Eric’s Internship

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Gaping Pussy

Eric sat fidgety in the metallic blue chair outside the daunting office door, with the name “Executive Mrs. Rose” in gold bold letters.

The secretary clicked away at the keys nearby at her oaky desk holding all sorts of files, spotting papers stacked on her desk. He wouldn’t even be able to know where to start trying to comprehend the meaning of all the numbers and order’s that flow almost endlessly amongst the papers.

He fiddled with his ironed khakis jeans, careful not to crinkle them too much but his nerves were on edge. Looking up at the ticking clock on the wall next to the secretary. He had only been sitting here for five minutes but it felt like hours had passed by.

“Calm down, I will be in and out before I know it. Everything will go smoothly.” He told himself in whispers.

The secretary adjusts her glasses after looking at the nervous young man for the briefest of moments, returning back to her own work. Time ticks slowly by in the chilled office air, finally a click of the door knob and out swings the door, seeing a young woman in a black pencil skirt fitted tightly against her round bottom, a button up white blouse, and a black cardigan. She exited Mrs. Rose’s office.

Turning around in her red heels, the young woman smiled with her ruby lips. “Thank you, I will wait eagerly for your call!” Giving a soft warm giggle, turning around and walking confidently out.

Eric watched the young woman’s every step sway her hips, as if his palms were not sweaty enough. He now felt this vibrant young woman was perhaps here for the same internship he was here for, with the sounds of it. It went all too good for her. He slunk down into his seat feeling he had been defeated before he was even given a chance.

The door how-ever remained open, the secretary tilted her head slightly towards him. “Mrs. Rose will see you now young man.”

Eric took a calming breath, releasing it quickly. He stood up, wiped his hands off on his khaki pants, straightened up his red tie that went nicely against his white buttoned up shirt and walked as confidently as he could into the office room, closing the door behind him.

Inside the large office space is a wall of windows along the back near the desk. The wall in her office decorated with fancy art, and motto’s for work space mentality.

A large steel desk in the center of the room with a professional looking business woman smiling at him from behind the desk. She wears bright ruby red lipstick, complimenting her soft white skin. Obvious she uses plenty of moisturizer as her skin has a nice glow. Her brows thin and well plucked, enhancing her bright blue eyes.

Eric thought the young woman who left was a knock out, this woman was simply flawless. Stepping forward as best he could not to be too timid in her presence. She stood up and greeted him with a firm hand shake.

“Hello, nice to meet you. I am Mrs. Rose.” Her voice was entrancing. Eric felt she could easily have swayed him to do what-ever she wanted with the voice alone.

“Hello, I am uh- Eric. Eric Clemble.” He gritted his teeth at the fumble of words, practicing his introduction over and over in his head prior to stepping in and choking when it actually came to saying it.

Mrs. Rose simply just smiled clasping her hands in front of her, she wore a tight black button up shirt, a white and black stripped skirt, and thigh high black stockings from what he could see. His mind instantly wondered what color her panties were.

He internally yelled at himself. “focus, dumb ass! You need this job; this is the job that will have you set for life come on!”

The flustered young man took a seat in a soft black leather sofa chair. Having two identical next to each other, he opted in for the left one closest to the door. Mrs. Rose ran her hands under her ass and down her skirt as she sat. Even with button up black shirt, Eric could still see the perky hard nipples of this business woman’s chest peeking out.

Clearing his throat, he gave an uncomfortable smile.

She lifted up a folder on the wooden table giving a raised thin brow. “So, Eric. Tell me what exactly you expect to learn from this company during your time here?”

Eric thought for a moment, his mind scrambled. Even though he had rehearsed this multiple times with his own mother he was left short of answers.

“Well, I umm… Let’s see. I hope to earn a wide range of experience with everything I learn here. I even hope to dream that I can accomplish the tasks you put before me.”

The brunette woman tucked her straight brown hair behind her left ear as she hid a smirk behind the folder she held up between them. Not wanting the poor kid to know she was laughing at him internally.

Taking a moment to regain her composure. “So, you hope to dream. That’s a pretty big hope you have there.” She teases.

Eric feels his cheeks heating up in embarrassment. “Yeah, heh… just really nervous.”

