First Night

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A cold and rainy Saturday in February. The rain is unusually heavy. Instead of the usual “mizzle” that mists the air with tiny, slow-falling droplets, it’s pouring in sheets, pattering against the window. It fills my bedroom with a dull and depressing sound. My mood is equally bleak. I’m snuggled in bed, shivering and miserable. I have the heat maxed but it’s taking forever for the room to warm up.

I’m thinking of you. Even though I’ve known you for only a few nights, and only through instant messaging, I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you. I wish I could have you over here in Seattle to climb into bed with me. Brisbane is so far away, and yet I can imagine you slipping beneath the covers, snuggling up to me to ward off the chills. The thought of your touch comforts my mind, but I’m still cold.

I get up to go to the linen closet for another blanket. My laptop is on the corner of my bed, still open and powered up. I notice the new mail icon. Reading the email, it takes me a moment to comprehend, and then my heart leaps into my throat. I type a quick reply:

Hi Faye, thanks for letting me know about your plans. I know you’re busy with business up in Vancouver, but I’m so glad you could get away for a weekend visit. I’ll meet you at the train station Friday evening when you arrive, and we’ll think of… something to do 😉

Love you,


I send the email and then think about what I had written. Did I really close the message with an “I love you”? I did. I’m hesitant to admit this to myself, but I really am smitten with you.

The days pass slowly; I nearly go insane waiting for the week to pass. Friday finally arrives, and I’m waiting at the station, trying not to pace back and forth in my impatience. The train pulls in and the passengers debark. They stream into the terminal, and I scan the rows of faces. At last I recognize you, and call your name. Your face, already lovely, lights up when you see me. Your embrace is so tight you almost squeeze the breath out of me. Even though I’m a few inches taller than you, you almost lift me up off the floor.

I hesitate to let you go, you’re so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at you. Your eyes are beautiful and I think I’m going to drown in them. We are in public in a crowded Amtrak station and yet I can’t help but kiss you. I don’t care who sees us or what they think. I love you, Faye. And I can’t believe I actually spoke those words. Oh God I hope I didn’t freak you out.

“I love you too, Marie.” You return my kiss and I’m so relieved, I thought I might have lost you already. “Now let’s get out of here. I want to go out and find ‘something to do’.”

We leave the station and find a taxi. We arrive at one of my favorite restaurants, the Queen City Grille. We’re seated in an intimate booth with high backs and cushy burgundy leather seats. Even though our table is near the middle of the restaurant, we have plenty of privacy. We linger over a dinner of deliciously fresh seafood, and take time to catch up with each other.

After dinner we walk to my favorite club. It’s a little corner lounge named Tini Bigs. We step inside and find the single free table, in the far corner. There’s kind of a catwalk that runs through the middle; we turn more than one head as we Ankara escort walk past the tables full of happy couples and groups and take our seats. It isn’t long before our server approaches us for our orders.

It’s uncanny how our favorite drinks are almost identical. We both order dry martinis, with olives. Yours is vodka, I have gin. We sip our drinks, mostly in silence, just enjoying each other’s presence. Our legs brushing against each other, holding hands under the table. I know that I’m pretty clueless in dealing with people, but even I can’t mistake the desire that smoulders in your eyes.

I call a taxi on my cell phone. The minutes until its arrival stretch out intolerably. Finally it arrives. We run out the door, leaving enough cash on the table to cover our drinks and a generous tip. The driver whisks us up the hill and soon we are in my apartment. I lock the door behind us and don’t even bother turning on the lights. Taking you by the wrist, I lead you into my bedroom. The only light is from the brilliantly illuminated city skyline, filling my bedroom with an enchanting pale golden glow. My bed dominates the room, a four-poster made of oak, with a canopy and gauzy hangings between the posts. The mattresses are waist-high to us. A perfect little love nest for us to spend the night.

Gathering you in my arms, my free hand reaches behind your head, turning your head toward mine. I press my lips against yours. They’re so warm and petal-soft and I swear I felt a spark between us. You return my kiss, sensing my urgency. My lips part, welcoming your tongue as it gently slips between them. My mouth opens further, you are sucking and nibbling on my lips, eliciting a tiny little whimper. Oh Faye, I love the way you kiss, so gentle yet so passionate.

My arms encircle your shoulders, crushing you close to me, as I return your kiss with the same fervor. Your hand is sliding up underneath my sweater, running all over my stomach as you cradle me with the other. My fingertips are scratching up and down your back, roaming down your thighs, and trailing over your bottom.

“Mmm, don’t stop, Marie. It feels so good…” you start pushing my sweater higher as you reach one of my breasts.

“Just a moment baby…” as I slip off my sweater, tossing it aside, you sit down on the edge of the bed and unzip the back of my skirt and it falls to my ankles. You beckon me to straddle your lap. I take your hands and guide them back to my breasts as you gaze deep into my eyes. My arms encircle you, my hands slipping under your top, roaming over your back, unsnapping your bra.

“Do that…” I whisper in your ear, as you rub my nipple through the sheer fabric as it starts getting hard. You trail kisses down my neck and my chest as your lips lock onto my nipple thru the fabric, rolling your tongue over my nipple, kissing and gently nibbling. My hands are now wandering over your stomach, up to your breasts, lifting both your top and your bra up over your head. They join my sweater on the floor.

Holding your breasts now, rolling and squeezing your nipples between thumb and forefinger, felling them grow stiff and erect. My head bending down to kiss them, my lips wandering, seeking your nipples, taking them between my lips and my teeth, until your gentle Ankara escort bayan moans tell me that I’m biting you just hard enough.

