Doctor D.R.Acula Ch. 01

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Big Dick

Every year at Halloween, I take on one very special patient. I spend all year looking for this patient, and believe me, it takes that long to find and chose that patient.

Everyone has heard and read all about vampires. Some people think that they can only come out at night, others believe that they can be killed in a variety of ways. Some believe that they are allergic to certain things such as garlic and other things including silver and other metals. No matter what you believe or don’t believe, everyone has heard of them. Some of the stories are more believable than others, with many of them having a little bit of truth in them.

I have always believed that the victim should have a chance to make the choice to be a vampire, not be some idiot too drunk or stoned or sick to know the difference. Besides, why would anyone want someone like that to be a member of a very long living and secretive society.

That is why it takes me so long to find the right person as my patient. I don’t choose victims, I choose patients, and I invite them to become vampires and join my community. My community is unique, even within the vampire world.

All year, I have been talking with my potential patients and have finally selected the one that I feel is perfect. I invited her out for supper and she has accepted my invitation.

The Date

Sharlene meets me at the door of her apartment dressed in an above-knee-length very form-fitting dress that definitely shows of her figure very well. The deep-cut neckline is displaying her almost non-existent bra-less cleavage very well. I have always had a thing for women that are small breasted and are not ashamed of that fact and dress to show it. “You look simply beautiful this evening, Sharlene,” I say, as she does a slow twirl for me. The four-inch heels she is wearing accentuate just how sculptured her legs look. I notice that she is wearing stockings with a seam running up the back of her legs by the tell-tale little bulges from her garter-belt clips. “I have a very special evening planned for us. If you are ready, I have a carriage waiting for us downstairs. The reservation has been confirmed, and our table is waiting.”

“I have been waiting for tonight, Halloween night, for most of my life. I am hoping that you can make my dream come true tonight,” Sharlene replies.

I can’t help but admire her smile, which is what brought us together in the first place. Her two front top teeth slope back behind her incisor’s with the canines sticking out and being a bit below the rest of her teeth. It does give her a bit of a vampire look, which is a great look to have on Halloween, but which she wasn’t very happy with the rest of the time. Her bottom teeth were straighter but they didn’t line up with her top teeth. She had come to my office to ask about what I could do for her.

But tonight was all about The Date. I had booked an evening at one of the best restaurants in town, with

a ride in a horse-drawn carriage to the restaurant, which is located on the main-floor of my building. I own the whole building, so why shouldn’t I have a restaurant that serves good food in it. On the top floor is my apartment, which Sharlene has been to a few times. Between that is my office, as well as a few other businesses that are owned by members of my community, many of which support and are supported by my office. Sharlene had picked out exactly what she wanted to have for her last meal, having been given a list of all the foods she would not be able to eat for the rest of her life. Her extremely long life.

I extend my arm for her so that I can escort her to the carriage for the ride. She slips her hand into mine, revealing to me that she has painted her nails in the same shade of red as her lips. I can feel that my dress pants have gotten snug in the crotch. The click of her heels on the stone flooring of her hallway further excites me. I can feel that she has a very slight tremble in her grip. “Are you nervous, my dear?”

“It is more a matter of excitement, although there is some nervousness as well. Do we have to go to the restaurant first. I would much rather skip to the part after the meal,” Sharlene replies, the excitement in her voice unmistakable. “It has been a long wait for me to get to this night. It has been almost a year.”

“All of the setup work has already been done,” I reply. Over the last several months, I had done the impressions and had a computer-scan of her head taken. We had sat down together and discussed just what she really wanted to do. I had carefully explained to her that there were several different ways that we could do this. After allot of thought and discussion, she had made her final decision and tonight was the night that she would finally become a vampire. Tonight she would join my community and enter into what even for vampires was considered unusual.

