Doctor M

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Author’s note: The events and persons depicted are entirely fictional products of the author’s extremely fertile imagination. Any resemblance of the characters to any individual, living or deceased, is coincidental. All characters are 18 years of age or older.


I was resting at home one evening after work when the telephone rang. A glance at the caller ID told me that it was the office of our family physician calling. I clicked the talk button and the friendly female voice responded to my greeting cheerily. “Hello. May I please speak to Mr. Martin?”

“Speaking.” I answered.

“Mr. Martin, this is Kelly from Community Medical Associates. I am calling to remind you of your appointment for your Annual Physical scheduled for Wednesday at 8 AM. Will you be able to keep your appointment with Doctor Markova?”

I groaned to myself, realizing that I had completely forgotten the appointment, which had been scheduled almost one year earlier, at the conclusion of my last physical. Ignoring the temptation to cancel, I politely answered “Yes Kelly, thank you for reminding me. I will see you on Wednesday.” I made a mental note that I needed to schedule myself off from work.

Wednesday morning quickly arrived. As I planned on going directly to my office following the appointment I dressed in a blue long sleeve button down oxford shirt and medium grey dress slacks, planning to add the striped tie and Navy blazer that would complete my wardrobe for the day after the completion of my physical exam.

At the medical center I checked in and sat down with my morning newspaper to wait. Soon the nurse called my name and led me to the examining room. The nurse apologized in advance for any embarrassment which might result from the list of personal questions that she was about to ask me, then asked me all the required questions. I graciously answered each without complaint or sarcasm. Once that hurdle was past she thanked me and told me “Doctor Anna will be right in to see you”, and departed, leaving me alone in the room.

As I waited I glanced around the small room, taking note of the various medical charts and equipment hanging on the wall and studying in detail the construction of the examination table. As I was immersed in my thoughts there was a loud rap on the door, Doctor Markova quickly stepped into the room and greeted me professionally “Good morning Mr. Martin. How are you today?”

I had been seeing Doctor Anna, as she was referred to by the staff, for the past four years. She was the first female doctor that had ever treated me in my in my adult life. Doctor Anna became my doctor by accident when my previous doctor, a partner in the group, became ill and retired suddenly. Doctor Anna happened to be the only physician available to see me when I needed to renew a prescription.

At first I felt uncomfortable with having a female physician examining my body but quickly found Doctor Anna’s pleasant, non-critical professional demeanor much more comfortable than the authoritative and dictatorial bedside manner of her predecessor, and office visits were no longer something to dread.

I had learned that Doctor Anna Markova, age 44, had emigrated from the former Soviet Union to the United States during the economic collapse and breakup of that nation. As a graduate of the excellent medical training in her homeland she found that her skills were in high demand in America and had quickly obtained her American medical credentials. She was fluent in English, which she spoke with a slight Russian accent.

All business, Doctor Anna addressed me “I see that you are here for your annual physical this morning. Shall we get started?” Without waiting for me to reply she continued “Please roll up your sleeve for the blood pressure check.” She sat on her rolling stool and moved it closer to me as I complied and rested my left arm on the armrest of my chair, unconsciously clenching my hand into a fist.

Doctor Anna noticed my clenched fist and pleasantly asked “Please open your hand. Making a fist will elevate your blood pressure.” I relaxed my hand and she wrapped the cuff around my upper arm. I stretched out my arm to enable her to place the cuff between my chest and left arm, leaving my open hand extended beyond the edge of the chair. As she began to pump up the bulb her torso bent forward, lowering her full breast into my palm. She continued taking the reading, seemingly oblivious to the location of her breast.

As I felt her soft tissue compress against my palm I froze. Not wanting to draw the Doctor’s attention to the situation I didn’t move my hand or to make any effort to break the contact. Fighting the urge to close my hand around the inviting orb within my grasp and explore it, I held my body immobile, barely breathing. I began to feel the beginnings of arousal as blood began to pool in my groin, stimulated by the contact.

After what seemed to me to be an eternity but in reality was less than a minute, she anadolu yakası escort completed the reading, removed the cuff from my arm and sat up straight, breaking the contact between our bodies, seemingly never aware of what had just transpired. “Your reading is 122 over 84, so your current medications are working very well.”

