Cuckqueaned by Friends Ch. 08

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A/N: Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying my story so far. I know I don’t come out with chapters super quickly or consistently, but I appreciate the love and support while working on it anyway! This chapter is the longest chapter so far, but it was definitely fun to write! I’m looking for some help making a decision for the story, so look out for my note at the end of this chapter with more details of what I’m trying to figure out. Thanks, and I hope this chapter is pleasurable for everyone!



I looked at the time on my phone. It was only 6:00, so I needed to wait for 45 minutes to figure out what was going on. Ok, another honesty moment: we both know that there is no way I can just sit here for 45 minutes and not try to figure out what is going on. Nope, patience is not my thing. So, I decided to see if Christopher knew anything about this. I sent him 3 different messages, but he never responded to any of them.

I started thinking through what could be going on. This could all be something simple. Maybe Megan just wanted to take me out on some sort of date. It had started to feel like more of a romantic relationship lately, even though she knew I had no intention of leaving Christopher, but maybe she was hoping something would change? She gave me a little black dress to wear, so a date didn’t seem out of the realm of possibilities. But why was everyone else acting weird? No, everyone seemed to be involved somehow, so this probably wasn’t just a date with Megan. Did something happen? I honestly couldn’t think of anything. Well, what if she found out something more serious had happened between Kayla and Christopher? What if she found out he was leaving me for Kayla, and Megan wanted to warn me? That would explain why he was being distant and why even Kayla was avoiding me today (she hadn’t been shy about flaunting her relationship with Christopher in front of me at all so far), but it just didn’t feel right. Damnit. And somehow only 5 minutes have passed! Ugh.

I decided to get dressed and to go wait in the living room. That had to be better than just sitting in here spiraling out of control in my own thoughts. I threw the dress on, and discovered it was a simple black dress maybe a couple inches shorter than I would normally wear. Oh well, I’m just going to the living room and everyone in this place has seen me fully naked so what’s the harm in showing some thigh? I mean, there is a chance we end up leaving the condo, but I could always change. Well, assuming Megan doesn’t force me to wear this or something even more revealing.

I walked down the hallway to discover nobody was here, or at least nobody was out of their room. I walked towards the kitchen to get a glass of water, listening. I could hear the ladies moving around in the house, but they were all hiding from me still for some reason. I sat down on the couch to wait. It was only 6:15, so still another 30 minutes to wait. I tried to distract myself by watching TV, but I couldn’t focus. I tried my phone, but nobody was answering texts and tiktok wasn’t helping. Nothing was making time go any faster.

Finally, F I N A L L Y, I heard a door open. I looked towards the hallway, waiting for someone to come out, but then I heard another door open and close. Damnit. Whoever it was just went into the bathroom. This is driving me crazy!

It was almost 6:30 when someone made an appearance. Megan came around the corner in a cute little black dress of her own. Hers was not quite as simple as mine, but it was still something nice enough for a date but not to a 5-star restaurant or anything. It was definitely cute with the white polka dots and loose fabric. It looked thin and light and was also a little short, showing off her long creamy legs. She was dressed up like she was going out, so maybe I was right that she was asking me out to dinner?

She smiled at me and walked into the kitchen. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to wait in your room. I’m sure you’re super confused and probably worried, but I promise everything is ok. Just be patient.”

That was at least a little comforting, or at least it should have been but I was still nervous. But maybe it wasn’t something bad with Kayla and Christopher. I watched her in the kitchen for a bit. Wait, did I used to stare at Megan like this? Or did I just start doing that? I don’t think I looked at her like this before everything that has happened the past two weeks. Damn, something inside me was changing with all of this, and it’s only been two weeks! Who knows what other changes might happen if we keep this up for longer.

Britney was the next to come out. She was wearing a beautiful full length black dress with two slits that went way up almost to her hips. Fuck, her long terra-cotta legs were beautiful!

She smiled and sat in the living room with me, sitting in the chair next to the couch. She continued to watch me the whole time, it was definitely a power move and it was absolutely working on me. We waited for about 2 minutes, me avoiding making eye contact bursa escort with Britney the whole time and watching Megan move around, when the door opened. Christopher walked in, looking nice too. What the fuck, were we going out or something?

