Did It For The Team Ch. 07

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Once again my appreciation to the great JKendall Dane for his help, without him there would be no series…keep those votes and positive feedback coming!!


I woke up from a deep slumber to an empty and unfamiliar bed. I could still taste Kent in my mouth and my ass was still buzzing from losing my cherry. The coach noticed me stirring and called out from the couch.

“Hey champ, get that tasty ass of yours showered up for breakfast; you only have an hour before we leave for the meet,” he muttered with a sexy grin on his face.

I glanced over at the coach who was kicking back on the couch, clad only in a red speedo that of course accentuated that delicious bulge, the bulge that had delivered a load down my throat and another one far up my bowels. He had such a perfect body. And then he flashed his winning smile, the one that got me on my knees and later on all fours. This course confirmed that I had made the right decision by taking him at both ends.

I grinned back and without delay I hopped into the shower to remove the remnants of the memorable evening. As the warm water cascaded off my relaxed body, I reflected on the turn of events from last night. I had been tag teamed and lost my cherry in a mere half hour. Althought I still ached a little bit, it wasn’t an unpleasant ache, but I could definitely feel the after effects in my no longer virgin ass.

The coach opened the door. “Let’s go, slowpoke. Go eat as you’ll need the energy today. You have two individual finals and the relay final. I’m putting you in as a breaststroker.”

“What about Kent?”

“Your times were better, Kent will understand. And if he doesn’t, too bad, you earned it.”

He hadn’t mentioned anything about last night’s events and I didn’t even know what to say or how to act, so I excused myself back to my own room. As I walked down the hall, I saw Jason heading towards the elevator. He had a smirk on his face, so I knew Kent had probably told him what happened. I felt awkward and ran to my room, got changed into my suit, grabbed my gear bag, and went downstairs to breakfast. Breakfast was fairly uneventful, I sat with Dave, who seemed not to know what had transpired the night before so we made small talk and discussed the events for the day.

The coach was all business at the meet. He was intense as always and of course encouraged all of his swimmers. He pulled me aside before the first event and said,

“Mike, I’m counting on you to really bring us this title. You have always come through for me, and I know today won’t be any different. Make me proud, like you did last night, okay?” He gave me one of those pats on the ass that lasted a second too long and whispered into my ear, “The best ass I’ve ever had, mmmmm,” as he pushed me towards the blocks.

As a team we had a great day, and we won the overall meet by eight points. I finished second and third in my races and we won the relay, which gave us the overall title. Kent finished just behind me, fourth in both races, and was congratulatory when he saw me. The coach was ecstatic, and told the team how proud he was of us. We arrived at the hotel around 7 and we headed to our rooms to get ready for dinner.

to our room to get ready for dinner.

Dave and I collapsed on our beds after such a long day. I let Dave shower first and packed all my stuff into my suitcase as we would be departing early the next morning. Dave emerged from the shower, clad in a towel and said, “All yours, Mike.”

As I showered the chlorine off me, I realized my ass didn’t hurt as much as it had in the morning. Not that I was looking to do it anytime again soon, but was impressed that it didnt hurt as much as I thought it would. After all, the coach has a missile between his legs and he had made sure to get it all the way inside me. Just like I had seen Dave getting reamed by Jason, I too had learned to take and enjoy having şişli bayan escort a huge dick buried up my ass. I never in a million years would have thought I would have let a man do that to me, but alas, this team provided me with many firsts. My cock began to grow as my thoughts reflected to the activities of the night before, how the coach had me suck him off and then how he completely took me and then finally how I had been filled on both ends by him and Kent.

Dave noticed my huge hard on under my towel as I got out of the shower. He whistled out loud and asked what had suddenly got me all hot and bothered. I just answered must have been the warm water and all the hot guys in speedos today. He must have been thinking about the same thing because he looked like his shorts were pretty full as well.

I sat on my bed and felt Dave’s eyes almost burning a hole in my towel. He couldn’t take his eyes of my crotch. I knew the look. It was the same look I had when I saw the coach in the speedo for the first time. It was a look of hunger.

“Mike, I’ve been jerking off thinking about you, your body, and your hot cock. I wasn’t the only person checking you out today as you stood all confident in that packed speedo. Not for nothing, but I would really like another taste of you.” His eyes drilled into me as he ran his tongue slowly around his lips. He was obviously both very serious and very ready.

