Dangerous Attraction Ch. 02

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**Thank you so much to DJ for your editing skills and supportive comments, the confidence you have given me is amazing**

The next few weeks flew by. Robert had authorised all aspects of my communication plan and the information leaflet had been printed and distributed. The poster campaign had started and the pens were issued, and despite cynical amusement from some quarters I was starting to see them both everywhere. I’d completely rewritten the accreditation questionnaire and, together with the number crunchers, met with the assessor. The numbers did add up and he was very impressed with the communication. Things were looking favourable and Robert had asked me to update the board at the next meeting.

I had hardly seen him since the last meeting but he was constantly in my thoughts. When I wasn’t working on his project, my mind wandered back to him. I checked his diary constantly, re-read emails he’d sent me, replayed conversations we’d had, let my vivid imagination run riot. It had been a long time since I’d felt attracted to anyone but I was well aware of the fact that this was an obsession bordering on madness. He’d been in head office only once since the steering group meeting and the encounter had done nothing to diminish my feelings for him. He had been heading for the door when I called his name. He paused to look round, spotted me heading towards him and smiled. It stopped my heart. I felt a treacherous blush creep across my cheeks.

“Yes, Anna?”

“Sorry to catch you on the hop, have you got a minute?” He looked at his watch. “I’ll be quick.”

“I just wanted to let you know that the assessor rang and I got the impression we’re going to get accredited.”

“That’s great news,” he said, a wide grin stretching across his face. “In no small way due to your hard work. Well done. I have to go,” he touched my arm as if to apologise. “We can catch up next week. Thanks.” And he was through the door. But I could still feel the ghost of his fingers on the bare skin of my forearm.

The day before the board briefing I was at my desk when he came over to ask me how my presentation was going. I turned back to the screen and he stood behind me with his hand resting on the back of my chair. As I went through the slides, he leaned towards the screen and I caught the musky scent of his aftershave. I suddenly found it difficult to breath.

“Looks good,” he said, his breath hot against my cheek. “Bring it to my office when you’re done and we’ll go through it.” My heart thumped painfully in my chest.

Later on, I was in the kitchen filling the kettle when he came in to make himself a cup of coffee. He smiled hello and asked how I was, even though it hadn’t been 15 minutes since casino siteleri our last conversation. I placed my mug on the counter, the side emblazoned with the insignia of the football club I supported.

“Your team’s not doing so well at the moment,” he commented as he rinsed his mug under the tap.

“No, but we’ll bounce back, we always do.”

We both reached for the coffee at the same time, his hand over mine on the lid. I stared at his hand. His fingers were pleasantly cool against mine and his nails were clean and nicely shaped. Part of me wondered if he filed them. The rest of me was covered in goose bumps of arousal and I was unable to move. He coughed and removed his hand.

“After you,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said, spooning coffee into my mug. I turned towards him to open the fridge, but he had gone, his empty mug still on the counter. I finished making both drinks, took mine to my desk and walked slowly towards his office with his drink. He wasn’t there either so I left it on his desk. I didn’t see him again for the rest of the day.

As requested, I had brought the presentation and all my notes to his office, but he had not arrived. The cup of coffee I’d brought him earlier was there, he obviously hadn’t been back all day. I didn’t wonder where he was for long – I had a stack of notes to organise and the presentation to finalise before tomorrow’s meeting. I bent my head over my notes and barely noticed the time go by until people stuck their heads around the door to say goodnight. I looked up from my work and realised it was dark already.

With a sigh, I thought about packing up for the night and noticed him leaning against the door frame, watching me. I felt a flush rising and wanted to look away but his intense stare was locked on me and I couldn’t move. His scrutiny was both uncomfortable and arousing. I felt heat stirring in my loins and became acutely aware of my nipples tightening.

“Still here, girl?” he asked, continuing to hold me with his inscrutable gaze. “Don’t you have a home to go to?”

“Yes,” I said, but it was cold and empty and I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be here, with Robert, but I had no idea how to let him know or how he would react. I coughed nervously and stuttered, “You wanted to see the presentation. I don’t have anywhere to be this evening so unless you have a flight to catch…”

“No, I’m staying up here tonight,” he said. “We have the board meeting tomorrow when the rest of them get back from Germany, remember?” I flushed at my stupidity, but if he noticed he didn’t comment. “Let’s have a look at what you’ve got then.”