By this time, we had reached the carriage and I opened the door for her to enter. As she steps up into the interior, the slit on the side of her dress falls open, exposing her stocking clad leg to my view, bahis şirketleri all the way to the lace with the stocking clasp at the top. The smile she gives me exposes her misaligned teeth to my view once again, lets me know that she is aware of just what she is showing. The tug she gives to my hand tells me that she is anxious for me to join her in the Carriage. The driver then closes the door and we start on our journey. The driver had already been instructed to take us through the park on the way there, so we know that we can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sharlene is still holding my hand, which has come to rest on her stocking-clad leg, and she starts to rub it against the outside of her leg, gradually moving it higher. When she reaches the lace at the top, she takes her hand from mine and lays my hand palm down on the lace. “I want you to know just how much the thought of what is going to happen this evening has turned me on.” She slides my hand along the lace to the inside of thigh and then underneath the slit in her dress so that my hand is resting above the lace. I can feel the heat of her body on the palm of my hand. This is not the first time my hand has been here, but when she moves my hand further up, I get a surprise. “I spent the day at the salon, getting them to remove all the hair from my genitalia. I am as smooth as a teen girl now, and I will remain that way for as long as I live, once you change me into a vampire.” My hand comes to rest upon her smooth, hairless lips. I am pleasantly surprised to find that she is not wearing any panties. She spreads her legs slightly and one finger slips between her moist, slightly engorged, lips and my pinky finger rubs up against her swollen love button. Her whole body gives a slight shiver. “I know that you will like how that looks and feels later on, but for now I think that I should try not to get too stimulated.” She crosses her legs, trapping my hand against her mound momentarily before removing it. She intertwines her fingers with mine and brings them to her mouth and gives my fingers a quick lick, then moves them to my mouth, turning towards me as she does.

“Mmm, that tastes good,” I respond, after giving both of ours fingers a quick lick.

She begins to run her fingertips across my top teeth, encountering the metal brackets that are glued to them. “I can’t wait until I am just like that.” Her other hand has been resting at the top of my thigh against the bulge there. “I can tell by that twitch, that you are eager too.”

Just then there is a knock on the door. “We have arrived at your destination, Madame.” Sharlene flicks the lock on the door, and the driver opens it for us and gives us a wide, full-banded smile, as she stands to one side so that we can exit. The grip on my hand tightens perceptibly as Sharlene sees that smile for the first time. I have seen that smile many times, since the driver is one of my special patients. Her French-Canadian accent sounds so sexy as she says, “I think that you will more than enjoy your entire evening, Madame.”

As we enter the restaurant, Sharlene says, “I have never seen anyone with full-bands before. I didn’t think that anyone used them anymore. That is a very sexy look, in my opinion.”

“Actually, she is not as young as she looks. When she got her braces put on, it was right around the time that orthodontist’s were switching to bonded brackets. She actually decided that she liked the look of the bands better than just the brackets. She has been extremely happy with her choice. She is one of my special patients, just like you will soon be.” This restaurant has a unique seating arrangement. Many of the tables around the edge of the room have “love-seat” chairs facing an enclosed garden in the middle, each table being separated by a wall. This created a very private, romantic environment, which is what I wanted for this special evening.

Sharlene sits down and slides over on the seat, giving me a very deliberate flash of her stocking clad leg again. As I sit down, our waiter arrives with a tray of food with all the dishes that she had ordered. They had timed it perfectly for our arrival. She takes my hand in hers again and places it on her leg just above her knee. “Is this the last time that I will be able to eat these foods? For the rest of my life?”

With a smiles that shows the brackets on my teeth, I reply, “Not really. While many of these things will be difficult to eat with braces, with a bit of extra care, you can still eat many of them. If you talk with our carriage-driver, she can tell you that she choose the full-banded braces partly for that reason. I will let her tell you what some of the other reasons are herself. She is always very willing to talk to our special female patients.” With a broad, braces exposing smile, I add, “Very willing.”

“Is she a…” Sharlene hesitantly asks, “lesbian vampire?”

“Yes, and she will let you know it at ‘that time of the month’, too. She is a vampire, after all.” I couldn’t help grinning.

