First Day Of School

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“Are you all packed and ready to go sweetheart” my mom said, as she came into my bedroom. I smiled and looked around my room, taking everything in as if looking at it for the last time. And in some ways, it was. I was going to college, heading out to take on the world and to finally be the adult I had yearned to be for so long. Leaving my childhood behind and growing up. I would never look at my bedroom the same again although I knew I would be back time and again. No longer would the pink ruffles on my bed, or the teddy bears on the shelf make me feel trapped as I once had felt. I was a little sad, but excited at the same time. I couldn’t wait to go; to start my adventure into adulthood.

“Yes Mom, I’m ready” I said as I picked up my backpack and suitcase. I was only carrying small things in them. My Dad had already shipped three big trunks to my dorm, along with the new T.V. and computer that had been high school graduation gifts from them. My Mom smiled and I could see tears starting to form in her blue eyes. I dropped my bags and went to her so that she could hug me. I grip was strong for a woman in her early forties. She was also very attractive for her age. She maintained her body with vigorous exercise and her black hair was as shimmering as mine although hers held some gray and was shorter. “Don’t cry Mom. It will be fine and I will be back for Thanksgiving soon” I said.

“I know Sweetie. Although I am going to miss you so much in that short period of time” she said.

After wiping her eyes she helped me carry my bags out to the car. My best friend Tabby and I were driving together. I was so happy we would be going to Ohio State together in Columbus. It wasn’t a big fancy school like the ones some of our other friends were going to, but it was a teenagers dream city compared to the small town of Matewan West Virginia. It was about a seven hour drive from my house to the city, and I was ready to get going. We put my bags into the car and went back inside to say goodbye to my Dad. I gave both my parents hugs and they walked me to the door. As I got into my car I took one last look at the house I grew up in and knew that I would miss it. I had so many memories there, and even though I knew I would be back in 3 months, I felt it would never be the same. I backed out of the driveway slowly, glancing in my rear view mirror before turning down the road that would take me to Tabby’s house and then to my greatest adventure……

I had just turned eighteen the August that Tabby and I drove out of the tall mountains and towards the city. I felt a sense of freedom, and excitement I had never felt before. We drove in silence the first several hours. Tabby realized I was nervous and just watched the scenery fly by as I was lost in my thoughts. Tabby was so different than I was and had always been. At nineteen she had more grown up sophistication about her. She had started dating before I did, and of course had sex before I did. Her boyfriend was already at OSU and had been there for two years. Tabby and Rob had been together since we were in junior high and started having sex soon after they got together. In those areas Tabby was a pro. I was still a virgin, to scared to have any fun as Tabby always told me. She was so advanced and I was so inexperienced.

Tabby was nice looking, but not a beauty by far. She had bright auburn hair, brown, almost black colored eyes and freckles scattered over her nose and cheeks. She was short and her hips were a little on the chubby side. Although she may not have had the best looks in the world, she was the nicest and funniest girl I ever met. I glanced over at her and smiled, thinking about how different we are in looks and personality. I was around 5’7 with long shiny black hair that always looked freshly curled at the ends, and blue eyes the color of the sky. I was thin and had a pretty good shaped body with round, perky young breasts and a nice bubble butt that I was teased about in junior high school. My nick name had been Bubbles, and to this day I was still called that by my friends.

Lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t hear Tabby say my name at first. I looked over at her, pushing my long hair out of my eyes that was blowing all over the place because the window was down. “Are you excited Bubbles” she asked smiling.

“Yes. But I am looking forward to it. It feels good to know that I am going to be on my own, with no parents to watch my every move” I said. She smiled at me and returned to looking out the window. The rest of the ride went fast and soon we were pulling up in front of the dorm. We both got out of the car and stretched, looking at our surroundings. The sun was shining and students were everywhere. Excitement filled the air around us with the bustle of all the activity. Tabby’s boyfriend Rob was waiting for her and he grabbed her bags and carried them to his car. We were supposed to be sharing a dorm room together but her parents didn’t know that she was going to be living off campus bonus veren siteler with him. Rob soon hurried back and grabbed my bags as we looked for my room.

