Dream Becomes Reality Ch. 01

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High school time is one of the best times in one’s life. It was the same for me too. I had some great friends and everything was great. My grades also were good. But the best thing in my high school life wasn’t any of those. It was my Math teacher, Mrs. Emily Anderson. She was my Math teacher for the last 2 years in high school and was the secret crush of every boy in my class. She looked around 25 years old, but she had to be older than that. She was married to a dickhead of a husband (according to me and my friends) with bald head and a big belly. Her body was a body you can call as full with fat at the right places. She had a world class ass and nice pair of tits.

She was really friendly with some of the students who studied well and of course I was in the category too. I was the one to score the highest marks for Math at most of the tests and exams. So she was quite friendly with me than others. As I later knew, she was a friend of my aunt Melissa, the youngest sister of my mother.

Most of my masturbation fantasies were about her. So were my friends’. But we knew that they were only fantasies and we’d never be able to make them true.

The time passed and I graduated from high school with flying colors. No surprise I had the highest marks for Math. But my fantasies remained the same. I didn’t have a steady girlfriend, but the few girlfriends whom I’ve been with never satisfied me like it should. It always felt empty, not the satisfaction after each fuck. Sometimes I wanted to get out of the place right after I had sex. After the graduation I felt that emptiness so much. I think I missed seeing her.

Well I think it’s better to introduce myself. I’m Jason Mathews from Spring Town. I’m quite average when it comes to girls, but nevertheless I’ve been with some girls. But no steady girlfriend in high school because of my Math teacher fantasy. I’m also average in cock department too. Just over 6 inches and average girth. But I’ve never disappointed a girl so far.

I applied for the Engineering degree at the Free Town University which was a good 200 miles away from Spring Town. So I had to look for an apartment. I found some on the internet and I wanted to see them for myself as I knew some apartments weren’t the same like they advertised. So I drove there myself on a Saturday to see the apartments. It was a long drive and I was tired after visiting to some apartments. So I stopped by a restaurant to have my lunch. I ordered it and sat at a corner of the restaurant. I always liked to sit in the corners as I could see the whole restaurant without anyone noticing me.

I was scanning through the restaurant when I saw a very familiar person having the meal. It was Mrs. Anderson, my high school Math teacher. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was as gorgeous as I had last seen her few months ago. The only difference was that she was wearing a pair of spectacles. That only made her hotter. She was having her lunch alone at the other side of the restaurant.

But still I didn’t know for sure if it is Mrs. Anderson or not. I got up from my chair and walked to her to clear my doubt. My heart was beating faster and louder as I got close to her. She didn’t notice me as she was looking out from the window.

“Excuse me. Mrs.Emily Anderson?” I asked as politely as I could.

“Yes,” she turned to me.

“Oh my god, Isn’t this Jason?” She quickly got up from the chair and hugged me crushing her soft tits on my chest.

“I thought you had forgotten me after my graduation,” I told her.

“How can I forget my best student?” She asked me with a smile.

“May I sit here?”

“Of course, please.”

I signaled the waiter to bring my lunch to her table and we had a little chat as we ate.

“So, what are you doing now? Applied for a university?” She asked me.

“Yes, I applied for the Engineering degree at Free Town University. Um… Now I’m looking for an apartment to live in. What are you doing here?” I asked her in return. I was fumbling with words as I was paying attention to her ever beautiful body.

“I moved here about 3 months ago. Now I teach in a high school in Free Town. So did you find an apartment?”

“No. Not yet. All the apartments are just crap. None of them look good like they advertise on internet. I’m fed up of this apartment search,” I said in a frustrating voice.

“Oh that’s not good,” she said.

“By the way, how is your husband? Is he at work today?”

“Actually, we are not together anymore. I caught him with his secretary and I filed for a divorce. Then I moved here. Now I live on my own.”

“What a dickhead,” I said. I couldn’t believe that her husband had cheated on such a hot woman. But I praised the god in the back of my mind.