The woman lowers the manila folder with his paper work. “Nervous? You shouldn’t be nervous. escort izmir This is a great company to work for and we would be lucky to have a young man like yourself.”

She continued on, pointing at his folder. “You have remarkable grades, this company is one of the finest around and you seem to be a good fit.”

“Really?” He asked, doubting her words.

She reassures him with a single stern nod of her head. “Of course. Now why don’t you tell me why you are nervous?”

His eyes go a bit wide, he couldn’t possibly tell her it was due to her beauty. That would make him seem pitiful. Brushing a hand through his dirty blonde short hair he quickly thought up something else.

“I just, really need this job. It’s something I have wanted for a long time coming.” Telling a half lie.

Her full red lips curled into a seductive smile. “Alright, well let’s continue.”

The rest of the interview went smoothly for Eric, he felt his answers were a bit lacking of what she was seeking for. But he gave his best. Mrs. Rose filled out his folder in response to his answers.

She had a bad habit of chewing on the end of her pen when she was in thought of what to put, quickly jotting down her notes before closing the folder and standing up extending out a hand.

“Alright, I think we got all we need. You will receive a call within two days letting you know if you got the job or not. But from what I have seen, looks good for you.” She smiles brightly.

Eric shakes her hand back firmly. “Thank you! I appreciate this opportunity, Mrs. Rose. I hope I hear a call back from you!”

She nodded and politely motioned him to the door. “Of course, as long as the rest of this goes well. I hope to be returning that call.”

Forgetting all about the young woman from before, he felt confident about this interview.

A day and a half passed and still no word. Eric was getting a bit antsy sitting in his room, constantly checking his cell phone for volume, messages, missed calls. Nothing. He gave a heavy sigh, moving from his bed to his computer desk he sat there pushing away his college books to the side and pulling out his key board.

Not to long into his unimportant searches on the web, his phone began to ring. Fumbling to pick it up he accidentally answered it while doing so.

“Shit!” he exclaimed accidentally.

Mrs. Rose on the other end of the line gave a small chuckle. “Uh, Hello? Is this Eric?”

Eric quickly shifted the phone in his hands and brought it to his ear. “Hi! Sorry, yes! Who is this?”

“Mrs. Rose.” Her voice through the phone still sounded just as seductive. She could be a damn sex phone operator and Eric would be her number one caller.

“Oh, Yes. Mrs. Rose, thank you for calling!”

“Well, Eric it seems everything went smoothly. You got the job!”

Eric danced around excitedly in his small chair. “Great! I am happy to hear!” He tried his best to remain calm over the phone with his new boss.

“Great, I am glad to hear you say that. There is also a catch to this however.”

Eric blinked a few moments. A catch? What was she talking about? “Uh, and that is?”

“Well, the woman who was here prior to you. She did exceptionally well. My own boss chose her, I told her you were also just as qualified and she agreed. So after a small debate, we decided.There will be a three-month trial period in which you both work alongside me, as interns. Whom-ever is given the better report at the end wins.”

Eric feeling the heavy weight of this hit him all at once. “So I am not the only one competing for this, job even now after I passed my interviews?”

“Well, this is a first time for both of us.” A small chuckle from her end. “I figure you both will do excellent. The experience alone will be a great boost to further career paths.”

Eric feeling a bit on edge now, having to compete with another. It hit him all of a sudden, this other competitor was also a smoking hot blonde.

He sighed quietly enough Mrs. Rose didn’t hear it on the other end.

“I see, well I will be more than eager to start as soon as possible.” Trying his best to sound enthusiastic.

“Great! Well, you have the weekend to yourself. But starting Monday, we would like to see you bright and early at six o’clock on the dot! Just come back by my office then. Wear something similar to what you wore the other day in my office, everything else is just doing as I instruct.”

Eric nodded into the phone. “Alright, I can do that. I will see you then. Thanks again.”

“Thank you, Eric. Bye.”

He hung up the phone and groaned running his hands through his hair. “Dammit, this couldn’t just be a cake walk could it!” He sighs and stands up heading into the living room to tell his Aunt the good news.

The weekend passed by all too fast for Eric, his nerves were once again sweeping over him. Stepping through the elevator doors after the high pitched ding.

