Fay’s Dirty Discoveries Ch. 10

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(Fay is 22 years-old, 5’3″ tall, with tumbles of ginger curls and huge, 32FF boobs. Her flatmate, a stunning girl called Nadia is, unbeknown to Fay, an escort. In the last several days Fay has been on a mission of filthy, sexual discovery, and has discovered that she loves being spanked and caned, humiliation, watersports, pooping herself, lesbian sex and generally behaving like a sick, degraded slut).

It was after 11am when Fay finally awoke on Tuesday morning. She stretched out in her warm bed, the smell of stale piss still giving her a thrill. She was glad she’d taken the week off work as sick leave, meaning she could relax and enjoy her new-found sexual deviancy. Relaxing into her comfy sheets, she thought about yesterday. In a single day she’d wet and shit herself in her flatmate Nadia’s bed, sucked off a homeless man in the park, been pissed on and fucked by a man she hardly knew in a sex shop and then been gang-banged by seven tramps, who each took turns in all her holes, and swallowed all their cum. Fuck! What a day. On the other hand, nobody had spanked her bottom since Saturday. Just that thought made her pussy wet – she needed punishing sooner rather than later.

At the thought of having her ass punished, Fay slipped a head under her duvet and started to stroke her clit through her dirty, white knickers, pressing and rubbing insistently. She closed her eyes, thinking back to the day before and the way she’d behaved. As her excitement grew, she twisted and plucked at the sensitive nipples of her soft, natural 32FF boobs. Fay could feel how wet she was, her pussy juicing up as she remembered the succession of men who’d fucked her in her bottom yesterday. Yes, wet – but not as wet as when Andy had pissed in her mouth yesterday, or when she’d gone to the toilet in her knickers, like she had three times in the last four days. She’d loved that too, and the memory of her poo filling her panties, the same panties she had on now, almost tipped her over the edge. That was another decision made – she needed a spanking (maybe the cane too) and she needed to fill her pants. In fact, she thought as she rubbed her clit and squeezed her tits, she didn’t want to ever use the toilet in the apartment again.

Her next step was obvious. Breathing in deeply of the stale aroma in her bed, Fay stopped stroking her cunt for a moment, using both hands to squeeze and play with her big breasts. Closing her eyes, she relaxed further, breathing through her mouth, letting her normal, morning habits take their course – but not in her habitual location. It took a moment to overcome trained instinct, but then her morning piss gushed forth, the first spurt soaking the gusset of her stained white knickers, and then a pungent, yellow flow burst from her lips, flowing down over the tops of her thighs and, as she lay on her back, running beneath her to soak her round bottom and flood her cotton sheets and mattress bornova escort with a hot puddle of piss. As she kept pissing her hand went back between her legs, her fingers a blur as she masturbated, thrilling in the feel of the piddle splashing over her fingers. She came in a moment, her body rigid, moans of pleasure escaping her throat, the last trickles of urine running into her soaked, smelly panties, her bum grinding in the puddle that made it obvious that a the curvy, 22-year old girl had just deliberately wet the bed and then shamefully brought herself off in it.

Fay relaxed once more, twisting her body and legs around so that she rolled in her piss-patch as much as she could. It spread up her back and down the backs of her thighs, and the duvet was wet too. Still idly playing with her tits (she loved them and well understood the power they had over guys) she considered going back to sleep, but wasn’t really tired. After revelling in her mess for a few minutes longer, Fay finally hauled herself out of bed. What to wear wasn’t even a consideration – she’d noticed that she loved the dirty smell of her new toilet habits, so left her soggy briefs on and pulled on yesterday’s bra, socks, vest and sweatpants, all of which had a faint smell of her and Andy’s pee.

Fay was halfway through her second cup of coffee and a bowl of bran when she heard the door to the apartment open and close, and her flatmate, Nadia, walked in. She hadn’t seen Nadia since Sunday, but that wasn’t unusual as her friend kept odd hours. What was unusual was that on Saturday Nadia had, upon discovering Fay’s use of her PC, caned and humiliated Fay, spitting on her and making her drink Nadia’s piss. She’d then taken Fay out on Sunday and, in an unexplained move, given her to two men who’d fucked her. There was also the fact to consider that she’d pissed in Nadia’s bed yesterday morning – maybe that could get her the punishment she was after?

The 23-year old walked into the kitchen, her eye-catching beauty as ever impressing Fay. Nadia was taller, slimmer, lightly tanned and had full, 32DD breasts, with thick, black hair. The girls greeted each other with a smile and a hug, which Nadia broke, wrinkling her nose.

“Fay, honey – you smell like a men’s toilet!” Fay blushed. “Have you let someone else piss on you, you filthy little tramp?”

“Nadia, I…let’s go into the lounge.”

What followed was a sequential (almost) recounting of what Fay had been up to on her mad Monday since she’d last seen Nadia on Sunday night. Nadia looked incredulous, but didn’t interrupt as the litany of shame spilled forth from her beautiful flatmate. Fay paused after recounting pissing herself in bed this morning, and decided she may as well tell all – so admitted to the one thing that she’d left out, which was pissing in Nadia’s bed and then pooping herself on purpose. At this last revelation, bostancı escort Nadia frowned.