Sharlene slides my hand to the inside of her knee as well as bahis firmaları up her leg slightly. “Let’s get started with our meal before it all gets cold.” The waiter had set our tray on top of a spinner which allowed us to turn the tray to whatever dish we wanted to take from. Rather than each take a plate of our own, we just each take a fork and start to take bites from whatever dish we want. After a while, we start to feed each other instead of ourselves, which causes a few mishaps along the way. We carefully wipe each others faces when it does happen until finally Sharlene decides that there is a better way to clean up the mess.

After she accidentally gets some sauce on my top lip, she turns towards me and says, “Hold still.” She shifts her whole body towards me, leans forward and begins to run her tongue over my lip. At the angle that our bodies are at, my hand slips inside her dress and comes to rest right on her nipple. My fingers give her nipple a gentle caress, and I feel it harden slightly. My lips part and her tongue slips between them and into my mouth, stopping against my teeth. She begins to run the tip of her tongue along my top teeth, then the bottom. She takes her time, fully exploring each bracket as she does so.

She places one of her hands on my the back of my neck to hold me in place as well as balance herself better. Her other hand takes mine and places it on the inside of her leg just below the slit in her dress. She lets go of my hand and moves the material to one side, giving my hand better access to her leg. Her hand then moves to my leg and slides up towards the increasing bulge in my pants.

I lean closer to her, which causes my hand to slide up her leg, under her dress past the lace on her stocking top, and up to her smooth, hairless lips. Her legs part slightly, allowing my fingers to feel the moisture between her engorged outer lips. My thumb is at the perfect angle to connect with the little nub at the top of her lips as one finger slips between her inner lips and into her soft, warm interior.

Sharlene gives a soft moan, and her tongue stops moving momentarily, her teeth partly open, and I find that my tongue is resting against the bottom of her top teeth. This is the first time that we have been this intimate with each other, having decided that we are both willing to go beyond that doctor / patient relationship. I have been hoping for so long that I would have the chance to be able to kiss her and find out what her mouth feels like with her teeth in the position they are. I caress the bottom of her teeth with my tongue, taking my time exploring each tooth in turn. She gives another moan and bites down gently, trapping my tongue between her front teeth and her incisors, allowing my tongue to create a mental image of the position of her teeth. The hand on my groin rubs up and down, further stimulating me.

Every time she moans, my finger is gripped and pulled a little further into her warm, moist channel, until it meets a barrier. My thumb twitches when my finger meets the barrier, causing her to open her teeth and moan, freeing my tongue from its exquisite captivity.

Sharlene pulls her head back just enough to say, “I don’t think that I will be able to eat anymore food right now. I think that we had better get out of here before we are kicked out.”

“I think that is a good idea. We need to talk about a few things before I change you. We only have until midnight to start your change and there are quite a few details that you need to decide about. Let’s go up to my apartment first before we go to my office.”

As we are heading out of the restaurant towards the elevator, she says, “Don’t we have to pay? That meal must have cost a lot, and I should leave a tip.”

“I have already taken care of all that. You will find that once you are a vampire, there will be a lot of things that you don’t have to worry about. The owner of the restaurant is a client of mine. In fact, many of the people that I introduce you to are clients of mine, although not very many of them are vampires. They all know that I am able to do things for them that other orthodontist won’t do. Very few of them actually know that I am a vampire, although some do suspect that I am.”

She takes my hand, puts it across her shoulders and snuggles up against my side, and stays there until we are inside my apartment and sitting on the couch. I have a notebook sitting on the table beside me, plugged in and all ready to go. “I know that we have discussed much of what you want already, but there are a few things that I need to ask you before we start your transformation. Some of these questions are going to be a bit personal, but answer them truthfully. After tonight, there will be going back and changing these things. I am going to start with a few of the more personal ones.”

“To start with, I found out that you appear to be a virgin. Am I right in assuming that?” She blushes a very appealing shade of pink.

