First Night

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This is a sequel to my story ‘Chance Encounter’. While not absolutely necessary, this story would be better appreciated and understood if that story is read first.


At her command I followed Miss Lara out of the club. Actually it hadn’t been a command but more an offer to me, to try to prove the veracity and seriousness of the pledge and plea I had made to her on my knees while kissing her foot in the club. To give myself up to her, to conquer the world for her and lay it and myself at her feet to use however she will. To see to all of her wants, needs, and desires, and always to be obedient to her every whim.

I had certainly not anticipated that this would be how my night would develop. It had been two years since my divorce, after my wife of ten years had left me for another man. In the subsequent time, while my professional life had flourished, I was now a senior Vice President and Division Director in my corporation, my personal life had remained barren and bleak. With my self-confidence nonexistent I had eventually turned to internet pornography as my only source of solace for my slowly reawakening libido. In time I began to be drawn to, and then almost obsessed with one particular aspect, that of female domination. I investigated almost every form and presentation of this concept and lifestyle offered on the web, but my trip to the club this night had been my first foray to try to experience at least some of it in the flesh. Not that I had any plans to become actively involved this first night, but rather I wanted to take the opportunity to watch and learn, and maybe to begin to discover and understand more of what I truly wanted and needed in my life.

Club O was advertised as a place where Dominants and submissives of both genders could meet, mingle and play together in a safe, sane and fully consensual environment, or just observe as others did so. It was in this latter way that I had fully intended to proceed.

After much deliberation and procrastination I finally worked up the courage to travel down into the city and enter the club. I did so with sky high anticipation and excitement, but after just a very short time I was completely deflated. It all seemed to be about pain given and pain received, humiliation, and ultimately degradation. And while I understood that it was all consensual, and for most of those involved it was just a game, and that aspects of it had stimulated and titillated me in the past on a computer screen, the stark reality of it, I suddenly realized, was not for me at all.

This of course begged the questions: What was for me? Who was I? And where if anywhere did I fit in if not with this? I had no idea, only that I had to get out of there as quickly as I could. Dizzy with despair I staggered toward the exit, but before reaching it I encountered her. Lara Kelly, a rising junior executive in my company, who had recently worked with me on a project I had managed, a collaboration I had enjoyed, and who, in her early 30’s was about twelve years my junior, and was now sitting alone and unobtrusively by one of the bars.

Once I was certain that it was her I grew even more frantic to rapidly depart. Then, as if by chance, she looked up, saw, and recognized me, and I had but a few seconds to choose among a very bad set of options. As she was very drably dressed, quite the opposite of her usual sharp appearance at work, I instinctively surmised that she was likely a submissive like myself, and that I might then find some empathy because of this. So I made my fateful choice and walked over to greet her.

After she had invited me to sit and join her, to my shock and even greater consternation I came to discover that she was actually a Domme. But she immediately put me at ease, and for well over the next hour we had a very enjoyable conversation together. Mostly mundane at first, I soon found myself revealing things I had never shared with anyone else, even my ex wife. Even possibly with myself. It was that she seemed so genuinely interested and did not judge at all. I grew so comfortable that at the end I was emboldened enough to ask her, as I had been unable to answer her similar query to me, what it was that she most wanted in her life.

Maybe it was that she had become as comfortable with me, or perhaps that I had myself been so open and bare to her, but I became the first person to whom she had ever related the entirety of her grand dream and wish: To find someone who would offer up his entire being to her, who would dedicate his life completely to see to her care, and to be totally in her control. Not someone who would be her, or anyone’s doormat, but rather a super alpha to the rest of the world, and beta to her alone, which would make his ultimate submission and use so much more a value worthy of her.

It was when she then stated that her commitment to the one whom she chose would be as great to him as his to her, that I suddenly knew that I shared this dream and that I had found what I had unconsciously been searching and yearning for. So I fell çankaya escort to my knees and begged her to accept my vow. And me.

