for a night. I will not tell you how we met, even though it was quite amusing, but it is a story for another time. This was the first time ever that I let anyone stay overnight, I knew her and I definitely wasn’t doubting the decision, I was simply nervous not knowing what to expect. The house was empty, except the two of us of course, it was a late night and all that was illuminating my room was a dim table light.

I was in my PJ’s, preparing the bed, one more pillow than usually. Yes, we were going to sleep in my bed. There was no hidden meaning in it though. It was quite a large bed and she said she would feel uncomfortable sleeping alone in a completely empty house she’s never even been to before. And we were good friends, so I didn’t mind it.

She entered just as I laid down the blanket. With her golden hair untied lying freely on her back, with a cute look on her face spiced with just a tiny bit of uncertainty and embarrassment, wearing only dark pink panties and a shabby grey cotton t-shirt that seemed wide for her, yet too short as it ended just below her belly button, leaving a stripe of bare skin visible.

“I know.” She said “it doesn’t look exactly classy but…”

I stopped her in a middle of the sentence: “No… you have no idea how cute it looks on you.”

She put on a bit surprised look, then relaxed. “Oh, I think I do.” she replied calmly and looked down to my crotch. I started blushing a lot at the moment when I realised what she was talking about. It felt really awkward, but she didn’t seem to mind. Though I was not thinking about it and instead turned the light off and got into the bed, hoping to forget this faux pas. She sat on the edge. It was dark in the room, but some light was going in through the gap between the curtains, so I could see her a bit as she removed her pants and put them aside.

“Wh..what are you doing? I said.

She froze shocked “I am sorry. I did not want to… offend you… I… am used to sleep… naked, but… I did not want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything.” She sighed ” What was I thinking? That you wouldn’t notice?” She was almost getting to tears. Her voice started sound quite humiliated at the end.

“Ah, no no no.” I said in a calming voice “I am not mad… nor offended. But you could have told me before.”

It helped, she relaxed and calmly replied: “You don’t mind then? casino siteleri At all? It isn’t embarrassing to you?”

I smiled a bit “Heh, no. It’s OK. Do what you wish.”

Then something happened that truly surprised me. She lied down under the blanket, rolled over to me and placed her chin on my shoulder, looking at me with her beautiful wide eyes.

“Really…” I was still quite shocked, but I could swear I heard some dirtiness in that word as she said it. However before I could think of anything proper to reply with, she slowly started rubbing her leg against mine, stupefying me even more. “Hmm?” she tilted her head a bit and put on astonishingly sweet and seductive smile. I couldn’t say no to that. She got me cornered.

I took a deep breath and then leaned forward to her. She was expecting that and did the same. Our lips met in a long intense passionate kiss. It was better than I ever imagined it could be, her mouth wetting and caressing mine. Gently and slowly at first, but she was building up the speed during what felt like eternity, until it became almost a wilderness. My heart was beating really fast, and hers probably too. When she stopped and finally let go off me, she leaned back closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying that feeling. Then removed my top while I pulled down the rest and slowly rolled onto me leaning her back against my chest and still rubbing her left leg against mine.

“C’mon. You don’t need to be afraid.” She said in a both caring and dirty voice.

I slowly raised my hands and touched her waist, first only with the tips of my fingers, but slowly going further towards her belly. As I reached the middle, I started moving my hands around very slow, enjoying the feel of her skin touching mine. I started slowly moving my hands upwards. She closed her eyes, was breathing slowly yet quite heavily. She almost looked like if she was sleeping, but I knew what she was doing; concentrating, enjoying every single drop of the joyful feeling.