“I am. All through school, the boys never really looked at me. I was a late bloomer. I was always shorter kaçak bahis siteleri than the other girls until I started to wear heels. Then the girls told me that I looked too tall with my heels on because I was so thin and had no ‘boobs’. So I went out and bought myself some ‘falsies’, and they all laughed at me because I suddenly seemed to grow breasts over the weekend. After that I just quit trying to make myself noticed, and spent most of my time studying in the library. After I grew real breasts, even though they are small, they boys never paid much attention to me. Being a virgin was not something that mattered to me, I just never really tried to lose it. I am actually happy with how my body looks including my small breasts. I actually have a few advantages that women with larger breasts don’t have. My breasts will probably never sag and get noticeable stretch marks. When I want to have larger breasts, I just slip falsies in and I can be any size I want.” She runs her hand over her A-cup chest. “Just think about how I can look with D-cups under a tight top.”

I take a moment to ponder that image and smile. “I can offer you a couple of choices at this point. Since your cherry is still intact, you can keep it that way until after you become a vampire. That would mean that after every time you have sex with someone and break your cherry, it will grow back. How long it takes varies for each female vampire. For most women losing their virginity is special and does have some discomfort involved.”

“The next choice would be for you to break it yourself. You could do it with a finger, a vibrator or some other method of your choice. You would still be a virgin, just without the barrier. Part of this choice would be to find someone to break it for you. If you choose this option, you must do it well before midnight or have to wait another year to begin your transformation.”

She gives me an embarrassed smile, exposing her sexy, misaligned teeth to me. “I think that being a virgin as well as a vampire is appealing. Being able to lose my virginity over and over does seem appealing. I don’t know if I should keep my cherry intact, although it does appeal to me. What is the next question?”

“I saw and felt your reaction to our driver this evening. What caused that reaction in you? Was it the bands and brackets, was it the girl or a combination of both? Before you answer that one, you should know that one of the things one can do is to change how people see you, but you don’t actually change to match that. The driver let you see her as she actually looks, with the full-metal bands on her teeth. I can tell that she likes you, because she doesn’t let that many people see them. As vampires, we try not to be too memorable, for obvious reasons.”

This time her smile is wider, showing more of her teeth. “That one is easier. She is very beautiful, but I am not attracted to women. It was definitely the look of all that metal in her smile. My nipples get hard just thinking about it.” I look down at her small breasts and can see that they are poking against the material of her dress. “I don’t think that I would want to have bands on all my teeth but maybe just on all the bottom ones, that way I won’t stand out so much and don’t have to be as careful about making sure to disguise my look.”

I type a few notes into the notebook, check off a few questions and then ask, “I know we discussed this one before. If you get braces now, with active treatment they will gradually improve over the year, but next Halloween, will return to the position and condition they are in now with only a very minor improvement. You will go through all the ache and soreness after each adjustment. It will be many years before there is any noticeable difference.”

“When I first came to see you, it was to see about fixing my teeth to please others. I am actually fine with how they look, although I do wish that they be straighter. I do like the look of braces, especially on guys.” This brings a smile to my face. “When people have braces, it makes them look like they are working on improving themselves. For me, just having the braces will make me feel better about how my teeth look. If I can actually make corrections to how they align, then that is worth it as well.”

“This should be the last question. You do realize that if I put the braces on before you go through the transformation, that they can never be removed. You will have them for the rest of your life. If I put them on afterwards, no matter what anyone does to try and treat you, your teeth will always return to exactly how they are now, every Halloween, without any improvement.”

“That question is really easy to answer. I want them before I become a vampire, that way I can actually get my teeth fixed, even if it does take a long time to do it.” She turns towards me and takes my hand, brings it up to her mouth and runs my finger across her top teeth. “I want to fix these no matter how long it takes. Don’t you think that they will look so much better with metal brackets on them.” Then she opens her mouth and runs my finger over the inside of her lower teeth. She closes her lips around my finger and sucks on it as she removes it. “Wouldn’t you like to run your tongue over these teeth and feel all the metal on the back of them. I know that I do.”

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