“Hey babe!” He at least seemed happy to see me. He came over and sat with me on the couch, kissing me as soon as he was seated. I expected him to go say hi to Kayla, cause that’s the rule, right?

“Hey! Uh, *are you going to go say hi to Kayla too?*” I whispered the question, still relatively embarrassed to say everything out loud.

“Haha! No, not yet. Don’t worry about it.”

“Ok, what the fuck is going on, everyone?! This is driving me crazy…”

“Ok, ok, ok. Lemme get Kayla so we can talk.” Megan then left towards Kayla’s room.

They came back a minute later. Kayla looked as beautiful as ever, but she wasn’t wearing a black dress like the rest of us. No, she was wearing a beautiful and sexy midnight blue drop-shoulder mini dress.

Megan then took charge.

“Ok, sorry for the secrecy, Maddy, but we wanted to wait to do this when we were all together. Christopher talked to each of us these past couple days and made us aware of some concerns he had for your sake. Well, we all have talked and need to catch you up. We have all loved these past couple weeks, but we also recognize how far we’ve pushed you, and quickly too. I know we got your permission early on, but we love you too much to take advantage of you when things spiral like that. So, we all agreed to give you a day off and not influence you today.”

They all smiled at me when she said this, as if I should be extremely thankful. I guess I was? I’m not sure, and I didn’t have much time to think about it before she continued.

“I don’t think any of us anticipated any of this happening when we agreed to move in, and we don’t want to ruin any of our friendships. Christopher also made sure we understood how new this was for you and how you were struggling to keep up or feel like you could say no or stop anything if it went too far. So, we decided on an overall rule for all of us: we will establish routine group check-ins to make sure everyone is ok. At these check-ins, we can make sure everyone is still on board, and talk about any issues or changes we want to make in our arrangements. These meetings will happen on whatever frequency we want. But the other rule is: unless a safe word is spoken then consent is implied between our check-ins. We think the classic ‘yellow’ and ‘red’ safety words are easy enough to use, and there is absolutely no judgement if they ever get used. This will help us play without having to stop to make sure everyone is ok constantly. If you are ever too uncomfortable, ‘yellow’ means ‘hey, this is getting to be a bit much so can we change course before going too far’ and ‘red’ is used if somebody goes too far. We will all stop immediately if ‘red’ is ever used and have another check-in to make sure everyone is ok and whatever lines got crossed are made clear to everyone.”

They all stared at me pretty intensely at that part. Ok, so it sounded like if I agree to this system, then I’m kinda committing to living this game until I use a safety word. I mean, I guess that’s ok. Up until now I hadn’t felt really trapped in it yet, so this should be good, right? Christopher spoke up next.

“I also wanted to make sure you could take a break if you needed without having to say ‘red’. We thought ‘pineapple’ would be a fun word for ‘I’m not in the mood to play right now, but maybe later’. That way you can get a break whenever you need one.”

The girls nodded as he explained, and then Megan picked up where he finished.

“We can also talk through in smaller groups or pairs if any private convos need to be had at these times. So, Maddy the rest of us have already agreed on this, but now I have to ask you: are you on board with this? We wanted to give this new system a week to see how we all feel with it this first time. So, if you’re on board, that would mean for the next 7 days, until next Friday evening, we would all be committed to our role-playing. We can work out what that means specifically with individuals if you like, but you would be some form of cuckquean and/or pet or whatever else for the next 7 days.”

I looked around, they were all looking at me, even Christopher. Fuck me. I don’t think they’re going to give me too much time to think about it. But isn’t the decision easy? I mean, I’ve been fully committed (though sometimes hesitatingly) for the last two weeks already, and this actually made it easier for me to control at least part of the game.

Was I really about to commit to another week of these games?

I thought it through. My mind sprinted through the last two weeks. While I never could have guessed any of this would’ve happened, I can’t pretend I didn’t love every single part. But at the same time, I wasn’t 100% sure yet. I needed to confirm we were on the same page. I was actually thankful they were giving me a chance to bursa escort bayan discuss it with them.

I think Megan noticed my hesitance. “Hey, I know it’s a lot and I don’t want you to feel like we forced this on you. What would help you be on board?” I’m more and more thankful for her these days.