My mind raced, analyzing the incident. Was the contact intentional on her part? Was she testing how I would respond? Was she inviting me to engage in sexual activity with her? Was it accidental? Was Doctor M conscious of the contact? Were my reactions appropriate? Did I fail to respond to an invitation to go further?

Doctor M moved on to the next step in the exam, measuring my temperature as I studied her appearance carefully for the first time. I realized that her dark hair was pulled back and pinned tightly to her head, also noting that her facial skin was clear and unwrinkled, softly glowing healthily. Her full lips invited contact as they relaxed, slightly parted.

I noted that she wore an unbuttoned white Doctor’s coat over a silky beige blouse. The blouse had buttons down the front, with the top two buttons unfastened, revealing just a hint of cleavage. The colorful fabric stretched firmly across her full bosom, accenting her womanly charms. At the waistline a thin leather belt was tightly cinched, emphasizing her trim waist. Below the waist a darker brown skirt flared to a hemline just above the knees, revealing shapely legs. After concluding my inspection I decided that my physician was a very attractive woman beneath her understated professional façade.

Doctor Anna methodically continued down the checklist of items to be covered during the examination. At her direction I removed my shirt, fumbling nervously to unfasten the buttons and pulled off my undershirt self-consciously and sat on the edge of the examining table as she proceeded to listen to my heartbeat and respiration through her stethoscope. She looked down my throat, up my nostrils, and into my ear canals with various instruments. She tested my vision, having me read letters from the eye chart.

Moving on, she instructed me to move my arms, legs and neck in various directions as she evaluated the mobility and strength of my extremities. As she tested my legs she tapped my knees with her little mallet, testing my reflexes. When she leaned closer with her mallet the material of her blouse and her bra fell away from her torso. I looked down at her from my perch on the edge of the examining table while she examined my legs and feet and was treated to the sight of her full breasts hanging freely from her chest, fully engorged nipples stretching from their summits. The stirrings of arousal again fluttered in my groin as blood began to flow into my penis in response to the image.

She asked me to recline flat on my back on the examination table and manually probed the vital organs located in my abdomen. I struggled to prevent my body from reacting to the touch of her feminine hands as she poked and prodded. Finally she stepped away from the examination table and moved to the supply cabinet as I took a deep breath, relieved at the end of such close contact. As she reached the cabinet she intoned “This room is warm” and removed her white coat, depositing it atop the counter.

Then, Doctor Anna asked me to stand up at the foot of the table and remove my slacks and underwear! It was time for the dreaded rectal exam. She washed her hands in the sink, then pulled sterile gloves and a tube of lubricant from the cabinet and snapped the gloves onto her hands. As she prepared I rationalized that this was not a new experience for me; Doctor Anna had done several rectal exams on me in the past. I remembered that her soft touch and thin fingers gently probing inside me were much more pleasant than the rough touch and fat fingers of any of my prior male doctors. In spite of my attempts to control my bodily responses I realized that I was becoming erect anyway.

My fumbling fingers struggled to unbuckle my belt, then released the metal clasp and lowered the zipper of my slacks. As my suddenly trembling hands pushed my slacks down my legs Doctor Anna again sat down on her stool, placing her head at the level of my waist. Rolling closer to me she announced “First we will examine your testicles.” I had forgotten about that part of the exam! My rapidly hardening shaft jumped in response. With my slacks tangled around my ankles I grasped the waistband of my briefs. Pausing to take a deep breath I stretched the waistband and pulled my briefs down, releasing my manhood from beneath. My pulsing rod snapped upward, having been dragged downward by the waistband of my briefs as I pulled them down, revealing my six and one half inch erection and greater than average thickness to her view.. I trembled with excitement as I stood facing Doctor Anna, who calmly joked “It looks like someone is happy to see me”

Doctor ataşehir escort Anna reached out and carefully manipulated one full testicle and then the other in her latex covered fingers, probing the tender orbs gently as the delicate skin of my sac tingled from her touch. Her eyes focused on my testicles and scrotum as she looked for any irregularities. When she finished she gently wrapped one hand around the swollen shaft of my organ and thoroughly studied the fully engorged helmet shaped glans at the tip, twisting and turning it as she carefully searched the deep purple skin for anomalies while I struggled to hold back a moan of pleasure caused by her touch.