Before I had a chance to answer, he slid off his bed and was on his knees between my legs. He unwrapped my towel and let my eight inch engorged cock spring free. Dave opened his mouth and in one swoop was all the way to the base of my hard rod. They way he engulfed my hardness with his warm and soft mouth made me weak in the knees and I had to hold the side of the bed for support. Moving his tongue rapidly and deliberately, he moaned on the way down and drooled all over until he made my entire cock shiny and slick. I sighed out loud and fell back on the bed to let this expert cocksucker go to work. Dave hummed and moaned as he expertly moved up and down my big dick. He gently cupped my balls as well as he dutifully performed his best work. Dave really was an expert sucker; it was obvious he had been trained well by Jason. Dave’s hands roamed all over my body and he began to make small circles around my nips as he continued nursing on my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Dave sensed this from my moaning and increased his pace on my spit covered tool. He pulled off my cock for a second and began sucking around the head. A pearly drop of precum exited the top, and Dave was quick to pounce on it. He lapped it up, looked up at me and moaned.


Dave quickly went back to work all the while maintaining eye contact with me. Dave was a pleaser; he enjoyed pleasing. And I was about to please him with a huge load of my DNA. As he tightened his mouth of my cock, he gently slid a finger up my hole. It was unexpected, but it slipped right it and the little fucker worked it in until he reached my prostate. He tapped on it a few times and I felt another spurt of precum slip out. He greedily moaned and gobbled it up. He pushed one more time and I was sent over the edge. I felt a monster orgasm build up in me and thrashed on the bed and yelled out as I shot in his mouth. Dave put his hand on my hip to steady me, but continued twisting his finger in my ass. I emptied myself right down his throat. He moaned as he made three big guttural swallows which I felt around my cock. He held me in his mouth until I grew soft and then withdrew his finger from my ass. I was completely wiped out. He on the other hand, grinned with excitement as he had just taken a monster load with apparently no difficulty.

“Thanks man, I needed that. That’s a talented mouth you got there.”

“Anytime Mike. Thanks for the appetizer. Now let’s grab dinner.”

At dinner, we sat with Kent and şişli escort Jason and the coach congratulated the team and passed around the trophy and took some pictures. He gave us a great speech thanking us for our hard work and surprisingly he singled me out for being the team’s most valuable member. I was appreciative of the achievement and recognition but really didn’t think much of it as it was the team title that was the most important to all of us.

Kent and Jason congratulated me on the achievement, but Kent added a sentence right in front of Jason and Dave which was a bit of a dig.

“So, now the coach has a little pet it seems. Well, just remember who got you there and made you the cocksucker you are now.”

I was not about to let him get away with this, so I quickly replied.

“Well Kent, thanks I guess. It takes one to know one, since you did a great job on the coach a few weeks ago.”

Jason stopped eating his dessert and looked up incuriously, “Dude you blew the coach?”

“Like a pro”, I added, “and he swallowed every last drop.”

Kent gave me look with daggers in his eyes,

“Sorry, man I thought you knew.”

Jason of course always thought with the head below his belt. “Dude, you’ve ) been holding out on us, you could have helped us out when we needed it.”

“It’s never too late, right Kent? I said.

Kent muttered something about not putting up with “this bullshit” and left the table.

After dinner, as we headed back to our rooms for bed. I began to feel bad for exposing Kent but his last comment had bothered me so I didn’t feel all that bad. Dave and I stripped down to our briefs and retired to our respective beds.

Dave and I discussed the events of dinner and he couldn’t believe that Kent had blown the coach. I hadn’t told) him that I of course had done the same several times and there was a good chance the coach’s sperm was probably still in me somewhere. As far as he knew, I had only done oral on the two captains.

“You know, it probably wasn’t a good idea to embarrass Kent like that. He’s the team captain and I would hate to see him and Jason make it difficult for you. Especially if you want to be team captain in the future. Plus, the coach doesn’t like dissention among the team members; you know how important team is to him. You’re going to have to make it right.”

I really wasn’t worried about it, as I knew that the coach definitely was big on me. At at the same time, there would be nothing positive about demeaning Kent in the coach’s eyes, or in those of the rest of the team. At Dave’s prodding, I threw on a pair of shorts and went next door to Kent’s room to apologize to him for my comment.

