Dolly’s Reunion

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It was just after noon when Dolly and Rod Hamlin reached the Best Western Inn in Mena, Arkansas for their pre-arranged meeting. As they looked around the parking area, they didn’t quite know what to look for. The last time they had seen Dolly’s large lover, Lyle Buhr, he was on foot and leaving their Missouri home for parts unknown.

As they parked in the general parking area and got out of their car, Dolly heard Lyle’s booming voice. “Hey! I knew you’d come.! Come ‘mere and let me see you!” Lyle ran to greet them, particularly Dolly!

“Ya all warmed up for me, Doll? ” he asked an excited Dolly. Who just about swooned at the sight of her giant.

“Come see our room, that I’ve got for us for the next two days.” Lyle said as he ushered the two tired travelers to the site of the coming festivities.

Their room was conveniently located at the end of the sparsely used motel and nobody looked to be occupying any adjacent rooms. Two large king size beds were the main attraction and the trio settled in for a long weekend of fucking, sucking and general debauchery.

For this assignation, Dolly had worn a thin pale yellow cotton sun dress with broad straps to hold the bodice supporting her dynamite 36DD’s. Lyle had cleaned up his act since his days as a runaway escapee from justice. His manly bulk attired in a tight t-shirt and jeans drew anticipatory gasps from Dolly. The two could hardly contain their lust for each other. In all Dolly’s 50 years, she had had her share of lovers. But none turned her on like Lyle. His gargantuan cock had stretched and thrilled her like none other. Now they were ready for act two.

Dolly’s husband of 15 years and the cuckold in the ongoing saga watched with growing interest as his wife clung to her ravisher and repeatedly kissed him as he fondled her body. His large hands cupped her full breasts and ass as he drew her close to him. Dolly moaned as the two stumbled toward the closest king sized fuck area. With a slow motion movement, Lyle laid Dolly on the bed. His hands continued to roam over her heaving body as she smothered him with kisses.

Lyle now had Dolly’s thin dress pushed up and was rubbing her wet crotch. Dolly reached down and held Lyle’s growing erection with gasping eagerness. The smooth wetness of Dolly’s pussy inflamed Lyle’s passion. She responded by pushing her cunt into his hand and squirming in wild abandonment.

Lyle stopped momentarily and unzipped the back of Dolly’s dress and proceeded to strip it from her voluptuous body. Her tits, now free and naked, were as beautiful to him as they were the first time he saw them. Full and round, topped with pink nipple buds that were already stiff and hard to his touch, they were spectacular. He roughly squeezed and rolled them as Dolly cried out in growing ecstasy. Pinching her erect nipples until she moaned, “suck them, ohhh, please, suck them!.” “OOOHHH!”

Lyle straightened up and removed his t-shirt so that his hairy chest could rub against Dolly’s swelling tits. Her silver-dollar sized aureolas were puffing up from the delicious stimulation raising her nipples forward to his maddening ministrations. He would take the trembling buds in his mouth, tenderly administer a love bite, flick his tongue making them tingle and hungrily suck them into even greater hardness. Dolly could hardly stand the feelings of passion that coursed through her. She moaned and writhed beneath Lyle’s kneading hands and suckling mouth.

Dolly had always had extremely sensitive tits. Lyle had reawakened the capacity for her to climax simply from tit stimulation. And she was building toward her first cum of this session at this very minute. Lyle continued his oral teasing and ran his fingers around her entire breast, savoring the heft and the curvature of Dolly’s magnificent mammaries. It was as if every nerve ending in her tits was on fire.

“OOHHHH!” OOHHHH!” “OOHHHH!” She sighed as she soared to a blinding cum. Lyle rubbed her satin covered cunt as she bucked in sexual release. She was soaked and ready for more.

He them stood up and removed his jeans and briefs. As Dolly lay in relaxed submission, he removed her soaked panties, held them to his nose and inhaled the musky aroma of a wanton woman in heat and tossed them to Rob. He, too, held them to his nose to savor the lusty smells of his wife’s wet cunt. Then he sat back to enjoy the tableau developing in front of his very eyes.

As Lyle straddled Dolly’s succulent mature body, she reached up and took hold of his massive erection. Slowly pulling and directing it to her waiting mouth, she wrapped her full lips around his shaft and began her sucking and rocking motion. Lyle moved back and forth slowly as Dolly proceeded to suck him off. Her tongue caressed the cockhead and lapped at the underside of his glans. Shivers of pleasure shot through Lyle as she expertly worked his cock into a state of steely hardness.