We had a little chat for some time and when I was ready to leave she had a proposal. “Jason, I live alone and I have a spare bedroom. You can stay in that room if you can’t find a good place.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. My hot high school Math teacher was suggesting bonus veren siteler me to stay at her apartment. “Wow, Mrs. Anderson that would be great. I’d love to stay at your apartment. Thank you so much.”

Then we went to check her apartment. It was about a 15 minute drive to the college and I really liked the place. The place was really tidy and the room was big enough for me. But she refused to get a rent. “This is the least I can do for my best student,” she said. But I insisted on her to take a rent from me. Finally she agreed to take a very small rent, I was sure which wasn’t enough for that kind of room.

I moved in the next week and she was glad to have someone to keep company. I had to prepare for the university and do the pre paper work. Mrs. Anderson helped me a lot with it. One day she told me to stop calling her, “Mrs. Anderson” and to call her, “Emily”. “I’m not your teacher anymore, I’m only your land lady,” she said smiling.

It was hard to call her as Emily. But I got along with it. Actually it made me feel much closer to her than Mrs. Anderson.

My university started in the month after. Both of us got really busy, me with my studies and Emily with her teaching. We fell into a routine with both of us leaving home together, she coming home in the afternoon and I going to my part time job at the local hardware store. I always did my studies in the evening and she’d help me in my studies as much as she could. Then we have our dinner and watch TV for some time and finally we go to sleep.

We became really good friends rather than the teacher and student. Sometimes we told each other about our problems and we’d console each other. People say never to ask a woman about her age, but she told me that too. She was 30 years old but didn’t look even a day more than 25.

All of my fantasies reignited after moving to her apartment. My cock was always erect as she was always there with me unknowingly igniting my lust. I didn’t want to imagine any of the porn stars or watch porn to masturbate. I had the most wonderful female specimen to fantasize. It wasn’t like she wore slutty clothes around or I always spied on her. But just fantasizing her doing everything with me was always enough for me to cross the line.

Sometimes Emily cuddled with me on the couch when we watched TV. They were the most unbearable times for me as her presence always made me turned on. Especially, holding her against me never helped in the course. But I was always careful to hide the hard on from her.

It was a fateful Tuesday night about 3 months after I moved with Emily. I was wearing a t shirt and shorts while Emily wore a knee length night gown which covered her body perfectly. We were cuddling on the couch and watching a show on TV when she rubbed her feet and said, “My legs are killing me. I don’t know what happened. They hurt a lot. I almost slipped at the school and my ankle got a bit twisted. It wasn’t a big issue but I think that’s what hurts me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before? Do you want me to take you to a doctor?” I asked in a panicked voice.

“No, no, you don’t have to worry. I think this will go away. We can go to the doctor if it won’t get better by the morning.”

“You are so stubborn. At least let me massage your legs. Probably it’ll make you feel better,” I said seeing nothing else I can do to help her.

“That would be nice, Jason. You’re so sweet.”

“Anything for my favorite teacher,” I said moving to the floor beside her feet. “And my favorite girl,” I whispered in a low voice and I think she didn’t hear the last part.

I held her right leg with both of my hands like a sacred object and observed it closely before I started the massage. “Your legs are so perfect,” I said burning the image of her slightly chubby legs into my mind.

“No, they are fat and even my ex-husband said that they are not good,” She said.

“They are not long and slim like a model. But I always preferred chubby legs over long legs. Can I kiss them please?” I looked at Emily with pleading eyes.

She thought for a moment. “I think I owe you one for all those nice words. So go ahead. But only kisses right.”

I lifted her right leg to my face in a flash and started to shower kisses from her knee to her bright red colored toe nails. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment as I switched the legs and did the same with her left leg. This went on for more than 10 minutes when I had the urge to suck her delicate toes. Emily hadn’t said anything since I started the foot worship. It could be the first baby step to take our relationship to the next level or the first step for her to kick me out of the house. But it was worth a try. So I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the thumb of her right leg. I slowly vacuumed it tasting the tastelessness of it. But no more than 10 seconds later she pulled her leg and asked, “Jason, what are you doing?”

I was so embarrassed like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I’m.. I’m so bedava bahis sorry Emily. I just got a bit carried away. They looked so inviting.”

