Dormitory Slut’s Christmas Break

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This is an entry in the Winter Holiday Contest, and is a story of the further adventures of Lester Logan, a student at State University and the self-styled dormitory slut. For further details on his carnal adventures, see previous stories.


It was the evening of December 21, the beginning of Winter Break, which almost everybody calls Christmas Break, and Lester Logan was in something of a quandary over what he should do. For two weeks, through Sunday, January 6 of the following year, he would not be attending any of his classes at State University, which meant he would be free to do almost anything he wanted. Most of the other men in his dorm were going home to visit family, and he considered that as a possibility. However, the trip would be expensive, and his relatives have virtually disowned him because of his sexual orientation. He is gay, and they know it and consider that fact to be a terrible blot on the family name, and would far rather he try to spend as little time in their presence as he can manage.

He does have friends in his home town, and he would have liked to see some of them again, but nobody there was really close. Being a gay man, he had no straight friends he would particularly want to travel to see, and the few other gay men he knew there had moved away or partnered up among themselves. The friends who remained would be glad enough to see him, but it is well known that two is company and three is a crowd, and he knew he would be that third person when around those friends and their partners.

Staying in the dormitory over the break would have its advantages. “I could get caught up on my studying,” Lester told himself, referring to the pre-med course he was taking. “Maybe even get a little ahead, with no classes to attend and no new assignments.”

He had some close associates in the dormitory, and the thought of them made him smile. They often studied together and, after their minds were filled with medical and other scientific details, some of them undressed and fucked him in his ass or were sucked off by him until he and they climaxed, often multiple times. He didn’t know how many would be staying over the break but, if a few of them were and they were in the mood for more of that kind of activity, that would definitely help him make up his mind.

“Stan will be staying here,” he mused.

That was a reference to his roommate and most frequent sex partner. Stanley Brady is a bear of a man and also a pre-med student, as are most of the young men in the dorm. For his own personal reasons, which he did not care to talk about, Stan would be staying over, and he had let Lester know how much he would enjoy more of what they had been doing for the last three months. The thought of his roommate’s big, hard cock and the way it had felt in his ass and mouth were the two most important factors in Lester’s decision to stay in the dormitory for the next two weeks. He called his family to tell them he would be staying. They seemed more relieved than disappointed at the news, but they did wish him a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Besides being roommates, regular sex partners and study buddies, Lester and Stan are also friends, and they frequently eat together at the cafeteria in the student union. The evening of December 21 was one of those times, and they were joined by Justin Crowley, another young dorm mate and pre-med student who regularly shared sexual pleasures with the cute blonde twink. He was a bear too, and Lester wondered if he was staying in the dorm over the winter break, and if he would also be interested in sharing some carnal fun, possibly beginning that night.

“Hi, Les. Hi, Stan,” he greeted the two as he placed his tray on the long table they had to themselves.

They returned the greeting. Many people had already left for the holiday, and the place was much less crowded than it usually would have been on a Friday evening. According to Pauletta Powers, the weekend manager, the cafeteria would be open for the next two weeks, but with a smaller staff and less choice available. All three of the men had, coincidentally, settled on a hamburger and macaroni casserole, and Justin commented on how the food there would be even duller than usual for the next two weeks.

“Oh? Are you staying here over the Christmas break?” Lester asked the man who had just joined them.

He tried to avoid sounding too interested, but he couldn’t help remembering how Justin had been the first man at the university to fuck his ass, after he had sucked Stanley off three times. The fourth blow job for his roommate had been simultaneous with Justin’s big cock massaging his prostate, which he thinks of and refers to as his clit, and that evening was still one of the fondest memories he had of being the dormitory slut, or even in his life as a gay man. He hoped he would be able to store away a memory just as good that evening.

“Yeah,” Justin answered his query. “There’s nothing I really want to go home to, and I’d just as soon stay bursa yabancı escort here and get caught up on my coursework. How about you guys?”

“I am too,” Lester replied. “Staying here over the Christmas break. Like you, I don’t have anything or anybody I really want to go home to.”

