Down on the Farm 15: Others 02

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Ka meandered in the field, watching the other heifers around her. It was getting hard to remember her old name, Julia she told herself. No matter what she went through, her name would be her savior. Looking around she saw the handlers standing at the gate, watching the new heifers for trouble.

The field was divided into two groups, the new additions to the herd, and the older ones. One of the older ones was still pregnant, but due soon. Keeping a tight circle around the bloated female, they watched the new ones with care.

From the gate came the female Ka knew as Tori, her handler’s other female. She walked confidently into the field and paused between the two groups. Looking to the older group she gave a call which was answered immediately. Then she turned to the group of new females.

Tori started toward the group, seeing their reactions. Two of the new females lowered themselves to the ground, showing the female they would not challenge the Alpha female. Tori walked to the first and mooed at her. The female tried to respond with words and was hit with Tori’s hoof. She let out a cry and cringed. Tori repeated the action and heard it repeated by the female. Leaning down Tori nuzzled the female and threw her head toward the older group.

The female rose and moved toward the established herd who welcomed the newcomer. The second submissive female learned quicker than the first, not requiring to be struck. When given the signal she moved into the herd.

That left Ka and the other new female. Tori looked to Ka, daring her to react. Ka turned from the female, trying to walk away. Seconds later Ka was on the ground, Tori’s hoof at her throat. A look of anger pierced the battered female. Opening her mouth to protest she felt the hoof harder on her throat.

Tori mooed at her, daring her to give anything but a submissive response. After a struggle that ended with a hoof to her stomach shoving air from her lungs and the other front hoof on her throat. Her head started to lighten and she finally gave the response the dominate female was looking for.

Just as quickly Ka was free, air rushing back into her system. Scrambling back to her four feet she saw Tori watching her. Unwilling to lost another fight, Ka crouched in submission to the other female. A jerk of her head allowed Ka to walk past and offically join the herd.

Once she made it to the group she was nuzzled by six females and turned to watch the remaining scene. Tori approached the last female who struck out with a hoof, missing the dominate female. Tori didn’t respond yet, letting the other female make her defiance known.

The new female rushed Tori who lowered her shoulder until the other female was close and shot up, catching the female in the mouth. A cry and growl of anger brought the female back to Tori. She rushed the other female now, her anger overwhelming her and got a hoof to the nose.

A loud crunch echoed through the field followed by a scream. Blood poured from the attacked female’s nose as she fell to the ground. Tori moved over her, a hoof on her lowered head. A loud mooed cowed güvenilir bahis the female further as she sobbed in pain.

“Tori! Return!” Isiah’s voice demanded and Ka watched the Alpha comply, seeing another male rush to the wounded female. When Tori made it to her handler he slapped her across the face. “To your stall! Now!”

The herd closed ranks, moving closer to each other for safety. Handlers came forward and retrieved their heifers with lead to take them back to their stalls.

* * * * * * *

Tori screamed as she was lashed in the exam room. Her punishment for wounding the new female had only just begun. She mooed out apologies to her handler who spared no blow to his favourite heifer.

He took care to pay special attention to her ass and legs, knowing that she would be bred and the violent fucking she craved would be extra painful with the lashes.

Restrained to stand in her stall, and the door closed Tori sobbed as Isiah left her alone.

* * * * * * *

All the heifers were restrained against the railing that looked into the middle of the room. Spread out, standing for once, was the female whose nose had been broken.

Tori was there, but Isiah ignored her, his hand resting on Ka’s back. She glared at the female before her, wishing the punishment would start.

“I am Brad. This is Lela. Brought into the herd three weeks ago. Released from quarartine two weeks ago. She refused to submit to the Alpha heifer and has been defiant to her handler. Since we had to remove one female from our last delivery, it has been decided that a further example is needed. If Lela continues to resist, she will be destroyed.”

Lela’s gag had been removed, leaving her mouth free and she was still able to beg with words, still remembering what they were.

With no further pause Brad struck Lela with the cane causing her to scream. No reprieve from blows they continued to rain down upon the female’s back. Lela’s scream never paused as pain encompassed her brain.

By the time Brad stopped Lela was covered with open wounds on both her front and back. Blood trickled from the lashes. The only thing not covered was her neck and face.

“This is the price for disobedience. Look at it closely.” Brad addressed the females. “Handlers, take your heifers to their stalls and come back to fuck Lela to further drive home the lesson.”

Tori shivered at the thought. She could not imagine the pain, even her own caning had been gentle by these standards. She walked back to her stall next to Isiah with her head down. Her marks were still visible, but fading.

“I will be back to take you to be milked in an hour, Tori.” Isiah spoke to her for the first time since her beating. “I am disappointed in you for harming the other heifer. That only causes more work for us.”

Tori mooed her remorse, her head still hung. This time her handler did not secure her standing in her stall.

An hour later her favourite male came to collect her with a lead. He took her silently to the milking room and helped her onto the table. There was a new almost seat where Tori would güvenilir bahis siteleri stand, right at level with her cunt.

