Down for the Count Pt. 06

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Part 6


All in all I think Abby did a great job of explaining to her friends everything we knew to date. She was concise and matter of fact, somehow she even managed to make it all sound normal like it all made perfect sense even though none of it did. We were all trying to get over the fact that a naked, magical, hypno-vampire (or more accurately hypno-sex-pire) was banging the hell out of the entire boys swim team, stealing their energy and leaving them gay for each other.

And I thought this week was going to be boring!

We decided the only thing to do was to confront Brad’s mother; she was the one yelling at Brad and seemed like she was against what he had been doing so she was our best bet. Ari and Jane were pretty freaked out by all of this where Abby and I seemed like old pros at dealing with these bizarre events. But I have to give credit, Ari and Jane decided to go and fight and do whatever they could to save their boyfriends. For that matter, so did the rest of them. That’s right, the next morning Abby called every one of the girlfriends of the boys swim team (I guess that will make a good name for their support group if we fail) and every one of them agreed to bring their boyfriends with them. We figured if we fail at saving the day then we might as well all be together.

We met at the park, the entire boys swim team and their girlfriends (or possibly former girlfriends). Apart, the guys were manageable, they basically just stared in a zombie-like state as if they were waiting, but when we got them all in one place it was hard to keep them away from each other. Apparently they weren’t just interested in the same sex, but LOTS of sex with the same sex. As Abby and I tried to explain the story to the rest of the girls, the guys kept inching toward each other checking each other out, grab-assing, trying to steal kisses off each other, etc. It would have been hysterically funny if it was in a movie, but when you know that it was against their will it was simply unacceptable.

It didn’t take much to convince the other girls of what was going on, we left out the details about Mark’s naked exploits and tried to get them to understand that this had happened to every one of the guys. All they had to do was watch the show in front of them of their boyfriends all trying to get into each others pants like a group of super horny zombies to know we weren’t making this up. It’s funny how easily our minds can accept the supernatural explanation once it is right there in front of us; and we did.

Now all we had to do was get the REAL story and figure out a solution. So we gathered our collective courage and headed toward the house on Borgo Street.

I couldn’t help but feel like I was a part of something pretty special. Here we were ALL WOMEN, walking down the street on our way into the lion’s den to save the boys for a change. It was an interesting spin on the usual hero/heroine story!

We walked up to the old dark house on Borgo Street and before we could knock the door flew open and Brad’s mother stood there looking at us.

“Come in, please.” She said and I immediately liked her. Her name was Helen—Helen Drake. She had a thick accent, but I wasn’t sure where from. Her accent felt like it might be German, Austrian or maybe Hungarian? She sounded like a mix between Hiedi Klum and Bela Lugosi!

I came here expecting to hate her, I mean, we recently thought she was the cause of all this only to learn otherwise. It turns out she is very sweet, but also sad as though she’s been through the wringer.

“I know why you are here, I have been following many of you, you must have many questions.”

She invited us in and we filled her modest living room. We tried to sit boy-girl in order to keep the boys off each other. Abby and I sat with Mark between us and tried to ignore the fact that he kept looking from Abby to the other guys. It was like he was TRYING to look at Abby, but couldn’t fight the urge to ogle the men! It was so bizarre seeing my brother like this. Normally he would be trying not to let anyone notice him checking out Helen’s hotness and instead he kept looking at the other guy’s crotches!

Helen continued, “First let me tell you that despite what you may believe my Brad is not a bad person. He is a kind, sweet, innocent boy . . .” She said

“Innocent? He’s having nonconsensual sex with our boyfriends!” Jane argued and the others agreed.

Helen continued unperturbed, “Please let me explain. I am a foreigner in this country and my English isn’t always too good . . . when I was a young girl I found that I could . . . do things; I had a power unlike regular people. My family also had it, they taught me to wield it properly, not to abuse this gift and I have never used it against another person in my life.”

“Could you use it to stop your son from what he’s been doing?” I asked.

“Not so far, he is more powerful than I have ever experienced. His powers began only recently, but they bursa escort bayan have grown so immense in strength in a very short time. I have not had time to train him, to make him understand the importance of not abusing the gift.”