Moans casino siteleri and gasps of pleasure filled the room as Lyle climbed to a crescendo of release. His balls tightened and rose closer to his body as the eruption building in them readied to fire. Dolly’s years of cock sucking experience when she was younger was paying off. Big time!

Lyle’s cock gave a shudder, expanded even more inside Dolly’s mouth and a load of fiery jizm shot down Dolly’s wide open gullet. She worked to swallow the entire load, but some of the stored up cream seeped from her lips. She whisked the excess cum back into her mouth with her fingers so that she would enjoy the taste of her lover’s sex juices. She was totally a reawakened sex slut to this young stud who had raped her back to sexual life six months ago.

Now she was a willing participant and her cuckolded husband a willing spectator at the continued debauchery that those events had started. She could not get enough sex. Lyle was the apex of her desire, but Rob got the everyday benefits of her awakening. Between the sex bouts with Lyle; he got to fuck Dolly the way he always wanted to.

Now he watched with growing interest as the action between the two unlikely lovers heated up to a fever pitch. Dolly and Lyle were sharing their combined sex essence by deep and probing french kisses, when Lyle began to slide his mouth down her soft yielding body. He kissed her neck, nibbled her ear lobes, tongued inside her ear driving her into shivering reaction. He kissed her shoulder, lavished her heaving tits and nipples. Tonguing her navel and sliding ever closer to her short haired bush.

Dolly was savoring his slow seduction and waited breathlessly for him to reach his overheated and soaking goal. Her beautiful flesh flower had become engorged with blood and was laying open inviting his sensuous mouth and tongue. Her clit had emerged from it’s hood seclusion and she was trembling in glorious anticipation.

An “electric” shock shot through Dolly the instant that Lyle’s tongue softly stroked her waiting clit. As his lips closed over it and he began to flick his tongue side to side on her clit, Dolly cried out, “OOHHHH! OOHHHHH! DON’T STOP!” She was arching her back and pushing her cunt up to meet his softly sucking mouth. He lapped his tongue around the musky cunt hole and inserted it as far as he could into her sopping cunt. He fucked her with his tongue for five minutes or more.

As he expertly slid two fingers, then three into her pounding seeping cunt, he began finger fucking her simultaneously with his mouth working her hardened clit. To enhance the sensations that Dolly was feeling, he slowly insinuated his pinkie into her tight ass hole. Dolly was in heaven! She gasped, moaned and urged him on to greater efforts.

He reached up and gently pulled her engorged labial lips apart to form a beautiful pink love funnel and lavished her labia with flat tongued torture. Dolly could stand no more. She shuddered and howled in an earth shaking orgasm! “OOOOOHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! OOOOOOWW!” Lyle kept his face buried in her cunt as she spasmed and shook. Holding her thighs to keep her from disengaging, he sucked and lapped until she went limp from nervous overload.

It was clearly time for a break! The naked lovers embraced and lay together recuperating and recharging for round two.

Dolly ran her hands over Lyle’s bulk and caressed his 10 inch cock and quickly brought it to full hardness. Lyle had busied himself by fondling and rolling Dolly’s double D cup tits. When they both felt that the pre-game festivities had run their course, they turned their attention to the reason they were together…FUCKING!

Dolly wrapped her arms around Lyle’s bulky frame and pressed her open mouth to his. The dueling of their tongues melded with their slow fondling of each other’s heated bodies. Lyle’s hands caressed Dolly’s back and waist. They cupped and rubbed her rounded ass and felt their way into her gluteal cleft. Dolly reciprocated by rubbing Lyle’s somewhat hairy chest and playing with his nipples. She reached down and stroked his flattened abdomen and finally reached her goal of his steel hard erect cock.

Lyle shifted slightly and got his insinuating fingers on Dolly’s weeping cunt. He sensuously slipped first one finger, then two, then three into her silky soft warmness. Dolly was moaning in growing ecstasy as Lyle played her body like a fine musical instrument. Still taking their time to raise their passion to a fiery level, they embraced, kissed, and felt each other’s bodies in the heat of their lovemaking.

As he rolled Dolly onto her back, he lifted her knees and spread her legs to receive his steel hard truncheon. By now, it had reached it’s full ten or eleven inch length and was throbbing in anticipation of the long awaited coupling. Dolly took a series of deep breaths and smiled güvenilir casino up at her lover as she anxiously awaited the moment.