After a few minutes we found it on the lower lever of the dorm. It was big and spacious with two twin beds and vertical blinds on the windows. Two white night stands stood on either sides of the beds and two matching dressers were separated by the windows. I had a desk for my computer and a T.V. stand already set up by my dad when he came up to Columbus for business several weeks before. A door off the right of my desk led to a private bathroom with a big double closet that was supposed to be for Tabby and I to share. I had already guessed that my father must have arranged for us to be in one of the better dorms because I had to admit that the room was very nice.

Tabby and Rob left and I started putting my clothes and other stuff away. I was exhausted from the drive and it was already starting to get dark. Rob had made plans for all of us to go out to a party one of his friends was throwing. I was tired but felt excited about the party. I laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking about all the fun I was going to have. Tabby and I had come early and we still had three weeks until classes started and I was looking forward to the short vacation before school began. After day dreaming for a while I finally got off the bed and took my clothes off to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and stood looking at myself in the mirror, admiring my tight, firm young body. I pulled my hair out of the pony tail and watched it fall smoothly to my waist.

My breasts were honey colored from sun bathing naked over the summer and I watched as my nipples slowly got hard. Although I was a virgin and acted like a prude at times, I was very sexual when I was by myself. I continued to watch myself in the mirror as I ran my hand over my tits and down my stomach until I reached my almost hairless muff. I loved touching myself and the feelings it gave me. I smiled at the mirror, watching my dimples spring up in my cheeks. I could feel my pussy dripping with juices and I rubbed my clit, feeling it harden at my touch before sliding my long finger into my twat. It was soft and wet and I knew I would cum soon.

I stopped after a few minutes and turned the shower on, getting it hot and steamy before climbing in. The shower head was of the adjustable kind and after soaping my body up, I removed it from its holder and rinsed off. I had never used one before and I noticed it had several different massage settings. I switched it to a fast stream and slowly lowered it between my legs to rinse myself. I about screamed in pleasure and had to bite my lip not to do so. The feeling of the water hitting my clit was sending me over the edge. Its powerful spray was warm and soon my body was rocked with a mind shattering orgasm. I slowly slid down the tile wall and sat on the floor of the shower, shaking from the orgasm that was leaving me sweaty and limp. After a few minutes I was finally able to stand up and get out of the shower. I felt revived, and ready to have fun. The night was just getting ready to begin…..

It was 10pm when Rob honked his horn. I quickly looked in the mirror, making sure I looked okay. It was a very warm evening and I had on a white tank top over my sheer strapless bra. My tanned legs looked good in my tight low waist shorts that were cut very short. My tiny abdomen was brown and my belly button ring set it off perfectly. A white pair of sandals completed the outfit and I had left my hair flowing down my back. I looked good and I knew it. I grabbed my blue jacket and tied it around my waist and quickly ran out the room after locking my door. Tabby was sitting next to Rob and I noticed he had a friend in the back seat. As soon as I got in the car Rob introduced him to me as Chad. I couldn’t help but notice how good looking he was, with his pretty brown hair and blue eyes. He had a very cute smile and I couldn’t help but blush as he looked me up and down. I could feel my panties getting wet as I looked at him.

We pulled off and drove down High St, which Rob said was the campus strip. We passed numerous bars and clubs before we pulled onto a street lined with cars. I could already hear the music from down the road and I knew the party was going to be fun. We all got out of the car and started walking down the street towards the music. Rob and Chad were ahead of Tabby and I, and she whispered to me about what I thought of Chad. I blushed and turned my head, not before she saw my face which she could always read like an open book. We only had a few more houses to pass before we reached the party, and once we got there I began to feel a little nervous. I imagined I looked like an innocent little high school girl, crashing a grown up party which made me feel uncomfortable. I tried to make myself relax as I looked around at all the people.

