Double the Fun

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Growing up, we were inseparable. Me, Linda, and my twin brother Bobby. Linda lived two doors down. Grade school, Junior high, and then high school, we were the three musketeers.

Throughout high school Linda was our date, and we both escorted her to our senior prom. Looking back, I suppose it might have made people wonder but it was all totally innocent. We were best of friends. Until that night.

We were only eighteen but a friend of a friend got us a bottle of vodka. Her parents had a little cabin by the lake thirty miles away, a perfect place to party. We laughed and joked, as only long-time best friends can do.

“Do you like kissing me, Johnny?”

“Yeah,” I responded.

“Then why do you kiss me like you are kissing your sister? Can’t you do any better?”

“You mean, on the lips? Sure, I’ll do it.”

“Oh, that was nice. Do it again. Mmm. I like that. OK, now you, Bobby. Good. Oh, this is fun! Now you again, Johnny. Yes, that’s better. Would you guys like to see?”

“See what, Linda?” Bobby asked.

We gawked as she shimmied out of her prom dress, standing before us in bra and panties. Staring at us with a big smile, she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

“No one else has seen them. Do you like?”

“God, yes,” I responded. Bobby vigorously nodded his head. They were perfect!

“They are mid-way between B and C cup. I think they fit my body really well. Would either of you like to touch?”

Bobby was quicker on his feet and placed both hands on her breasts.

“Oh, your hands are cold. No, don’t stop. Yes, like that. Look, you are making my nipples stick out. Oh, that makes me tingle. Now you, Johnny.”

Linda laid down on the sofa so both of us could continue to play with her breasts.

“Pull down my panties, Johnny. I want to show you my pussy.”

“Ah, Linda, are you sure you want to do this. We’ve had a lot to drink.”

“Do it, Johnny, I want to show you everything. It’s time.”

“It’s time? What do you mean?” I was unbelievably slow.

“Pull down my panties.”

I was inches away and gasped as I saw my very first pussy. Wow! My brother and I stared.

“I shaved my pussy yesterday, just for you two. Do you like?”

“Awesome. Simply awesome, Linda,” Bobby gushed as we continued to gawk.

“Do you remember from biology class? Look, here is my clitoris. It’s supposed to get a little bigger if I get excited. I started rubbing it a few months ago and decided it made me horny.”

She rubbed around her little nub. “Yep, when I do this it really feels neat. It’s making me horny right now.” She looked at me as she continued to rub it, and smiled. Then she slid a finger between her lips and then pulled them apart. “Do you see my pussy hole?”

We leaned close to see. “It’s right here.” She pushed in a finger and giggled. “Do you like looking at my pussy?”

“Oh, yeah,” I responded. Bobby nodded his head vigorously.

“I like showing you. Johnny, put your finger in there. Come on, do it just like I did. Yes! Now wiggle it around a little. Now in and out. Oh, that really feels neat, even better than when I do it. You also want to try, Bobby? Come on, don’t be shy. Opps, a little too deep, Bobby. I think you might have touched my hymen.

“That’s enough,” as she suddenly sat up. “Now you. I want to see your cocks. Show me.”

We quickly undressed and our hard cocks jutted out.

“Awesome! God, you both are so big! I had no idea that cocks were really like that. They are awesome. How big are they when not erect?”

“Oh, I don’t know, much smaller, maybe five or six inches, and much skinner.” I nodded in agreement.

“And does it hurt when they get that hard?”

“No, and it makes me horny.”

“I’ll bet. It’s turning me on just looking at them. Can I touch?”

She reached out both hands to our cocks. “Oh, how neat. They are identical! And so hard! Oh, the end is really smooth,” as she ran her hands up and down our cocks and giggled. “How long will they stay hard?”

“As long as we can keep looking at your pussy, forever,” I responded. “But otherwise if I start thinking about something else it eventually goes down. Or if I jerk off.”

“You jerk off? How do you do that? With your hand?”

“Yeah, do you want us to show you?” I jokingly responded, feeling rather bold.

“Oh, that would be exciting. Both of you, do it.”

My brother and I looked at each other, dumbfounded. What the hell, let’s do it! I found some hand lotion in the bathroom and Bobby and I sat on the sofa on either side of Linda. She watched intently as we stroked our cocks. A few minutes later, almost simultaneously, we shot cum into our hands.

“Oh, that was awesome. So much stuff came out. Did it feel good?”

“Oh, yeah.” “Uh huh, great.”

“Can you do it again for me?”

“Maybe in 20 or 30 minutes but it takes time to recover.”