He walks through the hallway, his dress shoes clicking against the floor escort izmir causing an echo. Taking a left at the cross section in between he enters the first door to his left, the small waiting room outside Mrs. Rose’s office. The secretaries desk empty, a faint noise comes from Mrs. Rose’s office.

He clears his throat, closing the door behind him before heading into her office. Giving a gentle knock against the blurred window door.

“Hello?” He speaks before opening the door and stepping inside.

Inside the room stands Mrs. Rose and the young attractive woman. Both looked stunning, especially to a guy who has studied far too much and dated far too little.

He clenched his jaw as both their heads swung in his direction. Mrs. Rose giving him a pleasant smile, as she turns she reveals her top being less buttoned than their previous meeting.

Eric noticed instantly, the top of her large white breasts threatening to spill out. The skin smooth; a faint glow to them. She must have noticed because she slipped her gentle hand upon her chest as if trying to cover it giving a giggle.

“Well, Hello there. How was getting up this early?” She played coy.

Blushing a faint crimson. “It wasn’t all that bad. I am willing to do anything for this job.”

Mrs. Rose removed her hand, turning to walk to her desk. “That’s excellent to hear.”

With Mrs. Rose out of the way. Eric saw the young woman wearing a simple stripped T-shirt, with a nice short navy blue skirt that stopped at her knees.

A red bow sitting neatly in her hair that accented her red lips perfectly. The only thing that made him feel uneasy about her, was the deathly stare he was getting from her narrowed eyes.

“Um, Hi.” His voice threatening to crack.

Having to clear his throat with a single cough.

The woman lightened up on her stare, only briefly before rolling her eyes and turning towards Mrs. Rose.

Mrs. Rose chuckled. “This is Melony, she told me in all honesty. She is very competitive. Which is a good thing here!”

Eric turned his head at Mrs. Rose who shuffled through her desk. “It is?”

“Mhm, I will be giving you both similar tasks through these trial periods. The one who can’t keep up will be let go the moment I feel confident they are not the one. So you both need to work extra hard.”

The young woman walked quickly towards the large office desk. “Of course I will. I want this job more than anyone!” exclaiming confidently.

Eric felt a bit intimidated by this aggressive woman’s words. She really did want this, and bad. How is he going to compete with someone so determined? Taking two steps closer to the desk himself.

“I want this job just as bad, and I will prove it.” His voice was a little sterner than he intended. But he wanted to make sure they both knew he was here to win this job.

Mrs. Rose nodded to the both of them. “Very well, Let’s start with morning routines.” She reaches into her desk drawer and pulls out a large stack of blank papers.

“Take these down the hall to the left. There will be a copier, I ask you to bring paper with you just in case they did not refill it overnight.”

Mrs. Rose proceeded by pointing to a small table next to the doorway.

“On that table every morning will be either a file, or piece of paper, or something that needs to be copied. Much like the paper I have sitting over there now. I will explain why after you two return with twenty pages each.”

Melody briskly brushed past Eric and grabbed most of the papers from Mrs. Rose politely as she could, turning she grabbed one of the papers off the small table on her way out. Eric taking the remaining stack of papers and grasping his sheet off the table.

With a quick pace in his steps he caught up to Melody whom seemed to be looking from door to door for the copier. With only the three of them there so early, she wasn’t afraid of running into anyone else by accident


“What’s wrong with you? Come on, I know this is for the same job. But do you really have to be so pushy?”

Melody turned on her heels with a swift motion, placing her finger firmly against his chest. “Let’s get one thing straight. I wanted this job, I had this job until you showed up. So why don’t you keep your mouth shut, or get the hell out.”

Eric gave her a confused look. Could someone be this bitter cold about a job? Yes, it was something that could set their future but he refused to believe that money was worth crushing everyone else in the way. He watched as she turned and continued on down the hall until she went inside the copier room, finally finding it.

He took a breath and shook his head, following her inside a moment later she was printing off her copies. Turning around she folded her arms staring him down.

“What?” He questioned her.

“You are still here.” A bit annoyed with him not leaving.

He shrugged at her. “Going to take more than that to get rid of me.”

She narrowed her eyes. “If I fuck you will you leave?”

He dropped his casual expression and instantly went slack-jaw. “Wh-What? No… No, you want me to fuck you? Are you serious?”

She nodded. “Yes, I fuck you. You leave.”