I set up the projector and ran through the first few slides. He shut the door and güvenilir casino took the chair next to mine, our knees touching underneath the table. I tried to concentrate as I flicked through the slides but I could feel the heat radiating from his body, as it was radiating from mine. I glanced over at him, trying to gauge his reaction to the presentation but he wasn’t looking at the screen, he was looking directly at me. His blue eyes were moving swiftly around my face and my heart sped up to a frantic pace. I quickly turned back to the presentation, but as I started again I felt his hand rest gently on my thigh. Immediately, butterflies began in my stomach and the heat I felt before intensified. I began to stutter again, losing my place in my notes as his hand squeezed me gently. I realised that he was waiting for some signal or response from me. My mind raced as I tried to decide how to react but I couldn’t deny the way he made me feel, so I took a deep breath and placed my hand over his, curling my fingers into his palm.

I heard him shift in his seat, felt him take my hand in both of his. I tried to carry on talking as his fingers traced the lines on my palm. When he began to massage my hand, I felt my insides turn to liquid. Then he raised my hand to his lips and peppered the inside of my wrist with kisses which felt like tiny fireworks that shot straight down between my legs. My voice caught in my throat, so I gave up on the presentation and turned to face him.

“Robert, I…”

“Shut up, girl,” he growled and pulling me towards him he kissed me hard. The ferocity made me gasp and Robert took full advantage of my parted lips, his tongue plundered my mouth until it found mine and circled it, drawing it into his own. He raised one hand to my cheek and ran his thumb along the line of my jaw. It felt like a line of hot fire and sent tingles right across my body.

My thoughts were swirling everywhere. Robert Wolfe was kissing me. I was utterly unable to resist him. I didn’t want to resist him. I wanted him to do this and more, much more. I snaked one hand up his arm to the back of his neck and began to kiss him back. I poured every pent-up frustration of the last few weeks into my kisses and his response was immediate. His skilful tongue battled with mine as he returned my fervour with an intensity that took me by surprise. Slowly his hand moved from my face, his fingers left red hot trails down my neck as his hand moved to my breast, causing me to shiver. I was enraptured but it was all moving very fast. Breathless, I pulled away to look at him.

I scanned his face, not sure what I was looking for, but when my eyes met his, I saw my hunger mirrored in his penetrating gaze and it canlı casino made me bold. I drew myself in for another kiss and began to slide onto his lap. As our tongues met again I pressed my hips against his, leaving him in no doubt about what I wanted. He growled incoherently, his tongue plundering further into my mouth and he grabbed my hips, lifting me bodily onto the table. My notes scattered everywhere. He started undoing the buttons of my dress to expose my bra, his kisses insistent and passionate. He lifted his lips from mine to stare hungrily at my half naked body and his hands slid my dress and bra straps off my shoulders, trapping my arms against my side. The coolness of the air-conditioned office hit my boiling skin like ice and in the frigid air my nipples stiffened painfully with arousal.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, his accent curling around the word, making it almost musical. My senses were dazzled as his mouth descended to my breasts. As his tongue circled one nipple, his fingers massaged and teased the other, eliciting from me small whimpers of delight and desire. I had forgotten how good this felt. The tingling increased to a tension almost unbearable. I arched my back towards him. My breathing, already ragged, began coming in short gasps. He raised his head to look at me in amusement.

“Don’t stop,” I gasped. “Robert, please don’t stop.”

“Oh, I’m not going to stop,” he said, a laugh deep in his throat, his piercing blue eyes dark with desire.

One hand trailed down my stomach to my thigh and finished undoing all the buttons on my dress. Through heavy lidded eyes I watched him as his fingers twitched my knickers aside. When he found how wet I was he almost groaned. He reached up to knead one breast as he eased a finger inside me, first one then two. Slowly he withdrew them only to thrust firmly within me once more. The moan that escaped from my lips seemed deafening in the deserted office. His touch was gentle but firm, exquisite. He dragged his thumb across my clitoris. It felt like a current of electricity was charging through my nerve endings, radiating everywhere, tension building throughout my body. He kissed me again with a thoroughness that left me gasping, his tongue keeping pace with his fingers. My hips began to move of their own accord and my thighs shook in ecstasy as he increased the tempo and began massaging my clit with his thumb. The pleasure was almost too much to bear but impossible to resist.

“Come for me,” he commanded, kissing me harder. As he curled his fingers inside me to touch my G-spot, I exploded, my orgasm ripping through my body like an earthquake and my senses scattered. I wailed against his tongue as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through my tense body, almost overwhelming me completely and leaving me trembling with passion. This was like nothing I’d ever known.

“Good girl,” Robert said as he gently lifted me off the hard surface of the table. “Now I’ve only one question – where can we continue this?”

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