I knocked on Kent’s door. I heard the tv on. Kent answered the door, already in his shorts, and I noticed that he was alone.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

Kent had a defeated look on his face, and invited me in. I noticed that Jason wasn’t there.

“Where’s Jason?” I asked.

“He’s in Rick’s room playing cards.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and said, “Listen, I didn’t mean to say that comment, I should have respected your privacy. The comment achieved nothing positive, but I noticed in the past days you seemed resentful of my accomplishments and the attention the coach paid to me. I never had any intention of replacing you or displacing you from being the top swimmer, but you have to understand I have to do my best for the team. That is what the coach wants, do you understand that?


“And I’ve done everything you have asked of me, and more. I’ve swallowed every drop of your sperm from the second day I met you. You were the first guy I ever did anything with and the first dick I ever sucked. Ive done anything and everything to please you and make you proud. I’ve done everything for the team. What more do you want from me, man?”

Dave sat down and leaned against mecidiyeköy escort the headboard. “You’re right Mike, and I’m sorry. I had my eye on you from day one, and at first I enjoyed making you submit to me and do what I wanted, especially when I forced you to blow me with an audience. But then I saw you differently. It all started when Jason started the bullshit about taking your cherry. I wasn’t going to let him. But when I saw the coach take you, something inside me snapped. I guess in my mind I always saw that as my job. And it bugged me that I should be the first guy inside you. I know I was an arrogant prick to you at first, but I guess I feel a little more than that now, that’s all.”

I was taken aback by this sudden confession. The sincerity in his words and his eyes were genuine.

“The coach has always been the alpha male of the team, and he’s a great guy. I care for him and would do anything for him, no questions asked. And three years ago, I was in the same position as you. I swallowed him and he took my cherry too. But he had never had a three way before, so when he invited me into the room, I thought I would have a chance at your ass. But he told me in no uncertain terms that your ass was his for the taking and I was only to fuck your face. You know no one argues with the coach. I didn’t think it would bother me, but it did. I felt like he was taking something that was mine.”

“It almost sounds like you were a little jealous, Kent. I’m flattered. Didn’t know you felt that way.”

Kent didn’t say anything. He looked deep in my eyes for a few seconds, moved over on the bed and suddenly was right next to me. He placed a hand on my leg and leaned over and kissed me. His hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into him. I literally fell into his arms. He kissed me deeply, passionately, and he moaned as he rubbed his hands over my body

I was dumbfounded from the passion and said nothing, but just allowed Kent to continue doing what he wanted. Kent took my shirt off and licked my nipples and began licking a path towards my crotch. In one swift movement my shorts and briefs were gone and his hand was on my cock. I was rock hard as he continued to lick a path to my crotch. He smiled as he looked at my swollen cock in all of its proud glory.

“I want to show you what you mean to me,” he whispered as he began to twirl his tongue around my sensitive cockhead. He coaxed a few drops of precum out and continued his journey downward. His eyes were closed and he looked so happy and content.

I gently placed my hand on the top of his head as Kent moved up and down on my cockhead, barely stopping to take a breath. He had travelled all the way down to my balls and had successfully swallowed my eight inches without the slightest evidence of a gag.

“You like?” I asked.

He uttered a faint “mmm hmm” which was barely audible given how full his throat was. Kent was an expert sucker and varied between speeds and mouth pressure. I was even more turned on knowing I had the team stud doing everything in his power to please me. After about a minute, I felt that familiar light headedness and that twitching in my balls. I was getting close and Kent knew it. He increased his efforts on my cock with a deeper and quicker sucking.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me shoot, man. Are you going to be a good teammate and take it all?”

Kent whispered a quick ” hell yeah” and didn’t miss a beat. He had his stretched out mouth in a perfect “O” shape and went back to work. I held the back of his head as I began to shoot. My ass bucked up off the bed but Kent steadied me with his arms as he gathered my sperm in my mouth. When I came down from this crazy ride, he pulled off and I saw his cheeks were all puffed out.

“You got all my jizz there, baby?” I asked him.

Kent nodded as he looked up from on his knees. I noticed his eyes were filled with passion as struggled to maintain the huge mouthful I had delivered in his mouth. He then tossed his head back and took my load down in three big gulps. He looked so satisfied.

He then looked up at me and said, “Mike, I want to make love to you.”

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