Defrosting Mrs Winter

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Big Tits

“Have you got a spare one of those?” my colleague asked, indicating my cigarette. Without thinking I tossed her the packet, which she caught like an International cricketer. Sandi took one from the packet and mimed lighting it.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders before fumbling in my jacket pocket until I located the lighter and threw it in an arc; and when she caught it one handed; I sarcastically applauded. The woman then placed the filter between her bright red lips and lit it like a pro and sucked in a lungful of nicotine and smoke. She stood motionless for a few seconds and with eyes tightly closed she exhaled a cloud of blue smoke into the afternoon air.

Sandi took another long drag and blew the smoke against the glowing ember at the tip of the cigarette making flecks fly I all directions.

“I didn’t know you smoked”. I suggested.

“I don’t……well…..” she held the dwindling object up for inspection, “not for a long time.”

“You look like you needed that.” I told her as I sat up from my slouched position on the rooftop vent that I had spent my lunchtime.

“Something like that.” She sighed as she took another drag.

“Life? Love? Kids? Work?” I asked.

“Something like that.” She repeated through a thin smile as she sucked the life out of the cigarette and stubbed it out in the gravel, before picking it up to dispense tidily inside the kitchen.

As she opened the fortified door she turned and said, “Thanks.”

Sandi is a colleague in the furniture shop that I work in. I say colleague but she works in the office; collating the paperwork, sales figures and the finances and I, on the other hand, am Pete Dixon, 23 the Assistant Manager, and number one salesman.

Our shop is one of the older ones in a chain and quite small by modern standards; but since I arrived two years ago sales and profits have gone steadily upwards; making me the company’s ‘blue-eyed’ boy. Selling comes naturally to me as I’m a bit of an extrovert and ‘I have the gift of the gab’ plus I’m 6 feet tall and six or seven years playing rugby at school and the last 5 in the gym, means I’m quite muscular too. I have my hair cut in the same style as my hero Paul Weller and just like him like to dress to impress in a Mod style.

I can’t help nature but I’m one of those guys other men hate because I have an exceptionally long dick which I don’t mind showing off in changing rooms.

Sandi Winter is tiny; probably about 5 feet tall and makes up for her lack of height by wearing hi-heals that give her a little wiggle when she walks and she’s not afraid to show her ample cleavage off; but her killer eyes defy anyone to comment. She is always immaculately dressed, with jet black hair that reminds me of Cleopatra, perfect make up with bright red lipstick and well-manicured nails that are always either red or pink.

I only recently found out she’s 36 which shouldn’t have been a surprise as she has two kids that can walk and talk and dress themselves. While I work 5 out of 6 days in the shop Sandi is part-time, working 1 to 6 four days a week. Although I get on with her, she has a bit of a reputation as a hard task master; sending sales orders back if they aren’t 100% correct and God help anyone who leaves crumbs or coffee stains in ‘her office;’ which has earned her the title of the Ice Queen or Frosty Knickers; although no-one would say them in front of her.

The next couple of hours went by quite quickly, with me making two sales and changing a window display making me ready for my coffee break at 3.15. As I lounged on the rooftop vent again, Sandi opened the kitchen door and said, “Do you mind if I join you?”

If it had been anyone else but her I’d probably have ignored them but she intrigued me.

I shrugged my shoulders and took the mini-headphones from my ears as she rested against the bonus veren siteler small wall that was opposite me, coffee in hand.

“Have you got another ciggy?” The curvaceous account smiled. I took the packet from my pocket and proffered her one, which she promptly slid between her bright red lips. I moved forward and towered above her as I lit her cigarette, which she shielded from the wind. For a brief moment I felt like Humphrey Bogart or Cary Grant.

“What are you listening to?” Sandi asked as she sipped of her coffee.

Without being patronising I explained it was some old stuff from the 60’s — Yardbirds, Small Faces, stuff like that.

She surprised me by saying her Dad had been a big fan of the Jam and Secret Affair, so she knew who the bands were.

I apologised.

We became very chatty over the next few weeks, sharing cigarettes and talking about music; her Dad even loaned me a couple of bootleg albums and occasionally she would let her guard slip and about her kids and her marriage to Tony who was quite a bit older than her and worked in a bank across town.

Her eyes would light up when she talked about her teenage years or her time at College. She never went into any details but I got the impression her younger years had been a little bit wild and she even hinted that she missed those days.