Understandably wary that this was but a fleeting fantasy for me she initially rejected my plea, leaving me crushed and again hopeless. But then, perhaps on a whim, she offered me this one opportunity to follow and prove to her that I was real. And I had leapt forth to embrace it.

As we arrived at her car she handed me her keys and told me to drive. I opened the passenger side door for her, and she slid in. I then hastened around to the driver’s side, got in, started the car and pulled out, leaving my own car behind, its eventual fate unknown, which was of absolutely no consequence to me at that moment.

I well knew my way out of the city, and after she gave me some general directions about where she lived we drove in silence. Mine was very nervous as all of my old fears and anxieties surged to the fore. Why would someone so much younger, vibrant, and beautiful want anything to do with someone like me, older, and already once discarded and just off the scrap heap. I had very little doubt that with little effort she would have no problem finding far more desirable and attractive submissive suitors who would offer anything to serve her. I wondered if, in her own silence, she was thinking the same thing. She had said that she was searching, and that she would eventually choose only one. Perhaps I was just a trial run to help her establish some search parameters. The bartender at the club had told me that he had never seen anyone even get to first base with her, and it seemed now that I may actually be at second base. But would I be left and stranded there, as had happened to me virtually every time in my own experience in my past. Still, I knew that this was not a game to her, and she had said only that her dream was to have someone to use and own. If that was all that she required for her to choose, accept and take me, though I might and would desperately want so much more, I would still grasp and take just that with all the strength I possessed.

She finally broke her silence to guide me to her condominium complex once we had arrived in her suburban town. After directing me to her assigned parking spot I shut off the engine and hustled out and around to open her car door for her. I then surrendered the keys into her outstretched hand and followed her to the front door of her condo. Upon entering behind her I was instantly taken by how lovely it was. It had a large living room, a separate dining room, an ample kitchen, and two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, and she made it a point to take me through and show me all of them. What was immediately apparent to me was how tastefully decorated and furnished it all was, and how well kept, well ordered and spotless. It could have at that very moment been ready and appropriate for a photo shoot in any ‘House Beautiful’ magazine.

“So what do you think of my place, Ray?” she asked when we had returned to her living room.

I said the first thing that came so immediately to my mind.

“It’s immaculate.”

She beamed. “Immaculate. I like that.” She paused a moment, and then continued. “As much as a control freak that I am, I’m also a cleanliness one as well. If I pursue this beyond tonight, I’ll expect you to keep it so.”

“It will always be my resolve to exceed your expectations, Miss Lara.”

She laughed delightedly. “Exceed my expectations. I like that even better. If we continue on, that will by my new expectation, that you always continue to exceed them. Of course that will continue to go on and on, won’t it. You’ve set quite a rising bar to stay above, Ray. I think it might amuse me greatly watching you attempt to do so.”

I shuddered internally at the snare I had inadvertently set for myself.

“I will always give every bit of myself to try, Miss Lara.”

She smiled. “Yes, well, that’s what tonight is all about isn’t it. You trying.”

She walked over and sat down on her couch. As I had not been invited to do similar, I remained standing. She looked up at me.

“I really liked the way you kissed my foot at the club, Ray.” she finally offered. “But my other foot felt terribly ignored. I think that the first thing that you should try to do now is to make amends.”

She raised her left leg up horizontal to the floor, her foot pointing directly at me. There was no mistaking this as a command. I fell to my knees before her and took off her running shoe and white anklet sock.

Once again I was captivated by her slim, smooth, exquisitely proportioned foot, that appeared to have absolutely no imperfection. As I had with her other foot at the club I brought my lips down to the top of it to brush at the base of her toes, but this time I then slowly moved upwards, lightly kissing my way first to the front of her ankle, around to her heel, to the side of her foot, onto her sole, and then into her arch. As I went I stuck out the tip of my tongue to give little licks as well. çankırı escort I finally reached the ball of her foot and the underside of her toes.

“I like to have my toes sucked, Ray. Long and lovingly.”