“I’m staying too.” Stanley gave no reason for his choice of action, and nobody asked him for one, figuring it was his own business.

The three men looked at each other; especially the two bears looked at Lester. They were horny, as only young single men can get on a Friday evening when they are without female companionship, and they both wondered how the cute blonde man would feel about a hot sex session after they left the cafeteria. Lester knew how he felt, and he also knew he would be the one to decide if their night would conclude in a jolly threesome in his bed. He already knew Stanley wanted and expected to enjoy a sexual rendezvous after dinner, and he was fairly sure Justin would want to join in.

“How about coming up to mine and Stan’s room and having some fun after we get done eating.”

“I’d love it,” Justin answered. “As long as it’s okay with you, Stan.”

“No problem.”

For the three men, that settled what they would be doing that night. The only question that might arise would be how many times they would come during their session. For the rest of the meal, nothing more was said on the subject, and conversation was on classes and gossip about some of their classmates. When they left, it was to walk together over to the dorm and upstairs to the room occupied by the two roommates. Stanley unlocked the door and locked it again when all three were inside. Because he spends much of his time naked, Lester likes to keep the temperature fairly warm, so they all immediately took off their jackets and tossed them onto Stanley’s bed.

As usual, they removed their shoes at the door, and Lester sat down on his bed to also remove his socks, because he considers it to be showing disrespect not to take them off, if possible, before sex. The other two men sat beside him to follow his example. As always, there was a brief moment of awkwardness while Justin and Stan waited for the man who would be their sex partner to make the first move. Either of them expected to be sucked off and to fuck Les in his cute, tight ass, but they would wait for him to determine the order of who did what and when.

He didn’t make them wait very long. Stanley was sitting to his left, and Lester reached over with his right hand and started to pull down the zipper on the big man’s pants. The bear grinned happily and, while Lester reached into the fly of his boxer shorts, leaned back on his hands to enjoy what was about to happen.

It was not hard at first, but the gentle fondling started to stiffen Stan’s cock, and a few strokes between his roommate’s lips turned his shaft as hard as the steel legs of the bed. The position was rather awkward, so Lester stood up and took the face towel hanging on the head of the bed and placed it on the floor in front of where he would be kneeling. After licking the head of the stiff cock, he knelt in front of Stanley and started to unfasten his belt so he could pull the man’s pants all the way off. The bear sat up then and removed his shirt and, after his pants and shorts had been removed, he was totally naked.

Seeing what was happening, Justin was elated to know he was going to be the first to fuck the succulent ass of the blonde twink. He got up also and went to the dresser where he knew there were condoms and Aqualube on top, as well as a damp towel, and brought them back. He undressed himself and, after applying the condom, knelt behind Les and started providing the same service for the kneeling man. While continuing to slowly suck Stanley’s cock in and out of his mouth, Lester raised his knees, one at a time, from the floor to help with his disrobing. Justin also removed the kneeling man’s shirt and, when they were done, all three of the youthful students were naked and all were eager for some hot sex.

The next thing that needed to be done was the preparation of Lester’s ass. He reached back to spread his cheeks, and Justin inserted the tip of the squeeze bottle of lubricant and squirted in a big dollop. The finger that was inserted to spread the Aqualube was long enough to massage his clit, and Les squirmed and wiggled in avid anticipation of something longer and thicker that would be doing more of the same, but doing it much better. He didn’t have to wait very long because, after he used more of the lube to coat his erection, the man who would be fucking him was just as eager to get his cock into the tight, oily place he had just prepared.

Using the thumb and finger of his left hand, Justin reached between the soft and creamy white cheeks being held apart for him and pried open the pink hole in the center. With his right hand, he guided his cock, pressed it against the target awaiting him and moved it up and bursa sınırsız escort down to make a small penetration. When the tip of his cock was between the edges of the waiting orifice, he gave a firm but gentle thrust and sighed happily when the head wedged into the place it was seeking.

