Daisy’s Dairy Farm Ch. 03

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After her second month at the farm, Jenny became curious about the other animals. She was tired of tiny cocks. They just weren’t fulfilling her needs anymore. Jenny asked a farmhand about the other animals one day after she was milked.

“Well, there aren’t a whole lot of other animals. There’s the resident dog, spots, but you probably won’t ever meet him. He stays with Daisy herself on the top floor of the compound.” Jenny cocked her head to the side.

“Daisy? And I thought Dr. Tryst said 4 dogs.” Jenny said, recalling what the doctor had told her in the exam room.

“Well yeah, a couple months ago. But the 3 newbies quit pretty fast. Happens a lot. You’ll notice that there aren’t as many cows either.” Jenny nodded. She had noticed that her herd was much smaller. There were only about 20 girls left. Some had gone on to be permanent cows like Momma and some had quit within the first week. “And we only have 9 bulls left. The males don’t like this life as much as you ladies. It’s probably because the newbies don’t start asking for bull cock until their third or fourth month. They only get the same sloppy cow pussies. For the experienced, permanent bulls, it’s no problem. They’re just as mindless as the cows they fuck but the newer ones prefer prettier pussies.” Jenny could feel herself beginning to drool a little thinking about those huge bull cocks. “And I think you might’ve met some pigs. We’re down to 3 now. Just 2 permanents and one newbie. You’d only meet the new one since we relocated her to your floor. She blends in quite well. The only difference is that she doesn’t lactate.” The farmhand eyed her cautiously. “Why did you wanna know?”

Jenny composed herself. “Well I was a little curious. I’d definitely like to meet some of those bulls though.” The farmhand chuckled and Jenny couldn’t believe how far she’d come. She used to be so shy and quiet. Now she had giant udders and an even bigger ass and she loved it. She found that her teats would start leaking a little about when it was time for her to go milk. She absolutely loved it.

“I’m sure you’ll get to try one soon enough, sugar. What’s you name and I can look up the schedule. I think I might be able to squeeze you in during your next milking session.” Jenny told him her name and he typed it into some kind of phone. “There you go. You’ll get a good half hour with a bull at your 3 o’clock milking.” The farmhand smiled at her. “Any more questions darling?” Jenny thought a bit.

“Could you tell me what room the pig is staying in?” Jenny asked. She wanted to meet this strange new person and see just what the deal was with them.

“Well actually she’s in room 317.” They were in the same hallway as well! She must not look very different if Jenny hadn’t noticed her.

“Thank you!” Jenny smiled and walked off to the double doors of the facility with purpose. Most of her friends had already ‘graduated’ to either permanent livestock or they had accepted their checks and moved on with life. Jenny was in need of some new friends to keep her company. She trotted up the 2 flights of stairs to the 3rd floor and bounded through the doors. She waved at a couple of new cows and grabbed a sandwich from the kitchen on her way through the common area. Jenny walked through the hallway to her room, passing it and counting the doors as she went. 315. 316. And 317. She paused in front of the door. Ashley 317. Jenny took a deep breath and knocked on the door. She could hear shuffling and then the door flung open to reveal a very heavy set, naked woman. She had flowing red hair that was twisted up in a messy bun and her skin was soft and white, a pink blush dusting her shoulders, hips and face. Jenny did remember seeing her. She was much bigger than Jenny and that definitely stood out.

“Hi! Can I help you?” Ashley asked. Jenny noticed that her nose did indeed turn up a bit like a pig’s.

“Oh! Um I’m Jenny.” Jenny stumbled nervously over her words. What could she say? Hey I heard you were a pig. What’s that about? … No. Absolutely not. Jenny may be a cow but she definitely still has manners.

“Well, I’m Ashley. Was there something you needed?” Ashley still looked as perplexed as she did when she opened the door. Jenny started to panic just a bit.

“I just, um, wanted to get to know you a bit better?” görükle escort Jenny trailed off in a questioning tone. She really didn’t know what to say but her curiosity was killing her. I guess curiosity actually kills cows. Not cats.