I push you down onto the bed, pulling you to the middle of the bed, rolling on top of you and looking down at you, admiring your figure, leaning down to kiss you, Your hands drift down my sides and linger at my hips, slowly you lower my panties. Naked, I lay the full length of my body against yours, rubbing our bodies together.

My kisses trailing down your face, then your neck, seeking your breasts, as mine hover above your face. You reach up and cradle my breasts, suck one than the other as though I were nursing you, biting the nipples, desiring to have both of them in your mouth. We spend hours like this in slow languid breastplay. It’s simply delightful; I never want this to end.

It does come to an end, however, when I sense your hand drifting down my body, rubbing my pubic bone, just teasing me, opening my legs a little. I’m pushing my hips against your hand; your fingertip slips between my folds, drawing forth the wetness from deep inside me, the finger moving in long strokes. You feel around for my clitoris and start massaging it. You protest a little as my kisses depart your breasts and trail further down your chest, down your belly, to linger at your navel. Then down even further, stopping only when I reach your panty. The tip of my tongue roams along the waistband. I get your panties off and move down to your vagina. My mouth seeking your womanhood, my tongue tracing your labia, parting the folds to slither deep inside you. You suck in a sharp breath as you feel my mouth on your pussy. Reciprocating, you open my legs and your tongue takes over where your finger left off, your tongue mirroring mine as we pleasure each other.

“Faye… my love… you’re so wonderful. Please don’t stop, I’m so close…” Again we clutch each other tightly, as our bodies tense up and quiver, and then slacken. As our moans and sighs subside, we collapse in each others arms, awash in orgasmic bliss.

Your first night in Seattle winds down with the two of us in each other’s arms. You drift off to sleep rather quickly; you seem to be exhausted. I am too, but I sleep fitfully, waking often. I find myself instead gazing at your lovely body, aglow with the light from the city skyline. My mind is on fire, every synapse firing with sexual electricity. My hand reaches out to touch you. I know it sounds so clichéd, but I want to wake you for sex.

Millimeters away from your beautiful skin, I stop. Gazing at your face, you look so relaxed, so joyful, so happy. I hate to wake you just for my own gratification. But I’m drawn to you. You compel me. Perhaps just this once you’ll forgive me for being so selfish…

My hand continues, tracing feather-light patters on your thighs. Wake up, love…

You stir in your sleep to my touch, turning toward me, still half-asleep, unsure of where you are. Your eyes open halfway, slowly the memories come back to you, and it brings a smile to your beautiful face. You stretch out and reach up, pulling me close to you. I roll you on top of me, kissing you deeply. Sucking on your lower lip as my hands hold on to your ass squeezing it. You are pressing down on me our breasts squashing Escort Ankara against each other. The feel of our bodies pressed tightly together is so wonderful.

I am getting quite excited, impatient even. I devour your lips and moaning loudly into your mouth. You sense my urgency as I push one knee between your legs and rub our vaginas against one another. Now you are wide-awake and want so much to pleasure me. You roll me off of you and back onto the bed as you get up and crawl down to my tummy. You rest your hands on the insides of my thighs and part them, as far as they will open. I feel so open and exposed and so excited. You pull my labia apart and dive into my wetness lapping every drop of it. You draw my clit out of its fleshy folds take it between your lips. I feel like a bolt of lightning has darted from my clitoris and shot up my spine, setting my brain afire.

“Baby… please don’t stop…” now you’re kneeling between my thighs. You slip two fingers deep inside my pussy and hook them forward a bit, pressing against my pubic bone, and then going up a little higher. Feeling around inside me, you then start pressing down hard. It feels strange and awkward. What are you doing, honey? Oh God, no… Now I feel like I have to pee. I need to disentangle and run to the bathroom. You sense what is happening and press your palm down on my chest, pinning me to the bed.

“Faye… I need to get up…” I’m terrified that I’m going to make a mess. I’m feeling so tense and distended in my belly.

“No honey, just relax, it’ll go away soon.” Your voice is both soothing and commanding.

“FAYE!!” I’m struggling to free myself. You won’t let me go.

“Be still, Marie.” I’m so mortified; I can’t stop from picturing my abject humiliation after I inevitably lose control of my body. Then the awkwardness begins to subside, pleasure taking its place. It’s like nothing I’ve felt before. I draw a sharp breath. You look down on me and smile; you know I’m all yours. I’m holding your free hand in both of mine, the hand that just a moment ago was holding me down, clutching it tightly. Honey, this is like nothing I’ve felt before. The pleasure is so intense that I’m not sure whether I want you to stop or continue. My whole body stiffens. I’m on the brink of the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. You sense this, and massage my G-spot even harder and faster. My moans turn into sobs, then shrieks. Oh Faye, this is so wonderful!! My body is shuddering and I’m contracting around your fingers. I’m not sure, but I think I may have even ejaculated. I’ve never done that before, my love.

Oh Faye, my beautiful lover, you are simply wonderful. The orgasm has subsided, but my body is still quivering. Your fingers are still inside me, moving in rhythm to my ragged breathing, wringing a final little bit of pleasure from me. I don’t know if it’s an aftereffect of coming so hard or just because I am so happy, but tears are streaming down my cheeks. You move up to my face to kiss the tears away. Holding me tightly as my body slowly settles down and I melt into your arms.

I love you so much, Faye. I never want to be without you. I want to spend eternity with you, kissing you and touching you. Making love to you every night and seeing your lovely face the first thing every morning. Even though you have to leave in a few days, I promise you that we both will remember our time together for our entire lives. No matter what happens with our lives after this, we’ll always have our weekend in Seattle.

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