“I didn’t like to punish you, Tori, but you gave me no choice. I understand that the heifer was being difficult, but anything that could permanently harm a heifer is not allowed.” Isiah explained. “But I know you are sorry. This is to tell you that you are forgiven. I am very proud of you still being the Alpha female. Enjoy, my good girl.”

With that comment he hooked her up to the machine and brought her closer to the seat. As the suction started Tori moaned. It had been a day or so since she had been milked, the supply starting to dry up since the recently given birth heifers had priority. If she wanted to be milked more often, she needed to be bred.

She squirmed with the sensations in her nipples as the milk was coaxed from her, her cunt rubbing the seat before her and she mooed in surprise at the texture against her sensitive area. Encouraged by the feeling she moved closer, giving the seat more access to her cunt.

She had only had a single release when Isiah returned, the machine telling him that her milk was finished, her legs were wobbly with the intensity of the pleasure.

“Do you like?” he asked and saw her nod vigorously. “Good news, my good girl, the bull will be back tomorrow. Let Tomo breed you tonight and you will get the fucking you desire tomorrow when the real bull returns. I am told he was successful in breeding a calf at the other farm. That is extra bonus for us.” Tori nodded, accepting the lesser bull would be breeding her that evening. “Will you be a good girl tonight, after breeding?”

Tori mooed that she would as her handler unhooked her from the machine. Her cunt still tingled from the seat and she shivered as she walked. Back at her stall she watched her handler go across the hall to his other female. She saw his pants loosen around his waist and watched the heifer refuse to service her handler. Finally with a hand gripping her hair tight enough that she opened her mouth to protest, Isiah dominated her mouth, showing none of the gentleness he did with Tori.

The abuse went on for nearly ten minutes before he moaned and pulled the helpless female fully into his crotch. Letting go of her hair he slapped her across the face twice before turning to leave. When he was gone she mooed to Tori for comfort and found none. Refusal to her handler was something Tori would not accept. Ka sobbed to herself trying to find comfort.

* * * * * * *

Down the hallway Mina screamed in pain. She was birthing a calf, and it was not going easily for her. She crouched down on all fours as another contraction wracked her body. Her handler, John, was there encouraging her.

“That’s it. Push, girl.” he told her from behind her, watching for the baby to emerge. He looked up worriedly at Brad just outside the stall. “Get the doctor. Something isn’t right.”

The on-site doctor was at the stall in less than twenty minutes, putting a trained eye on the female in child birth.

“Get her on her back.” the doctor demanded. iddaa siteleri He knew the farm, sampling the livestock at times. His rank at the farm was low, unless in a emergency, then his word was law.

Mina wailed between contractions, writhing on the floor until going stock still and screaming. She pleaded as well as she could with the gag, not seeing the blood starting from her birth canal.

* * * * * *

The barn’s silence was broken with the wail of a newborn child. One cry, then more silence. All of the heifers were in their stalls, waiting to hear about the birth of the new calf. They started to shift uneasily when no more sounds came.

Tori and Ka watched the handlers filed past, their aprons covered with blood. Tori called out to her handler who paid her no attention any of the times he passed her stall.

Contained in her stall she could see the outside and knew that time was passing, but had no input past that. She dozed to stave off her boredom, finding her trough filled a few times when she woke. What bothered Tori about the current situation was the silence. The heifer across the hall tried to interact with her, but Tori refused to accept her since the refusal of their shared handler. The heifer would learn her proper place before the Alpha spoke to her.

After three nights a new scent finally made it down the long hallway to Tori’s cell. It was a cleaner of some sort and the smell was now strong.

Isiah returned to her stall, apologizing for being gone. “There was an emergency that required all hands on deck, I’m sorry Tori. Let’s see if we can get you milked.” he spoke as he led her down the main hallway. She turned her head as the smell got even stronger. Seeing her distracted Isiah spoke again. “You’ll be happy to know that the bull got us a special grant. We will be installing more milking rooms so we can keep getting milk longer from all you heifers. here we are.”

Isiah led her into the milking room, the seat he provided for her there. Tori mooed her excitement and climbed onto the table. Isiah took a long moment to connect the cups to her nipples, kneading her breasts with his hands. She moaned her approval and he patted her ass as he moved to the door.

“I’ll be back, my good girl. Enjoy yourself.”

Tori felt the suction start slowly and kept the steady pace. She leaned forward onto the textured seat and felt it vibrate beneath her. Throwing her head back Tori moaned and let the sensations overcome her. She continued to ride the heavenly vibrating seat even after the cups extracted the last of her milk from her breasts.

“That’s a good girl.” Isiah praised her as he came back into the room. She panted as the pleasure giving device was stopped. “Take it easy now. The bull is back and you are first on his fucking list.” Tori mooed her excitement and climbed down off the table. Wanting to show her thanks to her handler she nudged his crotch already feeling his stiff cock. She continued to nip and run until he relented and gave her his cock. Attacking her task with vigor he lasted far shorter than he normally did. “Oh, i like this, Tori. That’s my very good girl. Let’s get you cleaned up and some lunch before Mika is released into the field looking for you.”

Nearly prancing to the bathing room, Tori’s body hummed not only with pleasure but anticipation.

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