Slowly sliding her hand upward until she reached the scarlet tip she gently squeezed it between her fingers, testing the firmness of my erection. Grasping the tip firmly Doctor Anna manipulated my manhood in all directions as she closely examined every square inch of the shaft. I vibrated inside at the sensations racing through my groin, on the verge of losing my battle to prevent the eruption brewing deep inside me.

Having finished her inspection of my genitals Doctor Anna released her grasp on my pleasure pole, which pointed proudly toward the ceiling as the pulsing of my pounding heartbeat was visible in the purple veins on the surface of my shaft. Doctor Anna softly asked me “Please move over to the examination table and lay your chest on it” and I awkwardly began to comply, shackled by the slacks and underwear tangled around my ankles. As I hobbled to turn my body to the table my hard ramrod bounced uncontrollably up, down and from side to side until I finally faced the table.

Bending at the waist I lowered my chest and head onto the padded surface and lifted my tush in the air. I sensed Doctor Anna’s approach. In a soothing voice she reassured me “This will only take a moment. It may be cold at first, and you may feel some pressure or the urge to urinate, but these sensations are perfectly normal. Please reach back and spread your cheeks wide open for me.” Her spiel was followed by a sploosh as she squirted a dollop of KY onto her gloved finger while I complied.

The doctor gently inserted her lubricated finger into the depths of my anal cavity and began to probe. As her finger pressed against my prostate a squirt of thick milky white fluid erupted from the tip of my organ and splattered against the side of the examination table. I felt the heat of my embarrassed blushing, humiliated by my lack of self-control. After her intruding finger finally withdrew I breathed a huge sigh of relief. The worst was over.

Just as I began to relax Doctor Anna quietly spoke again “Please turn around to face me, I need to check for hernias.” I once again awkwardly turned to face her and saw that my swollen organ, sticky secretions oozing from the tip, was inches from her face as she sat on her rolling stool. I looked down to observe the test and again was treated to an even more unobstructed view down the now gaping neckline of her dress than earlier; seemingly additional buttons had been unfastened. Apparently undisturbed by the state of my manhood Doctor Anna reached for my groin and inserted her index finger beneath the skin between my thigh and testicle and instructed “Cough please” then “Again”. As the doctor focused her attention on my exposed groin I focused my attention on her exposed bosom while I complied, and she duplicated the procedure on the other side.

As she removed her index finger from my groin Doctor Anna said “Good job… perfectly normal.” and then quietly asked “Enjoying the view?” as I focused my stare on the succulent melons perched high on her ribcage. BUSTED!

“I…I…I’m s… s…s…ooorrryyyy!” I stammered my apology,

Doctor Anna smoothly rejected my embarrassed attempt at an apology “No need to apologize Mr. Martin. The human body is a beautiful creation, which should be enjoyed. Would you care to see more?” Before I could react she reached her hands to the front of her blouse and purposefully began unfastening the remaining buttons. When she completed that task she pulled the top of the blouse from her shoulders and slid it down and off her arms, revealing a semi sheer lacy white bra that barely contained her full mounds in its C cups.

Reaching one hand dexterously behind her back she released the clasp and bent forward and shrugged her trim shoulders, freeing it to drop into her lap. Suddenly I was staring at the doctor’s womanly bosom in all its glory. As she lifted one shapely mound in the palm of each hand she thrust her chest forward and calmly asked “Would you like to touch them, Mr. Martin?”

Not needing a second invitation I reached out and grasped one soft smooth melon in each hand and began massaging and squeezing them as my fingertips rolled and pinched the firm, elongated nipples. A series of throaty moans and gasps of excitement escaped from her lips as I explored her bosoms. ümraniye escort

As I was enjoying the sight and feel of her upper display I suddenly felt soft feminine fingers wrap around my shaft and the bulbous head engulfed by a warm, wet mouth. I raised my line of sight up to my groin and saw Doctor Anna’s lips wrapped tightly around my thick manhood, bobbing up and down smoothly. Any self-control I had evaporated in a flash and my balls began contracting tightly, launching rope after rope of my thick pearly cum into her mouth as she gulped it down greedily. Gradually the contractions slowed, then stopped and the Doctor’s mouth released her grip on me as I fell backward on suddenly weak legs, coming to a rest against the edge of the table.