I needed no further encouragement. I slipped her biggest toe into my mouth, softly swirling my tongue about the bottom, then slowly around it fully. I gradually increased the pressure and inward pull of my lips and tongue, eventually bobbing my head slightly forward and back to further enhance the sensation. Once I was sure that I had lavished as much attention possible to every millimeter of that toe, I moved on to her second one, to offer it the very same service.

The taste of her toes was indescribably delicious, and as I moved onto her third toe I heard her utter a soft moan. I risked a glance up at her and saw that her head was lain back on the couch cushions, her eyes were closed, and a serene smile graced her lips, and I hazzarded a hope then that she was as truly transported by this as I was.

I spent even more time on her fourth toe, and when I finally arrived at her fifth and littlest one I knew that my tongue had explored and lovingly laved every crevice and cranny. I heard her sigh and she then gently pulled her foot from my mouth and my grasp and set it on the floor.

“That was very enjoyable, Ray, but I think my other foot is feeling quite neglected now.”

She raised her right leg out, and I quickly removed that shoe and sock as well, and then began my same adoration of that foot.

“You are really quite good at worshiping feet, Ray.” she said as my lips and tongue made their way up to her ankle.

“Only your feet, Miss Lara.” I murmured in reply.

She chuckled.

“I think that if I decide to go further with you, I might like to make this a daily ritual. I have a thing about my feet.” she continued. “While your primary purpose would still be directed to my total care, we might have you pay special attention to all things pertaining to my feet. I get full spa treatment and pedicures twice a week and it costs me a pretty penny. I believe that with proper teaching you could do even a better job and save me a small fortune. And I could even have it done even more frequently then too. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Ray?”

I released her big toe which I had just taken into my mouth so I could answer.

“Absolutely, Miss Lara.”

“I thought so.” she responded as I turned my attention back to her toes. This time she continued to talk as I continued on with my veneration.

“These would not be your only duties of course.” she began. “I know that we both work very hard at our jobs, so your week night chores would probably have to be limited to making dinner,” I had mentioned to her at the club that with all of my practice living alone I had become a passable cook, and she had lamented that she was far less so, “and cleaning up afterwards. Your major housework would have to be done on the weekends. Who knows,” she continued as I moved on to another toe, “with time and experience you might become efficient and proficient enough that I might be able to grant you a few hours of free time for yourself on some Sundays.”

“Speaking of our jobs Ray,’ she then went on. “I know that workplace relationships are frowned upon in the company, but I think if I move forward with this, I doubt that we’ll be able to keep our connection a secret for long. And I wouldn’t want to. I would want people to know that we’re together. But I also think it would mean that as much I might enjoy doing so, we couldn’t work together on any projects anymore. I intend to rise into the hierarchy of the firm on my own merits, without any perceived bias, or actual assistance from you. Is that understood, Ray?” she added sharply.

I paused between her fourth and fifth toe. “Yes, Miss Lara.” I swore.

“Good. I wanted to make that clear, just in case.”

She settled back to relax in the comfort of her couch, as I began to pay homage to her final toe. After a minute though she sat back up straight.

“And don’t think that I wouldn’t be working just as hard here.” she stated sternly. “It will take a lot of time and effort on my part to intensely train you to meet all of my exact specifications.”

She suddenly pulled her toe from my mouth, and her foot from my hand.

“I may be a very strict taskmistress, but it will never be all work and no play.”

She stood up

“Follow me.” she ordered crisply and began to stride away, and I scurried quickly up and off my knees and did so.

She led me into her bedroom and promptly walked over and sat down on the edge of her bed, leaving me standing in the middle of the room. She looked up at me appraisingly for long moments. Finally…

“Take off your clothes, Ray.”

Not being offered a place to sit to do so, I awkwardly took off my shoes and socks while standing, then removed my shirt followed by my pants. After a little hesitation and even greater embarrassment I then slipped off my briefs. çayyolu escort Having no place readily available to put them I dropped all of my clothes in a heap on the floor as I stood before her, stark naked.