She removed her spectacles and said, “I really need to punish you and blame you for not keeping your promise. But I can’t make up my mind to punish my best student. So today’s your lucky day young man.”

“I’m sorry Emily,” I apologized again. “I promise you, I’ll never do anything like that again.”

She smiled and rubbed my cheeks. “You were always so cute. Now be a good dear and get back to the massage.”

I continued the massage normally until the end. “Thank you so much Jason. I feel so much better after the massage. You are a real saver,” She thanked me as I finished the massage and sat beside her.

“You are welcome Emily. That’s the least I could do for my favorite girl,” I said and blushed after I came to the senses that the wrong word had slipped out.

Emily looked at me with a surprised look. “I’m your favorite girl? Oh god you must be kidding me.”

I figured that it would be the best chance to tell everything to her no matter what the consequences would be. So, I started from the beginning and told her everything, how I had a crush on her and how I couldn’t date anyone for long because of that, how all of my friends had crushes on her, how all of us hated her asshole of a husband, how I worked hard for math to get her attention. She was listening to that all and I could see a big surprise on her face. “I… I can’t believe any of this. I’ve seen some of my students checking me out. But are you telling me that all of your friends had a crush on me?”

“Yes Emily. Others may have had a crush on you. But mine wasn’t just a simple teenage crush. At first, I too thought like that. But I couldn’t make my mind to love anyone. Then I knew that the reason was you. I loved you with my whole heart and I couldn’t love anyone because you were the one who was in my heart. It isn’t just a love for your body, of course you have a great figure. But I love the way you talk, your fashion, how you behave with people and simply I love everything in you. I don’t know if that is right or wrong. You can kick me out of the house if you hate me,” I said turning my head down.

Emily patted the couch and said, “Come here.”

I got up from the floor and sat next to her not knowing what to expect. “I listened to every word that came out of your mouth. Now you have to listen to me before I give you an answer,” She said and I nodded my head.

“I was so badly hurt after the divorce that I swore to myself I wouldn’t start a relationship with any man again. I got invited for dates after that. But I turned down all of them as I was fed up with men. Then accidentally I met you at the restaurant and you moved here. I have seen the look on your eyes when you look at me. I knew that it wasn’t a pervert look, but I couldn’t recognize it. You always took care of me and do you know what my favorite part of the day is? Watching TV. I really love the way you hold me when we watch TV and to be honest, I’m addicted to it. I feel so safe with your arms around me and it take all my worries away.” She looked down, “I think I might be having some feelings for you. But I’m not sure if it’s love or not and whether we can have a long term relationship. But who’s here to stop us from enjoying ourselves?”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. This beautiful woman just admitted that she had feelings for me. Love or not, she admitted that she has some sort of feeling towards me. I was so happy that I wanted to shout it to the whole world. I turned her face up by her chin. “Why are we waiting then?” I said and planted a soft kiss on her lips sending an electric shock along both our spines.

She looked into my eyes and then she was the one to start the next kiss. It was better than the first. I cupped her face with my hands and kissed her back. Our kiss grew longer and deeper as I felt her tongue try to enter my mouth. I opened my mouth and let her tongue slip in. We were swapping saliva with each other’s tongues and it tasted like honey to me. I wrapped my arms around her holding her to me tightly. Her big tits were crushing onto my chest sending more shocks along my spine.

I moved my hands to the front of her body and cupped her tits and I could feel that she was wearing a bra. She moaned into my mouth as my hands gently squeezed them. I squeezed them for some time and brought my hands to unbutton her dress. She stopped me as I undid the first button of her dress. “Had she changed her mind?” I asked myself.

“Jason wait,” She said. “I don’t want our first time to be on this couch. I want it to be a beautiful, comfortable experience for both of us. Take me to the bedroom and love me there.”

I carried her in my arms to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. Then I removed my shirt and joined her. She ran her fingers slowly on my chest, sending little electric jolts all over my body. “You’re so handsome,” She whispered.

We deneme bonus exchanged another hot kiss and I started to unbutton her dress. She laid on her back and let me do it myself. My fingers were shaking because of the excitement. My sexual arousal was getting higher and higher as the buttons were getting undone one by one.

