Evolution Ch. 02

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I feel like I was never very successful at being a man. It’s part of the reason I am enacting this transition. I’ve struggled with my sexuality since I was a boy, and the overwhelming feeling I have now is that I wish, for my own and everyone else who has ever been involved in my life, that I’d determined to do this earlier. I would have enjoyed a fuller existence, a more honest one, had I become the woman I am becoming at a much younger age.

There always seemed other obligations, and I was truly torn apart by guilt, indecision, and the choices I made. I wanted to make. I knew it would be easier to make it in the real world if I approached it “normally”. So I went in that direction. I wanted to anyway. It didn’t, as it turned out, really become the easy way. Perhaps there is no easy way, not with this deeply diverse nature, these disparate desires.

Even as I started a family, the lure of the other side was never very far away. I remember that after my second child was born I, through mutual agreement, underwent a vasectomy. In preparation, I was asked by the doctor to shave my privates prior to the operation. I did so, and I found the feeling of hairlessness exhilarating. I kept the area shaved, and indeed used the operation as an excuse to begin shaving my legs as well, something I kept doing for the duration of the winter. Only the coming summer months, with the promise of trips to the beach, and wearing of shorts, stopped me from keeping my legs smooth and hairless. I was, after all, a “normal” guy. Even if sometimes I stopped at an adult bookstore on the side of the bypass and took a place in one of the booths, hoping that someone would have the urge to offer a hard cock. I remember one evening, standing in the hallway in front of the booths. There was a white haired man standing at the far end of the hall, his blue eyes drilling a hole right through me. I was so shaken I went into one of the booths- bursa eskort I wasn’t used to being so aggressively pursued, and he was indeed openly pursuing me. My breathing came hard, the great excitement and fear I felt!

I went into a booth very near where he stood- I was much too intimidated to look him in the eye as I passed. I closed the door, but did not lock it, and sat down.

I heard the door to the adjoining booth close, and a shuffling in the dark as the plastic chair was adjusted. I bent down to better see who was in the booth, my breath fast with anticipation, shaking and excited. I saw the white hair in the dim light as the show began. He was standing, feeding tokens into the video monitor.

He looked down to where I was watching, and I saw him smile as he reached for the zipper of his jeans. I couldn’t take my eyes away as he unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants, then his white skivvies. The long, hard cock was throbbing, jutting straight out from his body. I licked my lips, and he turned toward the hole.

It was heaven, his hard meat filling me, forcing my jaws wide, my lips wrapped around his pole, sucking him from the back of my throat. I took him as deep as I could, slavering over him, desperate for his come. At some point he pulled away, leaning down and whispering through the hole, “I’m coming over…”

“Please…” was all I could think to say. Seconds later the door to the booth opened, and there he was towering over me, making me feel very small and insignificant.

“Take it out.” He ordered.

I reached up and undid his belt, slowly. The front of pants tented out deliciously from the hardness underneath.

“Do the zipper with your teeth?” He smiled.

“I rubbed my cheek against the hardness of his cock, through his jeans. I took the zipper between my teeth and pulled, and it slowly lowered. When I finished, I looked up at him, and saw him smiling down bursa escort at me. I looked into his eyes as I pulled gently down on the pants, and then his underpants. I was breathing so hard, breath coming in ragged gulps.

“Relax,” he said gently, “Relax and enjoy it.” He put both of his hands on the back of my head and pulled me toward his waiting manhood. I didn’t need the guidance. I wanted nothing more than to be servicing his beautiful cock. But I also felt, through the force of his hands, the surge of his power, dominating me, taking me, making me his little cocksucker. And enjoy it I did- I loved it. He fucked my mouth hard, sliding down deeper and deeper into my throat. I thought I would gag at first, but then I felt myself open to him, taking him in deep as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I cupped his balls gently in my fingers, caressing, and felt him press me harder onto his cock as he began to slam into me.

Then I felt his come spray into my throat, and I sucked down every delicious drop of him, feeling it running into me, thirsty for him and his hot salty come, feeling it consecrate me, baptize me into this wonderful new world, the world of belonging to him, to become His, His little girl. I wanted to cry I was so overcome. I sucked on his cock like a hungry infant until he became soft, luxuriating in the warmth of his caress as he stroked my hair, my cheek.

I caught, out of the corner of my eye, another hard cock jutting from the glory hole, throbbing, in need. I looked at it, at least eight inches long and fat, hard and ready, then looked up at Him.

He smiled, and said, “You should take care of the man, sweetheart. Go ahead.” Then he bent down and kissed me on the lips forcefully, and repeated, “Go ahead, sweetie.”

He had me kneel before the hole, and took the seat behind me. He pushed my head toward the waiting cock, and as I approached, bursa escort bayan I opened my lips and kissed the thick head, licking the drop of pre-cum from the tip of it. Then He pushed, gently and firmly, pushing me forward onto the hard, waiting cock, and I gulped and sucked as the monster slid into me. While I sucked, swirling my tongue, growing feverish again for the hardness, thirsty again for the taste of come running deep into me, He unbuttoned my shirt and began to caress my breasts, tweaking my nipples, then squeezing them between His rough fingers, pulling them out and away from my chest. It was driving me wild, and I had the feeling that my chest was on fire as I bobbed up and down on the unknown stranger’s cock, and I started moaning uncontrollably.

He leaned forward, whispering into my ear. “Suck that cock, baby…yes, suck it in, feel the way it dominates you, little cunt, cocksucking whore, sweet little slut…My sweet slut, suck it all in…”

I felt the cock in my mouth stiffen, the begin shooting stream after stream of spunk into my mouth, coming in buckets, faster than I could swallow, though I tried so hard to take it all. And I came at the same time, overwhelmed by His nasty talk, the heat , the excitement of the cock in my mouth, and the electric feel of his rough fingers teasing and torturing my nipples and chest, puling and twisting and squeezing the nipples relentlessly. It was the first time I’d ever achieved an orgasm without any kind of attention being paid to my hopeless little cock. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

The stranger in the next booth pulled away from my mouth, and some come ran down my cheek and onto my chin. He took His finger and caught the runaway come, pushing it back up and onto my lips.

“Take this, little slut. You have to take it all.” He said, pushing his come-covered fingers through my soft lips. I opened them, and licked the come from His finger, and then, compelled by need, began to suck on His finger, looking up into His blue eyes, adoring, overwhelmed with lust, gratitude, obedience, and submission.

I became His pet, His slut. Gladly, gratefully, lovingly becoming His.

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