Cybil is Seeking a New Slave Ch. 03

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Story is about consensual adults going into a bdsm relationship F/m. For whoever read ch.2, Cybil carries on taking the steps into getting him to agree in being a slave to her. The final agreement is still pending; and she is positive of the outcome, even if it takes a little longer than she anticipated.

Once again, I sincerely thank Mistress4one who has edited this story.


My night became a long one; I could not find my sleep. Cybil has purposely left me horny and thinking about the life to have with her. I fell asleep and woke up rested with my mouth drooling saliva. I must have let go in every way when I surrendered out of exhaustion, to sleep. I get up, shower and get a bite for breakfast. I check my phone and there’s a message from her. “Do you feel you can still escape my grip?”

I wait a minute before texting, and think, “Can I escape her grip?” My logical side said yes, and the rest of me, said no. I have my answer and text to her. “It would be extremely difficult to, Cybil. You do have a point there.”

Cybil texted back, “You should be making your way here, Sean.”

“I will, M. Cybil.” I sent back to her. Soon after I make my way there, I’m knocking at her door.

Cybil opened the door. I see such a beautiful female figure who is dressed in thigh high leather boots, and a leather skirt; letting me enjoy the view of her breasts. “Hello Mistress.” I said; and lower myself to kiss her boots.

“Hello, Sean. I know you are submissive and I’m taking you to places you never thought you’d be in, so I know you’ll appreciate belonging to me.” Cybil said, knowing she has to mold me into her perfect slave. She knows I certainly want her, and have passed some of the required behaviour that is expected as a normal parameter to be her slave. Of course, a couple of days is one thing, another is listening to your dominant always ordering and expecting obedience.

“Yes, Mistress Cybil, belonging to you, is and will be, like a never-ending drop of water, filling a bottle. It only increases with time.” I said, knowing that it has started.

“Those drops of water you mention, will increase your devotion to me, as a pet does to its owner.” Cybil said, looking for signs of total submission, as she formulates words and phrases in order to catch the moment and see if I’m totally docile to her.

“Tell me, Sean, have you given thought to giving up all your rights in order to live by my side? I know your first thought is yes and you have said it to me. Do you fully understand that everything I say to you is to be complied with?” Cybil asked again, knowing that when the fact becomes a reality, more than one has shun off saying they mistakenly misunderstood the concept.

“Yes, I have. I also know that if my need to be with you overrides my doubts, it will be easier if at some moment I backfire, wondering what have I got myself into, admitting that if you teach me and correct me, not going to hard on me at the beginning, I will prevail.” I said.

“If we both keep our commitment in the role we have and need, the relationship works beautifully. I know you are new to this life and I’m very experienced; which on one side, it will make it easy for us. I know what I want and need from my slave, and I can guide you in a swift way into the role I expect from you, without delays and missteps. On the other side and an advantage to you, is that I like most of the fetishes in bdsm lifestyle, some are out of bounds for me, as there must be some for you, too.” Cybil said.

“Could beşevler escort you tell me what is not of your liking and what is it that you like most, please?” I asked.

“Sean, we will have time for that and a lifetime, if you do become my 24/7 slave. As a general idea and for the most part, is to have you in bondage, kissing and licking me, as I teach you how to treat your Goddess in the correct way. I’ll teach you what it is to have a dominant in your life and there’s no abuse from me to you, so fear is not an issue. Whatever pain and suffering you may have, will be firstly in play and we have limits. The other case is chastisement, which is to correct you and avoid you doing the same mistakes again. That can, at times, be painful so you learn from it.” Cybil said.

“I understand, that to respect you, I’m to obey you. If I have questions about your orders to me, how am I to ask them to you?” I asked.

“It will be a little tricky for you at the beginning, until your mindset is of a slave. You are to ask permission to question my orders and sometimes, I will not let you. If, for whatever reason, you disobey, I’ll have to correct you, in whatever means I see fit for it. Now, if I do give you permission to ask or question me, you are to do it with a conversational spanking, where you’ll have your arms bound behind your back up high and naked on my lap. You will ask and I’ll spank you soft, or not, as you say your piece. You can address me as you like and even yell at me, but don’t ever try to in any other time or situation. I will also have conversational spankings, often for fun. I enjoy them.” Cybil said.