As the Summer came to an end economies were made and when my colleague Darren left e was replaced with a part-timer called Justin who was at College. This meant that on Mondays and Tuesdays I would be alone on the shop floor after 4pm and there would only be one person in the office for cashing up and more often than not this would be Sandi.

Our relationship had now become closer and even flirtatious; with Sandi apparently revelling in my stories of debauchery from the previous weekend and as I became more daring in what I said and the language I used I could see her squirming on her swivel chair and her bra couldn’t hide her erect nipples either.

I was in a quandary, as it was pretty obvious; or at least I thought it was that there could be a next step; but…she was a colleague and of course married; although the latter wasn’t a deal breaker as my job brought me into contact with a few bored housewives who would drop their knickers when I was supposed to be measuring their bedrooms for a new carpet!

Sandi was different; out of my league I guess.

Justin had gone on the stroke of four and the rain outside meant it was unlikely that any passing trade would call in at this time of day so I locked the front door and made us both a cup of coffee.

Sandi appeared to be ahead of her normal routine and was nearly finished her paperwork when I walked into the office.

As I placed the cup beside her she stretched her arms and let out a big sigh. “You are a strong lad aren’t you?” She coquettishly turned her head to look over her shoulder; “are you any good at giving massages?”

“I’m told I’m good with my hands.” I laughed, “Why?”

“Will you rub my shoulders for me? They’re bloody killing me.”

I didn’t need asking twice and was instantly behind her. “What do you want me to do?”

“Here and here.” She tried to pint to her shoulder blades, “press on them very firmly, get right into the muscle.”

I gently touched her and began moving my fingers across her shoulders.

Do it harder than that!” She laughed, “But I guess that’s not the first time a woman has said that to you?”

“Not recently.” I too laughed and began rotating her shoulder blades as best I could; eventually getting a rhythm and making her relax and sigh, “Oooh….God……that is good.”

“Now, let me stand up so you can get a better grip.” The married woman purred. I stepped back as she stood up and moved the chair out of the way and bend slightly forward bedava bahis before gripping the edge of the desk.

As I took hold of her shoulders she whispered for me to ‘get closer’ which I did and my stiffening dick was soon pressing against her gorgeous arse. My movements with my hands were becoming braver and meant I was touching her bra straps and clasp which made my dick jerk a little and when it did she giggled and wiggled her hips.

It may sound stupid and dim; but I was still unsure whether she wanted me to make a move or not.

After nearly five minutes her arse was pressed very firmly against my stiff dick and my hands were pressing very firmly into the fleshy bit above her hips when she whispered; “Now do my front,” and lifted one of my hands onto her tits. They hovered there for a second or two then I began mashing them as hard as I could which made her gasp.

She had now straightened up and I was kissing her neck when I slid a big hand inside her scoop neck and further on until I had her tit in my hand, needing the stiff nipple between my finger and thumb as the other hand made its way inside her sweater from the bottom.

Sandi was muttering “Oh God!” as my hands pulled her sweater over her head and then her massive tits out of their cups. She steadied herself with one hand on her desk as the other slid between our bodies and stroked my dick through my trousers.

“Jesus Christ!” She gasped as her tiny fingers made out the outline of all seven and a half inches.

Sandi somehow wriggled free and turned to face me with her jugs hanging outside the pretty bra. Her brown eyes were sparkling and her mouth hanging open as she unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor.

For a woman her age that had had two kids her tits looked and felt remarkably firm; I guessed she’d had some work done; but now wasn’t the time to ask.

“Suck them.” Sandi panted, “Suck my titties.”

I fell to my knees and did as I was told; alternating one nipple and tit with roughly squeezing the other which made her gasp for air as she ruffled my hair.

As I sucked her delicious mammories I began stroking her legs from ankle to thigh; eventually pulling her skirt up to her waist and kissing down her belly until my face was rubbing against her nylon covered snatch. Taking my lead Sandi hooked an ankle over my shoulder as I kissed and licked her covered crotch. She was so turned on I could feel the outline of her labia with my tongue and the gusset of her pants and tights were absolutely soaking as I nibbled on the thin material and ran my nose along her crease.

“Let me take them off,” she pleaded, “so you can lick me properly.”

I rolled back onto my ankles as Sandi slipped off her shoes and frantically pulled her tights and knickers off; eventually getting a foot entangled. I tugged them off for her and she swiftly unzipped her skirt leaving her stark naked.