Lester removed his mouth from around Stanley’s cock and cooed in joy when he felt the opening being stretched. He knew Justin was well-hung, and would be able to expand his ass really well. Even better, Stan’s erect cock was bigger, which meant he would provide a more thorough reaming later, when it was his turn. That was why Lester chose to be fucked in the order he did, so his lucky ass would be stretched by both men that evening.

“My god, Les! You seem to get tighter all the time,” Justin exclaimed, but not in a complaining manner as he squeezed in an inch of his hard shaft.

“Maybe you’re just getting bigger. Sex with another guy can do that, I hear.”

Justin laughed at that riposte. As a pre-med student, he knew that wasn’t so, but it was a pleasant thought. He thrust forward again, and two more inches of his hard shaft drove into the ass he loved to fuck. He was imbedded deeply enough that he no longer needed to guide his cock, so he used the wet towel to wipe the excess lubricant from his hands and placed them on either of Lester’s hips. With his next thrust he pulled back and drove forward again, and his cock burrowed its way almost all the way inside. One more slow stroke plunged the rest of his shaft into where he wanted it, and he remained in that position, letting the tightness and the moving muscles give him a great massage that he knew would quickly get better.

With his ass delightfully full of rigid cock and his hands no longer needed to spread his cheeks, Lester took hold of the cock of the patiently waiting Stanley and leaned forward to take it back into his mouth. He began by licking all over the head, especially the slit, moving his tongue lower to caress under the hard ridge and, finally, opening his mouth wide and engulfing the entire length, until his lips and nose were being tickled by the bear’s pubic hair. He remained like that, caressing the length with his tongue, until he felt Justin starting to slowly withdraw from his ass.

Lester replicated the man behind him by raising his head, caressing Stan’s big cock with his mouth all the way, until just the head was nestled between his lips. When he felt the other hard cylinder surging into his ass, he lowered his face, enveloping Stanley’s cock again, until his mouth and nose were once more being tickled. That’s the pattern Lester likes to follow when he is letting himself be shared by two men as he was that night — let the man behind him set the pace while he filled and emptied his mouth in the same tempo.

As Justin drove his cock in and out of his dorm mate’s ass, with Lester fucking back to meet each stroke, he couldn’t help thinking of how it was tighter and felt better than most pussies of his experience. Like Stanley, he is straight and, all things being the same, would rather be fucking a woman than a man, but all things were not the same. The woman he occasionally dated had left by airplane that afternoon, and he had nobody but Lester available for the next two weeks.

Stanley’s situation was quite similar. The previous day, he had argued with his occasional girlfriend, and she was planning to leave the next morning and had canceled their date for that night. His parents are separated and planning on divorcing and live hundreds of miles apart, and he did not want to appear to take sides, so he was not going to be visiting either of them. However, he would call them both on Christmas Day.

Lester was well aware he was nothing more than a replacement for the women the two men with him then and the others in the dorm would have preferred. He didn’t care, as long as his needs were taken care of. They were using him, he knew, but he was using them too, and everybody was having a lot of fun doing it, so he was willing to settle for that unless something better came along. There are other gay men on the campus, but those he knows about are all militants, and he considered his sexual orientation to be his business and that of his sex partners, so he had almost nothing to do with other gays.

He definitely did not miss them, at least not sexually, when there were guys like the two well-hung bears who were sharing his bed that night. Justin in back of him was steadily plowing his big giver of pleasure in and out of Les’s ass, spreading the opening, expanding the channel and, best of all, massaging his clit with every stroke. Stan’s big cock felt almost as good. It was the perfect size — big enough to spread his lips and fill his mouth, but not so big that he would be unable to move it around inside as he stroked with his lips. Lester’s tongue reveled in the smooth feel of the skin stretched so tightly over the hard roundness, and he laved every inch he could görükle escort reach. He was getting some of the hottest sex of his life that night, and was aware the best was yet to happen.