“I see you truly like bondage and the ropes and having my butt feeling your hand.” I said.

“Yes, very much so. If you are interested, we can add an arm binder, flogger and maybe a little more on that side; gags and some toys… the inserting ones.” Cybil said.

“Do I have any input, Mistress Cybil, regarding if I’m not in the mood?” I asked.

“There, Sean, is where I require you have a slave’s mind. You will, and the recent question, will not have any meaning, in being asked. If you feel ill or if you have been running errands for me all day, I will not push you. I take care of my property and it’s music to my ears to hear you say that you belong to me.” Cybil said adding “With what we have said up to now, does it reside within your boundaries?”

“You also mentioned that I’m to be your hubby and if it happens, how is my behaviour to be, before third party?” I asked further.

“You are to do as most hubbies do, but keeping an eye on me as a very attentive and loving hubby. If I ask anything from you, I know you’ll do it for me. I’m your Alpha, always, anywhere and everywhere, my love.” Cybil said in a loving way.

“I understand, Mistress.” I said.

“Come here, slave. Kiss my boots.” Cybil orders me and I go to my knees and kiss her leathered feet. “You see that you are becoming attentive with me, my love?”

“Yes, Mistress. I understand it is the way to be.” I said as she looks down, nodding approval with her head.

“I’ll be calling you, Sean, many times and you will call me, Cybil. Always remembering, you are owned. When I say, slave, you are to call me, Mistress.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. It could be helpful if you restrict all the freedom you offer me, as a slave, until I duly understand how to be good at your service and eager to play as you like.” I said.

“Thank you, slave. That is a good beylikdüzü escort way to go about this. You have the attitude and willingness to let me guide you into proper enslavement.” Cybil said.

“Thank you, Mistress Cybil. Would you let me kiss you?” I asked.

“Not yet, slave. Bring the ropes that I left on the chair and stand, giving me your back after that.” Cybil said.

“Mistress, here we have all the ropes you asked for.” I said and stand, giving her my back and naturally put my hands behind my back.

“Well done, slave, offering your arms to be bound is a natural submissive behaviour.” Cybil said feeling enthusiastic. She starts using the stash rope on my arms, which are bound tightly, making me helpless. She then turns me and orders me to kneel. I do.

“Can I kiss you now, Mistress?” I asked, again.

“No, slave. Not yet. I do need your tongue working on my pussy first and I’ll give you a free hand, to work on me. Make it worth it, slave.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said. I move my knees up to Cybil now, who is sitting down and in this new position, which will be a constant in my life from here on. I start eating her, kissing her thighs and licking them, also. Cybil moves her body a little more towards me, giving me a better access to her pussy. It shines, showing her wetness. I love seeing those lips, passively waiting. With the tip of my tongue, I taste her pussy and gently touch her clit. It gets hard as I feel it; my tongue surrounds it on one side, then the other, tasting her. I wish my hands were free to touch her thighs and body. She is so beautiful. Cybil is enjoying it, as a slight moan is made audible to me. She is so cute. If she were not a Mistress, I’d be shagging her. Of course, she would not let anyone who is not a selected slave only and conditioned to the way she demands.

Her moaning is penetrating my ears and is driving me wild. Being bound in this helplessness is only adding, as I lick and kiss her pussy, getting wetter and wetter. She moves a little as my tongue reaches the most it can into her pussy. She slides her hands through my hair and starts, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Mn, Mn, mmmmm.” Cybil moans and I blow into her pussy and she moans further, “Ahhhhh, mmmm.” She rests her hands on my head and I remain there, with my mouth at her pussy. “Now slave, I’ll allow you to kiss me.”

I look up and smile. I see a satisfied lady. My Mistress. I find it very difficult to stand and Cybil pushes me to the floor. She hops onto me and kisses me, fully touching me sensually. I’m so turned on.” Please, Mistress. Let’s make love.” I said the moment she let me catch my breath.