Guys and girls were bedava bahis all over the place and the keg was almost in the middle of the room. Rob and Chad hurried over to get a cup of beer and I watched Chads ass tighten as he walked, making me get even wetter. Rob came back with a cup of beer for himself and Tabby, and Chad followed behind him with two cups in his hand also. Chad smiled at me as he handed me the cup, making my heart melt and my panties damp. I took the cup and took a small sip, not sure as to what it would taste like. I had never drank before and I got the feeling Chad knew that I never had, but he didn’t say anything. It tasted good and the foam from the beer tickled my nose as I took an even bigger drink. Looking over at Tabby, I saw she was almost finished with hers. Not wanting Chad to think of me as a prude I started to chug mine.

“Woooohoooo Sexy. Look at you chug that beer. You are putting me to shame” Chad said after taking a sip of his beer. I just smiled at him, feeling a little light headed. He soon downed the rest of his beer and went to get us another one which I drank just as earnestly until soon I felt numb. The music playing seemed to flow through my body and the beer seemed to make me lose all my inhibitions. I asked Chad to dance and Tabby looked at me with a smirk, knowing that if I hadn’t been drunk I never would have done so. The music playing was upbeat and I was so drunk that I started to stumble before Chad pulled me into his arms and pressed my body close to his. “Why don’t we try dancing close for now until that alcohol burns off a little” he said, smiling. I blushed but allowed him to slide his hands down to my waist as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

We looked funny dancing so close when the others weren’t, and I could smell the cologne on his neck. It had a spicy smell to it and it turned me on. We had not know each other for even an hour, and here I was pressed up close to him, feeling his hard on through his pants. Just the feel of his solid body against mine scared me, but made me shiver at the same time. We were strangers, but I knew then that I wanted him. Maybe it was the alcohol, or excitement of being so far away, but I knew I had to have this man in me. Without thinking about what I was doing, I lifted my face up to his and kissed him. He urgently kissed me back as I pulled one arm down from his shoulder and started rubbing his crotch. His dick was so hard, and I felt a little nervous at first until he grabbed my ass. I looked around the room, suddenly embarrassed that everyone could see, but I didn’t have to worry. Couples were all over the place, and I even noticed one in the corner having sex right out in the open.

Realizing my embarrassment, Chad stopped rubbing my ass and pulled me with him as he left the dance floor. I followed him, my body shaking, to the stairs. I quickly looked around until I spotted Tabby who was looking at me. She smiled and gave me a thumbs up as Chad grabbed my hand and started walking up the stairs. We slowly reached the top of the steps after squeezing past other couples making out on the stairs, and walked down the hall to a door. Chad opened it and I gazed in. The room was pretty simple, with a neatly made bed with a blue comforter. Pictures of different football teams adorned the walls and I felt surprisingly very at ease. I walked into the room and as soon as the door was closed Chad pulled me close to him and kissed me. He slipped his tongue slowly into my mouth, gently running it over my tongue and teeth. I moaned and he stopped, moving down to kiss my neck as I bent my head back.

My body was sizzling, feeling emotions I had never felt before with anyone but myself and I loved it. “Let me take my clothes off really quick” he said. I went over to the bed as I watched him get undressed, and then I started to take my clothes off too. “No. Let me do that” he said. I stopped and timidly put my hands down as he finished undressing. He stood before me like a Greek god, his body rippling with young muscles and a light trail of hair led to what I knew would be a wonderful treasure. Slowly he walked over to me and took off my shirt and then slipped my shorts off. I stood at the foot of the bed in only my sheer bra and matching thong under wear. Chad stared at me in amazement, admiring my tight little body half naked, with tons of black wavy hair cascading down to my waist. Taking over, I unstrapped my bra and pulled my thong down, revealing a soft hairless mound of pussy that was shiny and wet.

I felt my body start to tingle when Chad leaned down and started kiss my neck while pulling me softly to the bed. I spread my legs as he nudged them open and gently pressed his hard on up against my pussy lips. “Baby I want you so bad…..I can’t wait any longer” he said, before pushing into me roughly. I gasped as his cock tore into my virginal hole and my insides tightened, making him groan louder. He pounded into me and moaned. I closed deneme bonus my eyes, trying to make my body have all those wonderful feelings that Tabby always talked about, but they never came, and soon Chad was moaning and shaking. He laid down on me limply, his breathing heavy and his body sweaty. I just laid there silently screaming, my buzz wearing off and upset because I didn’t have the mind bending orgasm I should have had. I was just beginning to feel angry when Chad climbed off of me and sat at the side of the bed cleaning himself off, making me realize we hadn’t used protection.