His own cock was as rigid as either of those that were pleasuring him and was swinging from side to side under his body. Lester reached down, held his shaft gently in his hand and started to stroke slowly, in the same tempo as the two much bigger cocks that were giving him so much fun. Nobody was in a hurry to come, and all three men thought it would be nice for each of them to climax within a few seconds of everybody else, if they could manage to accomplish that. More than anything, though, each of them wanted to give and to receive the most pleasure possible, and they fucked and sucked and stroked slowly for a long time with that goal in mind.

I’m almost ready to come, Les,” Stanley finally announced.

“Me too,” Justin added, and he started plowing his cock harder and faster into the soft, white ass in front of him.

Lester could feel the big cock throbbing inside his mouth, and he tightened his lips around the shaft and started sucking faster, still in rhythm with the other hard cylinder going in and out of him, and using shorter strokes. He fucked his ass back to meet Justin too, keeping pace with that partner’s faster thrusts, while the movements of his hand matched the increased tempo, because he could feel his own orgasm building up.

“Oh! Oh, god! Ah!” Justin exclaimed as his climax started to explode. He drove his cock harder and faster into the ass in front of him, pulling back on Lester’s hips to achieve maximum depth. “Ahhh” he sighed happily as he ejaculated, filling his condom with a big gush of cum.

He didn’t stop, but he did slow down and kept plunging his cock in and out of the marvelous ass that had given him such a great climax. He continued until two more spurts of semen joined the first one, before leaning slightly forward, with his hands on the other man’s hips and his cock still imbedded all the way to his pubic hair. The movements of the man whose ass he had just fucked kept sending ripples of pleasure through his body and, he knew, his cock was giving joy to Lester as well.

“Oh, yeah,” Stan sang out joyfully as he unloaded a big wad of cum into his cute roommate’s warm, wet cavern of pleasure.

He was not satisfied with one spurt either, and Lester knew it as well as anyone. The happy twink continued sucking and felt two more viscous bursts gush into his mouth. He didn’t stop then, but continued until he was sure there would be no more. The first load of semen that night was swirled around in his mouth so he could relish the taste and viscosity before allowing it to slide down his throat.

There was still more of Stan’s cum, and the man who had earned that treat licked every drop from his shaft before placing his thumb on the base directly in front of the bear’s scrotum and the fingers of that hand on the opposite side of his cock. Moving his hand slowly toward his mouth, Lester’s tongue caught all the cum that oozed out of Stanley’s cock, before savoring this mouthful the same as he had the first.

The great fucking his ass and mouth had gotten, combined with the delicious taste and the texture of the delicious semen he had ingested had brought Les to the verge of his climax, and the big shaft still stuffed inside his ass was finishing the job. As he stroked his cock faster and faster, a great geyser of intense pleasure welled up inside him and exploded out his cock. He ejaculated twice onto the face towel on the floor, which had been put there for that purpose, before he was through coming.

The hamburger and macaroni casserole he had eaten earlier hadn’t been all that tasty, and Lester knew what he could do about it. The flavor of Stanley’s semen had helped some, and he knew the other cockfull that was protruding from Justin’s crotch would chase the slightly unpleasant aftertaste completely away. The young man remained on his knees and Lester carefully removed the condom and set it aside, to be disposed of later. Holding the base of the hard shaft, which was still almost fully erect, he licked upward on its length, like a boy licking a melting Popsicle, until he had cleaned all the cum from its entire length. The juices that remained inside were treated as those inside his other partner’s cock had been.

So far, the evening had been fabulous, and Lester was elated when he realized it was going to get even more delightful. From the licking and fondling he had done, Justin’s cock had become fully erect, and he started sucking the hard organ in and out of his mouth. Even better, he saw Stan go to the dresser and, when he returned, he was rolling a condom onto his erection, which was just as rigid as the first one to fuck his ass that night, and even bigger.

The cock surging in and out of his mouth felt so good Lester couldn’t bear to remove it, but he did reach back to spread his cheeks. From being prepared and fucked by the first man, his ass was almost ready, but he hoped Stanley would cover his cock with more of the Aqualube. When he felt the blunt tip pressed against his needy hole, he wiggle his ass to encourage rapid and full penetration, and the man behind him was not in the least averse to that idea either.

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