He scoffed at her. “Yeah, no… I am not giving you the satisfaction.”

She gave a small huff, turning around as the copier finished. She took her papers and pushed him aside making her way to the door. “You are missing out.”

He rolled his eyes as Melody left. “Yeah right…” He said lowly to himself before turning and printing off his own copies.

Waiting for the copier to finish, the flash of light beamed out in rhythm. His mind began to wonder, would fucking her be worth it? What if he lost this competition anyway, at least he would get a good fuck before leaving this way?

Shaking his head, he pushed the thoughts out of his mind.

“No, I am going to win this. I need to keep a winning attitude.”

Entering the room shortly after Melody, he shut the door behind himself and walked over to the desk.

Mrs. Rose was typing on her computer, Melody sat patiently in one of the black leather sofa chairs in front of the desk. She stood up when Eric approached and looked to their boss.

“Alright Now. Here is a list of names and numbers, along with what floors they are on. The numbers represent which door they are on the floor, if you notice at the top right of each doorway is a number. So go take those papers and deliver them, be quick about it we have a busy morning.”

The morning was busy. Between coffee runs, lunch runs, running errands, it was an exhausting first day on the job. He entered his home around four pm. groaning when he took off his shoes, he went and sat on the couch. He looked for the remote but with it no-where to be seen he sighed, he stood up and headed to the kitchen.

Shifting about in the fridge he couldn’t find anything he was really hungry for, more just wanting a snack. Suddenly he heard a faint noise. Straightening up he quietly listened. He could hear it repeatedly, coming from the hall leading towards his bedroom.

Did he leave his T.V on? He stepped into the hall stopping at his room, the noise wasn’t coming from there. It was coming further down in his aunt’s room. He raised a brow as the noises seemed like they could be her in distress.

Stepping closer he could make out another voice now. He was starting to get an idea that his aunt had company over, but he had to be sure this random guy wasn’t hurting her. He slowly tip-toed on the carpeted hall floors towards his aunt’s bedroom door, carefully pushing it open.

Inside his aunt was half naked, her large chest bouncing up and down free from a tight white t-shirt. Her pussy covered by a red plaid mini-skirt but her red panties hugged around her right ankle. She was fucking some guy Eric didn’t recognize, but that didn’t really bother him.

He was used to this by now. With both his parents having died when he was young, his mother’s younger sister had taken him in. She always seemed to have a guy over all the time. Always seeing her with other men, whom would buy her things and pay for bills as long as she was giving it up.

Eric accepted this truth at a young age, when he had discovered that she wasn’t just doing it to be wild. It was her way of income. She had a great body, wide hips, flat stomach, large breasts that jiggled with every step. Her ass wasn’t all too big, how-ever growing up. His friends always commented on how they wanted to shove their dicks into her rock hard ass. He put up with their comments, since he always seemed to be scarce on friends.

So now watching this man fuck his aunt in what he could best describe the outfit she was in as a school girl uniform. He decided to watch for a few moments, with all the blood now rushing towards his cock.

He wasn’t thinking to clearly on just leaving them be. His aunt was facing in Eric’s direction, with her hands on the man’s chest, Eric could easily make out the hard pink erect nipples as his aunt bounced along the stranger’s shaft.

“Yes, that’s it daddy. Fuck your little girl.” She cried out in pleasure as she continued to ride the mysterious man.

“Yeah! You like that baby girl? You like daddies, hard thick cock deep inside?”

“Oh god yes daddy! I can feel it hitting my womb!” She groaned.

Eric rolled his eyes, doubting he was really that big. She was just giving him what he wanted. Eric looked down at his pulsing member, sporting a full hard-on. He really needed to find a girl to fuck, and badly. The sad truth was; Eric was still a virgin.

Not that he was bad looking, he would consider himself slightly above the average looking guy. But with helping his mom around the house, and focusing on schooling. He never got a chance to actually date. Maybe he should have taken up that bitch Melody on her offer.

Looking back up, his aunt placed both her feet firmly on the bed, slamming her ass up and down on the man’s cock.

“Yes, daddy! Yes, oh god fill your baby girl with your seed! Don’t tell mommy, I want to have your baby daddy! Please fucking fill, me up!” She pleaded at him, playing the role of the fantasy.

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