We fixed ourselves new drinks, standing nude in the kitchen. My brother and I stared at her body.

“Linda, you üsküdar escort have a really sexy body and I love your bare pussy. Do all girls shave their pussies?”

“I think almost all, it’s become very popular. Several of my friends have done it to please their boyfriends. They said the guys think it’s neat, especially if they eat pussy.”

“Really? They do that, eat pussy?”

“Some do, apparently not all. But it’s sure popular with the girls I know.”

“Is that something we could try? I mean, would you like us to eat your pussy?” I asked.

“I think so, but I really don’t know how it’s done.”

“I’ve seen some porn videos. The guy gets between the girl’s legs and sticks his tongue into her pussy,” Bobby responded. “Then he moves it around, goes up and down and in and out. After awhile the girl gets all excited.” He sounded like an expert.

“Doesn’t sound too complicated. Would one of you like to try it? I’m willing. But what about the taste?”

Bobby and I looked at each other. “Go ahead, brother, you know more than me,” I encouraged. “Then I’ll do it.”

“Here, let me spread my legs,” Linda placed one leg on the sofa back and the other on the floor. “Oh, this is so exciting. This way you really get to see my pussy and it gives you room between my legs. Well, come on Bobby, don’t just stare. You’re the expert.”

“Not really, but ok, here goes,” as he moved between her legs and tentatively started licking.

“What do I taste like, Bobby. Bad?”

“No, it’s ok,” he reported. Several minutes later he seemed to get into a good rhythm with his tongue.

“Oh, that feels soooo good! I love it, Bobby, keep going. Oh, baby, Oh.” She started squirming around, holding the back of his head, and then suddenly thrust her hips up and down. “Oh, oh, Ohhhh” she cried out.

Bobby backed away in surprise, fearful that he had somehow hurt her. She lay there almost motionless for a minute, eyes closed, as we stood around the sofa. Then she opened her eyes and smiled.

“God, Bobby, you were terrific. My friends told me it would feel good. It felt great! Why are you both looking at me like that?”

“I thought maybe I did something wrong. You made some funny noises.”

“Heavens, no. You did everything just right.”

“Give me a minute and then, Johnny, would you like to try it?”

“You bet. Do you want me to do the same thing as Bobby did? Is your pussy sore? It looks kind of red and swollen.”

“My pussy feels fine. You know, Bobby, you gave me a climax.”

“I did? What does that mean?”

“Well, seems to me it might be about the same as when you jerked off. It was awesome. Johnny, you ready?”

I certainly was and mimicked what my brother had done. I guess I didn’t do it as well since she didn’t get excited again.

“That’s OK, Johnny. You did fine. I guess I just wasn’t ready to get excited again. But let’s go into the bedroom and relax for a few minutes. Then we can do more.”

Bobby and I looked at each other and grinned. “Come on guys,” she took our hands and pulled us to the bed. “Snuggle up to me. I want to feel your hard cocks against my body.”

“Johnny,” she whispered into my ear, “I’ve been waiting years for this moment. I love both of you guys so much. Would you like to put your cock into me? You can be my first. Have you ever done it with another girl?”

“No, you would be my first also. God, I’m so nervous, but I want you. Bobby, get your phone out and take a video. Is that ok, Linda?”

I straddled her legs and she grasp my cock, pulling me towards her crotch. Bobby propped himself up to watch, working the phone.

“God, you are so big, I don’t know if I can get that thing of yours into me, but I’m sure going to try. Bobby, go get some of that hand lotion. Put it on his cock, that should help.

“Stop, wait a minute, will you? I want to do this so badly but I’m also scared. All my friends say it will hurt really bad. I’ll be all right, just let me get calmed down.”

She fondled my cock as she seemed to gather her strength. I was ready and willing but now hesitated. I sure didn’t want to hurt her. With my cock head at her pussy, she took my cock and rubbed the head up and down between her lips.

“Oh, that feels good, almost like your tongues. Oh, my, really good. Does that feel good for you?”


“Ok, I think I’m ready,” her decision made. “Now push a little. Just a little.”

She continued to hold my cock just past the head, as it penetrated slightly.

“Good, now push a little more. Now more.”

Her hand was keeping my cock from going deeper than just the head.

“Stop, don’t do any more, let me get ready.”

She removed her hand. “OK, now push, hard.”

“Oh,” she exclaimed, sucking in her breath. “Damn, that hurt, hold still for a minute. Please don’t move.”