“Oh. Okay. Did you want to come in?” Ashley stepped to the side and beckoned Jenny into her little room. Jenny entered and stared at the room as Ashley shut the door.

For the most part everything was the same as Jenny’s room. They had the same furniture, the same floor, the same walls, but everything was set up differently. Jenny noticed that instead of having books and electronics on her bedside table, Ashley had nicknacks and photos. Instead of cheery yellow walls, Ashley had muted pink. Instead of artwork she had posters of bands and movies. Jenny took in as much as she could. Her eyes stopped, however, at a small rubber pig nose.

“Sorry for the mess,” Ashley said. “I don’t get visitors.” Ashley quickly made her way through the room, picking up towels and dishes. It really wasn’t that dirty. Ashley saw the pig nose and stiffened a bit. “Oh yeah. Sorry. A farmhand brought this in to me. He wanted me to wear it while he fucked me.” She shrugged. Jenny wondered if any of the farmhands had stuff like that for her, then she remembered the cowbells. Some farmhands would tie cowbells around the girls’ necks before fucking them.

“That’s alright.” Jenny paused. “So you’re a pig then?” She asked cautiously. Ashley nodded.

“And you’re a cow right?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah.” Jenny shuffled her feet and Ashley jolted a bit.

“Oh! Why don’t we sit? I can make you some tea or something if you want.” Ashley pulled out one of the two chairs at her dining table. Jenny’s room had two chairs as well. She supposed it was for situations like this.

“I’m alright.” Jenny smiled. She wondered how she was going to start.

“I chose to come here.” Ashley said. Jenny was grateful. Now she could ask some questions.

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked.

“I knew what would happen and I asked to be a pig.” Ashley shrugged. “It’s kind of a fetish of mine.”

“What do you do? I mean I’m a cow, obviously I get milked but what do you do?” Jenny wondered. She hoped they werent going to kill her for bacon. That would be absolutely unthinkable.

“Well, I’m sort of just an outlet for aggression.” Ashley said, she returned to the table with a steamy mug.

“I’m still not sure I understand.” Jenny frowned. She felt bad for making Ashley explain the same thing.

“So you have a stall in the barn and you get milked.” Ashley gestured to Jenny. “And I have a pen out back were they restrain me in the mud and degrade and humiliate me for fun.” She smiled. “I actually really love it. You could probably join me sometime if you’re interested. There’s a couple of pole restraints out there.” Jenny was awestruck. Ashley got fucked OUTSIDE in the mud. And she liked it? To be fair Jenny was getting a little wet between her legs.

“What do they do to you?” Jenny asked, breathless.

“Well sometimes they slap me, they write things on me, there’s a pigtail butt plug that they like putting in me with the pig nose on. Sometimes they piss on me or in my mouth. They fuck me and call me all kinds of awful names.” Ashley trailed off. “I fucking love it. Sometimes they even make me cry. I feel like a proper pig whore then.” She sighed. “It’s not for everyone though. What do they do to you?” Jenny was dripping. They piss on her? That sounded absolutely disgusting and yet Jenny wanted it.

“Well mostly they just fuck me while I get milked. Sometimes they drink the milk straight from my udders but usually only the other cows do that. It feels so nice. They make me moo. I quite like that.” Jenny was practically panting now and milk was beginning to stream from her teats even though she still had a couple of hours until her next milking.

“Would you like some help with that?” Ashley nodded towards her udders.

“Oh please.” Jenny breathed. Ashley stood and led Jenny to her bed in the corner of the room. She pushed Jenny down onto the bed and squished herself in next to her. The bed was a full size bed so it was a bit cramped but Jenny loved it. Ashley positioned herself and sucked one of Jenny’s elongated teats into her mouth. bursa merkez escort Jenny let out a low moan.

