Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 04-05

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Chapter 4

Donna returned to the spare bedroom where Ken was still waiting on the couch after conducting her daily milking session using the erotic vacuum milking bra, but she had changed into one of her sexy vintage mid-fifties outfits similar to the one she wore last week. It had worked perfectly in helping Ken produce an excellent, extra-large semen donation! But this time, Donna had changed from a short skirt into a very tight black suede hobble skirt that she had her seamstress just modify this past weekend. It was hemmed so that it came down to just above her ankles leaving her matching black suede ballet PVA stiletto heels fully exposed! The side buttoning slit could be adjusted to limit the length of her stride, which she had set for a maximum of four inch steps!

The outfit also consisted of wide matching black suede belt that was five inches wide in the front and back, and tapered to three inches wide at her waist sides. There were four, half inch wide chrome buckles that she had individually tightened with a certain amount of effort to cinch her waist down to maintain the 23-1/4 inch dimension that Ken had laced her down to in the corset before her milking. Donna had gotten this waist cinching belt made through her seamstress from a local leather shop in order to assist in her figure training when she wasn’t wearing a corset.

Donna also had on her front buttoning, Fifties style high turned-up collared, blouse that was made of a rather heavy white cotton material that obscured any undergarments beneath. It was tightly fitted against her pointy breasts, which were supported by the same kid leather quarter cup shelf bra that she had on earlier during her figure measuring session. The tightly cinched belt helped keep the blouse material taught against Donna’s pointy nipples which tented the thicker blouse material noticeably. She had kept the bra adjusted so that it presented a straight out and forward look to fully display her thrusting nipples!

Because of the way she had adjusted the hobble skirt to limit her stride, Donna had to mince over to where Ken was setting. It was the skirt that was limiting her stride since she had already mastered the PVA ballet heels.

She stood in front of Ken and threw back her shoulders to show off her nipples through the thick cotton material of the vintage blouse and said, “Well what do think of the changes I made to my Fifties outfit.”

“I really love that hobble skirt; along with the posture collar it makes you look so vulnerable. I assume that you have on one of your shelf bras since your nipples are on full display,” Ken further observed.

“Yes, it is the same shelf bra that I had on the last time I wore this blouse as well as when you just measured me earlier, but I unbuttoned a third button on the blouse to show you more cleavage and the high turned turned-up collar of this blouse fits so nicely around my posture collar, I think it really sets it off; don’t you think?” Donna quizzed teasingly as she turned a full circle in her hobble skirt by taking those tiny one inch steps in those PVA ballet pumps.

“Oh God yes; and as I said you look so helpless in that skirt and posture collar. The next time you wear that outfit, I’ll put you in the single glove and have you totally under my control,” Ken lovingly announced.

“There’s no time like the present,” Donna replied in a flirting manner.

“OK, I’ll take you up on that,” he said as he got up off the couch and walked over to the bed where he had placed the leather glove and had Donna again do a 180 degree turn in those heels so that her back was to him.

Ken then began the single glove lacing process that resulted in Donna’s breasts thrusting up and out in an exaggerated fashion. After he completed the lacing, he had her again turn so that she now faced him and she wiggled her shoulders to further tease him.

“Well, I guess you got me where you want me,” Donna breathed.

“Yes, do; but before I go any further, I’m going to take all your measurements and make sure you’re still at your record breast dimension that we took earlier this evening. I know we didn’t keep your waist or hip measurements in line with that bust line dimension in order to make the perfect 100, but we’ll take care of that later,” Ken announced as he picked up the tape measure from the night stand.

Without hesitation he began by measuring her hips and then her waist. He noted that Donna’s hips without her Gwendoline-style butt lifting corset did not get her up to the 38-7/8 inch dimension, but it was a respectable 37 inches, which was about an inch and a half over her college day measurement due some recent specific exercises to enhance and firm up her butt as a part of her figure training program.