Doctor Anna stood up, asking me “Would you like to see the rest?” Not waiting for my response she unfastened the belt around her waistline. Sliding her thumbs beneath the cloth of her skirt as it hung around her waist she firmly pushed it down over her hips and allowed it to slide down her legs to the floor.

Turning her attention to the sheer bikini panties that matched the bra she had removed earlier Doctor Anna grasped their elastic waistband and pulled them down her shapely legs. She stepped out of them, revealing the neatly trimmed brown triangle covering the core of her womanhood to my hungry eyes as I propped my body against the foot of the table, dazed in response to the amazing blowjob I had just received.

Striding briskly the few steps to the side of the examining table she climbed atop it and stretched out on her back with her widely parted legs hanging over the sides, spread her glistening pink outer lips open with one hand and pleaded “Eat me… please!”

Not requiring a second invitation I kicked off my loafers, yanked my slacks and briefs from around my ankles, pivoted my body and lowered my head into the space between Doctor Anna’s firm thighs. Grasping her hips with both my hands I pulled her crotch to my face and began lightly running the tip of my tongue up and down the inside of one puffy lip and then the other as Doctor Anna lay on her back on the examining table, her hands behind her head. Her legs spread wide, dangling over the sides of the examining table as she rubbed her hands up and down her body, caressing her breasts and rubbing her mound.

I pivoted my body between the doctor’s shapely legs, slowly sliding my fingers along the folds of her sensitive inner skin until they met at the junction of her thighs. As I slid my thumbs along the edges of her tender pink folds, already slippery with her juices I stretched them open, revealing the excited pinkish nub peeking from between them, and the swollen opening below.

Gradually I lowered my head to her inviting vee, luxuriating in the heady aroma of her arousal as it drifted into my nostrils, and salivating in anticipation of tasting the sweet juices that were awaiting the arrival of my tongue.

With small, practiced licks I pressed my tongue between the folds of her inviting tender flesh, indulging in my favorite pastime. Starting at the valley between her thighs, I ran my tongue along the side of her lady bits, which were already slick with her hot, slippery juices. As Doctor Anna squirmed on the table she closed her eyes to immerse herself in the excitement my tongue was generating. I licked across her outer lips to her other thigh, sliding my tongue gently up and down that sensitive area, gratified when I felt her body shudder in response to the contact.

My mouth then returned to her hot nether lips, kissing and sucking on them, savoring the soft swollen feel of their excitement. My tongue explored the outer edges and then between them, slowly sweeping up and over their swollen flesh. As my tongue sent tremors of pleasure over her body Doctor Anna groaned. “Ooohh… Don’t stop… M… m… more…!”

I looked up at her, admiring her trim tummy, and her firm, full breasts tipped by proudly erect nipples. I slid my hands over her tummy, to her tits, caressing and squeezing them, tweaking and rolling her nipples between my fingers while my tongue continued to explore her lower regions.

I groaned with excitement as I was feeling, smelling, and tasting this delightful smorgasbord. Up and down her hot slit went my tongue and then I stiffened it and pushed it against the entrance to her juicy tunnel. Doctor Anna reacted reflexively, lifting her hips, forcing her pussy against my face, a low moan of pleasure escaping her lips. She fucked my face as I plunged my tongue in and out of her greedy pussy, enjoying the feel of her inviting love tunnel engulfing it.

My cock, once again fully erect, began oozing streams of precum onto the floor. My tongue licked upward until it found her clit peeking out from under her inner lips. I flicked the tip lightly across her taut, pink love button then encircled it over and over again while she lifted her legs to rest on my shoulders and then wrapped her thighs tightly around my neck and held them to my cheeks. I loved the feel of her body trapping me between her sexy thighs.

Her hands found the back of my head and pulled my mouth against her pussy, holding my lips tight around her pulsing pearl. I couldn’t hold back a moan as she crushed my mouth against her sex.

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