“Yeah, babe. It’s been so great to explore this with you, but we need to make sure you are comfortable. If you aren’t, we can all go right back to normal life as if these past two weeks hadn’t happened.” And him. He was a sweet boyfriend.

“Ok, maybe if we could confirm what we are talking about, I’ll be more confident to say yes. Also, why are we dressed up?!”

“Oh, yeah, we forgot about that part! We just want to go out to dinner afterwards, regardless of whether the game continues or not, and don’t want to have to wait too long for you to finish getting ready.” Britney was the one that answered as she stood up.

“Yup! That’s coming up. But first, let’s go over the roles we are thinking of real fast. Then you can discuss whatever details you want with us individually. From what I understand, you and Christopher are playing a cuckquean thing with Kayla as your…what’s it called?”

“I’m his cuckcake! And I’m more of a dom-mistress thing for Maddy while she’s subby with me.” Kayla had such a smug look on her face when she told everyone, and dammit I was getting wet again.

“Fun! Ok, since that’s what started it all off, I think it is fair if that’s your number one role for now, if you’re on board, and the roles you play with me and Britney can come second. With me, Maddy has been more of my pet, with me as her owner. She calls me Miss Megan too.” There was that sweet smile as she displayed my submission.

“And I don’t think you’ve had a chance to figure out the roles you are playing with Maddy yet, have you Britney?”

“No, we haven’t talked about it, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it. Honestly, I’ve had plenty of sexual partners, but I haven’t explored many kinks before, so I’d love a chance to explore some with you, Maddy. For this first week, I think I’m leaning towards trying out a free use type of thing. You could be my little toy that I can use whenever, wherever, and however.” She didn’t look evil with that smile, she just looked…excited? What was she planning if she’s going to consider me a toy? To be honest, as long as I got to taste her pussy again, I’m pretty sure I’ll do whatever she wants. Plus, exploring different kinks with her could be a ton of fun.”

“Ooo, that’ll be fun for you two! So, how does it sound, Maddy? Are you up for committing to a whole week of play with all of us?”

I looked around at their eager faces. I couldn’t deny how much I’d loved the previous weeks, and how excited I was every step of the way. I smiled as I looked back at Megan and nodded.

“Yay!!!! Ok, Britney let’s go finish getting ready and Maddy can talk to Kayla and Christopher first. That way they can make sure they are all fully on the same page with their little cuckquean game. Maddy, when you’re ready, come find us so we can chat too.”

They got up and went back down our hallway, leaving the three of us in the living room. Kayla turned towards the mirror to adjust her makeup at that moment too, I guess waiting for me to start the conversation. I wasn’t the first to speak though.

“So, Maddison, I’m glad you’re on board with continuing. Honestly, the sex we’ve had these last two weeks has been absolutely heavenly!”

I glanced at Kayla when Christopher said that, and she winked at me in the mirror. She then leaned forward closer to the mirror, clearly intending for her short skirt to ride even further up her thighs. I could see her panties poking out, and found myself curious if I would end up with them at the end of the night.

“Yeah, Maddy, I’m glad you like it with me being Chris’s cake. Plus, this new subby thing I think is going to be fun. Any requests before the game is back on for the next week?”

“Uh, I don’t know.” I looked at Christopher for the one thing I could think of. “I just want to make sure we stay honest. I don’t like if this becomes a secretive thing, then it just feels like cheating.”

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll keep you in the loop constantly. It always turns you on so much, so of course I’m going to do that!” He smiled and kissed me, easily reminding me how much I loved him and how lucky I was to be with him. This was the first time he had kissed me like this in front of Kayla since that first night. I saw Kayla watching us in the mirror before smirking at me.

“Thank you, Christopher, for making sure I’m ok with all of this. It makes it much easier to explore all of this knowing everything isn’t totally out of my control all the time.”

“Of course! I just wanted to make sure you were safe. I know people can get carried away, and I didn’t want you to get hurt in this.”

He leaned in and kissed me again, a kiss full of love instead of lust like when he kissed Kayla.

“Good! Now that we are escort bursa good with that, Maddy, go find the other two and chat with them quickly so we can head out, I’m hungry.”

I didn’t move as quickly as Kayla wanted me to though.

“Get up, girl! Don’t forget, you just agreed to keep going. And last time I checked, I’m your mistress, so if you don’t want to be punished, then get moving!”