Her waist was the same dimension of 23-1/4 inches without the corset due to her new black suede, waist cinching belt, even though Donna struggled to get it that tight. She noticed that it was easier than she initially thought because of the abdominal muscle bahis siteleri training that she had been doing the past week.

Finally, Ken measured her bust line by carefully placing the two small cups, sewn onto the tape measure, over each of her nipple tips poking against her blouse. Those tiny cups prevented the tape from slipping off as he took the measurement which he found was slightly under her new areola influenced measurement of 38-7/8 inches at 38-5/8 inches.

“You’re 1/4 of an inch under your previous measurement and since your areolas are permanently swollen to a half inch in height, your nipples didn’t stay fully aroused and therefore each is a 1/8 of an inch under your fully aroused requirement!” Ken scolded Donna in a stern voice.

“I’m so sorry, I… I thought they were,” Donna sputtered apologetically.

“You know that when I’m taking your measurements, your nipples are supposed to be fully aroused,” Ken gruffly replied.

Donna was so embarrassed that she hadn’t lived up to Ken’s standard, that she stammered, “I…ah must have been so intent on showing off my new hobble skirt that I didn’t concentrate on my nipples.”

“You know for such an indiscretion, I’m going to have to get you back in the stand and administer the proper punishment which I’m know that you’ll hate and love at the same time,” Ken announced again in an authoritative voice.

“I promise I won’t let it happen again,” Donna meekly stated.

“It’s too late to try and get out of your punishment and you also seem to be talking a lot, but I have to answer for that as well. Go over to the stand and I’ll be right back,” Ken ordered Donna as he left the room.

When he returned, Donna had minced over to the stand in her tight hobble skirt and was facing out ready to be strapped up for whatever punishment Ken had mind. He placed something on the bed that she couldn’t see what it was before he walked over to where Donna was standing and began securing the lower pipe at her armpits such that it again gave her additional support while standing in the PVA ballet heeled pumps with the single glove over the top of the pipe. In addition, Ken wound the upper straps of the single glove around the pipe and buckled them such that it prevented her any significant upper body movement.

The thought of being punished by Ken as well as his latest manipulations had raised her sexual arousal to the point that she was sure if he re-measured, her nipples would now more that fulfill his requirement.

“I bet if you measured, my nipples they would now meet your expectations,” Donna said in an almost begging manner.

“You really are talking too much, but as I said, I have the perfect cure for that,” Ken announced as he walked back to the bed and displayed a skin colored kid leather object that he had previously gotten from the main bedroom.

It was a specially designed muffle gag that consisted of a soft white rubber penis shaped gag that could be inserted into her mouth and in turn held in place by the wide kid leather strap that would encircled her head and cover her mouth from the nose to the lower chin. It had a unique front lacing feature, much like that of a lace up oxford shoe, complete with a tongue and thin leather thong lacings which could be tightened and secured at the bottom by a bow knot! There was also a back hook-and-hoop busk-type connector so that the gag could be put in place without completely un-doing the front lacings!

“I got his out in LA just in case you became too loud during one of your multiple orgasms. I’ll use it now since you’re talking way too much. It will probably also serve its intended purpose later on as well,” he casually explained to Donna as he asked her to open her mouth and started forcing the penis shaped gag over her tongue.

Donna willing accepted the soft rubber object and it was about the same size as his penis, except that it wasn’t as long and only protruded to the back of her tongue. He then put the leather strap around her head and hooked it together in the back, being careful to keep her hair above the strap itself. Ken then concentrated on the front leather thongs and began the lacing process. He carefully laced it up so that the tongue of the lacing arrangement secured the rubber penis gag tightly in place while at the same time flattening her cheeks for added sound prevention!

After completing the process, Ken stepped back and admired how helpless and deliciously sexy his lover looked as she struggled for his pleasure, particularly with the flesh colored kid leather muffle gag in place! Donna knew how he loved it when she played the damsel in distress role.

