Factory – 17

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“17, you’re up!” he heard barked at him through the door.

He’d just spent his first restless night at this place. At least he got a place to sleep alone. The first two weeks in the other sleeping area had been agony. Stripped naked, blasted with hot soapy water then torturously waxed bare – for what?! What did he do to deserve this?! He couldn’t get any answers either. From the moment he woke up at the facility he was forbidden to speak. He learned that the hard way after a few days. Every time he began to ask a question or speak in any way to the doctors – at least that’s what he thought they were – he received a sharp chop across the throat. It gagged and choked him. He couldn’t understand why he was being treated this way. At 18, he was an adult now but being treated like an animal or some slab of meat.

The food was good and after the dreadful body wax, he was more or less comfortable. He just couldn’t find any reason why he was here, surrounded by all these people wearing medical scrubs. It seemed like some kind of cross between a prison, hospital, and resort. He would occasionally see other guys, perhaps a few years older and far more muscular, but he never had the chance to talk to any of them. They were always chaperoned and lead around on leashes – surely they were all prisoners here, but for what?

A loud electronic buzzing at the door to his room startled him. The door swung open and in walked a gruff looking orderly. “Up!” he commanded.

17 quickly jumped to his feet from his small chair. The attendant grabbed hold of a collar and attached a leash as if he were some sort of animal. “Let’s go.”

17 shuffled behind the orderly as they went down a long corridor full of closed doors that must be other cells. It was all so dark when he was put into his room last night. He looked at some of the other staff of the facility that exchanged glances back. They would snicker to one another then go back about their tasks, making notes on clipboards, reviewing lists, shaking vials.

The orderly walked to the end of the corridor and sat 17 down in one of four chairs sitting along the wall. The orderly walked over to an open door where another attendant, a lady, was standing; both peered in the room. The two exchanged words, chuckled a bit then the male attendant that brought him here began to walk away. “Stay here” he commanded. 17 glanced over at the orderly in the door way that was still gazing in the room. She looked back down at 17 then back into the room.

He could hear some repetitious commotion in the room – nothing eerie or terrifying, just that there were others in the room behind him. He heard a bingöl escort some papers rustling, things being shifted around and then the attendant in the door disappeared in the room. Moments later she emerged holding a leash followed closely by a guy a few years older than him, only bigger and stronger, and the poor chap was walking bowlegged. He had a brow of perspiration and he was slow and lethargic. “He must be sick, poor fellow,” he thought.

Out from the door came the doctor or nurse or whoever she was. This lady was much bigger than the attendant that just lead the other guy away. She had a round face, whispy greying red hair. She reminded him of one of the lunch ladies he’d seen at school growing up. She walked over, gave a smirk at his relatively small size, and grabbed 17’s leash. “Let’s go,” she said and ushered him into the room.

“Great, another physical,” he thought as he entered the room. She had a tray of supplies on the counter, an examination table in one corner, a scale in another, and some odd cable dangling in the center of the room attached to a winch. She lead him to the center of the room and removed his shirt. She then attached his leash to the cable, walked back over to the door and pressed a button which raised his leash up above his head. Upon realizing what she was doing, he got an anxious trapped feeling. She walked over to the tray of supplies and grabbed a scanner, scanned a label on one of the cups then walked over to him and scanned something on his collar. She set the scanner back on the counter, put on some rubber gloves, grabbed the plastic cup she’d just scanned, and a tube of what looked like toothpaste. She sat her considerable heft down on the rolling doctor’s stool and rolled over beside him. As she did she noticed just how scrawny he was.

Setting down the cup and tube, she said “Arms up and hold onto the leash. Do not let go, understand?”

He was still a little nervous about what all this was, but 17 complied still the same. As soon as he did she quickly and deftly dropped the elastic waistband of his pants. Standing there stark naked in front of this total stranger was utterly humiliating. She was on his right side, one leg in front of him, one leg behind him. He looked down at his flaccid penis hanging above the lady’s rather large thigh. She opened the tube she brought with her squirted out some clear gel on one hand and rubbed them together. She then grabbed his small pecker between her index finger and thumb and began to tug it vigorously.

“Hey!” he exclaimed almost involuntarily. It was met with a sharp chop to the throat. She glared at him with an incredible bitlis escort fury that commanded silence as she continued her rapid pace. The cool air on his hairless privates and the warm hands of this woman had an effect on him. His small penis began to grow. She continued the assault. If she was trying to masturbate him, she was much too rough and robotic. Far faster than he cared for – she was relentless. All 17 could do was close his eyes and try to get some enjoyment from this. What could possibly be going on?!