She was blushing as I parted her dress after unbuttoning every button. The first thing I noticed wasn’t her bra clad tits or panties. It was the tattoo of a cross below her left breast. It was quite large and at one side of the cross she had the letters, “E.A” tattooed. I was a big time tattoo lover and I was planning on getting one done on me too. I slowly ran my fingers over the tattoo. I never thought that my prim and proper teacher would have a tattoo on her body. “It’s beautiful,” I said.

“Thank you,” She blushed. “There’s one on my back too,” She said turning to her side removing her dress and showing me the tattoo of a lotus flower on her right shoulder blade. “It’s glad to meet someone who adores tattoos.”

“The other side of the cross is for the initials of my future better half, if I ever meet one,” She described me turning once again onto her back. The thought that crossed my mind was that I wanted that person to be me. But I was far away from that.

The only things that were covering her naked beauty from my eyes were her panties and the plain white bra. I could see a wet patch on her crotch and there was only one explanation to that. She lifted her body to remove the night dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous laying there semi naked. Her white bra did everything to hide her large breasts. But the naughty puppies were trying to come out of the confines. She had a slightly chubby belly which I loved to see in women. Her thighs were also much thicker that I would keep worshiping them all day.

I started to kiss her belly lightly. Then I proceeded to move up her body along the cleavage and past her neck. Finally, our eyes met each other and once again we were engaged in a marathon kiss. Our hands explored each other’s bodies as we kissed and we were rolling on the bed before settling with Emily on top of me.

My hands stopped at the hook of her white bra. I broke the kiss, “May I?” I asked.

“Of course, you may,” She said.

I slowly unhooked it and tried to take it off her shoulders. But Emily sat on me while holding her bra with both her hands without letting me to take them off. “You are going to live your fantasy, Jason and you are going to be my first and last student to sleep with me,” She said.

“I’m honored,” I said and moved her hands off her chest letting her bra to fall on to my lap.

I was speechless as her breasts were unveiled right before my eyes. They were large with a very little sag, about D cup in size and paler in color then the rest of her body as they hadn’t been exposed to sun. Her areolas were light brown in color topped with about quarter inch long nipples which had gotten hard by the excitement.

“Are they like how you imagined?” Emily asked.

“Better,” I replied and moved my trembling hands to cup those twin beauties.

Her body shuddered as my hands made contact with the tits. I looked at her face to see that her eyes were closed relishing the feeling of a man on her body after a long time. I wrapped my hands around her body and buried my face in her cleavage. She grabbed her boobs and pressed them on the sides of my face making it trapped between them. “Mmm… Doesn’t it feel good Jason?” She asked. I moaned in to her flesh but I doubt if the sound ever came out.

I took my face out of her cleavage and looked at her smiling face. Then I started to kiss all over her big breasts without leaving any spot untouched. My cock was hard and it was aching to come out of the confines of my shorts. Emily sitting on my lap didn’t help me either. But I didn’t care about it as my primary goal was to make this experience last longer. I slowly but surely kissed her breasts, but left the nipples and areolas taking Emily to the heights of frustration. She was trying to push my mouth towards her nipples. But I avoided them each and every time.

“Oh Jason, please suck my nipples honey,” She whimpered.

“Do you really want to get your nipples sucked?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, please,” She moaned.

I opened my mouth, moved my lips towards her nipples and looked at her again to see the look of anticipation on the face. As a start, I blew a stream of cold air onto her nipples making them harder. I carried this on for some time ignoring her moans and whimpers to suck her tits. I wanted to take my time and I wanted to make it a memorable experience for both of us.

Finally, after all those tortures, I wrapped my lips around her right nipple eliciting an audible moan from her mouth. I gently sucked those hard nipples taking turns in giving the same care to both of them. I sucked them while occasionally flicking those hard buds with my tongue and sometimes I gently bit them. While my mouth was busy serving one breast, my hands were serving the other with molding her soft tit flesh and gently tugging the nipple making it harder for my mouth to suck. Emily continued to moan while keeping her hands behind my head as I kept loving her big breasts.

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