Ken walked over to the night stand and opened the drawer and again got something from it that she couldn’t see because of her posture collar and returned to face Donna and said, “I love that muffle gag, it makes you look so much more helpless and it matches the blindfold you had on a few weeks ago. I’m not going to use it tonight because I want canlı bahis siteleri you to see the punishment I have in store for you.”

He then held up the feather that he had retrieved from the drawer that he had used on her a few weeks ago and continued, “I know you’ll remember this. As I recall, you eventually learned to love how it made you have multiple orgasms when I used it on your nipple tips.”

Donna’s eyes widened as far as she could hold them and wiggled her upper body and tried to moan ‘no’ through the efficient gag, again partly for Ken’s benefit, but also because she remembered the love-hate relationship she had with that feather the first time!

“Even though I have some new specialized high heel training techniques in mind for you to master and because you have made such fabulous progress in your ultra-high heel training; I see now that I need to focus more on stepping up your figure training in general so that you don’t further regress in your training to achieve a perfect 100 hourglass measurement. Therefore, I’ll be thinking of what is the best way to incorporate feathering into my plan to intensify your nipple and areola elongation therapy. I’ll use your punishment tonight as a test,” Ken announced as Donna continued to struggle in her damsel in destress role for Ken while her sexual arousal rose to another level as she contemplated his intentions for her figure, nipple, and areola training.

“Let me think, if I remember correctly, you liked this feather when I started with your feet, but first I have another surprise to show you. I made provisions for it when I built this stand. Actually, I bought and modified it for use here at the stand,” Ken announced as he set the feather on the night stand and opened the drawer and retrieved something, that again, Donna couldn’t see because of the posture collar.

He knelt down and quickly removed her PVA ballet pumps which left Donna straining on the tips of her toes and with most of her weight now on the padded tube at her armpits. Ken then unbuttoned the hobble skirt up to her garters, unclipped the garter clamps, rolled down her nylons to her toes, and steadied Donna’s ankles so that she could step out of them one at a time. Donna then heard something click into place at her feet and then felt something cold close around each of her big toes above her toenails, followed by an additional click at each toe. Donna attempted move her feet, but found that her big toes were tightly secured together such that the balls of her feet were touching, while she strained to maintain the proper weight distribution between the tips of her toes and at her armpits at the cross bar! The device locking her toes together was apparently also attached to the floor because she could not move her toes, and in turn her feet, in any direction leaving her standing helpless in a ballet pointe in the stand!

Ken explained to Donna that he had picked up a toe locking device in LA and added a square rod to the center of the short connecting rod that held the two toe locking rings together. He said that when that rod was connected to a square insert in the floor as he had just done, it prevented any movement of her feet in any direction. Ken continued by saying he had cut three sides of a square hole in the carpet so that insert would not be noticed until the small piece of carpet was folded back over the forth side thereby maintaining the secrecy of the entire lacing stand arrangement when dismantled. He further noted that the first click she heard was caused when he locked that square rod into the square insert in the floor. The second and third clicks were caused when he locked the rings around her big toes. He said the three locking mechanisms could be unlocked by removing quick release pins on each one.

Ken then added a leather strap around her legs just below her knees which left her legs, feet, and toes completely immobilized! Donna squirmed as much she could, but because of the single glove, posture collar, restricting belt, leg, and toe restraints, she could only slightly wiggle her other toes on both feet!

“Now it’s time for your punishment. After a little warm up with you ankles, I’ll begin in earnest by feathering your vulnerable and exposed arches. Are you ready?” He directly questioned Donna.

“Muuuuuuum….Nu…Nu,” she tried to answer through the gag, but this time she wasn’t putting on that much of an act for Ken.

“Good, it sounds like you are really looking forward to this,” He sarcastically replied as he again knelt, picked up the feather, and started to run the soft tip over the front of her staining left instep which produced a noticeable itch there as she moaned through the combination muffle and penis gag!

Ken then performed the same ritual on her right front instep and then on to both her upper ankles with the same result. As Ken feathered her feet, Donna didn’t necessarily feel any extreme tickling sensation as she wasn’t particularly ticklish in those areas, but it did set up canlı bahis an itching that seemed to sensitize her feet in general.