Lyle slowly lowered his bulk toward the trembling Dolly. He slid his purple plum shaped cockhead up and down her lubricated slit, causing Dolly to hiss in delight. She swooned in delight as it began it’s beautiful stretching and widening of her plump pussy for his final plunge to the core of her womanhood. She had learned how absolutely thrilling it was for both Lyle and herself when he rent her cunt for the initial penetration. THERE IT WAS! The soft “pop” when he past the last little barrier to his possession of this gorgeous woman. He felt the ridge of his cockhead press deeper and deeper into the soft warm slickness of her cunt. She felt the slippery widening of her love tunnel as he progressed toward the bottom of her cunt.

Dolly remembered the first time Lyle had fucked her when she was sure that his massive member was going to tear right through the bottom of her pussy and kill her. No such tragedy happened however, as she stretched and lengthened to accommodate his 11 inch cock in all it’s splendor. How she loved the feeling of being fucked to the absolute height of sensation. She could feel the big cockhead as it slowly slid it’s way down the velvety smooth wetness that grasped him and welcomed him into her warm recesses. Lyle did not ignore her swelling breasts and erect nipples. He cupped and kneaded her tits and tweaked, pinched, pulled and sucked her nipples into astonishing length and hardness.

Al last, He reached the end of his erotic journey. He had bottomed out. He still had at least three inches of cock to go. Dolly gasped and moaned, “OHHHHH, OOOHHH, OOOOHHH!” As she thrust her cunt up to meet his downward motion. She rubbed her stiff little clitty to rachet up the waves of pleasure she was feeling. Lyle pulled his pleasure prod slowly from her depths and restretched her cunthole opening for just a second before starting a series of short two or three inch penetrations. The feeling that they both enjoyed was like the first entry. Then…He slammed to the hilt. Dolly cried out!

“OOOOOWWW, OOOOOWWW!” Lyle did about four more of these series of short jabs followed by a rush to the bottom of Dolly’s cunt. Now ALL of his mighty cock was sheathed in Dolly’s writhing body. Once he was totally encunted, the lovers began a slow leisurely fuck. Lyle shifted his weight to allow for different angles to massage Dolly’s inner walls. In and out, in and out, in and out in the age old rythym of love. Dolly moaned and Lyle softly grunted as they pushed their bodies together attempting to become one. Dolly simply loved Lyle’s cock! She had NEVER experienced sex like this in her entire life.

The lovers slowly increased the tempo of their fucking until Lyle was driving his massive truncheon into Dolly’s matching upward thrusts at a furious rate. In the dim light of the room, it looked to Rob the cuckolded husband like a red hot rod of steel covered with the combined fuck fluids being slammed into his writhing and keening wife. “OOOHHH YESSS! Ohh, Ohh, FUCK MEEE! OOWWW! OHHHH!” Dolly wailed.

Lyle felt his cock begin it’s climb to familiar orgasmic heights. Dolly had succumbed to continual rapture as her cunt alternatively ballooned and contracted around Lyle’s cock. It as if her cunt had a mind of it’s own. It’s walls and entrance ring grasped and held Lyle’s spectacular fuck engine and tried to extract every nuance of pleasure.

She felt his cock swell and explode a torrent of hot jizm into her deepest recesses. The sudden increase in lubrication and his frenzied pumping drove her to the most incredible orgasm she had ever experienced. “OOOOWWW! OOOOOWWW! OOOOWWWW!” she screamed! Her legs, wrapped around his muscular body pulled him as tightly as she could as she drove to meet his swollen and turgid manhood!

“AAARHHGGG! AAARRRGH! Lyle groaned as he came like the stallion that he truly was! He felt his balls empty in great gouts of semen, firing off like a cannon into Dolly’s spasming cunt. He felt the hot slippery lubrication set in as his cock plumbed the satiny depths of her cunt.

Dolly in the throes of her own blazing climax felt the hot jizm bathe her insides and then…something else. She felt a warm rush of sticky liquid squirt from somewhere around the entrance of her cunthole. The liquid coated the shaft of Lyle’s massive member as he continued to plough his beautiful, swooning partner. Jeez! What a fuck!

The lovers began a slow decent from their orgasmic heights, moving slower against each other now, but maintaining the intimate contact that had brought them so much pleasure. Lyle had each of Dolly’s gorgeous orbs in his hands and was squeezing and kneading them with great tenderness. “OOOOHHH! OOOOHHH! OOOOHHH!” Dolly moaned.