My phallus, which had been rock hard from almost the first few minutes after entering her home but had been kept at least somewhat in check by my clothes, now jutted forth upright and straight in front of me. She slowly surveyed me from top to bottom, seeming to expend excruciating extra scrutiny upon my groin. Finally, a small half smile played upon her lips and she stuck out both of her legs in front of her.

“Take off my sweat pants, Ray”

I made my way over and after she lifted herself up some I carefully pulled off her pants. Though she had been somewhat unappealingly attired the entire evening in mismatched sweat pants and shirt, underneath she wore very lacy and enticing black panties.

“Those too.” she commanded, and I slid those off as well as she pulled off her own top revealing an equally sexy black bra, which she then unhooked and removed and flung with her shirt off the side of the bed. She removed the band which had been holding back her dark auburn hair, to let it flow over her shoulders and then, fully unclothed, she laid back on her bed.

I gasped. If I had found her feet to be without imperfection, her body was beyond even that, and it left me breathless. Her smile broadened in appreciation of my wordless compliment as I stood before her, utterly bewitched. After allowing me a few more moments to gaze at her in awe, she rolled over to lay prone on her stomach.

“As you did so nicely with my toes, Ray, I’d like you now to give the rest of my body a soothing tongue bath.”

Blinking my eyes as if in disbelief at my great fortune I once again went down on my knees, now behind and below her. Extending my tongue I began with long and languid strokes over the soles of her feet, working my way over one heel, up her calf, spending some extra time at the back of her knee, before licking my way up the back of her thigh to the bottom of her buttocks crease. I then returned to her other heel and performed the same cleansing service up the back of that leg. Upon reaching that buttocks crease I worked my tongue slowly to the one between her cheeks, and as it rode up and down I delved even deeper within as she arched her back up to allow easier access. I found her nethermost orifice and laved it with passion as her hips swayed to and fro.

As my charge though had been to thoroughly bathe her entire body I reluctantly moved on, up to the small of her back, and then with long broad strokes to her upper torso and finally to the back of her neck. After spending more time there with littler nibbles she suddenly turned over onto her back, clasped her hands behind her head, and presented the front of herself for my ongoing attentions.

I started first with her neck before making my way over to one and then across to the other of her shaven armpits. With my heart thumping it was then on to her amazing, delightfully delectable breasts. My tongue traversed a wide circle around her nearest one, slowly spiraling inward to eventually find her areolae, which pleasingly puckered as I took her hardening nipple firmly between my lips, rubbing, licking, and sucking, before leaving it behind, bullet straight, to move on to her other celestial orb.

This time, as I trapped and played with that nipple, I was loathe to ever leave as she began to sigh and moan. But she finally unclasped her hands and I felt them on my shoulders firmly pushing me off and down. Understanding my new marching orders I licked my way down the sides and then to lower part of her belly, exploring the depths of her navel before coming to the portal to her treasure. As opposed to her underarms, her mound was not completely shaved, but it was well trimmed and I began to nibble at the edges. But she suddenly yanked on my hair, not too ungently, and pulled me up and away.

“On your back, boy.” she urgently enjoined.

I did as I was told, lying fully on my back as she rose and positioned herself with her knees astride the sides of my head, facing down the length of my body, her womanhood just inches above my face.

“I think you know what to do.” she stated from above. Her lips were already glistening as I strained my head upward to reach them with my extended tongue. I started with little licks on the outside but she shimmied to center herself and I got the message. I ran my tip up and down her moistened slit, probing further each time, searching for and finally finding her glorious jewel which I enveloped fully, eliciting from her both a long sigh and a shudder.

If the taste of her toes had been heavenly, that of her sex was even more sublime, and suddenly I couldn’t get enough of it. I suckled and slurped, and as I did I felt her fingers lightly begin to play upon my ongoing erect pole, which served to even further increase my enthusiasm. Her fingers became more focused, sliding up and down my shaft, and I began to writhe and even hump in response. But I understood what was forbidden and I desperately did not want to fail, as seemed inevitably imminent as her hand caressed and cupped me even more insistently. I pulled my face back and cried out. “Please Miss Lara. Have Mercy.”

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