I did as she said, sharing a smile and another quick kiss with Christopher before leaving. Kayla swatted my ass as I walked past her. I could tell she was both serious and playful with it though, so I just giggled and scooted out quicker.

I found the girls in Megan’s room. I walked in and waited for them to finish whatever they were talking about. When she noticed me, Megan spoke up.

“Maddy! That was quick! Glad you are here though! We are just about ready so let’s chat real quick.”

“Ready already?! I haven’t even started though! I can’t wear this short dress out! It’s way too short!”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous! You look fantastic!” Britney stood and walked over to me, wrapping her arms around me tightly.

“Hey! Not yet! You remember the rules! No playing until we talk through our stuff with her.”

“Fine. But let’s hurry. I’m hungry, and I’m sure Maddy is too.” Fuck me that look was so sexy! I knew exactly what she was implying, but I think people an hour away could understand what she meant. She wasn’t exactly being subtle. Megan just smiled and continued talking.

“Ok ok. So Maddy, how do you feel about being my pet?”

“Uh, it’s been fine, I think.”

“Good! Well, I want to go a little further this week if you’re up for it. There is definitely more we can do, but I promise to not go too fast, if you’re up for trusting me.”

“Uhm, I think that’s ok for now. How far does pretending I’m your pet go?” I knew pet stuff was a kink of some sort, but I really had never looked into it before.

“You don’t know about pet play stuff?”

“Not really.”

“Wow, that’s news to me! Ok, well, feel free to look up stuff, or, better yet, I’ve got a dare for you: don’t look it up! It’ll be more fun that way when I surprise you with stuff!”

“Really?! No!” Not with the dares again! How did this become a part of all our play so fast??

“Uh uh uh, I get to give you any dare I want, remember. Gosh, it feels like so long ago you walked in on me in the bathroom.”

“Damnit, ugh, fine.”

“Yay! Good girl!” She didn’t pet me, but she did wink again. “Ok, what about you, Britney? You said you wanted to experiment with her?”

“Yeah! I’ve had great sex before, but all just based on positions and romance and me or my partner just being good at fucking, never anything more kinky than that. So I want to play and experiment. And if you’re up for it, Maddy, having somebody willing to experiment with me would be fantastic. What do you think?”

“Oh, wait, you mean you’re not just going to force me to be your toy or anything?”

“Haha no! I love you, babe, I’m not going to force anything on you. I wanted to see if you were up for experimenting like that. If we agree to some role where I’m in charge, then I’ll order you around and stuff, but like Megan said, we would like to all stay friends so I don’t want to force you too much.” She gave me a soft and friendly smile when she finished.

“Ok! To be honest, I kinda got turned on when you said I would be your, what was it…free use toy? So we could try that this week if you want.”

“Ooo, fun! I gotta look into it more to have a bigger variety of ideas for what to do with the whole free use thing, but from the stuff I’ve read and seen, it looks sexy! Let’s do it!”

That’s when she finally embraced me again, squeezing my ass in both her hands.

“Ok, ladies, let’s finish getting ready so we can go to dinner!”

Ok, I need to finish getting ready. Well, start getting ready. They cannot actually expect me to wear this short of a dress with nothing on under it. I started towards the door as I spoke up. “In all seriousness, I’m going to change real quick.”

“Stop right there.” Megan’s tone was harsh and commanding, and I immediately stopped.

“Good girl, now turn around and look at me.”

Again, I did as she said. She still looked beautiful in her dress, which I was now realizing was just barely longer than mine, but definitely felt more socially acceptable while mine was relatively plain and wavy too short for comfort.

“Come here.” I started walking towards her but didn’t even get one step in before she corrected me. “No, down on all fours. I need to get you more used to being down on the ground like a good pet. Now crawl over here.”

I did as instructed, finding myself kneeling at Megan’s feet a few seconds later. I looked up at her face waiting for whatever came next. Then she turned around, placing her butt right in front of my face. She looked over her shoulder at me and slowly lifted her dress, that adorable smile plastered on her face still.

“We already told you, my pet, that the dress was fine, yet you continued to protest. I think that means I need to punish you. Maybe it’ll help you be in character instead of acting like we are still equals. First, I want you to give my pussy a quick kiss and say you’re sorry for disobeying me.”

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