“I hope you know that it will get better for you over time. You were a virgin, right?” he said with a smile. I nodded and stood up to get dressed as he finished and walked to the bedroom door. “I will meet you downstairs okay?” he said walking out the door, not waiting for my reply. I finished getting dressed and walked to the door looking back only long enough to wonder about who would clean up the blood on the bed. Tabby was waiting at the foot of the stairs when I came down and had the biggest smile on her face I had ever seen. “So are we now a true woman?” she laughed. I smiled back at her, not wanting her to know I didn’t enjoy it. “Are you ready to go? I thought we would go back to our house and finish the night out there.” she said. I nodded and we went to find Rob and Chad so that we could leave. We all got in the car and Chad immediately put his arm around me. What did he think? That we were a couple now? I gently pulled away from him and he looked at me and knew what I was feeling.

Chad kept his distance from me, respecting my silent wishes for him not to touch me again as we drove to their house. Rob made a quick stop to another house before going to theirs but I didn’t mind as long as Chad didn’t touch me again. If he couldn’t please me in bed, then he would never be able to please me in a relationship and I knew it. As far as I was concerned, what happened tonight was just sex, nothing more. Soon we arrived at their place. It was a two story cottage that Rob’s Grandpa rented him cheap. It was nice and I could see flowers planted in front. Obviously not done by Tabby. Wow, I thought. I never assumed Rob was the type to plant flowers. He was considered a rocker in High School, with long wavy black hair that he always kept pulled back, heavy metal T-shirt, jeans and his ancient leather jacket that still looked brand new. He definitely did not fit the stereo type I had put him in years ago or now.

We went in the house and I was amazed. The house was nicely furnished with a big Hunter Green couch, nice decorations which included a big picture that was taken at Kings Island last summer of me, him and Tabby which he had enlarged. In the picture he was standing between Tabby and I. His arms were around both of our shoulders and we all looked wind blown, tan and happy. A big T.V. sat up against one wall and another entry way led to the kitchen which was just as nicely decorated but in bright sunny colors. I was again amazed, thinking maybe I didn’t know Rob as well as I thought I had. Everyone kicked off their shoes at Robs suggestion and I silently giggled at the thought of him wanting to keep his carpet clean.

The air conditioner was on and the living room had a nice coolness to it, and I was glad we had left that hot and stuffy party. I flopped down on the couch and put my feet up under me, enjoying the coolness of the soft couch. Rob headed upstairs to change and Tabby sat across the room in the matching chair. Chad laid down on the floor and stretched out on the fluffy beige carpet. I sat thinking about how comfortable I felt and didn’t realize that Rob had come back. He had changed into a black muscle shirt and shorts and had his hair down. It was all one length and reached a little under his shoulder blades. It hung in his face and framed his sapphire blue eyes. His body wasn’t as muscular as Chad’s was, but I found myself getting even more turned on by this man than I had Chad. It was crazy. I had known this guy all my life. We had went to the same elementary school together. Not to mention the same junior high and high school. Why was I having these feelings now, after all these years. And he was my best friends boyfriend. It was crazy!

Rob sat down on the opposite end of the couch from me and reached down and pulled a tray out from under the couch. I could see seeds and papers but nothing else until Rob produced a little baggy that he emptied into the tray. I watched as in no time flat he separated seeds and stems and rolled several white cigarette looking things with the papers and the pile of green weeds. I knew this was marijuana, but I had never smoked it before. I knew Rob did it all the time but I had never tried it. Rob lit the joint and puffed a few times before passing it to me, and I accepted it, willing to make this a night of firsts for everything. I puffed on the joint and held it in as I had watched Rob do, and soon I couldn’t stand it no more and started choking. I passed the joint to Tabby as everyone laughed at me because I was coughing. Tabby hit the joint like a pro and made me realize I had never knew she smoked before this. It made me wonder what other secrets she had hid from me.

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