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Pulling up to the building, I parked my car and then slowly walked up to the door. Seeing several women congregated around the door into the fertility clinic I instead walked over to the building directory near the elevator and scanned the names. When the women finally split up and headed their separate ways I turned and walked to the door into the clinic.

There were half a dozen women waiting, some reading, a couple were chatting. I also noticed one guy sitting there, holding a plastic cup with a deer in the headlights kind of look on his face. I nodded to him, giving him my tiny bit of support and then walked over to the receptionist.

I leaned forward and whispered, “I’m Tim Balton, I need to give a sample.”

The women looked at my quizzically so I spoke louder, “I need to leave a sample.”

She turned, pulled an earphone out of her ear and asked me, “May I help you?”

“Yes, I’m Tim Balton, I need to leave a sample.”

“Oh yes, a semen sample,” she said, her words echoing though the waiting room.

She handed me a cup with a screw on top and said, “You’ll need to wait in the waiting area until someone calls your name. The men are a little backed up today.”

Oh hell, talk about performance anxiety. I grabbed the cup and isveçbahis moved to sit down on one of the chairs. I looked for the other guy but apparently he’d been called back while I was checking in.

As I sat there I felt oddly uncomfortable. It was as if the women were sizing me up. Yeah, the one over in the corner, she’s telling her friend, “Low sperm count, I know the type.” Her general sneer in my direction confirmed my suspicion.

Another woman looked at me and I could see her telepathically communicate with the woman in the chair next to me, “Low motility for sure.”

I could actually hear one whisper, “We have to do all the work and they get to come here, look at porn and jack off. He’ll it’s just the bachelor party all over again.”

By the time a woman opened the door and called for me to come back, my cock had shriveled up so much I wondered if I’d be able to find it. I followed the nurse back to the room and then, trying to avoid looking at her face I slipped inside. As I moved past her she grabbed me, looked me in the eye and asked, “Now you know what you’re supposed to do.”

I nodded meekly, wonder if I’d ever be able to play that nurses fantasy in my head ever again. She closed the door and I quickly locked it. I sat down and looked over a isveçbahis giriş magazine, but my poor shriveled cock was having none of that, so I cranked up a video.

Oh fuck, some guy was fucking a nurse, damn. I quickly fast forwarded to another scenario and let it start playing. Okay, yeah here we go, a pilot and his female copilot going at it in the cock pit of an airplane. Wow, she had her one foot up on the console, and the other on the plane’s throttle. As the pilot would run his tongue over her clit, she’d thrust her hips up and the plane would suddenly speed up. When he moved down and slipped his tongue into her pussy, she move to one side and the plane would slow down.

Hey, they had some nice close ups of the pussy licking, and sure enough my cock finally responded. I slowly began sliding my hand up and down my shaft as I watched his tongue move up and down her lips. It was really artful stuff, cutting back to a dual shot, one showing the close up action, the other showing the plane rising up in the sky and then diving as the copilot moved her body.

I was feeling pretty good as I watched the copilot come and then move over and start sucking the pilots cock. Oddly it had gotten wedged between the controls so the plane continued its up and down flight isveçbahis yeni giriş as the pilot shoved his cock in and out of the copilot’s mouth.

By then I was just along for the ride, my balls feeling the pressure building and finally I popped, spurting my come into the plastic cup. Well I kept pumping as I spurted, spurt after spurt of cum and then I carefully milked it for still a bunch more. I then screwed the top on and looked at the jar.

It wasn’t even filled up to the bottom line on the cup. “Was that enough,” I wondered holding the cup at an angle and watching the white fluid pool up. I looked for a paper bag or something I cold put the cup in but there was nothing, so I simply stepped through the door, practically bumping into the woman who thought I had a low sperm count.

Watching as she looked at the cup and then smirked at me, I realized I must have confirmed her diagnosis. I then handed to the nurse. She held it up at an angle as if she thought I perhaps handed her an empty cup. She then shook it and said, “Okay Mr. Balton, I guess we’re done for today. We’ll contact you with the results.”

I nodded and then stepped though the door. Now I’m not positive, but it sound like there was giggle from behind me as I stepped into the waiting room. Once again the women looked me over, one actually counting on her fingers as I slipped past. “Damn, I never knew they could count sperm like that,” was the thought that spurted into my mind as I headed out to the car.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32