Enslaved by Myself Ch. 05

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I had fully accepted my place as my clone’s personal slutty sex slave and did anything he asked. I became his cum bucket and fleshlight and secretly became addicted to being his. I was still attracted to girls more than guys, but I hadn’t seen a girl in months, in fact I hadn’t seen anyone in person for months, except for my master.

I had no choice but to crave him and his attention, especially considering how slutty my submissive side is. Unfortunately, my master started paying less attention to me, he fucked me much less often and less intensely and didn’t talk nearly as much.

At least I was still free to go on the internet and was allowed to chat anonymously with strangers, but I wanted more than that. I wanted love and affection and I wanted my ass to be pumped or my face to be humiliated. I still gave him blowjobs often, but he’d just cum in my mouth, I’d swallow like a good boy, and it would be over, it didn’t satisfy me. Of course, as a slave, I shouldn’t worry about my own needs and focus on my master’s needs, but I was still human

Later I found out that my master was in love with a girl and she became his girlfriend. I don’t know why he didn’t tell me about these things, perhaps because it made him feel vulnerable or maybe another reason. Whenever my clone had a girl over he locked me up, so I was sure she had been over before, but he wouldn’t tell me or show me her. However, he finally told me about her.

“I’m sure you remember her, we had a massive crush on her a few years ago.” He said.

I’ve had many crushes and wondered who it was, there were simply too many to even guess. I guessed anyway to prolong the conversation; “Is it Alicia? Maybe Danielle?” With these girls, I really thought I had a good chance but I never made a move back then.

“Nope, it’s Valerie, yes, that Valerie.” He said.

I felt almost shocked and my mouth opened and stayed like an O for over a minute. Valerie was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met, I always assumed she was far out of my league. I remembered her eyes, they were captivating and whenever I stared in them I felt something special. I had always assumed that it wasn’t mutual. I talked to her back then but she was so intimidatingly attractive that I made a fool out of myself.

“I’m sure you feel jealous, maybe I’ll let you suck her pussy juices from my cock soon.” He said teasingly.

“Yes master, please do, I’m really impressed and proud at this achievement,” I said excitedly.

“The thing is, I want her to move in with me, and I’m not sure what to do with you.” He said as he switched to a more serious tone.

“No, please, don’t lock me up more!” I pleaded.

He suddenly slapped me hard. “Shut the fuck up, bitch.” I started crying, it didn’t hurt much, but I was terrified that I’d be locked up all day every day. I’d get even less attention than lately and I would be limited to just my locked room. I couldn’t let that happen.

“No, you can’t, please, I beg of you, I need your attention.” I blurted out.

My master suddenly grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the floor. “How dare you speak to me like that, you pathetic whore? One more word and I’ll never let your out of this room again!” He responded furiously. He started kicking me hard. I just kept crying. He pulled my hair upwards so that I’d stand up and then pushed me hard, I landed on my bed. He undid his belt and used it to spank me as hard as he could. He rarely used his belt to spank me, and when he did he never did it that hard.

This time it hurt so much that my ass cheeks started bleeding and I bit my pillow to not yell out in pain. I didn’t count how many times he spanked me but he kept doing it at a rapid pace. I couldn’t do anything to stop him, I couldn’t even beg. I was terrified and it felt like I didn’t have many tears left.

Then he forcibly put my body in a position where I’d stick my ass up. He shoved his dry cock in my asshole and it hurt at first, but not compared to the spankings. He started fucking me hard, it still hurt a little but the pleasure far exceeded it. I still felt my ass cheeks bursa escort hurting like hell but the thick cock moving in and outside of ass felt amazing.

I wish it never stopped and my own cock tried bursting out of my chastity. It was no use though. After a few minutes I gave in to the pleasure and I came in chastity. My master didn’t notice and kept fucking me and calling me degrading terms. Even though I orgasmed I kept being horny.

Normally when I came I’d suddenly stop being horny, but not this time. My master kept going on for an amazing amount of time, I had no idea how long, but it kept feeling amazing. He finally came in my ass and during the cum spurting took his cock out and used his foreskin to keep the rest of the cum inside his dick.

He moved his cock towards my face and started facefucking me with his cum filled dick that was just in my ass. I’m sure my ass was clean and fucked even cleaner so I didn’t mind it much, I enjoyed the humiliation and degrading things he said. I missed being used like this. I’d swallow the remaining cum and sucked his cock clean. He made eye contact with me but I just looked down. I was still terrified even though I was secretly thankful for the rough fuck.

