Dinner Out Ch. 01

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*all references to characters, locations and events are fictional. Any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental*

After a long day at work it was finally good to be home! She tosses her keys on the table next to the mail and lays the purse on the sofa. Moving across the living room she reaches the lamp on the side table, bending over to flip the switch at the base. When the light refuses to turn on at her touch, she idly bites her lower lip and steps back to examine the obstinate lamp.

“Oh come on! Stupid light bulb” she mutters to herself as she moves to the kitchen cabinet to replace it. Remembering the bulbs stored in the upper cabinet, she reaches high to pull them off the top shelf when the presence of another moves up her spine. Pausing as she feels the slight chill on the back of her neck, she gasps when a strong hand grasps her wrist. As her arm is firmly pulled behind her back, a moan escapes her lips as she attempts to twist around. She can feel his breath on the back of her neck as both hands are pulled together behind her. Feeling the soft satin of the restraints as her wrists are bound, the knot is pulled tight and her attempts to pull her hands away prove futile.

“What is this?” she asks, her requests being met only with silence as the dark room goes even darker when a satin blindfold is pulled across her eyes. Her other senses heighten at the loss of vision and she becomes distinctly aware of his presence close behind her as his hands begin to massage deeply up her thighs. The business skirt she is wearing proves no match for his caress, and soon the palm of his hand is running firmly over the front of her panties, bringing a gasp to her lips. His fingers prove adept at bringing her wetness to the surface, güvenilir bahis staining the front of the thin underwear. Soon her skirt is low around her ankles and she feels the air across her cheeks left bare around the thong.

Her world spins as she is quickly spun around and she feels the cool of the countertop pressing against her bare skin. The hands that have proved so experienced at making her moist are soon pressing insistently through her blouse into her ample breasts, bringing another low utterance from deep in her chest. With a quick flourish and little warning her blouse is firmly ripped open and her bra pulled down, her tit flesh overflowing the silk cups into the cool air of the kitchen. Her gasp is met with a soft moan when a warm mouth quickly finds first one firm nipple before latching onto the second. Her breathing quickens as the warm embrace of wet lips leaves her nipples hard and glistening.

Before her mind can register the complete pleasure to be gained through such manipulations, she is quick to squeal as her flimsy thong is pulled roughly down her thighs. The hands that have been roaming over her body adeptly slide the thong off her silky smooth legs and grasp her legs in a firm grip. With a quickness and strength that leave her panting she is lifted until sitting on the cool counter top. With a steady touch her thighs are soon splayed open and she feels the wetness coating her lips, a wetness that is soon matched by a warm and throbbing insistence to have her.

Her hands clench in the silk restraints behind her back and her head rolls back to rest against the cabinet as she feels her dripping pussy beginning to open around the firmness of his manhood. The throbbing that she can feel in her own clit is soon matched by the heat of his cock güvenilir bahis siteleri slowly sliding deeper inside her. Her moan at his insistent intrusion is soon transformed into a squeal of delight when she feels the return of the warm mouth to her exposed and heaving breasts.

As he pushes deeper inside her depths, filling places that long to be explored, the tongue continues its trek up her neck. Finding an ear lobe, the tongue is quickly replaced with teeth that both bite and pull at the sensitive flesh. With a final groan of pleasure that reverberates through the kitchen she feels her clit pressed tight against warm skin as his cock reaches deep inside her. With but a brief pause she is soon left open again, only to have the emptiness replaced with his cock once more. Over and over this repeats until she feels that she will go crazy with lust before finally moaning out the words that she has longed to utter…

“Fuck me” she moans.

The slow, rhythmic motion that has teased her thus far soon gives way to the harder, more insistent fucking that she deeply craves. The sound of her gasping at his firm handling of her hanging breasts is quickly drowned out by the wet sound of her pussy gushing over his firm cock. An orgasm, she hopes the first of many that night, overtakes her body as she spasms both on the counter and on the end of his rod.

Pulling out slowly she blushes at the sound of her moistness regrettably giving up his dick to the cold air. Feeling his hands on her waist, she is pulled down roughly from the counter top onto shaking legs. With the firm grip of his hand on the back of her neck, she feels herself being pulled in the direction of the living room. Following along blindly, she stumbles through the dark of the blindfold.

“Hey!” iddaa siteleri she exclaims as she feels the unmoving sofa hit against her waist. Before realizing what this obstruction portends, she feels a strong hand behind her shoulders pushing her down and over the couch. Insistent hands pulling apart her firm ass are quickly replaced by the now familiar cock thrusting back deep inside her. The soft material of the couch against her stomach and hanging tits proves her savior as her firm fucking resumes. Without warning her upturned ass quickly becomes the object of quick slaps and firm spankings, turning her white cheeks a rosy pink. As the deep penetration of her pussy continues, the hands she now knows so well become entwined in the strands of her hair. As the cock continues to thrust deep inside her pussy, stimulating that spot that will soon have her begging for his load, her head is pulled back and her mouth opens in a low moan.

“Please….” she gasps out between her moans.

“Please fuck me harder.”

The pace of the cock pounding into her pussy grows faster and faster, the sound of the smacking against her ass being drowned out only by her gasps and moans. She feels his dick begin to throb as an orgasm overtakes her once again. Soon she feels the pulsating reach a swollen climax when stream after stream of his cum coat her insides, pushing her own orgasm to stronger heights. The gasps she can hear from behind her match her own as she feels their essence mingling inside. The low utterance of a wishful moan escapes her lips when he withdraws, leaving her open and wanting more. She feels herself being pulled up and the restraints removed from her wrists. Reaching up to remove the blindfold, her vision returns to see him standing here with the blouse in his hands.

“It looks like you need a new button. I hope you don’t mind” he asks as an evil grin spreads across his features.

“Now put this on and get dressed,” he instructs, he handing her a black thong.

“We’re late for dinner.”

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