“We will, my loving slave. There’s more to learn, before I let you in. I know you want it to go as I desire.” Cybil said.

“Yes, you know I do, Mistress Cybil.” I said and she kissed me passionately.

Cybil has a smile that denotes conspiracy. I wonder what’s in her mind and said, “I’m still getting to know you, Mistress and would like to know more about your special smile, which is new to me.”

“I’m just looking into the future with you at my side; you might come up with a similar smile, in time. For the time being, I can tell you I’m satisfied with you. I like you being attentive, seeking to know my moods. It feels as being touched by you.” Cybil said.

“Interesting, Mistress Cybil, how you described me touching you. I think I’ll enjoy being your slave. There’s a soft side to you, which I had not considered bilecik escort and it’s a bonus for me.” I said.

“Remember, I will always be keeping you horny. You have just now showed me how sensible you can be. After you have had enough training, I’ll make you orgasm in some way and shortly after recovering, I know you’ll be attentive as you are now, still waiting for one.” Cybil said, kissing my lips softly.

“Your experience is speaking to me and if it’s like that, your skin and smell is something I’m going to cherish, even if I’m not around you.” I said.

“Slave, I might humiliate you in order to teach you submissiveness. Unless you find humiliation a fetish, tell me, what do you have to say?” Cybil asked.

“No, humiliation is not a fetish for me. Although, in certain situations, I know it can have a great impact on me. You will know when I feel it humiliating in an easy way soon enough. This will be in private, right? I asked.

“At the beginning, maybe. I’ll let you know with others, but never with people we know, unless you push me by not obeying me and will add chastisement as well.” Cybil said.

“Depending what you require me to obey you with, it can be humiliating.” I said.

“Don’t worry, slave. Now, kiss my boots.” Cybil said.

I kneeled and kissed her boots. “Mistress?” I asked, as I looked up.

“Face down, slave. I did not tell you to look up. Lick them.” Cybil said and I started licking them. “Do you find it humiliating? Do not answer me until I tell you, slave. When I pat you, lie on your back. I will then ask you.” I carry on licking them and start going up. I feel a pat from her on my head and get onto my back, looking up to her, “Do you feel humiliated?”

I blush, before giving my answer, getting humiliated and yet turned on, with submitting to her and said, “Mistress, I’m not sure to give you a right answer…” I’m interrupted by her.

“Silence, slave. I’ll answer for you. You would not do this for any other, because it humiliates you and yet, for me, you will. Your need to submit to me, overrides your ego and although humiliating, you accept it and starting to understand it is going deeper by the day.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. In different words, I might have come up with a similar answer.” I said.

“You’ll be astonished of yourself after a year and look back. Every now and then, your hopeless ego might want to challenge me. But, I’m superior to you and when your little rebellion gives up as it always will, you will ask forgiveness and I’ll give it to you.” Cybil said, looking deep into my eyes.

I blushed again. “Yes, Mistress.” I said, nearly barking it out.

“Yes, your ego is having a hard time, but it knows it is surrendering. That is why you barked those words out to me and I’ll let you off this time, slave.” Cybil said.

“Sorry, Mistress. I did not want to react that way.” I said, still on my back.

“I know, my love and letting you know I will humiliate you as part of your training, so that you avoid challenging me. I’m quickly learning your triggers and you have some.” Cybil said, knowing she is going to push me to acquiesce shortly.

“Well, all that comes with the packed, Mistress.” I said.

“Don’t worry, my loving slave. There’s nothing you will not do; you are mine already. Even if you have not taken the vows. In a couple of months, you will blush less and the word, challenge, will be heard less and less.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. I do not doubt that.” I said.

“Let’s give it a week of thought. When it’s Friday and you finish your day, come over. You’ll be staying the weekend. During the week, I’ll text you; asking you some things and letting you know what activities we might try if I’m in the mood to do it.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll be here on Friday afternoon.” I said.

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