Feeling my Karma

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Feeling my Karma with Jason,

I shall be frank, when I am sucking Jason I feel perfect Karma. I just adore the taste of him and can never resist another fuck of that gorgeous tight ass looking so good in those tight blue brush jeans, when he bends over the arm of the settee he perches it just right for my scrutiny and he knows also to expect a few sharp smacks of my open hand firmly slap each cheek.

Then the enchanting way he moves that ass to and fro as I soundly spank it, he so enjoys that and pleads for me to master him.

I order him to drop his jeans and contently watch him wiggle out of them, gradually revealing that so wonderful show of his underwear I adore so much. There is nobody I know looks do good in black and red boxer shorts and I can never resist touching him up through them, ordering him to stand there and open his legs so I can kneel and ruffle up to feel that gorgeous growing mound against my nostrils, sniffing the scent of pure unadulterated cock I love so much, longing to taste it inside my mouth as I edge my fingers up and inside his leg beneath his boxers to get that first feel of quality cock and balls. MMM! I can tell you it is heavenly and I enjoy Jason so very much, he likes me to command and take him at my will and when I strip him, to examine that freshly spanked red glowing ass I want to slap it all over again, this time bending him across my knee as he yelps with every contact, watching those ripe cheeks wobble like jelly as I slap.

Then when he whimpers I get the message to stop and then for the real enjoyment of ass hole balls and cock I love to feel and play with following spanking.

He whimpers again and I suggest he moves to my bed, takes the position bursa escort of crouching on all fours so I can thoroughly examine and feel him. It is lovely , his gorgeous round young ass up and ready for a stiff fucking. Nut before that I just want to spend time tasting and sucking every sinew of him down under, enjoying the pungent taste and smell of freshly stretched cock as I lick its head and p-hole until he is crying to be jerked off.

But I wont let him have that yet, I need to enjoy a lots more sucking and tasting before he cums all over me. I need to smother him with my soiled briefs I have just removed, watching his expression as I tie them around the base of his cock with the g-sting I had underneath, to hold him back until am ready for him to shoot and spurt all his hot cream over my face.

“You are bloody lovely, Jason” I whisper to him, stroking his cheeks then stretching them apart to sample that lovely brown hole with the tip of my tongue. Rolling it around and around as I hear him sort of purr, then licking it a bit more between inserting my tongue feeling the absolute ecstasy of the feel of him there. When I am away like that, and only Jason does that to me, I could do anything for Jason, for whatever he did, his body fluids and all, I could not feel any resentment or distaste, that is how I felt for him and just how much he turned me on, That lovely gorgeous pink ass just waiting to be fucked, and fucked by me which made me feel so very warm and belonging.

“I love what you do to me, Pete and long for you fuck into me.”

Jason was certainly a great fuck and no mistake, when I made it with him I wanted to do all at once, but for now I was so enjoying just rubbing his all bursa escort bayan up with my mouth and face, he put his hand down and squeezed his cock, sort of hinting for me to do the same, and I did and it felt so good and so flexible in my clenched hand – and his balls p they were out of this world as I ordered him now to lay down on his back and open wide so I could enjoy lots more sucking and tasting, seeing how wonderful and good he looked, all ass and cock for me, that’s what he said he wanted, to be quality ass for me, and he was that.

“It needs a little more light spanking methinks, Jason” I said and he obligingly perched his ass out for me as I squeezed and massaged it prior to spanking.

“I will try the back of your clothes brush this time, aright Jase?” I asked.

He looked at me, that certain expression that told me he knew it would sting, but the pleasure of the aftermath, when I would give it a thorough massage with coconut oil would make it feel all wonderfully numb and soothed. It was a new experience slapping him firmly with that brush back, the sound was thrilling combined with his yelps every time I came down on him. I enjoyed it this time with him still slaying on his back, legs stretched up and out and leaning back, exposing his all. I watched his as get redder and redder, I didn’t want to scar him, so I stopped, poured some coconut t oil into the palm of my right hand and gave it a thoroughly deep massage, making sure I massaged between his thighs too, over his firm young balls and hearing his cock squelch as I did so, wonderful!.

All that achieved I felt this overwhelming urge to go down and suck that ass hole again, to taste that unique scent of Jason I loved so escort bursa much.

Now he was moving his hips telling me his ass was stinging but feeling so wonderful and that he so wanted to feel the stiffness of my fuck inside him.

But I was not finished with what I was doing, I knew I was teasing and tantalising him, my cock was throbbing too but first things first, I just had to get the smell of him over my face so I released the tie form his palpitating cock and took the now blue hardness deep into my throat as I hear him yell with delight as I really went to it and gave it my all, wanking with my hand and sucking with my mouth taking full penetration as I felt his knob entering my throat.

It was one of those things you have always wanted to do and so good and comforting you are doing it without inhibition or reservation and you were doing it with a guy like Jason.

I heard that certain throat noise as I knew he was revving up to eject his load, and when it happened I had just been licking his p-hole for all was worth and to feel the spurt of hot white spunk gulch into my mouth, over my face, everywhere was fantastic.

Now he would really get my fuck, he’d get it full and stiff deeply penetrating him so he could feel its strong throb take him completely

My face covered in his cock cream I made him lick it off else he wouldn’t get my fuck and we picked and tasted together, then I felt complete – it was so imitate and thrusting into Jason’s ready hole made it the perfect ending, his fuck as always was like and explosion of the worlds largest volcano as I thrust and thrust my hard stiff cock deep up inside his ass making him yell and cry out for more and more fucking.

And afterwards, when it was all done for another day anyway, we showered together and it was so wonderful. I felt we belonged to each other in every way and that deep penetration deep French kiss in the shower sort of confirmed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32