Usually, after a rough fuck I’d grab my master tightly and hug him. I attempted to this time, but he wouldn’t let me and suddenly left the room. I couldn’t move much afterward. I just lied there on my bed, my ass still full of semen, some of it slowly dripping out. I was out of tears and just cried without them. My cheeks were still red, bleeding a little and the pain lasted. After an hour or two I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with dried cum in my ass, a sore throat, and a headache. As I felt my ass I got horny again thinking about how I was used the night before. I had a strong urge to masturbate, but my cock was still locked in chastity. Recently my master had used a small amount of the money I made for him to buy a dildo in the exact shape of his cock and gave it to me as a gift.

I grabbed it and compared it with my locked cock. My cock was so small compared to it, I had always been a grower rather than a shower but I was sure that even when I got hard it wouldn’t be that big anymore, as if the chastity and emasculation had shrunk it permanently.

That thought turned me on even more and I imagined sucking my master’s cock while sucking the dildo. Apparently, I had changed completely, I’d degrade myself even when my master wasn’t there to see it. I made slutty sounds and worshipped the dildo as if it was a real cock. I was upset with my master, he didn’t give me any aftercare last night and was about to take my little bit of freedom again, but that didn’t stop me from imagining worshipping his cock. The dildo got completely wet and covered with my drool and I decide to put it in my ass. I started moaning and role-playing with myself as I fucked my ass with the dildo.

Some of the dried cum was pretty much being recycled. I humiliated myself by saying things out loud. “Please rape my ass master!” “I’m your pathetic fleshlight, master!” I didn’t care that no one was there to hear me, it turned me on regardless. My little cock on chastity couldn’t get hard but that didn’t mean I wasn’t extremely horny. It would take a lot longer to reach an orgasm though.

After half an hour of fucking myself, my master opened the door and just watched me. I was startled and stopped. I blushed hard and the told me to continue. “Continue with the dirty talk too you pathetic fleshlight.” He commanded. I realized that he must have been watching and listening before since he used the phrase I just used. My clone must have had placed a hidden camera and microphone in my room. Of course since my room and I are his property that is totally justified, but I felt embarrassed that he watched me like that. I continued fucking my ass and verbally degrading myself while he watched. I noticed a bulge in my master’s pants and felt proud about it.

“You sure must have enjoyed last night, sissy slave.” He told me while I was still fucking myself. He hadn’t called me that before yet.

“Yes görükle escort I’m your desperate sissy slave master, I love feeling degraded and exist only for your entertainment,” I responded while moaning between some words.

“I guess we like degradation more than I thought, I was thinking of going one step further.” My master said grinningly. I was worried at this point and I had no idea what he meant. I was worried he was thinking about feminizing me completely but thought that it didn’t make sense as we both didn’t like that and I’m definitely too tall and masculine to look like a girl.

“So tomorrow my lovely girlfriend will move in and I was thinking that it kind of makes you a cuck,” he said while laughing at me. I never had a cuckold fetish, however, the idea of cucking someone else had always intrigued me. “I should show you some pictures of me and Valerie, like our last date, you should see how beautiful she looks, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her too,” He said teasingly.

I was still fucking my ass and I orgasmed not much after, I was thinking of being cucked by my master, having to watch him fuck Valerie and it turned me on. My master unlocked the chastity cage and made me put my thin cum in my mouth. He showed me pictures of him and Valerie and she looked more beautiful than I can remember.

“She’s my submissive too you know, maybe you’ll be more jealous of her than of me,” he said while laughing. “Who would have thought that the gorgeous Valerie had this submissive side and would submit to me. I’m sure she wouldn’t have if I was still like you, she wouldn’t like a weak-willed loser like you.” He was right. He was pretty much bullying me with the truth. I would have never attracted Valerie myself, my clone has changed so much since he enslaved me.

I gave him everything, I gave him confidence, made him rich, and allowed him to practice his dominance. I should feel proud that my clone achieved it, but I just felt jealous that I couldn’t do that. I changed a lot too, but not in a good way, I was indeed weak-willed and naturally submissive by now, Valerie wouldn’t even notice me anymore.

“From now on I want you to watch cuckold porn and I want you to think about Valerie when you do. I will even allow you to masturbate as much as you want and you’ll be free from chastity for a while.” He told me while sending me albums of pictures with her to my phone. He also sent me their chat history. She had even sent him nudes. I thought by myself that I at least got to see them. My crush for her was renewed, but I still loved my master more. I politely thanked my master and he left.