“No shit!” Ari said and I gave her a stern look. This woman was in obvious pain and it would do no good to antagonize her, she was still our best bet.

“Brad is a sweet boy, loving, kind, gentle the total opposite of his father and I love him more than anything in the world. But I love him like a mother; he has never felt the love of another. The kind of love that some of you may have. Brad is gay, you know this and perhaps you accept it, but others have not. Brad had a bad experience in his previous school, the other boys laughed at him, and they called him names and made him feel like an outcast. I knew this but what can be done? His teachers can do nothing; it is just the way life is. Then one night I felt his presence leave the house, I tried to follow him with my own, but I could not locate him. He did this every night for weeks, when I asked him what he was up to he looked at me with shame. Then one day at the grocery store I heard two young girls talking about how their boyfriends had been cheating on them with each other, they said their boyfriends had been tired and drained, then began to . . . well, uh . . . DO THINGS to each other.” She said blushing a little bit. “I locked my mind into the girl’s thoughts and traced them back to their homes, that night I followed them with my essence and when I saw their boyfriends I could sense Brad all over them. My son had been . . . violating them! I was shocked, I was angered, outraged, this is not the proper ways of the gift! I confronted him and he denied it, but I knew. I decided the best thing was to get away from that place. That is why we only recently moved here, but I quickly realized he was doing it again, he promised me he wouldn’t but he cannot control his hormones. I went to the school to see if any of the boys were acting strange and I realized it was the swim team he had targeted. The gift is too much for a boy his age, his body is out of control and that is why he can’t properly restrain himself, in many ways the power is controlling him too. He has lost who he is.”

“But why has he turned them all gay when he’s done with them?” Tina (K.C.’s girlfriend) asked.

“Camouflage?” Jane said. “If the other guys are gay then he can blend in, right? He won’t be an outcast anymore. It kind of makes sense, I guess.”

Abby cut in, “But please explain, how can he do all of this? Was he really, physically there in their rooms? Or is it some kind of projection? He seemed to be only a mist, like he wasn’t really there at all until he saw you and then he became more solid, or corporeal.”

“This is correct. He was not there in physical form, only astrophysical; he affected their minds and their bodies but not with his actual body. He is affecting their senses and making them feel things they are not really feeling. And he can feel it too in his real body. It is like a, how do you say . . . wet dream?” She blushed even more. “They seem to have been left in this erotic state that my son has put them in until such a time that he decides to release them.”

Abby looked at her and asked, “So you’re saying there is an invisible connection to their minds that Brad controls and if we can break that connection the boys will go back to being themselves?”

“I believe so, yes. I have tried to do this myself, but he won’t let me in. I can’t even get into his room to speak to him. No one can get to him! He is too focused, if there was a distraction perhaps, but what can distract a boy who is so concentrated on the boys?” She said and a hushed silence fell across the room. For once a room full of hot women had no idea how to distract a boy!


Hey remember me? As I sat there in the living room barely able to pay attention to all that was being said, I looked at Abby. It was like there was something about her that I forgot, something important, but every time I tried to remember I would look at one of the other guys and start focusing on their bodies, or more honestly, the bulges in their pants. I am very embarrassed to admit that, but it’s true so I’m saying it. But really all I could think about was Brad! His body was insanely hot, I remembered feeling it the night before, but also not really feeling it. Wanting more, needing more! As I was on my hands and knees waiting for him to enter me I felt exhilarated, excited, expectant, erect, erotic—all the E words!

I needed to feel what it would feel like and then those horrible girls entered and robbed me of that sensuous moment when you give yourself over to someone, when you trust someone enough to let them enter your body, when you love someone enough to let go . . .

That’s it; that’s the answer—when you love someone enough to let go!

At that exact moment I heard Brad’s Mom say ‘but what can distract nilüfer escort a boy who is so concentrated on the boys?’ and I knew what I had to do. Even though I was hypnotized or under a spell or whatever, I still felt for Abby. I knew she was the right thing, even though I honestly wasn’t even remotely attracted to her in those moments. Even though I found her femininity uninteresting I still felt . . . something—if only I could remember what it was.