Donna realized that it also was going to make her already ticklish inter insteps all the more sensitive and she knew that they were going to be Ken’s next target as she attempted to struggle and again moaned through the gag.

Her prediction was correct as he moved the feather over her left instep causing an extreme verbal and physical reaction form Donna. She tried to giggle, squeal, and cry all at the same time while attempting to wiggle her un-secured toes to fight the relentless tip of the feather! It did no good, but she had to do something to try and relieve that extreme tickling sensation. The devilish toe locks performed their job perfectly as they held her insteps and feet in place as Ken started to play the feather tip over the entire surface of her left instep driving Donna into frenzy. He then shifted his attention to her right instep and accomplished the same result as Donna continued to violently react to his menstruations!

Finally, he left her insteps and started to move the feather up her bare left calf all the way to the lower edge of her refreshed padded leather bikini panties since he had left her hobble skirt unbuttoned and could access her flaring calf muscles. Repeating the same procedure on her right calf muscles all of which further elevated her sexual arousal since it was a pleasant relief from the ticklish sensation still present at her insteps.

Ken stood up with the feather in hand and faced Donna, still withering in the stand and making whatever groaning and moaning sounds she could through the gag. He was preparing to use that feather to explore her upper body, including her face and chest which he had previously exposed by unbuttoning her fifties style blouse down to her belt and pulling aside the material. This left her thrusting breasts, areolas, and nipples to poke straight out and up in an exaggerated manner due to the single glove binding her arms behind her to the extent that her elbows we touching!

Ken couldn’t help but pause for a few seconds to observe the beautiful sight in front of him. Donna was fully trussed up with her breasts, areolas, and nipples exposed by the open blouse and shelf bra while she attempted to squirm in the stand with little success. Her face was flushed and the collar and tight belt maintained her stiff posture. When she saw how Ken was ogling her helpless state, Donna further flushed a deeper shade of red both in her face and chest! He smiled at her sense of embarrassment even though she had been in similar situations over the past few weeks. Donna saw that smile and blushed even further as her entire upper body was a bright red. Ken wondered whether this time her blushing might be due, in part to the fact that he had announced that this session was going to be her punishment for failing to keep her nipples fully erect during the last figure measurement process.

In any case, Ken only dwelled on that thought for a few seconds before he brought the feather up to Donna’s face and lightly traced the tip around her forehead and nose before completing the mission around and in her ears. There was a small area of her chin between the collar and lower edge of the muffle gag that he made sure was covered with the feather tip. All of these menstruations to her face resulted in raising her level of sexual arousal since there wasn’t too much of a tickling sensation, which was of course Ken’s intent in the first place.

Next, Ken slowly applied the feather to her upper chest starting just below the posture collar and slowly traced the tip down towards the tops of each of her breasts without actually directly touching them. He did the same in the small exposed V area below her bra and the wide belt. Both her upper chest area and the small area of her stomach were more sensitive than her face and further elevated Donna’s arousal, particularly when she knew what was coming next!

At this point Ken began to slowly circle, really half circle because of the shelf bra supporting the undersides of her breasts, her left breast from the base down towards her pouting areola before completing the same action on her right breast which left Donna moaning though her gag and feeling as if her rock hard areolas and nipples were going to explode! She couldn’t see her breasts tips because of the posture collar, but Ken observed how her areolas had progressed from their normal pink shade to a slightly darker pink and then back to an even brighter shade of pink as they continued to become more sexually aroused! They also continued to be conically shaped while still protruding a half inch outward before sprouting into her lengthening and pointy bright red nipples! He was really amazed how her pouty areolas, as a result of the supplement, were acting as a positive reinforcement to her nipple elongation and breast figure training goals!

Ken knew before he ever started to feather her areolas and nipples that her nipples in particular, were longer now than he had ever seen before and that they would definitely set a record after he completed his next mission, which he started by asking her which nipple he should feather first!

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