“Would you like to moo for me too?” Ashley asked around a mouthful of udder. Jenny nodded and mooed. Ashley hummed and began sloppily slurping at Jenny’s teat. Jenny could feel the milk coming out and mooed happily as Ashley snorted and snuffed at her udder. Jenny reached a hand down to her sopping pussy and rubbed at her clit a little. She leaned back her head and closed her eyes, imagining that she was a real cow and there was a real pig sucking at her teats. She startled a bit as she felt a hand brush past hers. Ashley pushed Jenny’s hand out of the way and pushed three of her fingers into Jenny’s pussy. Three was just not enough. The farmhands would sometimes shove their whole fists in her and Jenny loved that. Jenny mooed impatiently and squirmed. Ashley began dragging her teeth on the cow’s sensitive teat.

“I need more.” Jenny whined. Ashley smirked around Jenny’s teat and switched to begin draining the other udder.

“Soon enough, cow.” Ashley said. Jenny felt Ashley’s weight above her as the other woman hovered over her. Jenny wasn’t sure how she had gotten here but she never wanted it to stop. She laid in utter bliss for a while just enjoying the gentle rhythm of Ashley’s fingers in her cunt and the sloppy sucking on her teats. Eventually Ashley released her udder with a wet pop and sat back, removing her fingers from Jenny’s pussy. Ashley curled her tongue around her fingers and sucked Jenny’s juices off, making direct eye contact with Jenny.

“Oh good god.” Jenny sighed. Ashley smirked.

“We aren’t done yet, slut.” Jenny jumped a little at Ashley’s rough language.

“Okay.” Jenny nodded hurriedly. Ashley offered Jenny her tit, bending over her face from on top of her.

“I just want to know what it’s like.” Jenny hummed and sucked on Ashley’s small nipples. Ashley’s tits were almost as big as Jenny’s but Jenny had stretched out teats from the milking machine where Ashley had normal little nipples. Jenny ran her tongue over the nipple, flicking and sucking at it the way she would any other cow. Ashley moaned and bucked her hips against Jenny’s. “Fuck yes.” Ashley sighed and sat up. She swung her leg back over Jenny, crawling up closer to her head. “I want you to eat me. And I’ll eat you.” Jenny frowned confused for a minute. Ashley just giggled and crawled on top of Jenny, shoving her pink pussy lips toward her. Ashley took no time in pressing her body weight against Jenny, lapping hungrily at her pussy. Jenny mooed loudly and began tentatively licking at Ashley. She had never really done this before and it was a bit overwhelming. Jenny was intoxicated by Ashley’s sweet scent and she quickly became coated in her juices. Jenny began lapping excitedly at the pig’s pussy, loving it even more as Ashley began grinding her clit on Jenny’s tongue.

The two girls barely even noticed as the door swung open revealing a tall handsome farmhand. “My my, look what we have here.” Ashley picked her head up to look at the farmhand while Jenny continued eating the pig’s wide pussy. “Mind if I join you ladies?” The farmhand asked, already shoving his jeans off and letting his thick cock spring forward. “I come in to see my favorite little piggy and she has already found a friend.” The farmer patted Ashley’s head and slapped her face with his cock.

“This is Jenny, she’s a cow.” Ashley said happily. She looked up at the farmhand. “She wants to try being fucked like a pig.” Ashley giggled. The farmhand blew out a long breath.

“We can certainly do that.” Jenny heard a click and then felt something smooth gliding across her stomach as Ashley sat up. Jenny could hardly breathe with Ashley’s ass smothering her face but she loved it. She just continued licking and sucking, eventually finding Ashley’s puckered asshole.

“You look beautiful Jenny.” Ashley whispered between groans. “A proper pig slut.”

“Why don’t you let her see.” The farmhand said. Ashley climbed off of Jenny’s face and Jenny sat up feeling the cold air on her spit covered face. She looked down and saw the word SLUT written across her stomach in red lipstick. She moaned feeling her pussy get impossibly wetter.