Looking into her eyes, Lyle locked canlı casino his lips to hers and they began a wet tongue duel that had each sucking each others tongues in rhythm to their fucking. Rob watched in awe and fascination as his wife of 20 years gave herself completely to her giant of a lover. Rob, himself, was now sitting nude in his chair feverishly stroking his hardened 6 inch cock and getting harder by the second.

As Dolly and Lyle wound down, they slowly pulled apart with a wet ssploot! Lyle turned his body around so that his head was in Dolly’s flowing crotch and his silver shining cock was over her face. Dolly raised her head so that her tongue could reach Lyle’s glistening cockhead. As she slowly licked the oozing slit and drew his glans into her warm and welcoming mouth, Lyle fell to her still flowing cunthole and began to lick and lap the mixed fuck fluids that they had created. When he flicked her clit and latched his lips around her erect bud, Dolly erupted with yet another soaring climax. The internal spasms of her vaginal vault caused pulsing fluid flows to erupt from her cunt. Lyle smiled to himself as he greedily lapped the liquid silver from her heaving body.

Now the lovers had become completely spent. Lyle rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. Dolly still breathing heavily stared at the ceiling as if in a trance. Lyle wearily opened his eyes and saw Rob still sitting on his chair with his hard six-incher in his hand. “If you want a piece of her, ask her, I’ll bet you can have sloppy seconds.”

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, Rod hustled onto the bed next to his semi-conscious wife and nudged her into recognition of his presence. “How about it, honey? My turn?”

Dolly closed her eyes and just nodded in his general direction. Taking that as consent, Rob spread her legs, gazed at his swollen target and slowly lowered his cock into her overheated pussy. The hot wetness and the silky lubricity of her just fucked cunt sucked him in to the hilt. Dolly smiled up at her husband and began an exhausted rolling response to his cock. Rob fell to suck her red raised nipples and cup her fevered breasts. Dolly softly moaned as yet another of a long line of orgasmic tsunamis rose up inside her and carried her into unconsciousness.

At about midnight, Lyle awoke with a monstrous hard-on. Dolly was still wrapped in slumber, as was Rob. Dolly had spooned and curved into his body as they slept and he felt her heat in his cock. Lyle slowly insinuated his steely manhood between Dolly’s legs and began a sensuous see-sawing of her plump cunt lips. He was oozing pre-cum to lubricate his passage and soon Dolly added her own lubricious fluids to add to the glorious sensations that they both were feeling.

As she became more and more aroused, Dolly’s flesh flower began to open it’s petal like lips to allow Lyle’s truncheon to massage her clit and inner labial folds. Dolly in her rosy half slumber moved slowly against Lyle’s hard cock. As her pussy glands added more and more lubrication, Lyle subtly changed his angle of attack and slid effortlessly into to her now heated love tunnel.

Dolly gasped as he plunged to the bottom of her being and restretched her customized cunt to again fulfill her most sexual dreams. She continued her movements as Lyle picked up the pace of his conquest. With his cock pressing and rubbing against the front wall of her vagina, her G-Spot was right in the line of fire. The sensations roared through her with every thrust of his mighty broad sword. “OOHH, OOHH, OOHH! she sighed as she soared to another of her monumental orgasms. Lyle was, by now means, ready to cum yet. Her velvety warm slickness and the grasping, clasping of her cunt walls on his prick was transporting him to wonderful levels of sensation.

He held on for as long as he could. When he could not hold back any longer, he felt his balls tighten and his cock swell. “AARRGH! AARRGH!” He erupted with a volcanic blast of boiling jizm into the depths of Dolly’s hungry cunt.

Dolly felt the hot cum drench her insides and his gigantic cock swell as her cunt ballooned and spasmed in their simultaneous explosion of pleasure. “OOOHH! OOOHHH! OOOHHH!” she moaned and pushed hard against Lyles body and embedded cock. Neither one made any move to uncunt. They simply drifted off into satiated slumber, still coupled.

After a reinvigorating sleep the lovers awoke to a new day of exhausting and satisfying exploration and discovery. When Sunday night came and the time for parting had arrived, Dolly could hardly walk, her swollen bottom and aching tits belied her radiant smile. Rob had also been able to partake to his accustomed secondary role in Dolly’s sexual romp. Lyle seem ed also satisfied and quite pleased with himself.

After the trio had said their goodbyes and Dolly and Rob were on their way home, Dolly remarked, “I have never experienced anything like that in my life and I don’t know if I can ever do it again, but “whew,” it was something else! It’ll take two weeks to recover from this weekend.”

Rob smiled and thought to himself, “I hope this got that guy out of her system. But, then, you never know.”

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