Either way there was only one solution, there was only one way to distract a boy who was so focused on boys. Somewhere in the fog of my mind I knew what I had to do and that I had to trust Abby to figure out how to break the connection. So I stood up and made my way upstairs.


Helen told me that she believed that if the connection between Brad and the guys could be severed they might go back to normal (or at least normal for them!). All we had to do was figure out how to break that connection. And as I sat there desperately trying to figure out how to save Mark he suddenly stood up and began walking toward the stairs in a trance.

“Mark?” I said

“No, let him go. This may be the chance we are looking for.” Helen said.

Carla, Ari, Jane, Helen and I all followed Mark up the stairs. He walked to what I assumed was Brad’s bedroom door and the door opened for him. It began to close and I rushed forward jamming myself in the doorway. There was no way in hell I was leaving Mark in there alone with Brad—sweet boy or otherwise.

Brad looked at me and I instantly felt tired, he was paralyzing me again! But then I felt stronger than I ever had, more resolute, and I was determined not to leave Mark alone. Then I realized that Helen was using her power to drain some of Brad’s which gave me enough strength to fight my way into his room forcing his door open to all of us.

“The chicks are working together!” I thought.

“Way to go Helen!” Jane yelled. “Now let’s get him!”

“NO!” Helen yelled back at her, “This must be, it is the only way; that boy knows what he is doing, I can sense it!”

What was he doing? I wondered. Should I stop this, or let it happen? What if it’s the wrong move?

Ultimately I realized that I trusted Mark, I trusted him more than any man on the planet and I would let him do what he believed was right.

I watched as Mark stood in front of Brad. Brad Drake was too focused on Mark to really pay much attention to the fact that the rest of us, including his own mother, were all there watching this.

Mark stared at Brad for a long moment just looking at him. Brad was looking at Mark, shocked, surprised, mesmerized and it hit me—Brad isn’t making Mark do this, he is doing it on his own!

The two men stared at each other for a long moment as everyone tried to figure out what Mark was doing. Then to the shock of everyone, Mark reached out and grabbed Brad’s crotch!

Brad bent forward, not in pain, but delight. Mark gently massaged Brad through his shorts.

My stomach sank. Brad smiled; he had an innocent smile. If under any other circumstances his smile would have been the sweetest thing. Instead that smile took on the look more of a shocked, horny guy who just found out he’s about to have real sex for the first time (or so I imagine that’s what they look like!).

Brad waved his hand in front of Mark and Mark’s entire wardrobe shredded right off his body! He was left standing completely naked in front of all of us in the stark, cold light of day!

“Yowzers!” Jane said and that pretty much summed up the situation.

If only Mark could see himself now, the shy boy who couldn’t wear Speedos to a swim meet was now fully nude, for the third time, in front of a bunch of girls who knew him and were seeing every inch of his young, hard body.

Speaking of hard, his erection shot up like a missile preparing to fire at Godzilla.

Brad looked over Mark’s nude form and smiled again, this time he really did look sweet and I almost felt for Brad. He seemed so alone, so sad and this was making him happy. He began to strip off his own clothes. When Brad got to his underwear he looked over sheepishly at his Mom. I looked at her too and watched as she turned and walked out the door. She wasn’t mad, ashamed, or upset, she simply decided to give her son the privacy he needed.

Before she left she stopped at me and squeezed my arm, “You will know when it is time, until then your boyfriend knows what he is doing, do not interfere.”

I looked at Carla and she shrugged her shoulders, she was as confused as I was.

I looked back at Mark and decided to watch the show, if this was his plan then I was going to enjoy it! And besides, there was so much energy in this room, so much sexual energy like the air was thick with testosterone, estrogen and just plain fucking heat, I really wanted to see another male-on-male performance!


Mark surprisingly, and in a türbanlı escort very masculine way, tore Brad’s underwear off. He shoved Brad against the wall, grabbed both his arms, raised them up over his head and held them there. Brad’s huge dick grew hard and poked right up against Mark’s.

Then my brother shocked me again by slowly and hungrily lowering down on his knees in front of Brad’s erect cock and looked right at it.