Harder and harder he got as she pulled and pulled on his small, diminutive penis. It wasn’t as enjoyable as one would hope, but he was as hard as he’d ever been before. Nobody had ever touched him before and it was beginning to feel nice, at least a little. Just then she stopped. 17’s eye shot open and he looked down. She was squirting more gel onto her gloved hands. This time she rubbed it on her left hand. With her large right hand, she continued her overzealous pace of tugging. He watched as her hand worked his shaft. Her fingers were about the same size as his cock. She paused for a moment, rubbed his balls then returned to jerking. She used one foot to spread his feet wider and wider apart as he stood in front of her. He began to get used to the feeling, it wasn’t so awful, really.

Just then, 17 felt the woman’s large hand across on his bare ass. She was able to span both his young cheeks with one hand. She smoothed his bottom for a bit then moved lower. She wedged her hand between his cheeks and legs. She found that comfortable spot between his legs, right between his balls and his asshole. “Oh, now this is nice,” he thought. But she went further backward with her hand. “What?!”

Suddenly he felt her goo-covered gloves finger find his entrance. “Oh no,” he thought as he gripped the overhead leash tighter.

Then with one strong push she jammed not one but two fingers right up his bum! The searing pain! It felt as if she’d just ripped into him. His whole body stiffened with the intrusion. Her other hand continued its jerking and began to caress his young cock. Her huge chest now leaned closer to him and pressed against his hips, he was wedged between her enormous breasts. One hand up his rear, the other coaxing him to orgasm. He wanted to scream out but knew a swift chop would be the response. He felt so full – it was too much.

Her left hand began to pump in and out of his small, tight, virgin opening. He felt strange. It was a mixture of a stretching, burning pain, the urge to poop, and something that just felt… warm, full, and… good. While her right hand pumped him, her left hand bolu escort began a relentless assault on his backdoor. It felt good and hurt at the same time. Would she ever stop or slow down? It felt as if he was having to poop only to feel filled up again and then emptied again. It was relief and disbelief at the same time.

Then, in the midst of his confusion he felt it. He wasn’t sure what was happening but something incredible was growing in him. A warm, wonderful feeling from deep, deep inside him. It felt like it was coming from his penis but deeper than he’d felt before.

The incredibly strong, large woman felt his young body begin to tense with anticipation. If she’d felt it once, she’d felt it a thousand times – this one was getting ready. She was pulling and tugging his young, thin cock while blasting his little hole with the other – it worked every time. She paused her jerking motion to reach down and grab the cup. She placed the cup over the head of her young subject’s small, stiff cock. Her left hand pummeling away at his backdoor, he now felt the urge to pee growing toward the tip of his cock. It wouldn’t be long now, but her left hand didn’t let up. He spread his legs further to almost sit on the hand that was brutalizing his butthole. It hurt but he wanted more.

His legs grew weaker and weaker and he sagged against his overhead restraint. It was all becoming too much. “Hold the cup,” she commanded. She resumed tugging his stiffened member with her fingers, his body began to tense. Tighter and tighter he grew as her left hand pumped his rectum and her right hand finger-jerked his little peter. His body tighted. His small butt cheeks clasped onto her mechanical left hand pumping in and out of him. He arched his shoulder backward as she continued milking his young prostate. Then, as if all his tension exited his body as one time he blasted into the cup he was ordered to hold. Three short strings of thin cum shot from his dick right into the waiting vessel.

The bossy woman’s hand exited his rectum as quickly as it had barged in. She slipped off her gloves, tossed them in the trash and grabbed the cup from 17. She snapped the lid closed and returned it to the tray. 17 was woozy from the onslaught. His legs were weak, he was tired, he was breathing heavy and he felt a twinge of sweat run down his temple. He turned and jumped to see the attendant from before standing in the doorway. She and the lady exchanged glances and a smirk. The attendant walked in, pulled up his pants, dressed him with his shirt and lowered his leash from the cable.

As she was leading him out the door, the bigger lady followed closely behind him though he could barely walk. His ass felt like it was on fire. Exiting the room, 17 noticed 2 others sitting in the chairs where he was.

“Next,” said the bossy woman as the attendant led 17 down the hall back to his private room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32