SMACK. Jenny shrieked bursa sınırsız escort as the farmhand slapped her ass. “Get on your knees and worship this cock, pigs.” Jenny shuddered as she knelt on the floor next to Ashley. The farmhand tossed something at the girls and Ashley smiled. Two rubber pig noses. “Put them on.” The girls obeyed. “Now start licking my cock.” The two girls began running their tongues up and down the farmhand’s long dick. Jenny found it a little difficult with the pig nose in the way but soon wasn’t as worried about it as the farmhand spat in her face and grabbed her hair. He shoved his cock deep in her throat and Jenny could feel Ashley start licking her teat. Jenny moaned with the farmhand’s cock deep in her throat. He slapped her hard across the face as he pulled his cock back, saliva stringing from the tip of his dick.

“You like that, whore?” Jenny shivered as she felt Ashley draining milk from her teats.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Yes, sir.” The farmhand yelled, slapping her again. Jenny could feel tears welling up in her eyes but oddly enough she quite liked it.

“Yes, sir.” Jenny said. She coughed as he shoved his dick back down her throat, pressing her nose against his curly pubic hair. She sputtered and gasped as he pulled back again and began ramming into her throat faster and faster. Jenny felt herself gag and reached her hands up to smack the farmer’s legs. She didn’t want to puke!

“Hold her arms.” The farmhand barked at Ashley. Jenny couldn’t see past the tears gathering in her eyes as she gagged again. Her arms were roughly pulled behind her and she jerked her body trying to pull away. The farmer only tightened his grip in her hair and drove his cock deeper in her throat as Jenny vomited over him. He pulled his cock out and watched the bile dribble down her lips. It wasn’t a lot but Jenny felt humiliated. The farmhand smeared his vomit covered cock in Jenny’s hair as she cried. “You are a worthless fuck toy. I don’t care if you puke I WILL keep fucking you if that’s what I want. Do you understand?”

Jenny sobbed a little and nodded. The farmhand slapped her. “I didn’t hear you, bitch.”

“Yes, sir.” Jenny felt the farmhand spit on her before pulling her up roughly by her hair.

“Ashley.” The farmhand said. Jenny felt Ashley’s face push into her ass, tongue pushing past the small ring of muscle. She turned back and saw the farmhand pushing Asley’s face into her ass over and over, forcing the girl to tongue fuck her ass. Jenny loved it. It felt so good. She was covered in nasty slimy stuff and she wanted more. Jenny moaned and felt an orgasm building up. She squirmed and writhed as the farmer made Ashley tongue fuck her. He smacked her ass a few times making it burn. Then he ripped Ashley away and shoved his vomit covered cock in Jenny’s ass. Jenny screamed in pleasure and came hard. The farmhand started beating on her ass with his cock deep inside her.

“I never gave you permission to cum, slut.” Jenny whimpered and cried as his hand hit her stinging flesh. The farmer grabbed her by the hips and thrust hard into her ass. He ripped his cock from her ass and then Jenny could hear Ashley gagging as he pounded her throat. Jenny reveled in the humiliation of having another woman suck her ass off of a man’s cock. She cried out as he shoved his cock back in her ass.

“Are you enjoying yourself, pig?” The farmhand asked, yanking on Jenny’s hair.

“Yes, sir. I love it.” Jenny yelled, she felt the pig nose digging into her skin and the farmhand’s rough palm on her hip. She loved feeling his hips slam into her ass as he pounded her.

“Snort for me pig.” The farmhand commanded. Jenny could tell he was getting close. She desperately wanted his cum. Jenny began snorting and snuffling and squealing like her life depended on it. The farmhand’s hips bucked. He pulled his cock out of her ass, leaving Jenny feeling empty. He turned, blowing his load all over Ashley’s face and in her mouth. The farmhand yanked Jenny off the bed, ordering her to help Ashley clean up. The girls kissed and licked each other, gathering as much cum as they could. Jenny felt a warm wetness hit her cheek and tasted salt on Ashley’s face. Ashley moaned as the two girls were covered in piss. Jenny found herself on the brink of orgasm again and began begging with Ashley.

“Cum.” The two girls came simultaneously and passed out in a puddle of piss and cum, milk still leaking from Jenny’s teats. The farmhand sighed and pulled his pants up, leaving the room to find someone to clean up his mess.

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