Denver Romp

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Group Sex

I was on a business trip to Denver where I stayed at a Marriott. Inside was a Brewpub that served OK beer. I could not sleep so I went down there around 10 PM. There was another guy there and I sat one chair away from him. He wasn’t remarkable looking and, to be honest, I never really size a man up sexually unless I am man horny.

He is about my height, with an athletic build, and blue eyes. Like me, he was married. Somehow we started talking about beer. Several beers later I found myself at a booth with him and being cautiously flirtatious. Just little things like catching his eye longer than I normally would. Smiling intently. Softening my voice.

We started talking about women and sex. Whenever possible and cautious, I made compliments regarding his looks. We talked about that show on HBO about sex. I looked at my watch. I knew I wanted him but how do I approach it?

“Hey…that show is almost on. I have a six pack of some decent beer in my room. You up for a couple?” I ask. My heart is pounding. I do not know how he will take it. I could really be fucking up right now.

“Sure” he said with smiling eyes. We never watched the show. As soon as we were in my room I knew we had an understanding. His blue eyes were smiling at me. And, matter of fact it happened like this…

We took off our shirts together. His hairy chest gave arousing definition to his pecs. He is staring lustfully at me.

He comes to me and, with both hands, grabs the back of my neck and presses our mouths together. His tongue penetrates me, as I know will thrust in me later. My tongue circles his as I imagine sucking his cock. My hands slip up his broad back and press his body against mine, as I grow harder thinking about his inevitable penetration of my willing ass.

Through my jeans I can feel his hard cock against mine. I want him bad! I want his hands all over my body. I want him to pinch my nipples, spank my ass, and slap my face with his hard cock! I want to be his bitch and howl with desire as he uses my willing body for his pleasure.

I push him gently away, letting my hands linger on his muscular chest, I flash him a mischievous smile. We remove our clothes as we watch each other.

His cock is rock hard and it springs from his pants. What a thick fleshy head and a nice shaft! The veins of his penis are engorged with excitement.

We kiss again, letting our cocks rub against each other Ankara bayan escort and grind against our bodies. I feel the hot stickiness of his precum on my body.

We part our horny embrace and I drop to my knees, never taking my eyes off the glistening fleshy head of his cock. I lick the precum off his cock as I stare up in to his lustful eyes. I know he sees my desire. He knows I am his. He grabs my hair as I lick his balls and the underside of his shaft.

He groans as I suck the sensitive area just below his head on the underside of his shaft. He shivers as suck and massage it with my tongue. My hands make their way up his leg to his ass. Grabbing both cheeks I push his cock down my throat. Our eyes meet as my throat is filled with his stiff manhood.

“Fuck yeah!” he says as he closes his eyes, throws back his head, and grabs the back of my head with both hands. He releases me when I begin to gag. I suck and lick his balls as I tease his cock with my hands.

I get up, walk over to the couch, and sit down. I lick my lips. “I want you to come over here, stand up on this couch with your legs on either side of me, and fuck my mouth.” With his hands against the wall, straddling my body, I guide his cock into my mouth as he pushes forward. He fucks my mouth rhythmically. Three short fast strokes followed by a long, deep, slow, throat-stretching push. “Fuck yeah. Take it. I like fucking your hot mouth baby! Aw nice wet mouth sucking me he says.” My cock throbs like my racing heart.

“You are so going to fuck my ass lover!” I think to myself. I tickle and massage his cock with my tongue.

I stop him before he gets too far. I get up and go to the bathroom. I return with a bottle of lubricant. I apply some to my cock and discover that, I too, am oozing precum. I put more on my hand and walk over to him.

We kiss as I apply the lube to his cock. I take both our cocks in one hand, with a finger in between, and I jack us as we kiss. He looks down at our hard lubricated dicks and looks me in the eyes. “That is fucking hot!”

“There’s more coming up.” I turn around and walk over to my laptop. Moving my hips in a suggestive and seductive manner I bend over exaggeratedly. I put in Gloria Estephan’s Conga in the CD tray and set it to repeat. The music starts and I dance over to him.

I grab his cock and give it a playful squeeze. Then I turn around and rub my ass against his dick. Escort bayan Ankara The lubricant slides between my cheeks as I dance. Grinding and swinging my hips. He grabs my narrow waist and thrusts. Sliding his cock between my cheeks. I want him inside. “I want you to fuck me now” I said.