I wasn’t horny anymore, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Valerie. I kept reading their chat messages and fantasized about being my clone. If only I was the master, I’d have been able to get Valerie myself and bullied my clone instead. I really did become a cuckold, he took all my hard-earned money, my dignity, my crush, and my freedom. I now regretted again how I submitted so easily and was thinking of plans to turn it around again, but I knew it was no use.

A few days later Valerie would arrive and stay for longer than a night. My master locked me up in my room, but he was nice enough to hang up some hidden cameras in the house, so I could watch her too. Of course, this made me feel more like a cuck too and my master wanted that. The cameras weren’t good quality but I could see her and she seemed genuinely happy to be there.

She was so sweet to my clone. I realized that I didn’t watch much cuckold porn yet but that my master ordered me to. so while thinking about Valerie I opened up some porn. It normally didn’t turn me on, but now thinking about Valerie it did. On top of that, it felt very degrading which of course turned me on even more.

Later that night I was watching the live camera in the living room and my master gave her a gift. She opened it and found it was a collar. It was such a good looking collar, much better than my shock-collar. She put it on and it made her even more beautiful. She got on her knees and started sucking off my escort bayan clone. I started touching my dick while watching. I was thinking that it could have been me being sucked off by my most beautiful crush.

But I was also worried that she’d take over my job as my master’s sex toy. “Why would he want me to suck him off if she can do it, she’s much more attractive than me and my clone and I prefer femininity.”I was thinking to myself. After a while, she swallowed his load and I came myself from just watching and jerking off. They went upstairs, where I had no cameras to watch. I was sure he fucked her hard that night, and I was jealous of both her asshole and his cock.

The next morning I woke up with a knock on my door. I was confused and just said, “Come in”. It wasn’t my clone that opened the door. It was Valerie and she had the keys.

“Wow, you really exist!” she said excitedly. I was shocked, my master not only told her about me, but she even let her meet me. I felt really shy and stuttered a hi. She offered me a handshake. “Nice to meet you, cuck clone, I’m Valerie.”

“I.. I.. Know.” I responded nervously.

She suddenly pulled her sweatpants and underwear down and moved towards me and suddenly she sat on my face. “I was told you’d like some cum from my cunt.” She said casually.

I began licking her pussy. I noticed there was a lot of my master’s semen inside. I slurped it all up. I was really happy that my master would allow me this and it was a really sweet surprise. The girl from my dreams sitting on my face and in addition some delicious cum from my master. I realized that being my master’s cuck wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed the cream pie and kept serving her pussy even after my clone’s cum was gone. She tried talking dirty but clearly wasn’t used to it. “lick that cunt clean bitchhh.” I really did my best to please her and soon she had multiple orgasms.

My cock became massive again, maybe it was the same size as the dildo after all. She must have really like the idea of the person normally being her dominant master being her submissive bitch. She started aggressively riding my face and her pussy juices completely drowned my face. I started to move my hands to my cock but she suddenly slapped my hands, indicating I wasn’t allowed to. I couldn’t see what was happening as her beautiful ass was in my face, but I didn’t care, I was still in heaven.

After a while, she was satisfied and tried to put the chastity on my cock. But my cock wouldn’t shrink down, not even after a minute. “Bad cuck, you just won’t become small.” She said in a soft and cute voice. “Too bad you’re not allowed to cum,” She teased. She told me to put it on later myself and opened the door. “See you later, cutie” she said as she air-kissed.

I wasn’t able to put on my chastity cage for a while, my cock just stayed erect for minutes afterward. I thanked my master oud loud, even though he wasn’t there, I was sure he was watching and listening. After I finally managed to put on the cage, I put the keys on my desk. I felt happy again and I was now definitely in love with Valerie.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her all day. She had locked my door and I didn’t hear from her or my master all day. I felt sexually frustrated the rest of the day, I had the key to my chastity cage but I was too afraid to open it. I started fucking my ass again with my cock-shaped dildo, but I couldn’t get close to orgasm for some reason.

The next day Valerie woke me up again. This time she handcuffed and blindfolded me. She rode my face again, allowing me to clean her pussy from my master’s cum and I enjoyed it a lot. This time she didn’t say anything though. After she was satisfied and orgasmed on my face she got up and she pulled my leash and escorted me outside my room. She took off my blindfold and told me it’s time for housework. I was about to ask her where my master was but she interrupted me “No questions!”.

I still felt very shy and uncomfortable around her. She allowed me to wear my apron, but otherwise, I was naked. I started doing my usual housework and she just watched me and later started watching tv and being on her phone. I was wondering whether I had an opportunity to escape or turn the tables again, but I was too afraid to try anything. I should just be glad that Valerie joined the household and do what I’m told.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32