I stayed motionless, my cock embedded in her tight pussy. I wanted so badly to move.

“OK, now you can go in and out, but slowly, gently. Yes, that’s göztepe escort ok. Bobby, make sure you’re getting a close-up of his cock in my pussy. I want to remember this moment forever.”

Her pussy was so tight, enveloping my cock. Much better than my hand ever felt. I wanted to go deep and fast but tried to moderate my thrusts and not hurt her further.

“Take your cock out, Johnny.”

I wondered what I did wrong. Oh, her pussy was covered with blood and so was my cock.

“Oh, Linda, I’m so sorry for hurting you.”

“It was bad for just a moment. But you did fine and now I want Bobby in me. I want both of you to be part of tonight.”

Bobby carefully pushed his cock into her tight pussy and she grimaced as his cock pushed past her newly torn hymen. He slowly started moving, gradually speeding up, with Linda coaching him on what she wanted. I keep the phone camera tightly focused on her pussy as my brother thrust into her.

This was so neat! I watched as he pulled out, his cock head just barely between her lips, then back in, giving her his full length. His cock was slippery from her pussy, coated with foam. I was fascinated that her pussy was becoming engorged and red. Damn, this was something to watch.

And then Bobby shoved deep as he filled her pussy with his cum. A moment later she grabbed his ass, holding him tightly to her as she shuddered and climaxed! His hard cock was now covered with creamy cum as he pulled out. I zoomed to her gaping pussy as it quivered and leaked. God, this was amazing! I took her virginity but he gave her first cock climax.

“Now, Johnny, put your cock back in me. I want you also to come in me. Fill me up.”

Afterwards we took a shower together, got dressed in our casual clothes, and headed back to our homes. Needless to say, prom night was by far the most exciting day of our lives, a day none of us would ever forget. Linda worried that she could get pregnant since we didn’t use any protection. We agreed to not have more sex until her new birth control pills took effect. Two weeks later we found an opportunity to go at it again.

All that summer the three of us were inseparable, best of friends, and now lovers. We took advantage of every opportunity and gradually became reasonably adept at our couplings.

But school was fast approaching. And, unfortunately, Bobby and I were headed to an eastern university and Linda was enrolled in our local community college. We hooked back up at Thanksgiving at the cabin, spending most of two days in bed together. We greatly missed each other.

Christmas vacation was our next opportunity. We spend almost a week up at the cabin. I’m pretty sure our parents knew what was going on but not a word was said.

By this time we had nearly perfected our sexual techniques. Lots of pussy eating, followed by two bouts each of fucking. We tried every position that seemed reasonable, and mostly settled on doggy and with Linda on top.

The last night before heading back to school Linda wanted to try anal. Bobby and I weren’t sure we could get our cocks into her tight butt. She had two dildos, one small and one medium, for the express purpose of getting ready for our cocks.

“Most of the girls I know won’t do anal. One girl I know, Joyce, loves it. She told me all about it. She said for you to use these two dildo’s to get me loosened up. I’m kinda nervous since I’m sure your cocks are bigger than her boyfriend’s.

“But I still want to do it. If we take it really slowly, maybe it will work. Here, Johnny, lube up this one first. Also put some lube on my butt hole. Oh, that’s cold! Now try to push it in,” she directed with a nervous giggle. “Go slowly, please. Oh, that really feels funny. How much is in?”

“Oh, only about half way. Does it hurt?”

“No, I’m surprised. It feels really funny, but a good funny. Maybe I will try it out on you later,” she said with a laugh. “OK, do some more.”

The last three inches easily slid in, now just the end of the six-inch dildo sticking out.

“Take a picture, Bobby. I want to see what it looks like. Oh, this is so neat! And it doesn’t hurt! Amazing.”

Bobby took several pictures. I started thrusting the dildo in and out as he switched to video.

“Oh, this feels so weird, Johnny, but it doesn’t hurt at all. OK, now I think I’m ready for the bigger one. You do it, Bobby.”

My brother lubed the second dildo and pressed it to her slightly open anus. Linda tensed but didn’t utter a sound. He had to push several times before the tip started to enter.

“I don’t think it’s going to fit.”

“Try to relax. Most of the tip is already inside.”

Bobby continue to press the dildo to her anus. Once the tip entered, the rest followed without a problem. After several gentle thrusts he started a steady rhythm.

“Oh, my ass feels so full. It’s amazing that it doesn’t hurt, I was sure it would. Well, maybe a little. Keep taking video, Johnny. I want to remember this,” as my brother continued to work the dildo in istanbul pendik escort and out.