“I have never fucked a man before. I have never done anything but jack off with another man.” He says.

“You could have fooled me the way you kissed me and fucked my mouth” I replied.

“You are really sexy. Like, you are totally in to me and the moment. You know what I want before I know it. You are very sensual.”

“And you are a wonderful lover. Sit down on the couch.” I command.

He sits down. I dance seductively toward him and turn around. I bend over so he can see my ass. I reach between my legs, grab his cock, and guide it as I sit down on it. I move his cock in small circles to allow the big head to enter me slowly, so it does not burn. Just a few gyrations and my ass is breached. He takes a sharp breath. The head slips comfortable past my anus. I work his cock slowly. I bob up and down, up and down, working the shaft a little deeper each time in to my stretching ass. At last I am sitting on his lap with his cock deep in to me.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh fuck yeah. Your ass is so hot and tight!”

Now I ride his length slowly. From the very base to the head. I relax on the slow way down and clench on the way up. I am milking his cock. I am really comfortable now. The music grips me and I bounce to the beat. Ramming his meat in to me.

“I want to work it” he says.

“Okay” I said. I slide off his cock and feel a great emptiness. I want him back inside. I look back at him. I cannot believe I took his whole cock like that! I must be really horny.

He stands up. I turn around and guide his cock in to my ass. He rams me to the beat of the music. Grabbing my waist tightly we dance. The sound of flesh slapping together, his heavy breathing and lustful murmurs, the music, all combine to push me closer to the edge. His cock invades me. Conquers me. Explores me.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I hear myself say although I am not conscious of forming the words. I am into his tight grasp of my waist, the feel of his thick cock taking my ass, and the soul-shaking ram of our bodies together. I want to pleasure him. I give my body to him. I feel like the most delicious tool of his desire. Bayan escort Ankara I pinch and fondle my nipples. I am euphoric.

“Use me! Use my ass! Fuck me!”

“That’s my ass isn’t it baby!”

“Yes! Its your ass baby. Its your body. You feel so good!”

“My little fuckhole. I am gonna fuck this little fuckhole of yours Bitch!”

“Make me your bitch! Aw, Baby! I am your fuckboy bitch!” He pushes me down to the floor so that I am on my hands and knees. This is my favorite position. His cock glides in with out hesitation. My ass welcomes his thick length.

“Hoa Hoa” I moan. Something is different. “Hiyee unngh!” I am whimper like a nympho in ecstasy. His cock is rubbing somewhere I have only touched with my dildo. I grab my cock to keep from coming. He is too large to fuck me after I have cum. I have to last. I grip the base of my cock and choke it.

His grip on my waist furthers my surrender to him. He is ramming me like a stallion. Each time our bodies slap together he grunts.

What is he hitting inside me? I ask myself. Waves of pleasure ring like a bell through my body.

“Oh my god!” I scream after he spanks me. Waves of ecstasy pulsating, mixing, combining with the sting on my ass. Pleasure and pain are one. The heat of the spank runs through me.

“You like that? You like that my little fuckboy bitch”

“Yes! Spank me. Spank my ass. Make it your own. Give me your cum. I want you to cum in my ass!”

He spanks me again and I almost came despite my death grip on my cock. God how I want to cum! I want to erupt!

“I’m gonna cum in your ass. Yeah baby. I’m gonna cum in that tight little fuckhole of yours deep”

“Hoa! Hoa! Yeah!”

“I’m gonna cum. Oh god I’m gonna cum in your hot ass!”

“Cum in my ass baby. Fuck me hard till you cum in my ass. Make it your ass. Give me your hot load! Spank me! Spank your Bitch!”

I know he is going to cum soon. He is spanking me with each thrust. Sometimes missing a spank with his hands but his cock never misses that spot. His breathing get deep and furious.

“Ha a a!” he lets out.

I let go of my cock and surrender to ejaculation. I pinch my nipple. He spanks me. His cock rams my ass. “Hu uh uh uh!” I scream with each spurt. I am beyond describable pleasure. My body is a tuning fork chiming ecstasy. The sting of my ass. The wicked thrust of the thick length of man meat in my ass. The delicious sensation from my nipple. His tight grasp of my body. The shock of our bodies ramming together. His raw sexual energy. His dirty, hot desire for me. His manly dominance. The chance meeting of two strangers. The sexual energy before unknown released!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32