I started having second thoughts about this, at first I thought if this was Mark’s plan then great, it couldn’t be worse than our previous plans. But now that he was staring the one eyed monster in the face I wasn’t sure if I should do something to stop him. I mean after all he didn’t REALLY want to do what he was about to do, he was being forced to feel like he did. But at the same time the question presented was “How do you distract a boy who is focused on the boys” and who could answer that question better than a boy could, right? After all how does a girl distract a guy who is straight? So, a guy should be able to distract a gay guy the same way, right?

And Abby seemed to have something up her sleeve and Helen seemed confident that there was a solution here so I decided to let whatever was going to happen just happen.

Seriously what was the harm? The worst that was going to happen was Mark was going to have a guy’s dick in his mouth! I’ve done it. Helen said Brad had never been with anyone so he didn’t have any STD’s. So big deal, it’s just skin, right?

So my brother was about to suck a dick, big deal!

I gasped a little as I watched Mark slowly open his mouth, lick his lips and then close his wet lips over Brad’s hard cock!

Okay,I have to admit I enjoyed watching this spectacle. It was actually pretty hot watching my brother bob another guy’s knob! And he was pretty good at it too I must say. Maybe guys have some special insight as to how to do it—makes sense, right?

Mark worked the head of Brad’s cock with his mouth as his right hand gently twisted around Brad’s shaft, and then his left hand tickled Brad’s balls. WOW! Who knew my brother had such hidden talents, I was picking up some good moves from him.

Brad’s eyes were rolling in the back of his head he was in such ecstasy. Mark was into it pretty severely too, I couldn’t help but notice how hard his own dick was. Mark’s dick was sticking straight up and the head of it was rubbing on his own belly as he bobbed up and down on Brad’s penis.

“Holy fuck what a blowjob!” Ari said and I laughed. I shouldn’t be laughing at this, but I couldn’t help it, this whole thing was so absurd and erotic!

Abby was watching all of this with an expression I couldn’t decipher. Then she whispered, “I love you, Mark.” It was almost inaudible, and yet Mark stopped blowing for a second as his eyes shifted sideways like your dog does when you try to grab the bone he’s chewing. Then Mark let the dick fall out of his mouth and gobbled up Brad’s balls. He looked so sexy and ridiculous with Brad’s nut sack rolling all over his mouth and chin.

***Sorry again, Mark, I know you’re reading this, but damn boy that was fucking hot!***


Every emotion I had ever felt ran through my body as I watched my beloved Mark giving crazy-hot, oral sex to Brad. I whispered ‘I love you’ hoping that would remind Mark who I was. He did hear me, and that gave me hope. He stopped for only a second and looked my way. The unspoken plan was starting to make sense; it was like I began to feel what Mark was thinking even though I couldn’t express it in words.

I stood mesmerized as Mark devoured Brad’s testicles. Then Mark released Brad, stood up and faced him. For a moment it looked like they might kiss and that really made my heart sink—I don’t think I could have handled that. Dicks were dicks, but kissing was off limits—that was just for me!

Thankfully they didn’t kiss. Mark once again forcefully reached out and grabbed Brad’s erection. Brad bent forward giving into Mark as Mark forced him onto his knees this time. Mark was so strong in that moment, he forced Brad down as if to say, ‘Yeah, Motherfucker, now you’re about to get something!’ and I became very aroused seeing that. I don’t know what it was but there was something very sexy about watching the love of my life bend a guy over and decide to pop his cherry. It was very powerful, very masculine, very dominating, it gave me chills and it shot a feeling down between my legs, causing my panties to moisten.

God, if only Mark was doing that to me! I thought. Then I felt embarrassed by the thought. No, you know what, to hell with that—I WANTED Mark to bend me over and fuck me from behind and I’m not ashamed to say it!

Guys like sex why can’t women too?

Mark moved behind Brad, and took his own dick in his hand and guided it toward Brad’s . . . butthole! Sorry, but there’s no better word. I watched as Mark slowly pushed his erect penis into Brad’s asshole! Brad’s face contorted with pleasure as Mark slowly began pumping, harder and harder.

When Brad did this to Mark the night before it wasn’t really happening. Brad’s body wasn’t REALLY there, but this—this WAS happening! Mark’s penis was in Brad’s butt—for realsies!

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