Without saying a word she lay back on her desk with her legs apart dangling wide apart, inviting me to lick her neatly trimmed pussy.

I edged forward and placed her ankles over my shoulders before hurrying my face in her sopping cunt. She tasted fucking delicious as I probed and licked every crevice and bump with my rough tongue.

Sandi was feverishly pressing her cunt against my face when I looked up to see her squeezing her tits twice as roughly when my tongue flicked across her engorged clit.

I knew it wasn’t going to take her long now; so dropped my left shoulder which made her legs fall of but gave me access to her hole with my finger. Concentrating on her clit with my tongue I easily slid my long middle finger up her cunt making her squeal with delight.

Sandi was panting her mantra “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” as my tongue was a blur and my finger was now bashing against her cervix as my thumb deneme bonus scraped across her puckered arsehole.

The mantra got louder and louder as my finger fucking got faster and deeper and when my thumb finally nudged her arse open Sandi screamed as her orgasm swept through her tiny body. As my tongue lapped up her juices which were flowing from her hole she held a handful of my hair and rocked against my face until she eventually flopped back in a satisfied heap.

I had rolled onto my back and was pulling my trousers to my knees when she opened her eyes.

“Oh my God!” She squealed again, “That’s huge!”

“So I’ve been told!” I laughed as I stood up and shuffled towards her; “my turn now.”

Sandi was now wedged against the corner of the wall as I pulled her legs apart by the ankles and pressed my bell end against her pussy lips.

“You’re going to split me in two!” The married woman giggled as she edged her arse forward.

“Only if I do it right.” I chuckled as my cock snaked inside her hot snatch.”

I’ve had a lot more problems getting my cock fully into much bigger women’s cunts, bt with Sandi it was like filling a warm honeypot.

“Jesus Christ!” she gasped as she slid an arm around my neck, “That really, really is bloody huge.” She panted as my cock completely filled her baby hole.

I took my weight on my hands and began sliding my cock backwards and forwards; making Sandi’s jaw hang slack as I built up a head of steam.

“Oh Pete; that’s amazing.” Sandi panted as she wrapped her legs around my waist and trapped my cock inside her. When she curled both arms around my neck I straightened up and lifted her off the desk; much to her delight as her weight now impaled her on my cock.

I had to cup her arse with one hand and place the other against the wall as she began bouncing on my cock. Never one to miss an opportunity I shifted position so the hand cupping her arse left enough room for a finger to accidentally slide down her crack and tickle her arsehole again.

Her tits were crushed against my chest and her hot cunt formed a vacuum on my dick as she ground her clit against my pubes when my finger probed the entrance to her ‘naughty hole’. “Oh dear God yes!” Sandi giggled as the tip opened the hole and slipped inside.

My finger was about two inches up her arse when I felt my balls tighten.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I warned her; but it only made her rub her clit against me even faster; so I began thrusting as hard as possible as my finger stretched her arsehole. My toes were now tingling and my muscles all contracted as one when; with one final thrust I shot a big load of spunk deep into her belly as my finger went straight up her arse to the second knuckle making Sandi scream out louds again as a second orgasm tore through her body.

My adrenalin immediately dissipated making me stumble until I was resting her arse on the edge of the desk as my seed kept flowing into her cunt.

We clung together like sweaty limpets for nearly a minute until she finally unlocked her ankles and flopped backwards; spunk oozing out of her stretched cunt.

“That was fucking amazing!” Sandi finally gasped as she ran her fingers through the strands of my cum in her pubes.

“It was; wasn’t it?” I laughed as I squeezed the last drops out of my wilting dick and onto her knickers and tights that were lying at my feet.

Unabashed, Sandi slid off the desk and straddled me as I sat on her swivel chair. As she rubbed her gash along my dick she slid her arms around my neck again and began kissing me. She was full on; her tongue swirling in my mouth and her tits rubbing against my chest. My dick was still stiff but I wasn’t sure I could get it hard enough so quickly to fuck her again.

When she finally broke our kiss she sat back and pushed her tits out; “This won’t be our last time, will it?” She pouted.

“Not if that’s what you want.” I smiled as I began playing with her tits again.

“Oh, I want….I definitely WANT!” Sandi giggled as she began bouncing on my lap making her tits nearly hit her chin.

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