“OK, that’s enough. Johnny, you were first in my pussy so I want Bobby to take my anal virginity. You ready?”

“You sure, Linda? I’m bigger than that dildo and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Do it, Bobby.”

Bobby held his heavily-lubed cock head at her anus. Not much happened so he held it there with a steady pressure. A few seconds later the head entered half way.

“Oh, Bobby, wait a second. Damn, that hurts. Take it out.”

He pulled back.

“Oh, god, I don’t know if I can do this. You are definitely bigger than that dildo. Joyce told me the first time it might hurt, but I insisted I could do it. Squirt some more lotion on me. Let’s try it again, but stop if I tell you.”

Once again Bobby pressed his cock to her anus, then backed off. Each time he pressed, her anus opened up just a bit. It must have taken a couple of minutes before the head was almost completely inside.

“It was hurting like hell, Bobby, but it’s a bit better now. Don’t move, stay just as you are, let me get used to it.”

A minute later he pushed again and this time the head entered her tight butt, followed by an inch more of his cock.

“Better hold up for a moment,” I counselled. This was a group effort.

He pushed some more and with several gentle strokes was halfway in.

“God, Linda, your ass is so tight, it’s really squeezing my cock. Amazing, I don’t know how I got it in! Are you ok?”

“I guess. Feels like a log in my butt but it doesn’t as much hurt now, just when you started. That wasn’t so good. Do you want to fuck me this way or do you want my pussy?”

“If it’s ok, I’d like to do it this way.”

I recorded video of her first ass fuck as Bobby held her hips and spewed his cum into her bowels a few minutes later.

“Wow, that was something else. I think I prefer your cock in my pussy but that was exciting. Only one of my friends said she did anal and I’m glad I tried it. They think I’m really wild because I’m fucking two brothers and now I have something new to brag about. Maybe when we get together at spring break you can do both my pussy and ass at the same time.”

“Johnny, I was going to have you also fuck me in my ass, but I’m too sore. Next time, ok?”

Back at school, we texted almost every day for the next couple of weeks. I used a video editing program to assemble the photos and video clips from our various times together. We had super-hot twelve minutes of sex. I made a DVD and mailed it to her. Bobby and I jerked off numerous times as we watched our copy.

Since our faces didn’t show we invited some of our friends to our dorm room to watch. As word got around, more and more of our friends wanted to see it. Some even brought their girlfriends! My brother and I, truth be known, liked that the video showed off our big cocks.

Two weeks after we mailed off the DVD we still hadn’t heard from Linda. We wondered if she was ok and sent her a text.

“Sure, I’m fine. Busy with school stuff. I imagine you guys are, also. Love you both.”

And then the texting stopped. Finally spring break arrived and Bobby and I hurried back home, very concerned about our friend.

“I’m sorry I haven’t stayed in contact as much as I wanted. I need to tell you something but you have to promise never to tell anyone else. Not your parents, not anyone. Best of friends promise?”

We nodded our heads.

“Say it. Say I promise.”

“I promise.” “I also promise.”

“I’m pregnant.”

Bobby and I looked at each other. Uh, Oh. This is bad news. Linda saw our expressions and gave a little laugh.

“Don’t worry, guys. It’s not yours. Remember, you promised.”

She paused before going on.

“After you guys went back to school after Christmas, I moped around for a couple of weeks. I really missed you. One of the guys at school asked me out. We had a couple of dates and then he pressured me for sex.

“At first I adamantly refused but I was getting horny and missed all the sex we had during Christmas break. And then I thought, well it wasn’t like I’d never had a cock in me before. You guys did me lots of times since we started.

“I certainly didn’t plan to let him fuck me but it happened, several times. The problem was I stopped my birth control pills after you went back to school. Anyway the doctor confirms I’m six weeks pregnant. You guys are off the hook but I’m not.”

“Oh, Linda, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, that’s really a bad break. What about the guy?”

“He’s a decent sort and says he will stand by me. Get married if that’s what I want.”


“We are both way too young to get married. It wouldn’t work out but I respect him for offering. I talked it over with my parents and after school ends I’m going to stay with my aunt and uncle. After I have the baby, I plan to give it up for adoption.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Bobby finally responded. “Does that mean we won’t see you anymore?”

She ruefully laughed. “Certainly not like you guys have been ‘seeing’ me before. We can say our good byes in May before I leave. Hopefully I won’t be showing too much by then. But please, please don’t tell anyone. I’m going to tell my friends that I have a summer job in my uncle’s store.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32