“Show me!” she demanded. Meekly, Fay led the older girl into her room, pulling back the duvet to show the large, roughly oval pee stain in Nadia’s bed. “Get in it, Fay. Get in bed.” The tone of dominant command in Nadia’s voice sent a thrill through Fay’s pussy, and she complied, climbing into the now-dry bed. Next to her, Nadia glared at her as she slipped out of her jeans and panties, then climbed into bed, but standing over Fay, staring down at her. Realising exactly what was about to happen, tears of humiliation filled Fay’s eyes, but her nipples were again alive and her slit was wet.

As Fay had expected, Nadia started to piss on her. As Fay was still wearing her vest and sweatpants, these quickly became soaked as Nadia’s hot stream sprayed out from between her lips. The dark-haired beauty aimed as well as she could, directing the flow over Fay’s face, down across her body and over her hips and pussy. Her piss was hot and yellow, and without even being asked the redhead opened her mouth, catching splashes of pee in her mouth and swallowing eagerly. By the time Nadia had finished, the last trickles running down her thighs, Fay was laying in a pool of girl-pee in a bed for the second time that day.

Getting down off the bed, Nadia hauled Fay to her feet roughly, grabbing a handful of the peed on girl’s red curls. “You can be as dirty as you want in your room you little pervert,” scolded Nadia. “But I’ll show you what happens when you come into my room.” Spinning Fay around, she quickly pulled down the wet sweatpants around Fay’s ankles and pushed her face forward to the bed. Fay stumbled with her knees against the bed frame, and ended face down with her face and chest in the piss patch but with her rounded bottom, encased in damp, dirty knickers, pointing upwards. Her face was in a pool of pee. Without a further word, Nadia slapped the flat of her palm against Fay’s bottom, spanking hard, again and again. She didn’t warm up, just laid in as hard as she could, smacking and smacking so that she covered the whole of Fay’s round cheeks with a hard punishment, from the tops of her thighs to top of her buttocks. Fay was crying from both pain and humiliation as the spanking continued, Nadia’s pee soaking into her top and filling her mouth and nose as the impact of each spank jolted her into the bed.

However, as much as her bottom and thighs were burning under Nadia’s punishing hand, Fay was close to heaven. Her pussy was as hot as ever, and she started to press her face and breasts into the wet bedding, grinding her boobs and sucking at the sheet so that her mouth was full of the heavy taste of Nadia’s piss. At the same time she arched her spine, offering her curvy bottom up, entreating Nadia to smack her as hard and as long buca escort as the dark-haired girl wanted.

Taking a fistful of her copper curls, Nadia hauled Fay back to her feet and turned her to face her. Tears rolled down her cheeks, already wet with pee, but her nipples poked clearly through the soggy material of her vest and her eyes were filled with lust. Overcome, Nadia grabbed Fay in a rough hug, kissing her fiercely, tongue probing the younger girl’s mouth, their heavy breasts crushed against one another. Nadia fondled and squeezed at Fay’s tender, full bottom, delighting in the winces of pain as she gripped the sore buttocks. The fell onto the bed together, Nadia not caring that she was now on her back in her own piss. She pushed Fay down the bed, instructing her “Lick me,” in an imperious tone.

Fay did as she was told, curling on her side and burying her face between Nadia’s thighs. She licked at the lips that had so recently pissed over her, tasting the splashes of urine, tracing her tongue up Nadia’s inner thighs to get the salty liquid, before concentrating her tongue on her pussy. Nadia moaned, using her hands to play with her own boobs, focusing on the lovely sensations Fay was giving her. As she lapped and probed with her tongue, Fay let her mind concentrate on how she felt. Her bottom and thighs were stinging, but the warm glow was already fading. A spanking wasn’t what she wanted – or at least, wasn’t all. The extra pain from a paddle or cane was what she needed now. The fact that her body was filthy was her own and Nadia’s piss, was an extra thrill, and she loved revelling in how dirty she was being and the fact that her clothes were stained and smelly made her cunt tingle. She also realised that this morning’s coffee and cereal had acted how she hoped. She decided not to draw Nadia’s attention, so carried on licking at her friend’s pussy as she relaxed herself.

At first nothing happened, and she was worried that she’d make Nadia cum before she managed to do what she planned. But then she felt her midriff tighten, and she relaxed again, pushing slightly and thrilling as a soft, warm lump of shit squeezed out of her pouting anus and into her dirty knickers. The piece of poo slimed over her bottom, resting against the cheek, held in by the elastic of her pants. Unaware of what was happening, Nadia moaned and pushed Fay’s head hard against her pussy as her own excitement built. Fay pushed again and a second turd squeezed into her panties, flattening against the material as the pouch filled with warm mess. Nadia heard Fay grunt, but presumed it was just in pleasure from licking her out. Then she heard a soft fart, and paid more attention through the impending orgasm. Just as Fay’s tongue teased her clit in the exact spot she needed and Nadia’s orgasm shook her body, she heard the crackle of a thick log of poo squashing into Fay’s shit-filled panties, and she noticed the smell coming from the other girl.

It was so filthy, but it tipped Nadia further over the edge, and second orgasm followed the first as she writhed in pleasure, her flatmate’s head between her legs, in a piss-soaked bed, being eaten out by a girl who’d just shit herself. Could the day get any dirtier?

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