I felt my hands slip underneath her shirt. Going all the way up I knew I would reach her breasts every next moment. They had to be really close. So I slowed down, because this feeling was driving me wild. You could say it was like when a child waits till it can open its Christmas presents. I have given myself to that feeling completely. Only until I was brought back as my left hand touched something. güvenilir casino A wave of a strange bliss spread through me and I covered that beautifully shaped hill with my palm. Both of them. At first I was only moving my fingers around, getting to know every millimetre of her breasts, like a small girl, who dips her feet into the pool first, before jumping into the water. She started breathing a little shaky and her lips turned into a mild smile. As I started moving my hands around and gently massaging her, she opened her mouth, and let out a nice excited sigh. My pointy finger reached her hard nipple and run over it. She let out another hot sigh and moved her hands over my waist and downwards, teasing me by gently scratching my skin with her nails.

We kept playing like this for a little longer before I moved my right hand to her left breast while slowly moving the left one in a spiral down towards the other beautiful parts of her hot body. At first I was just touching the inner side of her thigh. Then I started fondling around her pussy in circles. Then I accidentally missed and my finger unexpectedly fell into the valley. She sighed a bit louder than before and I started teasing her by running my finger right on the edge of her hole up and down. Her hands touched her thighs this time and she started rubbing them while I was taking care of both breasts and pussy.

I slowly slipped my finger inside her, just a little at first, and when she gave me an approving sigh I continued further. Deeper into her. Then again. And again. She started moving up and down in the rhythm, brushing my rock hard cock that was lying just between her soft butt cheeks. I started shaking a little, but continued and buried my finger deep into her, bent it and started moving it inside. She sighed more and frowned. Her hand grabbed mine pulled it out and her own fingers entered her. I knew what she meant by that; “This is exactly what I need now, but let me show you how I like it this first time.” Her butt-rubbing on me intensified copying her hand’s energic wave-like movements. Her body was shaking and I could hear soft moans from her throat. I moved both my hands to her thighs and started gently rubbing them again. Her breathing was harder and faster now. Her fingers slowed down their work, but also buried deeper and moved even more energic now. Then she froze for a short moment. I felt few drops of some liquid canlı casino drop from her onto my balls. And then she spasmed and started working herself much faster and wilder then before, letting out long shaky moans. She continued a little longer even after the liquid sprayed out of her in its full force. Then slowed down, opened her eyes and slowly took her hand out.

We were lying like that for about half a minute before she turned around and kneeled over me with her hands next to my shoulders.

“And now it’s time for you.” She said with a devilish smile on her face

I opened my mouth to say that I couldn’t last long, however like if she recognized my doubts, she gave me a fast and strong kiss, put a finger on my lips and then looked down, grabbed my cock with her whole hand and gently shoved its head inside her pussy. I sighed heavily, leaned my head back, closed my eyes and was enjoying the amazing and a bit agonizing sensation. I was already so aroused by her previous show off that this put me immediately on the edge. I knew that I would no doubt explode if she moved just a little bit. Even if she pulled me out. And she must have known as well. She was just standing like that and waited patiently to see what will happen. I was gathering all my strength to hold on as long as possible, but it was not meant to last very long. The feeling was a bliss and torture at the same time.

Finally she decided to end it and sat down on me, letting me deep inside, starting the avalanche of pleasure. She stood up a bit and sat down again two or three more times, while I was struggling to hold it back, shaking and pushing my nails against the bed. She stood up a little higher this time, letting me out and slid down her pussy lips on the back of my shaft. An enormous spurt of white cream shot out of my cock landing almost as far as my neck. She grabbed and stroked it with her hand, making me pump out more loads of that warm liquid. Her hand was not just moving back and forth, but she was also tightening and loosening her grip on me which made it feel even more intense. And she continued like that until I was completely dried out and limp.

I opened my eyes and looked deep into hers. She finally took her shirt off. For the first time I saw her breasts that I only felt in my hands before. They looked even better than I thought. She smiled and lied onto my sticky chest, somewhat gluing us together.

“Shouldn’t you have let me clean up first?” I asked.

“Mhmm” she agreed with a dirty smile. “And now I will certainly need to shower myself. Any more ideas?” And she put that devilish smile on again. I could feel I was starting to get hard again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32